Greg’s Surprise

Fingering Pussy

Sasha always loved this part. The dressing up part. Freshly showered, droplets still clinging to her voluptuous body, she slowly massaged her favourite oils into her soft skin.

She had agreed to meet a sub for a domme friend of hers. Elizabeth was a very capable mistress, but knew her limitations, and tottering about on stillettos wasn’t one of them. However, she also knew that her boy had a ‘thing’ about nyloned feet and stilletto heels. So, rather than break an ankle, she had arranged this little treat for him. Sasha had giggled when asked and agreed to tease him without any hesitation, knowing Elizabeth’s boys were always well trained and well mannered.

Oiling completed, Sasha checked her scarlet finger and toe nails for any chipping as she had visited the salon the day before. Satisfied, she reached into a drawer and pulled on a pair of white cotton gloves. Carefully, she then opened a brand new pair of fully fashioned, black seamed stockings. Taking out a jade green satin cincher with suspenders attached, she encased her body in it, revelling at the wantonness it made her feel with her breasts free from restraint and spilling over the top.

Opening the cellophane wrapper, Sasha took out the first stocking. Lifting one leg onto the chair, her gloved hands slowly rolled the nylon stocking over her toes and up her dainty foot. Taking care, she continued up her leg, constantly checking that she had her seam straight, then fastening the stocking to the suspenders dangling from the cincher. Smiling to herself at the feel of the nylon on her skin as she repeated the same careful process with the other stocking. Walking to her mirror she turned and turned about, checking from every angle, making sure her seams were straight and that there were no runs in the fragile fabric. Satisfied, she put on a pair of 4 ” stilletto patent black leather court shoes. Severe yet sexy, they were just right as domme-shoes and would show off a pair of seamed stockings to perfection.

Elizabeth had told Sasha that instructions had been given to Greg (her sub), to meet Sasha and help her with her shopping, as a favour from one domme to another. No mention had been made about the fact that it was a treat, nor had he been told anything about the type of purchases, or for that matter, anything about the woman he was to serve. It was with immense amusement therefore, Sasha walked into the little coffee shop in town, knowing that Greg knew nothing about her…………..

************ Greg sat nervously in his seat as he waited for his mistress’s friend. Toying with the teaspoon in the saucer, he sat in the window seat as per instructions, blushing furiously every time a woman entered the coffee shop, which was quite often, given that this coffee shop was in the centre of the busy shopping mall. Greg felt sure that every single female eye was on him, knowing intuitively of course that this man would love to feel their stockinged feet on his face…Obviously they didn’t, but that didn’t stop Greg feeling decidedly uncomfortable, caught up in his own mental fantasy in the centre of town.

It was the legs he noticed first. And those shoes. Looking downwards, deep in thought, he hadn’t noticed that someone, a woman, had paused at his table. Black patent courts with sheer nyloned legs…….”Oh God” he thought, “I wonder if she knows what she is doing to me?”

Standing suddenly, he stammered his apologies at his lack of manners, knocking everything over on the table with a loud clatter. Mortified at drawing attention to himself in such a way, he stared helplessly into a pair of laughing green eyes, transfixed as a rabbit in headlights.

“You must be Greg” Sasha smiled. “Daydreaming were we?” She watched as he hurriedly set the table to rights, then sat directly opposite his seat. “Sit down boy! I have no desire to be this afternoon’s matinee performance” Greg sat down slowly, still mesmerized by this vision before him. Long wavy red hair framed a pretty freckled face. Green eyes, now twinkling in amusement, regarded him. Unable to help himself, Greg’s eyes had stared unashamedly, noting the beautifully tailored jacket and pencil skirt in dark green, with cream coloured blouse beneath, perfectly complimenting this woman’s natural beauty. Those long tapered fingers ending in scarlet nails, completed the ensemble and Greg sat there quite stunned.

