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Subject: Graft Gang Chapter 4 Graft Gang, Chapter 4 This story is fictional, and any resemblance to any person is purely coincidental. This story contains graphic descriptions of man-to-man sex, if this is not for you or illegal in your area please don’t continue reading and leave now. Remember, this is fantasy so be safe. Otherwise enjoy. Please consider a donation to Nifty. All donations, large and small, support this incredible site and the tremendous work they do to keep it running smoothly and so enjoyable for us all. Thank you. Matt went home and told his parents about all the details of the offers he was given (well most of the details.) He told them he was treated like a prince, showed off all of his gymnastics skills, was cared for and chaperoned around, and was asked to come back in a couple of weeks to meet some other faculty and coaches. While Western U wasn’t a championship gymnastics program, he could almost certainly be assured a spot on the team, which was all he really ever realistically wanted, I mean, how many guys actually make it to the top? His parents were at once floored and happy for their son, who had always been a good kid, an almost straight “A” student even with the daily gymnastics grind, just a great person all around. All his mom kept saying, especially when they found out about the full scholarship, was “the Lord provides.” Matt so badly wanted to tell them just how many times he had called out god’s name during his visit. The next time he went it would be for four days, getting there on a Thursday and coming home on a Sunday. It would mean he would miss a few days of school, but the potential benefits of landing this type of deal, not only for the money and the gymnastics, but for the academic choices given the size of the school, were enormous. He told them they were invited to look around, but asked if he could go again alone, it made him appear more mature and in control. When they saw that he couldn’t sit still from excitement, they agreed that he should go out again by himself (little did they know he couldn’t sit still because his ass was finally feeling the effects of having his first two of what he hoped were many more cocks up his tight hole, now not so tight, the thought of which made him laugh). For two weeks Matt was in agony, always fidgeting around the house, so horned up all the time he had to lock himself in the bedroom or bathroom to rub one out, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. Best was in the shower where the running water could drown out his groans from copying Tim’s finger assault on his and Tim’s own ass. First Matt would start out slow, just to warm his hole up, move those soapy digits in and out oh so slowly, scraping the spot up his colon he had come to learn was the true source of his masculinity, at least that’s what Tim told him. But soon he was jamming his fingers in there, banging away his prostrate with abandonment, feeling the electric shockwaves course up his scrotum into his dick with every direct hit. “Ohhhh Tiiiiiim, just keep those fingers riiiiight there…just a little more…yeeeeeess, that`s the spot…oh fuck, oh FUCK…OH FUUUUUUUUUCK,” until he would blow on his body or all over the wall, himself usually ending up on the shower floor panting, the warm water cleaning away his explosion until the next time Matt figured for those two weeks he was the cleanest (and dirtiest) kid in the entire Midwest, always thinking up ways to get sweaty and jump back into the shower to molest himself. When he got off the plane in the late afternoon to meet the welcoming committee of one he was promised, he so hoped it was Tim. Both Marty and Tim explained that, due to schedules, they could never say for sure who would pick him up. For this and other reasons, they gave him code words that, if the person he met at the airport was part of their gang, would say to him. Otherwise, without those code words, which would change on a regular basis, he was to assume that the person had no knowledge of their special activities. As explained, there were currently 22 of them out of 40,000 people on the campus, so almost ALL interactions were NOT with Graft members. Matt’s code words to listen for were “Safe House Pineapple,” probably intentionally corny. Matt saw someone he did not recognize holding up a “Matt — Western U” sign. While Matt thought he’d be disappointed, he was looking at quite possibly the most handsome man he had ever seen. The guy was a light-skinned African American, about 6′ 2″, with an almost angelic face about him. Matt walked up to him and introduced himself. The man responded, “Hi Matt, Rob, nice to meet you, recognized you off the plane, they told me to look for a blonde, blue-eyed kid with a gymnastics build. Not much of them coming off