Subject: GLORY, GLORY I’m a white hispanic, my name is Fernando. I’ve been hired by a college in Texas to coach their basketball team. Most players are black. Since I’m crazy for big black dick, this is my dream cum true. There’s an empty, windowless room behind my office which has a common wall with the boys’ locker room. So I create my own glory hole. I also hid a few cameras around the locker room, so I have monitors in the dark room to watch what’s going on there. When I have my video system running, I see when one of my favorite boys, Darin, one of the tallest, goes into the stall where the glory hole is. He’s very dark and muscular. He pulls his dick out to piss and I almost faint on my side of the wall. It’s huge! Even soft, it must be a good eight inches long, and very fat. He’s pissing when I open the hole and stick my tongue into the stall. I see through my camera the surprise on his face. He shakes his head and giggles. Then he looks around, checks if his door is closed, and gets closer to the wall. His cock is rock hard now, a whopping 12 inches, drooling precum. Darin rests the big black mushroom head on my tongue. It tastes great… I lick the underside and suck the head into my mouth. With a shove of his hips, he gives me the first half of the thick black lollipop. I gag, take a deep breath, open my gullet wide and the rest goes in. I have the full twelve inches down my throat. The boy is moaning, glued to the kızkalesi escort wall, rolling his eyes, panting. I guess he never had such an expert cocksucker before. I give him the whole treatment, a good tongue bath, a tight squeeze with my tonsils, a strong vacuum suck, fast pumping to milk his cock of all its hot cum. I’ve learned over the years, since I started sucking cock in high school. John, a black janitor, introduced me to big black dicks. His was just nine inches, perfect for a beginner. He turned me into an avid cocksucker. He even made money out of my young mouth, making me suck his black friends. I was a happy puppy bitch, always well fed with thick African-American cum. I came to appreciate the strong taste, especially when their dicks are unwashed, not unlike the best French cheeses. Darin is one of those, sweaty from his ball practice. My glory hole is large enough for me to slide a hand and fondle the boy’s balls. I feel the cum boiling inside. Darin is about to cum. Fuck! He shoots a huge load down my gullet, hot and juicy, so huge that I can’t swallow it all, it pours down my chin. What a big reward for my efforts. When he recovers, Darin goes back to the locker room and tells his team mates about the hidden cocksucker. Leroy is next. He’s bigger than Darin, and his cock is larger too, a good 13 inches when hard. He’s rougher too. He fucks my face like a pile driver. tarsus escort His cum is very bitter, delicious… Another six black boys follow, feeding me their big dicks. I’m drunk with all the macho spunk I’m swallowing. I go home and tell my wife that I’m not having dinner, I had a huge meal at school… And so my cocksucker live turns into heaven. I have my own stable of black studs to feed me. They try to look into the hole to see who’s sucking them, but it’s too dark inside. We have every day a morning session, and then after practice another one in the afternoon. Young African-American semen becomes my sole food. I don’t even have to look at my monitors to know who I’m sucking. I know every boy by the size and shape of his penis, the taste of his cum. Then one day I bump into Leroy in the hall after our morning session. He towers over me. “Why are you staring at me, Leroy?” “What’s this on your moustache, coach?” The big black stud wipes something from the corner of my mouth and sticks his fat finger in my mouth. It’s cum, his own, a big dollop that gives me away. “So you’re the cocksucker who’s going down on us through that glory hole, huh? Somehow I knew it, from the way you look at my crotch during practice”. “Please Leroy, don’t tell on me, please…” “Maybe I won’t. What do I get in return?” “Come see me in my office after our afternoon session”. After I suck Leroy and his mates, he anamur escort comes to my room. I go down on his big dick and get it hard again. I pull down my pants, bend over and he shoves it up my ass. It hurts like hell, for I have very little practice in anal sex, but I hope this extra service will keep him quiet. “Damn fuck, your ass is great, so tight! What a sweet pussy you have, coach. You know what, you should give the boys a taste of your butt through the glory hole”. What I have been missing all those years… The sensation of Leroy’s huge cock plowing my ass is fabulous. When he cums, showering my insides, I feel in heaven. He’s right, I have to offer the boys my back end. So the next morning I grab Darin’s cock when he shoves it through the hole and aim it at my hungry male cunt. Big surprise for him. And he loves it. “Fuck, your cunt is tight, man, so good”. He cums buckets into my fuck hole. And the others follow suit. Same thing in the afternoon. But I also suck a few cocks as a bonus, ’cause I have to feed myself… I’m back in my office ready to go home when someone knocks at the door. “Come in”. It’s the whole basketball team crowding my room and grinning wide. They lock the door and get rid of their clothes, pulling my pants and shirt off. They pin me on my desk, some grabbing my head, the others my butt, and they all start to shove their cocks into my holes. I lose consciousness, I don’t know how many dicks I took through each end, how many cum loads. They leave me exhausted and happy. I’m probably going to close my glory hole, the action will move to my office and to the locker room itself. From now on it’ll be a constant orgy, a fuck fest, me and my black boys. HTTP://CONTOSDOGROSSAO.BLOGSPOT.COM

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