Growing Together – Part Three


GROWING TOGETHER – THE BUNTING FAMILY – PART THREE Part Three (Chapters 5, 6 and 7) GROWING TOGETHER – Chapter 5 – Toni’s story A few days earlier, before Liz and Doug began their intimacy, Laura walked into the kitchen after her morning shower wearing her usual brief underwear under a filmy dressing gown. Toni was already at work dressed in cool thin, wide legged cotton shorts that were almost indecently short, and a loose T shirt which failed to conceal that she wore no bra. Her breasts were taut with the firmness of a young woman, and her nipples were faintly visible as they sat softly under her shirt. She was washing the breakfast dishes used by Doug and Liz before they left the house. Toni smiled and greeted her when she walked into the kitchen and sat at the table.   “Coffee in a second” Toni said cheerily.   “Join me. Come and sit with me” said Laura.  Toni wiped her hands, poured the coffee and joined her employer.   “How’s your love life, Toni?” asked Laura, “I hope it’s better than mine.”     Toni’s face became animated. ”Don’t talk to me about boys. I’ve learned they only want one thing from a girl, and if you don’t give in to them they dump you pretty quickly and go with a girl who will do what they want.”   Laura was surprised at Toni’s intensity. “Is there something you’d like to tell me about that?” she asked.   Toni looked down at her hands, obviously embarrassed. “I don’t know whether I can” she muttered.     “I understand, Toni, but if you’d like to confide in me, I promise I won’t tell.”   They sat quietly sipping their coffee. “Well perhaps you can give me some advice, but please promise you won’t tell anyone else.”   “I promise” said Laura quietly.   Toni began very hesitantly, gaining confidence as she spoke.   “Well a boy asked me to a party at his house when his parents were away for the weekend so I dressed in my best white nylon blouse and a loose cotton skirt that would be comfortable if we danced and twirled around. There were five couples and we were all about the same age. The boys had brought some bottles of what looked like soft drink, but I didn’t like the taste of it so I went in the kitchen and poured it down the sink. The juice was on the worktop but there was a bottle of vodka as well. I got myself some straight orange but the other girls kept finishing their drinks and the boys would bring them more. Then the boys started heavy petting with the girls, including the one who’d asked me to the party. He started kissing me and feeling my breasts and undoing my buttons. I tried to make him stop but he soon had my blouse open wide and he pushed my bra right up high.”   Laura had a mental picture of her young tight breasts, completely naked and open to the view of all the boys. She felt a familiar rush of heat and a tingling, low in her stomach.   “I was wearing this skirt with an elastic waist and he held my arms with one of his hands, then he started to put his other hand up my skirt. I was fighting him off as best I could but I felt him pulling at my panties. He got them off and I was lying there underneath him practically naked.   ‘Lie still. Lie still. Open your legs for me. Please open. Please. I’ve got to feel it’ he was saying.  His fingers were scrabbling through – er – you know – well my hair down there, trying to get between my legs.   Then the phone rang and he said ‘Oh shit that’ll be my parents.  You lie there. I’ve got to answer.  Just lie still. I’ll be back in a minute.’   He got up and went in another room and at bahis şirketleri last I could to sit up. I grabbed my panties and pulled them up. I could see that all the other girls had clothes off. One was lying back on the couch. Her legs were bare and spread wide.  A boy had his hands between them. He’d got one of his fingers up her and was pushing it in and out.  I couldn’t take my eyes away.  I just kept looking at her hairy bush and the boy’s finger going in and out, all shiny and wet from her.   None of the girls had their panties on. One was on her hands and knees sucking a boy’s thingy. Her bare bottom was sticking up in the air and I could see between her cheeks. I could even see her secret crinkled hole and the hairy slit of her sex.  Another was completely naked with her legs spread wide.  A naked boy was kneeling between her legs with his hand pointing his thing at her slit. He leant over her and I heard him say ‘Put it in for me.’   The girl’s fingers grabbed it and pulled it against herself. She rubbed it up and down and it got all wet and shiny, then she held it still.  The boy pushed and the end of it disappeared then he pulled out, pushed again, pulled out, and when he pushed again it went right inside.  