the flight!” Rob’s handshake was strong and firm, Matt seeing the veins popping out of his forearm, the rest covered by a gray dress shirt tucked up at the elbows, a darker gray tie hanging down his chest. “Classy,” Matt thought. They walked to get his bag, and all Matt could think of was that he hoped this guy was a member of the gang as well. Very short curly dark hair stood atop a muscular frame, with the most perfect facial features Matt had ever seen. Strong chin, high cheek bones, perfect nose, gorgeous smile. From behind, a beautiful bubble butt, smaller than Marty’s or Tim’s, but proportioned just right for this stud of a man. They made their way to the car, idle chit-chat, Rob always polite and solicitous, and smart, Matt thought, Rob had an air of authority and assuredness about him. In the car, some more chit-chat about Matt’s flight, the weather, blah, blah, blah, until Rob said, “So Matt, are you here for anything else besides the gymnastics program?” Matt could feel himself getting nervous – I guess this hiding certain things took some practice. “Well they have a good academic program so combined with gymnastics this could be a good fit for me sir,” was all that Matt would say. Rob continued, “No one told you about `other’ activities you might get into?” It was as if Rob was surprised, almost genuinely perturbed that the “other” stuff might not have come up. “I’m sure there are other student life activities that I could get involved in, but I’m not sure I will have the time with gymnastics at all,” was all Matt replied. “Well I know they fed you well when you were here, my favorite fruit is the Safe House Pineapple,” Rob said. Matt gave a sigh of relief. “Yes Matt,” Rob continued, “I’m part of the gang. As a matter of fact, I’m one of the three founders of it, along with Marty and Paul, who you will meet later.” All Matt could think was “is it against the gang’s code to give membership to anyone with body fat?” Rob’s clothes formed to his body, every nuance of the shirt and pants conforming to the hard muscle frame under them. Matt also realized, sitting so close to Rob, that the guy smelled great. He was warned that this was a group of super studs and Rob took that to a whole nother level. He really wanted to know what his guy was packing, but knew if he thought too hard about it his thoughts wouldn’t be the only hard thing in the car. Matt kept quiet, and Rob noticed his discomfort. “Still not comfortable with the whole secrecy thing, it gets a lot easier, trust me, I’ve been doing it for over eight years now – just assume everyone is a NO since there are so few of us, makes life soooo much easier.” Matt smiled and thanked him. Rob continued, “I wanted to tell you in the airport that that’s a fine ass you have on you, but I thought that would turn too many heads and be a dead giveaway.” That broke the tension and made they both laugh, Matt thinking this guy is so easy going and likable, just like Marty and Tim said the gang members would be. Matt learned that Rob was the Assistant Athletic Director of the entire school, second in command of all athletics for this huge campus, a powerful position. At 35, Rob had come to the school after just two years of working at another college, where he had quickly moved up and outgrown opportunities. He had worked hard and smart for the school’s Athletics Department ever since, and was promoted to his current position at the tender age of 30. “I want to be the Athletic Director, but my boss won’t fucking leave.” Rob looked at Matt and they both howled, both guys liking the other immensely already. “Any questions for me Matt?” Rob asked. Matt was getting comfortable around this man, and figured he’d be having sex with him some time before the weekend was up, so he decided just to say things as they came into his mind. “Does everyone in the gang look as fucking gorgeous as you?” he said. Rob just grinned and said, “Matt, we are going to get along fine, the fact that you can be relaxed enough already to say that to me. Thank you, that’s nice of you. As Marty and Tim explained to you, we might all look physically different, but we are very much all overachievers in the athletic way so we are all in fantastic shape. That and a love of everything carnal are sort of our requirements. And I’d like to think everyone you meet will be pretty nice guys too,” Rob not so subtly placing his free hand on Matt’s thigh. Matt didn’t flinch at all, but could tell his body was heating up, his 7 inch tool straining to be released. Matt found out they would get him settled into the same guest apartment as last time, let him freshen up if he wanted, and then they would be meeting Paul, Marty and Tim for a private dinner at Paul’s house. Despite being a little sad, Rob told Matt there would be no hanky panky going on, just so he was prepared. This