Girl with flies

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How that all did start?

I am a young woman, aged 22 from scandinavian country and now I am working here in some west/middle-african country near Sahara and Sahel deserts. My organization helps children to have better education and trying to teach child-caring to population which is living still old way, agrarian communities on country-side and with problems of street-children on bigger cities. At the same time I try to collect material to my graduation work.

I am living on tiny camp between city and Sahel´s desert. Our team has four men and two women including me. Three condo´s, I am lucky to have one by my own because another woman-member is having second condo with his husband and all others men sharing third. This is well protect camp but we have lot of space here and condo´s aren´t side by side. That is very nice because I enjoy to have a space and quietness around me. Of course everything is so simple here, outside we have simple shower under water-tank to all of us and toilet is old fashion two-seated wooden outhouse. Smell is not disturbing me, I raised on country-farm where I have grown with smell of shit. And actually that doesen´t smell so much and it is that far from our condo´s.
One thing was annoying from very start – flies. If you have seen lot of them, that´s nothing. Here is a LOT of them. They are everywhere. Luckily we have fly-net´s over our beds so we can sleep without them. Local people, they don´t give any attention of them. They crawl on their faces and nobody shoo´s them away.
Now after four months I start to get used with them.
There´s two types of them. Gray houseflies which are bigger-ones and slower and tinier brown-colored sandflies. There is more of them and they are quicker, most eager and they don´t care if you want to shoo them away. They are everywhere.

Here is also very hot. At the daytime over 30 all the time on shadow and night time is sometimes sweaty and hot too if the wind blows from right way. My very good friend Mike visited here during autumn-time. We are not a couple, but he is very good friend of mine and we have had sex sometimes, still I don´t like men very much. I enjoy sex and I am kind of sex-o-holic. Whole autumn I had to live without here and I did not even get my satisfaction by masturbating. It feels OK, but Mike is so good to penetrate me. He´s using his fingers and thong so cleverly that I am on my heaven all the time when we playing with each other.
I don´t escort kocaeli like conventional intercourse so much because I´m so tiny. He is differently too big to. We have tried it but it is total nightmare to me. Maybe by the time. He is my first-one and I lost him my virginity. I am so tight down there so every other ideas have been better than trying to force his thick cock inside me.
I am slim and skinny and not very tall either, he is near 2 meters tall and big size-guy. After all I am bisexual and I have had few lesbian experiences during past years.

We had also time here to keep a little vacation time. Other team members were on the city and Mike was there with them. I had time to finish my reports and I went to outhouse to pee. I did wear short and light dress. No bra´s and no panties.
So I went inside and opened the cover of seat, rolled up my dress and sat to hole.
I peed and did read a magazine same time. I felt tickling on my pussy, there was couple of brown sandflies landed on my pussy, I shooed them away and continuing reading. Again tickling and there they were again. I putted magazine away and just when I planned to dry myself with paper, I got wicked idea. I was still horny after Mike´s penetration on the morning. I didn´t see properly what happened down there. I had my bag with and there is always a mirror and other staff. I got the mirror and put it to right angle to seeing what are the flies doing.
There was three of them brownies whom walked around my pussy lips and evidently tried to suck moisture of my urine? I started to get more and more aroused.
I raised my both legs up to seat by hook beside me and I got better view to my scrotch. My vagina hole did open a while and flies attacked to explore my pink flesh eagerly. There came one by one more of them to buzzing and tickle. They found my pee-hole. I helped them to keep my cunt lips open wide with fingers.
I trembled strongly ´cause extreme stimulation and pleasure. I moaned loudly and just watched fly-invasion on my vulva. Now there was over ten of them. Most of the flies surrounded my pee-hole and sucked final drips of my urine and boy, they really did fight for best place to suck. Couple of them did eat my clit which pulsed strongly. One big and fat housefly landed to the edge of my vagina hole and immediately started to walk around the rim of my opening. Then it took few steps to inside of my wet vagina walls and slipped and did fly back of the edge.
I kocaeli anal yapan escort did not want to let them enter me so I cave out tampon from my bag and peeled it and quickly pushed it deep inside my hole about three cm´s so just chord of tampon ran outside. That doesen´t disturb the flies at all and there came more of them whole time. Some of them explored my cavities and now there was mass of them covered my pee-hole. Some of them tried to enter there deeper and that felt insanely fabulous. I had sometimes pushed a thin pen deep inside my own pee-hole, so I knew it stimulating me strongly when I masturbate myself. Some of flies sat still and poked with their bums weird way and left tiny white spots to my flesh. That was strange but it felt great. I watched them. More flies came and again some of them just sat still and again poked and did leave spots of something white thing around my vulva and folds of my vagina. Big fat black flies did spread more and larger spots. Doesen´t matter what they done, I started to get strong orgasms and I got them nonstop. I just moaned and did watch them.
Few brown and two-three houseflies, one was like finger-head size, buzzed and crawled on my vagina-hole and drank juices.
Few of flies found my asshole and tickled there at the same time.
I lost sense of time when I just got shocking orgasms. I whined quietly and felt helpless myself, like been a slave of those tens of insects like I really was….
I started to calm a bit and I did dig with vibrating hands some tissues from bag and wiped my fly-covered pussy.
It wasn´t easy to make them stop and keep away, but I wiped again and raised up with my shaken legs. I collapsed on my knees first.
I climbed up and took my bag and staggered to my condo.
I hand´t idea that can get so extremely strong orgasms. I hadn´t never get so strongly before in my life.
I felt down to my bed and just gasped and shaked. I got strong vibrations afterwards time to time and felt insane tickling still on my pussy…
After half an hour I raised up and went to wash my myself.
I pulled wet tampon out and washed carefully my genitals.