“I take it I pass muster?” Sasha’s etiler escort voice had taken on an icy timbre. “I am not used to being appraised so openly in a public place boy!” Greg was mortified. What on earth was he doing? “I – I apologise Ma’am” he stuttered, crimson with embarassment and looking down at the table. “Miss Elizabeth didn’t tell me what to expect.”

“She didn’t have to boy. You are here for my benefit, not the other way around!” Sasha’s angry voice belied the amusement within as she watched him squirm. “Oh this is going to be fun” she thought. “Presumably your training includes making sure the mistress you are with has everything she needs?” Sarcasm dripped from Sasha’s voice. ” I have been here some time, yet you have failed to offer any form of refreshment boy!”

“M…my apologies Ma’am” stuttered Greg once again, knowing this meeting was spiralling downhill fast. “May I fetch you some refreshment Ma’am?” Hardly daring to breathe, lest he make another mistake, he waited for her reply. “Black coffee if you please, one sugar.” So saying, Sasha turned and looked out of the window, her body language dismissing the poor hapless sub trembling at the other side of the table.

Rising carefully this time, Greg slipped out of his seat to do her bidding. Standing in the queue for the coffees, he replayed the last few minutes and was appalled. He knew that those wonderful legs and feet had been his undoing. “Miss Elizabeth wouldn’t recognise me” he thought. Always attentive, always polite, Elizabeth had only known how capable he was. She knew he had a foot fetish and had allowed him to worship her feet, but this woman was all he had ever fantasised about. Greg realised how perceptive Miss Elizabeth truly was, and how she had unselfishly given him what he craved.

And what had he done with the opportunity? “Blown it sky high” he thought in disgust, “Miss Elizabeth’s friend thinks I am an uncouth clumsy oaf now.” he mused dejectedly as he carried the coffees back to the table. Cursing himself for a fool, he resolved to try and salvage what he could and try to earn a little praise instead of ridicule.


Greg placed the steaming cup of coffee in front of Sasha. “I hope this will be acceptable Ma’am” Greg murmured and went to his seat, waiting for her nod before seating himself once more. Sasha turned to face him. Studying him carefully, she saw an average sized man, about 5 foot 10 inches in height, with a reasonable physique. Not muscular, but not fat either. Fairly square jawed, he was clean shaven and had short dark hair. Blue/gray eyes caught her scrutiny and Greg bashfully looked down to avoid confrontation. Blushing furiously again, Greg realised how Sasha must have felt under his gaze earlier. “Ma’am?” he asked enquiringly, “May I be permitted to know how to address you?” “You may call me Miss Sasha or Ma’am, whichever. It matters not to me Greg.” Sasha replied, then went on “We have a busy afternoon ahead of us – I hope you are strong..” she added as an afterthought, “I will need you to carry all my purchases” Greg absorbed this information and wondered just what the shopping was likely to be. “I am strong Ma’am, so I can assist you with no problems” He smiled at her, more at ease now he had got over the initial nerves.

Suddenly Greg jumped and his eyes flew to Sasha. “Ma’am?” Sasha’s foot had somehow slipped out of her shoe and had apparently gained a life of its own. At this precise moment it was finding its way around Greg’s ankle and insinuating itself underneath his trouser leg, searching for contact with the skin above his sock. Greg’s surprised expression drew a chuckle from Sasha “Yes Greg?” was the innocent reply. “Erm…….Ma’am….ahhhhh…we are in a coffee shop Ma’am” Greg’s embarassment was clear. “I know boy.” Sasha’s reply was amused. “That’s why I am drinking coffee” She smiled as her foot found the skin it was seeking and Greg squeaked then gasped as the nyloned foot began to caress the fine hairs on his shin. His breathing changed as he fidgeted in his seat nervously. Sasha laughed and withdrew her foot.