was going to be an actual bursa escort meeting of the four highest Graft members and Matt, lots of talking and lots of details to go over. Having the two guys there he already met would make Matt feel so much better, he thought to himself. Rob checked him in, Matt changed his shirt, put on some cologne, and they made their way to Paul’s house, Rob impressed with the brief glimpse of the boy’s torso. Rob told Matt that Paul was the Provost of the school, in charge of all academics and second in command of the entire university, just below the President. Matt was quickly starting to see how members could be treated so well, to scholarships, to class schedules, to everything. He didn’t know how many more there were, but Rob and Paul, two of the three founders of the group, were in very influential and powerful positions at the school. “One more thing,” Rob said, “Paul is a great guy, brilliant man, but he has the most to lose of all of us given his position. For that reason, he is the most cautious of us, so don’t be surprised if he is a little hesitant when you first meet. His mind is always thinking ahead 20 steps which is why he is where he is, just don’t take it personally. He also has the final say, so even if all of us like someone, if Paul says no, then it’s NO. He usually has his reasons and most of the time, he is right; the rest of us just would let any new meat in. Not that he isn’t a horny bastard like the rest of us — he is. Plus Tim will be there to lighten things up, the big whore.” Matt had to admit that Rob saying that word, and directing it towards Tim, made him get a little hard. They pulled up to a very nice house in a nice residential area right near the campus. Matt recognized Marty’s car, he must have drove both Tim and himself here. They rang the door bell and a very distinguished, very good looking man answered the door. “Hi, I’m Paul, you must be Matt,” he said and shook Matt’s hand. “Rob,” he said, “both of you come on in,” dinner will be ready in a little while.” Matt was a little intimidated when he walked in, he figured Paul did well or the house was part of his compensation. Everything was tasteful and high end. There wasn’t a hint of anything that would give this guy away as a member of a glorified fuck club. The only thing Matt realized was that Paul was like the rest of the guys physically in the gang he had met so far. He figured he was in his forties somewhere, some graying around the temples, but his shape belied his age. He stood about 6 foot, solidly built with a powerful frame, big, beautiful butt, and like Rob, an air of confidence and someone who exuded authority. Chiseled features under an untucked dress shirt paired with jeans. “Another perfect fucking ass,” Matt thought as he followed Paul in. He heard some laughing in the other room and recognized the pair. Marty and Tim greeted Matt with hugs and smiles all around, Tim in a cobalt blue shirt which brought out the blue in his eyes in a way that made Matt melt and sweat and get hard. “Your eyes are dilating stud,” Tim told him, “they always dilate when you get aroused – you’re so unbelievably cute.” Tim then whispered in his ear “I haven’t shot a load in a week, waiting to fill that pretty cunt of yours full of my baby makers.” All Matt could do was swallow hard, avoid choking on his saliva, try to stay composed, and hope his leaking prick didn’t mess up his pants. They all talked for a bit but dinner was ready, and Matt also learned Paul was quite the accomplished chef as well. It was an intimate table for the five of them that probably could seat six, and Paul had made duck a l’orange, with rice pilaf, asparagus, salad, rolls, beer and wine. It was a meal fit for kings. All Matt could think was thank god he didn’t have to take a dick, he’d already be too stuffed! But this was a dinner meeting and Paul let Matt know that he was aware of all that transpired and, once everyone was done eating, began with other details. “Graft stands for “Gymnastics, Rugby And Football Troop.” Our members are the four faculty and admin you see here, plus athletes from the gymnastics, rugby and football teams only. Former members of school programs who have graduated but live nearby are welcomed to stay in the group as well. Rob, Marty and I started this VERY secretive group around eight years ago after knowing one another a little while and getting to know one another’s interests. I was a rugby player in my day, Rob and Marty were from football, and then Marty brought in the gymnastics angle. Tim came two years later and has redefined the phrase `horny toad’ as you already know. Tim didn’t react much except with a raise of his hand and a quick “thank you.” Paul rolled his eyes and continued, “Tim has had a 100% success rate of recruiting guys for the gang, so the fact that he and Marty already approve