Getting to Know the Neighbor, Part II


Rhonda was my cute-as-heck, our thirtysomething next-door neighbor. As long as she and her husband Rick had lived next door to us, I had never known Rhonda to be on the mischievous side. She wasn’t flirty, although she could have easily been and I probably would not have even noticed.The only time I ever saw Rhonda or Rick was usually in passing. I must admit that I secretly admired Rhonda, with her model good looks, engaging smile and svelte body. But, I was not one to have a wandering eye, although I will admit, she was easy on the eyes and she had a great figure.I stayed home from work one day, just to give myself a break from the hectic work in the office. I had a couple of upcoming trial dates for my employer, but I wasn’t worried, as I knew the cases would probably settle out of court before we would even get around to picking a jury.I sat on the back porch, late morning, in my skivvies and shirtless. I didn’t really think about putting anything on, since I figured the neighbors were probably at work. Boy, was I wrong. It was early summer and by eleven-thirty in the morning, it was getting pretty warm outside.Our backyard pool called me and for half a second, I thought about diving in. The sun glistening off the blue pool water won out. I stripped out of my skivvies and took the plunge. The water was chilly, but it felt good. After swimming a few moments, I stepped out of the pool, grabbed a towel from the towel rack on the patio, dried off, and stepped upstairs to take a shower. I was about to step into the shower, when I heard a splash and looked out our second-floor bathroom window.I could easily see most of Rick and Rhonda’s backyard pool from our second-floor bathroom. I could see Rhonda frolicking about in the pool, along with another bikini-clad young lady. They playfully splashed about and laughed. Rhonda made her way to the side of the pool and stretched out her arms along the side of the pool, her back to the side of the pool, as her feet floated upwards. Her friend surfaced in front of her and grabbed her feet. She parted Rhonda’s legs and pressed herself up against Rhonda. I could see them chatting and then I watched as they engaged in a lasciviously lon,g, mouth-to-mouth, deep-throated kiss.Damn! I had a window view to some heavy-duty petting. Rhonda pulled on güvenilir bahis the neck tie to her bikini top and slipped it off. She had very perky nipples perched on top of her man-made mountains. Her friend took a great deal of time playing with them. I was horny as I could be and grabbed my cock. I shot my load all over the place as I watched the porno show unfolding in front of me.I jumped in the shower, my mind racing. I wondered if what I had just seen was pure happenstance or an on-going affair that no one knew about. I didn’t have to wait long to find out.I waited a few days and took off from work again, hoping to see a repeat performance. I didn’t have to wait long. I peered out our second-floor window and saw two pairs of long legs peeking out from under the pagoda, on Chaise Lounge chairs, and quickly realized Rhonda and her friend were once again spending some time together. I sat on the bathroom counter and waited to see if there would be any action. I didn’t have to wait long. Rhonda’s friend made her way to the pool, completely naked, and stepped into the water. She was rail thin, like Rhonda, with large boobs. I watched her wading around, waist deep in the shallow end of the pool. A few moments later and an equally naked Rhonda joined her friend in the pool. I watched as they stood and kissed for the longest time, totally oblivious to my lurking.Once again, I grabbed my cock and jerked off to the live porno show.That afternoon, I hatched a plan to see if my next-door neighbor would entertain a third person in their sordid affair. I copied down the license plate information of the visitor to our neighbor and called a police officer friend. I told him the plate belonged to a suspicious car in the neighborhood and he immediately provided me the name of the car’s registered owner, a Catherine Morgan.I did a quick internet search for Rhonda’s social media page and searched her Facebook friends for a Catherine Morgan. Boom.She was a thirty-something paralegal. My heart practically skipped a beat when I realized I had talked to her before. She worked for an attorney friend of mine, or at least she used to work for him. I called Jack and asked him whatever happened to his paralegal. He said she had gone through a divorce and that the last time he heard, she was enjoying güvenilir bahis siteleri her time off from work after getting a large settlement from her ex-husband.