Then he was lying on her stomach and his thighs were humping up and down on hers. She was bucking her hips up to meet his and I knew that he was deep inside her.   The other girl was naked and on her back and a naked boy was at the side of her. Her breasts and stomach were covered with shiny white globs and it was trickling down her side.  She had got her hand between her legs and she was twirling at her clit.  It was all swollen and I could see it poking out from its little hood. Then she was crying out, and her hips lifted right off the carpet and she cum onto her fingers.   I got up and dashed for the door and ran away. When I felt safe I walked to the bus station.  While I was waiting for the bus I kept thinking about what I’d seen.  I knew the boys had loosened up the girls with the vodka in the drinks.  I was pretty sure the other girls hadn’t really been against letting the boys seem to force them. I was just so relieved the phone had stopped the boy I was with. I knew that I couldn’t have stopped him from doing me, he was too strong.   When I went to bed I kept thinking and thinking about the girl who’d been fingering herself.  I couldn’t help it and I got all excited and stuff you know.   And I thought of the boys with their hard things pushing them up the girls and spurting their stuff over them. On their bodies and on their faces – even into their mouths if she let him.  It just seemed horrid and made me feel sick.”   Then, her head in her hands, tears running down her face, Toni asked Laura if she thought she was lesbian because of what had excited her, and what had turned her off.  Laura put her arm around Toni’s shoulders and pulled her close. Her other hand strayed to Toni’s arm and gently stroked it.   “Poor Toni, you had an awful experience.  You were trying to fight him off and he almost did to you what the other girls were getting.  You might even have been made to have them one after another. Oh Toni I do understand why you feel this way about boys.  They can be so rough and so selfish.  But have you ever had ‘an experience’ with another girl?  If you haven’t I want you to know that it’s perfectly natural for a girl to do it with another girl and nothing to be ashamed of.  When I was young I did things with a girl friend.  We experimented with each other.  We did exciting bahis firmaları things to each other, touching and stroking and feeling.  We got lots of pleasure from it.  We began to learn what our bodies enjoyed.  How it responded to sexy touching, and we found that it was especially exciting when the fingers were somebody else’s.  It’s really, really comforting to do it with another girl. Girls are much gentler and want to please each other.  Young men usually want just to please themselves.  Girls don’t brag about it like boys do and another girl can’t make you pregnant. But even if you do it with another girl and really love it, it doesn’t mean you’re lesbian.  In fact it might give you the confidence to make a very special friendship with a man.     Doing it with a man gives a girl unique pleasures.  Well it does if he’s patient and thinks of you as well as himself. Perhaps what you need most of all is a man, a mature man and not an impatient selfish boy. So, it’s OK that you think about that girl, and how she looked when she did it to herself.” Laura was still gently stroking Toni whose tears had stopped. “Now tell me, have you ever done anything with another girl?”   Toni reached for a paper napkin from the table and wiped her eyes and the tip of her nose.  Then she said, “Well once I . . . . . there was one time. . . .” her voice halted and she seemed unable to carry on.   “Go on, what ‘once’ happened” whispered Laura. “Tell me. There’s no one else in the house but you and me. No one can hear you and no one will come in on us.  And I won’t tell anyone.”   CHAPTER SIX – Toni and the Sports Coach   Toni had been very keen on sports at high school. She was especially good at gymnastics and was in the class display and competition team.  After she left high school she joined a local sports college that gave coaching in the different sports areas and one was female gymnastics.   The sports coach was an older woman, perhaps in her early forties, with a slim, firm athletic body.  Toni thought she was not married because she always insisted on being called “Miss Adam” and wore no rings.   One day right at the end of class a lot of equipment needed to be cleared away and Toni offered to help.  The rest of the athletes went to get changed and Miss Adam and Toni started putting away the beams, the vaulting horse, fastening the ropes back against the wall and so on.   “Just put those weights away while I check on something, Toni,” said Miss Adam. She went out and was gone for several minutes.  