of you is a strong positive in your favor. We currently have 22 members, but five are leaving the area, and both our best bottoms are going. You’d be one of the stars of the group, number 18 if you joined, and we are currently not actively looking for anyone else. That could change of course between now and next September.” Paul kept going. “Like they explained to you, the gang is more than just guys getting together for sex…well that certainly IS its main function. But we are very picky about who joins. We look for good looking, smart guys who want to be there, who want to have sex with changing partners, who would be able to embrace this as part of their lifestyle here at school, and who think they could do so for years to come. Once in, we look out for each in a loyal, ferocious way. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, and some have failed. Relationships change, people mature and some want to move on, interests change, people get lazy and out of shape and can be kicked out. What if you met someone special? There are A LOT of considerations outside of just getting together to shag for an evening.” Matt listened intently, there was a lot more to think about then he had thought, a lot for an 18-year old to grasp. The last part caught him by surprise, he had not thought about what would happen if he met a guy who didn’t want Matt to be in the gang any longer and/or Matt didn’t want to be with anyone else. He knew he was mature but this was a lot to take in. Still, so many positives so far, everyone was nice, the deal to come to school would be incredible, and the sex so far was off the charts. How could he not give it a chance? “Matt,” Paul said, “this is like an `unofficial’ official meeting of the group. As you have learned, right now, here, we are all equals. I’m sure you have some questions, nothing will sound stupid or outlandish to us…heck, we’ve probably heard all of them in some form already anyway.” Now Matt was nervous. Forefront on his mind was money, if he quit, how was he going to pay for this place? Still, how was going to pay for any place? Gymnastics scholarships went to the best in the country, and while he was very good, he was not near the best. But all of these demigods were looking at him now, expecting an 18-year old to have some mature response to this all. He took a deep breath and started: “First off Paul, thanks for dinner it was awesome. Second, I really don’t have many questions. Marty and Tim answered a lot for me already, as much as they would dare reveal, I did a ton of thinking at home, and I don’t think I would have come back for a return visit unless I was dead set on joining your gang, if you’ll have me of course.” Matt just had to add, “oh and can I just say, it’s like sitting at a Chippendales table being here with all of you amazing studs – so fucking hot.” Smiles all around at that statement. Tim wasn’t the only one who thought that Matt gave just about the most perfect answer he could. It’s the kind of enthusiasm Paul and Rob wanted to hear. Even though he always had some hesitation given the nature of what they were, deep down inside, Paul was still smiling. “Well,” Paul started, “we want to have you meet other gang members before me make a final decision. As you know, tomorrow is Halloween, and we usually try to throw a `special’ Halloween party for our gang. So far we have 15 confirmed to attend, the others just can’t make it and like you’ve learned already, that is always ok. So you would be number 16 if you’d like to join us for an orgy of heroic proportions.” This made Tim laugh and say “you know it,” which busted up the other Graft members. Matt said he’d like to go, and Paul told him this year’s theme was indeed `heroes,’ with some leeway when interpreting that theme, and some role play if they wished, to add to the hotness. Matt said he couldn’t get a costume together that quickly, but then Tim interjected and with a sly smile said, “Got you covered you beautiful whore.” While the statement made them all laugh, it also made Matt bone up under the dinner table. While he was a “bad” boy multiple times a day for a good part of the two weeks he was home, he had explicit instructions from Tim and Marty not to cum for at least 3 days before he came back. Matt had stopped 4 days ago, so he was hurting, and anything was going to set him off. But done with the “business” of the evening, they all chatted for a while about the school, sports, academics, and generally joked around, then had dessert before Marty and Tim took Matt back to his apartment. It was Marty who spent most of the next day with Matt, showing him around the campus in much more detail, getting him accustomed even slightly with how life would be if he came out there. After lunch, bursa escort bayan Marty suggested that Matt go back up to his apartment