“Why?” Jack asked. I told him I was looking for a paralegal to do some part-time work. Jack was quick to offer up her phone number and some side advice.“She is a good paralegal,” Jack said, “and sexy as hell, so be careful.”I assured Jack I was happily married and thanked him for the phone number. I gazed out the bathroom window and didn’t see anyone. I dialed Catherine’s number. A few seconds alter and she answered her phone.“Hi Catherine,” I began. “You don’t know me, but…”I introduced myself and told her I was an attorney and looking for a paralegal and how I had come by her cell number. I asked if she was on the market for a job. She went silent for a few seconds, then said, “Yes.”I asked if she would mind meeting for an interview. She quickly agreed. I told her that I didn’t want my present paralegal to know I was looking for a replacement and asked her if she would consent to an interview outside of my offices, suggesting a Starbucks or my office located at my residence.To my surprise, she agreed to meet up at my residence. I told her to give me a little bit to look at my schedule and that I’d call her back. I looked at my schedule and found an open date and called her back. When I provided her my address, she paused and asked if I knew Rhonda Rickerds.“I believe she and Rick are my neighbors,” I replied, to her stunned silence. “I only know them in passing. They seem like good folks.”Catherine said that she and Rhonda were good friends. I thought, tell me something I don’t know.“That’s cool,” I replied. “Then I don’t need to check your references. I know your former employer and you know my next-door neighbor.”We set up a date and time for her to come by the house for an interview.I was more than ready to get to know Catherine. I didn’t really need a paralegal as much as I needed a good blow job.Catherine showed up on time and was pleasantly dressed in business attire, her long blonde hair pinned up so it barely touched her shoulders, and wearing six-inch stylish stiletto heels. She was stockingless, which I liked. Her shirt was a modest one, a couple of inches above the knee and showing off just enough iddaa siteleri leg to very appealing. I politely ushered her into my study and she sat very professional like in the office chair situated in front of my desk.“So tell me about yourself,” I began. “Where you’re from, where you have worked, if you’re married….”“I’m divorced,” she began. She then provided me a quick run-down of where she was from and where she had gone to school.I casually circled back to her divorce.“How long have you been divorced?” I inquired.“About a year,” she replied.“Well some dude really screwed up,” I casually remarked. “You are easy on the eyes and very attractive.”Catherine seemed unfazed by my not-so-subtle compliment.“Yes, he did,” Catherine replied. She uncrossed her legs and then sat forward in her chair. She didn’t say anything for a few seconds and then she smiled.“Look,” Catherine began, “I can suck the chrome off a hot muffler and I know what I want in life, so let’s not play games, because I am very comfortable where I am.”I sat back in my office chair, slightly stunned by Catherine’s directness.“Is that an offer?” I countered.Catherine slipped her a french-manicured finger up to the top button of her button-down blouse and unfastened the button, as she replied.“You’re a married guy,” she began, as she unfastened a second button to her blouse, revealing more of her cleavage.“Yes, I am,” I replied. “Bu,t even married guys have needs to that sometimes go unmet.”Catherine pulled her shirt from the confines of her skirt.“You’re a good-looking guy,” Catherine responded, unfastening a third button to her shirt, exposing her white-laced brassiere. “What woman would not want to please a guy like you?”My manhood was now at full attention. I quickly changed gears.“How well do you know Rhonda?” I asked.Catherine stared straight at me in silence.“Is that what this is about?” she inquired. “It’s not about me, but about Rhonda?”“No,” I quickly replied. “I know what you have to offer, but I’ll be honest….”I let me voice trail off at this point.“What is it that you want?” Catherine asked.“A two-fer,” I replied.“A two-fer?” Catherine inquired.“Yes,” I replied sheepishly.“I can ask her,” Catherine replied, “but I don’t think she will bite at a three-some, even if I am all over it.”“Ask,” I replied, rubbing at my crotch.Catherine stood up, slipped out of her blouse, and let it fall on to the chair in front of my desk.“In the meantime,” Catherine pressed, “How about if we had some one-on-one fun?”“I’m game,” I replied, unzipping my trousers.

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