When she came back she said that just before they changed she wanted Toni to show her some ‘one hand and one foot’ balances on the wall bars. Toni obediently climbed up a few bars and started to turn sideways.   “No, no, Toni, I want you to go higher. I’ll tell you when you’re are high enough.”   Toni climbed some more and her coach said “Right that will do nicely.”  Toni carefully positioned one foot on a bar, her right hand gripping another bar at above shoulder height.  Then she turned sideways and at Miss Adam’s command, she pushed away from the wall bars and stretched out her other leg and arm as far as they would go, raising her free arm high.   “Chin up, chin up. Don’t look down” came the command. She held the pose for what seemed long enough and risked looking down. The bottom of her wide legged gym shorts were just above Miss Adam’s head, and her teacher seemed to be staring intently up into her shorts, where she would see her dark blue gym panties tightly stretched across her crotch.   Her kaçak bahis siteleri eyes seemed bright and her face was rather flushed as she barked “Toni, get your chin up and don’t look down. You spoil the composition of your pose. Now I’m going to adjust the position of your legs slightly so that you have better symmetry.”   Toni’s head snapped upwards and she stared straight ahead, not daring to look down. She felt her teacher’s hand on her knee, pulling her legs even wider, then suddenly her other hand was on Toni’s upper thigh, just, but only just, below the stretched gym panties. Her teacher’s breath was becoming rather laboured as she said,   “Toni, you must learn to fit your panties more neatly to your body.  When we have exhibitions and visitors are in the gym, especially male visitors, we don’t want them to see your girly hair poking out, do we? Can I adjust them for you?”   Toni didn’t dare to say no, and, her heart thumping, she heard her voice quaver “Yes.  It’s alright Miss Adam.”   Her teacher heard the tremble in the teenager’s voice and knew Toni was aware of the sexuality of the situation. But she had agreed!!!  She very gently took the edge of Toni’s gusset and tugged it down and to one side. With her legs stretched wide, Toni could feel the cooler air against her pussy lips. She knew they had separated with her pose. There was no movement from Miss Adam, who just kept the panties pulled away from Toni’s crotch, her eyes greedily taking in the sight of her pupil’s hairy quim.   “I must just smooth your hair back inside your panties, Toni, then you will look more respectable. Can I do that for you?”   The girl uttered a strangled “Yes, Miss Adam.”   The fingers brushed lightly against the soft curling hair, so very gently, and Toni felt a rush of heat through her body.  Again the fingers brushed.  The gusset was softly replaced.   “That’s better. Now for the other side.” The fingers again pulled down and outwards on Toni’s panties and again there was the softest of touches against the secret feminine hair between her legs.  Again there was the rush of feeling, and a tingling had started between her legs and about her nipples. She felt a warm wetness flow downwards, as though she was on her period, and she heard Miss Adam catch her breath. “Beautiful, beautiful,” she murmured softly.   Her coach gently replaced her panties, covering her bush from view. “Get down now, Toni.  We’ve finished the lesson for today” she said, then in a voice that was not meant to be audible to Toni, she added “but perhaps you need some education in other matters.” Her voice was barely under control, and there was an obvious quivering in her speech.   Toni climbed down, her teacher noticing the flush in her face and the rapid movement of her young breasts as she tried to calm her breathing. She had clearly seen the wetness suddenly dampen her pupil’s opened pussy lips as she brushed her pubic hair.   “Come, Toni, let us get a shower and dress” and Miss Adam led the way to the changing rooms.   The showers for the athletes were through the changing rooms, with a single private shower adjoining for the use of the coach to avoid mutual embarrassment.   Miss Adam went into her shower and changing cubicle and Toni quickly stripped off and stood under the hot shower. She turned off the water and walked into the changing area, picked up her towel and began to dry herself.  There was a sudden clatter and banging from the teacher’s cubicle and a shriek from Miss Adam. Toni rushed to the door and called out “Miss Adam, are you OK in there?”   “Oh, Toni, help me please, I’ve slipped and hurt myself. The door isn’t locked.”   Without another thought Toni pushed open the door and went in, clutching the towel in front of her nakedness.

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