and relax, nap, clean up, and just enjoy the quiet as tonight would be pretty insane. There would be snacks and some food at the party if he wanted any, but suggested he not eat any more, given his role tonight. The party was at 8 — Tim would drop by around 7 and bring him his costume. Matt got cleaned up and cleaned OUT really well, and promptly at 7 there was a knock at the door. Greeting Matt was Tim in the sexiest Zorro costume ever created. Black hat, mask and cape, bare chested, black pants and boots, and what looked like a self-made oval scabbard with a sword in it. Matt almost wanted to suggest that they lock the door and have a Halloween party just the two of them, Tim’s gorgeous blue eyes and smile making the boy weak-kneed. Tim handed Matt a small suitcase, “here’s your costume — don’t dilly dally and put it on, we have a drive.” Matt opened the suitcase, first came out a jacket, then some sweat pants, a pair of sandals, and finally, on a hanger, what looked like a jock strap with a piece of cloth over it. “What the fuck?” Matt said out loud, and Tim started to chuckle. “What?” Matt wanted to know. Tim tried to hold a straight face. “The jacket and pants are so you don’t get cold on our way to the party…the loin cloth/jock strap and sandals IS your costume…Tarzan.” Matt just stood there opened mouth, nothing could come out, while Tim was trying to hold it together. “You mean to tell me,” Matt started, his voice now rising in volume, “that I’m going to a party where I know almost no one and the only FUCKING thing I’ll be wearing is this little piece of shit cloth. That’s IT? THAT’S FUCKING IT? Where the HELL’S the rest of my costume??!!!” By now Tim was on the bed cracking up, crying…”dude…that’s it dude, you’re Tarzan, King of the Jungle. He didn’t need anything else to swing around in,” Tim now laughing even harder. Matt continued, “why don’t you just put a “GRADE A” on my chest and walk me in naked for the piece of meat I’m going to be?” Are you FUCKING kidding me?” This isn’t Tarzan, this is some new superhero “Naked Boy,” what fucking power does he have?” Every time Matt swore Tim just started howling all over again, this time falling off the bed. Now Tim got up and approached Matt and started, “Seriously Matt, this is NOT a normal Halloween party, it’s a FUCKING Halloween party. You’ll just have it easier than the rest of us…you won’t have to get as undressed. And trust me `Naked Boy,” you WILL have all the power tonight.” There was silence for a while, then Matt gave Tim a dirty look, then they both broke out laughing, they always could laugh together at the same sick, dirty stuff. Tim patted Matt on the shoulder and gave him a small peck on the cheek, “Matt, you’re going to be such a big hit at this party of horny, likable hunks, you won’t believe how EVERYONE is going to love your boldness and shear cockiness coming to the party in just this. Trust me, that ass of yours is going to be the center cut of this orgy buffet for sure,” and with that Tim gave Matt’s ass a good swipe and massaged his glutes, Matt thinking he better stop, or they’d never make it to any party. Matt started into Tim, “Ok, get the fuck out of here for a second while I `change’ into nothing.” Tim started laughing again, “Dude, I was your first fuck, like I haven’t seen you naked, and believe me, you getting fucking naked…I’m not going anywhere.” Matt undressed and put on the skimpy outfit, and an almost drooling Tim let out a “Holy shit, – you look so fucking good,” and with that Tim made like he was checking the outfit out for goodness of fit, and stuck his finger down the back of the strap and nudged Matt’s sweaty ass crack. “Fuck Tim, I don’t want to walk in there with a boner, or with your hand up my ass, wait a while for god’s sake!” Tim smiled, put the finger up to his nose, then shoved it down his own throat, “fucking hot man pussy you got Matt, mmmmm….gonna fuck you good pretty boy,” as he nibbled on Matt’s ear. Matt tried to stay composed, his cock groaning under the jock strap, so he quickly put on the clothes Tim had brought to prevent anything else from happening, and off they went to the party. The drive was much farther than Matt had thought. Tim explained that this was part of their overall discretion. An old Athletics Department warehouse, originally a general store, used decades earlier but since relegated as a storage center for old equipment, was, with the help of Paul and Rob, turned into the meeting place for Graft. It was now 20 miles away from what had become the main campus, in an abandoned, run-down part of town. Tim said it looked like shit on the outside but things changed when you went inside. They got there and Tim was right, Matt thought this place was a dump, wrought iron, chain link and razor wire surrounded the building, and the building itself looked