Good Neighbors Ch. 064


I started to pack for our trip the night before. We received the plane tickets to Vegas two days prior from my business partner. When they arrived, I immediately contacted my neighbor. She was so excited to hear we had two first class tickets to Vegas. She came right over that night, and we had a bit of a pre-wedding celebration. I think I slept in two extra hours the next morning after that.

During a Skype call the next day, my business partner let me know that my tuxedo would be in our room when we arrived. He also let me know that he set up the tickets so I could spend the whole week with my neighbor. I was extremely happy to have a week away from our homes with her that was mostly paid for. I was just hoping there was enough to keep us occupied enough when we were not holding each other. As I was trying to pack, I had the feeling I was being watched.

“You seem to be having a hard time, Romeo,” she said, surprising me.

I turned to see her looking at me. She was wearing a tight t-shirt and her favorite yoga lounge pants. She sashayed closer before leaning in for a digitalbahis yeni giriş deep kiss.

“Why do you always wait til the last minute, Romeo?”

“I was nervous. I mean I had never been to Vegas before.”

She looked at me shocked.

“Then let me help you pack then, Romeo,” she said before bumping me away from my suitcase.

She started going through my closet and pulling out different outfits while I watched. As she started to fold and roll my clothes, I smiled. I could only imagine how much she did for Mitchell when he was around when it came to stuff like this. She looked at me and smiled as she knew I was watching her.

“What time is our cab scheduled to be here tomorrow?” she asked.

“I think 8. Why?”

“I think I’ll need to spend the night at your place tonight,” she said.

After a nice leisurely night involving lots of cuddling, we were up by 6am. We took our time showering and preparing for the flight including getting a good breakfast before the cab arrived to get us to the airport. Within a few hours, we were digitalbahis giriş flying. We arrived in Vegas to beautiful weather. We started wondering what we would be driving around in before we saw a guy wearing a suit and hat with sunglasses on and a sign with my screenname on it. We walked closer before he smiled.



He dropped the sign and hugged me before he pulled the hat and sunglasses off. It was my business partner. He then looked over and saw my neighbor before smiling. He graciously took her hand again before pressing himself against her in a tight hug.

“So glad you two could do this. Shannon was wanting a huge wedding, but when I told her about my lack of social life…”

“No prob, Bro,” I said even though I was using fake confidence. “So she bought the eloping to Vegas idea?”

“Kinda, we’re doing a smaller wedding with just us four. She said we can redo it in ten years.”

I smiled at that thought. It was then my neighbor looked at me.

“So, what’s our next move, gentlemen?”

“Well, I’m beat. I’ll digitalbahis güvenilirmi get you guys to your hotel before going back to mine. That way you two can get settled in. Think you guys can be up at eight to go to the chapel?”

“No problem,” I answered.

It was an uneventful drive to the hotel. My business partner rented an SUV. We rode in the back seat while he drove. We saw some of the sights on the strip before we made it to the hotel. A bellman took our stuff on one of those luggage carts before we checked in and went to our room. My business partner put us up in a nice room with a view of the strip. As we took advantage of the mini bar, my neighbor was slipping out of her clothes and putting on one of the hotel’s robes. I looked over and smiled as I took a drink of my rum and coke.

“You okay, Amor?” I asked.

“I would be if Romeo would gladly put his arms around me like the gentleman he is,” she said with a smile.

I opened my arms before she reached down and pulled my t-shirt off. She then came in close and let me hold her before the robe fell. We held each other there for a while before we slipped into the bed and started making love like it was our first time. We fell asleep together under the blankets. I felt like I was in the right place at the time. But then again, I always feel like that when I am with her regardless where we are.

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