I told Mike at afternoon when he came with the others. Mike was mouth open and just said that I´m crazy. Then he laughed sweetly and said he want to see it personally too.
At the next day all the others gave us privacy and went to another city awhile daytime. I was excited izmit yabancı escort to to show Mike how that happens.
We went to outhouse and I strip total naked. Mike watched when I did opened the cover of toilet-seat and tiny cloud of flies came up and explored curiously around tiny closet.
I started to pee and like yesterday number of flies landed straight to my pussy again.
Mike got his knees to look at closer and he was apparently got excited view he did see.
Everything happens like yesterday and I moaned again loudly. Mass of flies aggressively sucked my urine-drops and stomp each other when they did fight themselves. Mike took cotton-swap from my toilet-bag and forced a fly deeper inside on my pee-hole with it !!! I begged Mike to not to do that but he did not listen. I shaked with my orgasms again and Mike took his cock out and started to wank fast.
I whispered him to let the flies play on his cock too.
He got up and I catched his cock on my free hand. I wanked it slowly and slipped some my pussy-juices to his cock. First brown fly landed to his dick-head. The another and third. The flies found quickly his pee-hole and did bend down to explore his open pee-hole. The flies pushed themselves deep on his hole and several more attacked him quickly. There was four or five flies inside his hole, just back-legs tried to push them deeper of him. Second row was ready to go further if any space come to go…. Mass of brownies and few houseflies covered his thick dick-head so it looked like microphone more than cock 🙂
I just watched and kept it still. His cock pulsed strangle like me myself. I forced to keep mu eyes open middle of my own orgasms and soon he got cumin.
He made noises from his throat and watched with glassy-eyes and first rope of thick sperm squirted from his pee-hole with few flies with straight to my cheek and face and my hair.
Second wave came out as strong as first and splashed straight to my nose and open mouth. He got so strong orgasm too that he just whined and pressed my shoulder so strongly that it did hurt.
Flies loved his thick and gluey sticky sperm. Countless much of flies landed to drink it from my face and his cock. I kept my mouth shut and felt how number of flies crawled around my face to suck his creamy semen.

I got again so huge orgasms that I got searious cramps and cannot even move.
After a long time playing and cummin´ Mike carried me back to condo and cleaned me. I just vibrated.

That we done less or more two times more past next day´s before he had to flight back home.

Now I am here alone again and try keep myself calm to the next time when I have opportunity to do it again.

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