Greg slumped in relief, only to jerk upright again when Sasha’s foot renewed its assault; only this time it travelled up the length of his leg outside his trousers……Her foot seemed to have a will of its own as, above the table, Sasha showed no sign of the etimesgut escort movement going on beneath. “Erm…..Ma’am?” Greg’s voice had gone up nearly an octave in his haste to communicate. “Where you aware Ma’am, that the window glass is floor to ceiling? I mean, everyone outside can see Ma’am…” Greg’s voice trailed off to a whisper as Sasha nodded and just smiled at him, well aware that her foot was now firmly planted in his groin and playing havoc with his cock and balls. Her smile widened as her toes made contact with a rock solid obstacle just as Greg’s breathing became heavy and laboured. “Ma’am” he croaked, clutching the tabletop, “Please…..” The begging note in his voice accentuated the pleading gaze that implored her to stop.

It stopped as suddenly as it had begun. Rising from the table Sasha stared down at Greg. “Come” she said and turned to leave. Greg again leapt to his feet, knocking the table with a clatter causing renewed giggling from the adjacent table. Hurriedly, Greg rushed from the coffee shop in Sasha’s wake, eyes locked onto those wonderful seamed nylons, encasing a shapely pair of legs, weaving their way into the hustle and bustle of the shopping mall.

Sasha walked the length and breadth of the mall, pausing here and there, buying this and that; always ensuring Greg walked behind her but close enough to catch her scent in his nostrils, always close enough to hear the whisper of stockinged thigh upon stockinged thigh…. Greg began to wonder if the afternoon’s shopping spree would ever end. Sasha made sure Greg had frequent glimpses of her feet when she would stop in front of an item of clothing in a shop and would stand on one foot, remove the other shoe and rotate her ankle as if her feet were aching. Greg’s mouth ran dry everytime she repeated the tease as he was very aware how hard his cock was in response. Add to that the fact that Greg was in a public place every time she did it, ensured he was constantly aroused with no hope of release.

Sasha played her part to perfection. Seemingly unaware of the hell she was putting him through, yet continuing the torment relentlessly. She stopped suddenly, causing Greg to sidestep quickly or risk bumping into her from behind. A slow smile spread across Sasha’s face as she realised she was outside Greg’s idea of heaven or hell, depending on how she behaved over the next few minutes. His barely audible gasp told her he realised what sort of shop this was, and the moan under his breath decided her. “Come Greg. You can help me choose” Giggling, Sasha entered the shoe shop.

Following meekly behind his tormentor, Greg wondered how long it would be before he disgraced himself. It occurred to him that this woman knew exactly what things would torment a foot fetishist and was revelling in his discomfort. Those adorable nyloned feet sashayed back and forth across his vision as their owner moved around the shop. Kicking off her stillettos and passing them to Greg, she wandered off between the shoe racks. “Double torment” Greg thought as the shoes in his hand were still warm and were giving off a scent that had Greg’s head reeling and his cock rock hard again. The sight of Sasha’s pretty feet trying on various shoes in differing styles and colours almost sent Greg to his knees. Then, the piece de resistance! Sasha bent over, causing the pencil skirt to ride up over her hips. This in turn caused the back split to widen and Greg caught a glimpse of soft white thigh where her stocking ended. His mouth drier than the Sahara, Greg sank down onto the nearest seat. Unable to tear his eyes away, he sat transfixed, his breathing laboured and his cock straining against his trousers.

A low chuckle broke the spell. “Bet she knows exactly what she is doing!” said a male voice beside him. “Wicked set of pins.” Delivering his verdict, the man beside him moved away and was lost in the general melee of shoppers.

Greg’s attention snapped back to Sasha as she spoke. “What do you think of these dear?” Sasha was behaving as if he were her partner and Greg’s gaze was drawn to a pretty pair of sandals encasing Sasha’s dainty feet. A low kitten heel with thin straps holding the foot in place, Sasha’s scarlet toenails brought out the best in the design. “Y-y-yes.” croaked Greg, desperate to get out either before his erection was discovered or he came in his trousers. His self-control was diminishing etlik escort fast.