like it could use some repair. Tim got out and used his key to unlock a gate, drove them in, then closed the gate behind them. “Where are all the cars?” Matt asked. Tim just smiled, pushed a button, and a garage door opened, which once in, Tim pushed closed. The garage was huge, and Matt saw a half dozen cars parked in there. “From the outside, NO ONE knows anyone is here, total discretion Matt,” Tim said. Tim explained the garage was created and closed in for this reason. Matt was impressed, just imagining what studs were there already was making him hard, not that that was ever an issue. They walked in, and all Matt saw from one tiny bulb was a large, dingy, dusty room filled with old athletic gear. Tim just smiled, “Anyone else comes here, this is what they see…exactly what they are expecting to see.” Tim led him to the back of the room, behind shelves stacked with gear. “Matt, time for you to `change’ into your costume. I want to ask you, are you sure you want to do this?” Things are gonna get wild, and you can stop whenever you want, and I’ll be looking out for you as well, ok?” Matt was confident and so horny nothing was going to stop him from experiencing this. He stripped off the jacket and sweats. “One more thing,” said Tim, “not everyone will be here right away, and many won’t stay the whole night. Some have other parties to go to, so people will definitely be in and out. It will be a long but good night,” he said as he winked at Matt. Tim punched in a code and the security door unlocked and opened to steps leading down to a basement. “This was a storage room back in the day, but now it’s our hidden playground. Since it’s underground, we don’t need heating or cooling so no large utility bills to arouse suspicion. Even if there were, Rob gets the invoices for expenses to this place sent directly to him,” Tim again just grinned. When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Matt was blown away with sensory overload. The room was almost the same size as the upstairs, about 40 feet by 30 feet, painted and decorated nicely, rugs on the floor, with two beautiful king size beds, four large sofas, two recliners, end tables and finally a wet bar in the corner. Matt blushed for a second when he saw numerous pump-activated lube bottles scattered around the room. Tim explained they had a bathroom with a shower, and a washer/dryer for any cleaning up that needed to be done. Food and drinks were provided as well. But what really blew Matt away were the men that were now eyeing him like he was today’s menu special — `cause he was. Tim knew them all, Matt recognizing just a few, the rest just by their body beautiful “hero” costumes. There were six studs there already, and every outfit was fucking hot. Paul was dressed as an army general with a general’s hat with stars, an open khaki shirt exposing a muscular hairy chest, khaki shorts, and reflective sunglasses. Marty…well Marty…he was dressed as a boy scout! He had on a scout’s hat, a sash against his bare chest with a bunch of scout buttons on them, and a pair of khaki shorts, Marty’s powerful, tree trunk legs on full display. But what mesmerized Matt for a few moments was Rob, he came as Superman! He had painted on the Superman emblem on his bare, smooth, rock hard muscled chest, he had on a pair of red and blue shorts right below his 8-pack abs, and wore red boots. It was like Superman got out of the shower, put on his underwear and boots, but forgot to finish getting dressed the rest of the way. Rob just smiled at Matt as Tim whispered in Matt’s ear, “wait `til you see what Superman’s gonna be stuffing up that tight cunt of yours later.” Matt went fully hard and felt his knees almost buckle, Rob’s handsome, hard, tight, silky body making Matt drool with lust. The three other guys introduced themselves, though between their costumes and hard bodies he would only remember characters by the end of the night. Luke was on the football team and came dressed as the hottest fucking Batman ever, a 6 foot hunk of a bat complete with a cowl that covered the top half of his face, a full cape, a black Speedo bearing the batman symbol, and black boots. The rest of the bare-chested, dark haired stud was smooth and rock solid. Pete was on the gymnastics team and was a junior, but tonight he was a studly Spiderman, full mask, bare chested, red gloves, blue tights, and red spider-patterned boots. He had a gorgeous body, about Matt’s size and build. Matt wondered if Pete was a bottom given his limberness as a gymnast, but at this point, Matt didn’t care, he knew Pete would be a lot of fun. The last guy there was Zack from the rugby team. escort bursa His outfit was an angel, with white wings, a white Speedo and white boots. That’s it! All of sudden Matt didn’t think he was underdressed, all the guys were already in various stages of nakedness. Zack was a gorgeous hunk of a man, about 5′ 11″ maybe 200 lbs of prime beef, some hair on his chest adding an exclamation point to just how fine a specimen of a stud this guy was. “Well shall we get started,” Tim/Zorro said, as he took his sword out of his make shift oval scabbard, just to have all the guys crack up at the 24 inch, black double-headed dildo that WAS the sword. “This is almost as big as Rob,” Tim yelled laughing, all of them but Matt hysterical at the comment. Tim knew Matt looked anxious, so he brought him over to the bar and gave him a shot of very fine brandy to calm his nerves. While there, Matt felt a pair of large, strong hands rubbing on his back, it felt soooooooooo good. Matt turned to see Zack and a stunning pair of green eyes come in closer until a passionate kiss and one strong angel hand on each shoulder held him still. “Angels have to have fun too,” Zack said, his low, soothing voice whispered right into Matt’s mouth, Matt’s eyes closed and Zack mouthing to Tim over the boy, “so fucking hot.” Zack then started to kiss down Matt’s body, reaching his nipple, his belly button, his inner thighs. All of a sudden the angel was licking his loin cloth and jock strap, licking Matt’s cock through the fabric. Matt tried to focus, but by now Tim was behind Matt, rubbing his chest and devouring his neck and ear so that all that came out of the boy was “oooohhhh…oooohhhhh…riiiiiiight theeeere.” Tim looked down at Zack, “you’re no fucking angel, thank god!” Zack looked up, “you know the devil costume was out tonight, but either way, I’m going to DEVOUR this boy!” And with that, Zack pulled down Matt’s flimsy costume and took the kid’s 7 inch steel rod down to the root, the rugby star’s heavenly hands on Matt’s ass pressing that leaking dick even farther into his throat, if that was possible. All Matt could do was moan and call out god’s name repeatedly for this angel he had sent down. But Tim wasted no time, now that Matt was naked, he pushed Zack’s hands away, spread Matt’s cheeks as best he could, and plunged his tongue into the boy’s sweaty crack. “Mmmmmm,” Tim said, “that’s that taste of boy pucker again, the taste of a boy who was now a fucking stud of a man.” While this was happening, General Paul had ordered Spiderman Pete to his knees to suck some army cock, Paul having pushed up half of Spidey’s mask, his hand holding tightly to Pete’s head as the web slinger gagged for air. “Yeaaaah,” Paul moaned out, “get the general’s dick all nice and slick for your gymnast buddy’s tight ass, maybe if we’re lucky we’ll share him.” Pete was gagging and groaning at the same time, his fist playing with his own leaking dick. Marty was trying to teach Batman some scouting tricks, but the football player would have none of it. So they decided to 69 each other on the couch, Marty on the bottom getting choked by Luke’s 7+ inch rod, Luke sucking on Marty’s enormous piece, trying to suck it all the way down, and when he couldn’t, having his face shoved down to the pubes and choking for air. Neither of them could speak with tonsils full of cock, but the “gluuuglglglglgs” and the “mmmmpppphs” assured anyone lucky enough to hear them that they were having fun. Zack suggested Matt get into the doggy position on the thick rug below, and once he did, Zack took his cowl off, revealing a stunning guy, brown hair with brown eyes that sucked you in — Matt thought “this guy might be an actual fucking angel holy shit.” He scooted under Matt and said, “Saw that fucking beautiful bone in and out of my mouth.” Once Matt did, his ass was now fully open for Tim’s tongue assault, Tim having had discarded his mask. Matt was on fire, “OOOOHHHH MYYYY GOOODD…FUUUUUUCK. Yeah that’s it angel, take Tarzan’s dick down your throat, you fuuuuuuckingg…fuuucking greedy pig…aaaaagh!” Zack spit Matt’s cock out only long enough to shout to the room, “Will someone come over here and shut his cunt up!” All of a sudden a shadow appeared in front of Matt, and looking up, he saw that Superman had come to the rescue. Slowly, Rob took his tight Superman shorts down and unleashed his 9.5″ rod, which made Matt gasp and drool. It was about as thick as Tim’s dick, and like the rest of Rob, the perfect piece of meat for this perfect specimen of a man. “Heard you take dick good without much of a reflex,” said Rob. He got on his knees in front of Matt and shouted, “LET’S SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THIS!” And in one, swift movement befitting a Man of Steel, Superman’s rod was shoved down the kid’s throat, down to the pubes. An initial gag of surprise from Matt quickly turned into a greedy moan. In and out Rob would spear his cock down the kid’s throat, holding onto Matt’s ears and guiding his dick in, spit absolutely covering his pecker. “Yeah, you like that deep dicking don’t