“Yes? Is that it?” Sasha played the peeved wife part with consummate skill. “OK then, what about………these?” She pounced on a spiky set of heels which Greg would have loved to suck for hours on end. “B-both.” he whispered in a panic. Sasha walked up and down in the heels two or three times before halting directly in front of Greg. She modelled the shoes for him, turning her feet this way and that, knowing just how to drive him mad with desire. “Why Greg, I do believe you like these a lot” she chuckled. Beckoning an assistant over, Sasha gave the girl both pairs of shoes and took her own shoes out of Greg’s grasp. Bending down to Greg, Sasha smiled and whispered “you can cum only when I tell you boy.”

Greg’s embarassment was complete. She KNEW! He had tried so hard to cover his arousal, yet all the time Sasha had been aware of his need, his longing. He whimpered and gazed again into those laughing green eyes. He knew he wouldn’t forget this shopping spree in a hurry. Walking to the paydesk and completing her purchases, Sasha passed the bags to Greg. His face burning from the escapade, he stumbled from the shoe shop as Sasha sailed forth into the mall.

Greg was in a daze. His whole afternoon had been one long cock-tease from start to finish. He was in torment – balls heavy, cock throbbing, heart racing, but he knew if Sasha booked him every day for a year he would be there. She had bound him to her side just as surely as if she had chained him there. The question was, what happened now? Would she take him home, then dispense with him and send him back to Miss Elizabeth, horny as hell and frustrated? Or….? At this point, Greg’s mind went into overload as his brain raced through all the fantasies he had ever had concerning feet and nylons, melding them into a white-hot desire for this extraordinary woman.

Greg did not remember the journey back to Sasha’s All was lost in an erotic haze as he stumbled along behind her. Arriving back at the front door, Sasha turned to face Greg. “Thank you.” was all she said as she took her parcels from him and stacked them on a table just inside her hallway. “Oh! I nearly forgot,” she exclaimed “This is for you, but don’t open it until you get to the end of the road.” she added mysteriously. Taking the envelope from her hand, Greg remembered his manners and thanked her. “No Greg, I should be thanking you.” said Sasha with a smile, “I haven’t enjoyed myself so much for a long time” Leaning forward, Sasha kissed him full on the lips. “Maybe we should do it again.” Walking inside, she smiled as she closed the door, leaving a bemused Greg, still clutching his envelope, on the doorstep.

Greg walked away with a heavy heart. “That’s that then.” he thought. Stopping with a muttered oath, he remembered the instructions concerning the envelope still held fast in his hand. Upon reaching the end of her road, he tore open the envelope.

Strangely enough, it did not contain a remuneration for services rendered. What it *did* contain was a letter from Miss Elizabeth!

My dear Greg, it said, If Sasha has given you this, then you will have passed the test.

Test? What test? thought Greg as he continued reading.

For some time now, I have been aware of your predilection for feet, nylons and those dangerous spiky stillettos….. Greg smiled at his Mistress’ tone and dislike of the sexy shoes. It went on ……..Sasha rang me some months ago and told me she was looking to train a new sub and did I have anyone who might be worthy….

Greg’s heart leapt as he realized the implications of the letter. He continued to read…….To that end, I arranged for you to meet Sasha without realizing you were to be under such scrutiny. I had every faith in your abilities and knew you and she were well suited. In reading this letter, I now know I was right.

Hardly daring to turn the page, Greg’s eyes flew over the last paragraph. Sasha has given you the chance to walk away, should you not care to be her submissive. That is why you are at the end of her road. It is now your choice which direction you take. You can return to me with just your memories, or you can choose to follow the path you desire most with a new Mistress. Whichever decision you take, know that I wish you well. Yours in love and honour, Miss Elizabeth.

Of their own volition, Greg’s feet turned back whence they came. Breaking into a run, he arrived panting at Sasha’s doorstep. Ringing the bell, it seemed that Sasha had been waiting behind the door. Falling to his knees on the step, Greg lovingly kissed those wonderful stillettos.

“I am yours to command Lady.” was all he said.

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