you boy? All Matt could say was “glllugggg…ggmmmmpphh…gluuggggg.” You keep this up and Superman will give you a nice load he’s been saving up….oooohh my fucking god these guys weren’t kidding….god, uuuuggghhh…sooooo goooood.” “Tim,” Zack said momentarily withdrawing Matt’s dick again, “stop fucking around and get started.” Tim smiled, lubed up two fingers, and jammed them into the kid, the surprise launching even more cock down Matt’s throat as Rob tilted his head back in ecstasy. Zack could feel the kid’s dick growing in his own mouth, the precum now steady down the angel’s throat, he turned his head quickly. “Tim, calm it back a bit dude, kid’s gonna pop before you get started.” Both Tim and Zack took a break, and just watched Superman saw his monster in and out of the kid’s throat, saliva streams sticking from Tarzan’s face to Superman’s cock. But Tim ultimately took orders from no one in the bedroom. Lubing up his dick, he pushed it past Matt’s ring to the hilt, causing Matt to squirm and moan. Tim told the angel, “Get your mouth back on that kid’s dick Zack, this kid’s cum tastes great.” Zack did as he was told, and right as Matt’s dick entered Zack’s mouth, Rob shuttered, his dick growing in Matt’s throat. “Gonna paint this pretty boy good,” Rob muttered, sweat pouring down his chest, the Superman logo dripping along with the rest of this super stud, muscles glistening. All of a sudden Rob tensed up, withdrew his dick, “open that fucking mouth boy,” he ordered, and just as Matt stuck his tongue out, Rob shot a monster load on Matt’s face, followed by one on the kid’s tongue, then his cheek, then his mouth again. Rob kept cumming and cumming, as if he’d never stop unloading on Matt’s pretty face, finally finishing by stuffing his cock down the moaning kid’s throat, Matt’s face just destroyed, cum dripping down his face onto the floor below, Rob’s sweaty body shaking in complete satisfaction. While this was happening Tim’s gentle dicking of the boy quickened, Tim’s body covered with sweat. “Shoot down angel’s throat Matt, give my buddy your perfect boy juice.” Matt just lost it, between the stimulation of the three guys, his body turned rigid, his cock grew in Zack’s mouth, and he let loose a stream of cum that had waited days for release, drowning Zack who was now choking on the volume of semen that was going directly down his stomach. Tim kept sawing into Matt, who was now whimpering and crying at the sensations Tim was giving him. As Tim continued to fuck the boy, Zack released his 7 inch dick from its shorts, and bent Matt’s cum-drenched face down and said, “Choke on your next dick fucker.” Now Matt saw that everything on Zack was big on the rugby player, and while 7 inches wasn’t the biggest, it was thicker than Rob’s, and filled his mouth nicely. Matt choked as Zack shoved the boy’s face into his groin, all the while getting hammered by Tim from behind, each thrust throwing Matt’s face into Zack’s sack even further. Matt was so concentrated on getting Zack off who was no thrusting his hips up to meet Matt’s velvet throat, he almost didn’t notice Tim slowing down, and then all of a sudden a heat wave of sticky cum filled the boy’s butt hole, Tim screaming in excitement, his body now bent on the boy’s back, sweat on sweat, trying to catch his breath, muttering incoherent swear words. It was then that Zack unleashed the biggest load of Matt’s short but sweet blow job life, filling the kid’s throat, Matt struggling but Zack unwilling to release his grip on the back of the kid’s head. Matt tried to swallow it all but torrents of jizz leaked from both sides of his mouth, the smell intoxicating the recruit. Zack let out a steady, low moan and released the kid’s head, the kid taking Zack’s still leaking dick in his hand and squeezing the last of the man’s juice out of his rod. It was when Matt looked back at Zack with the cutest smile that Zack could see, between he and Rob, just how destroyed the kid’s face was. Hair a mess, cum all over his face, and all the kid did was smile. “Clean up my cum off the floor, did anyone say you could spill any?” Zack commanded. The kid went to work, licking up all the cum that had spilled, and in a surprise to Zack, quickly turned on the rugby player and dripped down the man’s own cum into his waiting mouth, then planted a long, sloppy kiss on Zack’s lips, the two stud’s tongues fighting for supremacy. Superman Rob looked down on all three heroes below him with a huge grin, Tim now tangled up with Zack and Matt, until Zack groaned and breathlessly exclaimed, “What a fuckin’ winner this kid is,” after which Matt squeezed Zack’s nipple and heard one final “oohhhh” from the not-so-angelic angel. Just then Matt heard some commotion as more guys came into the room… Feedback always welcomed.

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