Getting Caught


I’m an average 43 year old guy. I married my college sweetie right after graduation, got a good job, moved to the suburbs, and we’ve had 4 kids together. I guess you could say we’re the average American family. Well, except one dirty little secret I have. Recently I’ve taken up giving head to other married men.

When I was 18 I was forced to give an older guy head, like repeatedly over the course of a couple years. Back then it was very taboo to mess with guys and he got me hooked servicing him by threatening to tell the guys I hung around in college that I was gay. I didn’t want that reputation so I complied even as I dated women like any normal young college guy.

After the first few months of blowing him I have to admit, I came to enjoy it. I had great sex with the girls I dated but the kink and taboo of sucking another guy off was kind of exhilarating. I actually looked forward to our oral sex sessions. And that’s all it was. I would stop by his house and suck him to completion then be on my way. I would leave from sucking him with a hard on and go have great sex with whoever I was dating at the time.

When Dave moved away I wasn’t necessarily upset, however, that I wouldn’t “have to” suck him anymore. Just figured I’d move on with my life like a normal heterosexual guy having gone through a kinky sexual phase. That’s when I met Bela, my current wife, and between her wonderful personality, beauty, and the great sex we had, I forgot all about the taboo of sucking a man off.

Fast forward to about 2 years ago. Looking to spice up Bela’s and my sex life a little I went by a sex toy shop to see what I could find. Being kind of small down below I figured maybe my wife would enjoy a dildo the size of a normal penis. I’m barely over 4″ hard so I was looking at some 6″ ones. I didn’t want to go too big and make my own little dick obsolete. And after all, she was satisfied with my dick (I think).

After purchasing a 6″ jelly dildo, a cock ring (size small of course), and a 3 pack of anal plugs (we did anal stuff sometimes), I left the store and proceeded to my car. There was a car parked next to mine and it wasn’t until I unlocked my door and started to get into my car that I noticed a man sitting in the drivers seat with his cock out.

I looked around to see if anyone was looking and after throwing my bag into the front seat of my vehicle I bent down to lean in his passenger’s window to take a closer look. I hadn’t seen a nice cock up close in a while. Loving the attention he grabbed his long thick shaft and began to stroke it slowly.

“You like what you see?” He asked. “Want a closer look?”

“That is a nice cock. I haven’t sucked a cock in quite a few years. His was a lot like yours. Big, thick, and cut.” I answered.

“You looking to suck again?” He inquired.

Something clicked inside me and I answered, “Sure. Might not be too good at it though. It’s been over 20 years.” I responded opening his door and sitting in the passenger seat.

We pulled around to the back of the building and parked and I proceeded to suck his fat cock for all of about 5 minutes until he came in my mouth. Sucking cock is like riding a bike, you get right back into the groove. And even though I hadn’t done this in many years I was reminded how horny it made me to suck cock.

“Thanks.” I said after exchanging numbers and I jumped in my car and went home with a hard on the whole way.

When I got home I pulled my wife in the bedroom and talked her into a quickie. I ate her pussy for a few minutes and then pushed my little dick into her wet hole and fucked her for like a wild man. She didn’t cum but obviously I shot a huge load inside her.

After sex I tried to go down on my wife telling her I wanted her to cum too but she was disgusted that I would lick her pussy after having filled it with hot jizz. She pushed me away and said she’ll make sure she gets hers next time. I never mentioned the toys I bought.

After that day I would occasionally meet up with the guy from the adult toy store or I’d find someone from a gay dating site to suck them off. 99% of the time I would meet up in a discreet place to park or I would go to the other guy’s house when his wife and kids weren’t around. I was shocked how many married elazığ escort guys are on gay apps looking for head.

I told you all that to lay the foundation for what happened last Saturday. It had been about a month since I had sucked a cock and I was craving it. The only guy I could find that met my standards and was available could not host at his house and wasn’t comfortable with meeting in a car. With my wife out shopping and my kids all busy over friends houses I begrudgingly invited him over. His cock was so big and nice I couldn’t resist a chance to suck it.

Kurt showed up within 15 minutes and I invited him in. I suggested that we go to my bedroom and led the way. Once in my room he dropped his pants and underwear, stepped out of them, and leaned back with his ass on my bed. His mostly soft cock was already bigger and thicker than mine when fully hard. His cut was exquisite and the shaft snaked with veins. I immediately dropped to my knees and took his dick into my mouth.

As I sucked his hardening cock Kurt started talking dirty, which I had told him I loved, and calling me names. “There you go faggot” and “suck that big cock” and “you’re a hungry cock sucker aren’t you?”

I answered him without even pulling his wonderful cock from my mouth. I did pull off long enough to ask him if he minded me taking my pants off. He allowed it but told me to get back on his dick quickly.

Upon seeing my rock hard 4″ dick Kurt chuckled and said, “No wonder you’re a cock sucker. You have a woman’s clit down there! How disappointing that must be for your wife!”

Loving the small penis humiliation I got busy back on his cock while rubbing and kneading his big heavy manly balls.

“You little dick faggot! You love sucking a real man’s cock don’t you? I know you do because I see your little clit twitching.” Kurt was berating me as he sat back letting me enjoy every inch of his cock and balls. “Does your wife know you’re a hungry sissy cock sucker?” He asked.

“She does now.” I heard come from behind me in a woman’s voice that I immediately recognized as my wife. “He seems to be good at it too.”

I pulled off Kurt’s now fully hard 7.5″ cock and looked over my shoulder to see my wife standing there with a scowl on her face. “Um dear….I can explain…it’s not…I mean…” I stuttered not knowing what to say.

“So I have to suffer for years with your little dick and even you’re out looking for a big one to play with?” She asked rhetorically. “Your friend here has a nice big one for you I see. You like being called names and sucking men’s cocks? Do you let them fuck you too?”

“It’s not like honey. I’ve never been fucked by a man. I’ve only sucked them off. I mean, it’s not like I do this all the time or anything.” I was trying to figure out how to get out of this situation. “I was forced as a teen and now I just crave…well…I guess I crave the kink. The humiliation.”

“Humiliation? I think I can help you with that tiny!” My wife set her purse and bags down and told me to stand up. “Let’s see your little guy next to your friend’s big one. Hold his cock in your hand and yours in the other.” My conservative wife demanded.

Kurt just stood up and proudly stuck his pelvis forward to allow me to hold my little dick next to his.

“Now look at that man size cock next to your toddler dick!” My wife talked in a way I’d never heard before. “Go ahead and get back down on your knees and suck his cock some more sissy. You can’t leave him with a hard on!” She commanded.

I hesitantly lowered myself back to my knees looking at my wife the whole time wondering if she was serious. Once on my knees I reached out and grabbed Kurt’s cock but still waited and watched for my wife’s reaction.

“What are you waiting for faggot? Suck that cock like you were when I walked in here!” My normally clean talking wife speaking to me like that was causing me to feel even more kinky and dirty. “Suck that big cock for your wife. Show me how it’s done. If you don’t want to maybe I will!” She dared.

Kurt’s eyes got big and he said “I’m willing to share!”

I went back to sucking Kurt in hopes that I could satisfy both him and my wife and she wouldn’t want to sample his man sized meat. Out of the corner elvankent escort of my eye I saw my wife’s dress fall to the floor. At 42 she’s a complete knock out and always wore matching panties and bras. I know my big dick guest was enjoying her curves a accentuated by her DD titties.

“I can’t believe how hungry you are for that cock!” My wife said as her hand slid inside her panties. “I should have known a little dick man like you would be a closet dick sucker. How long have you been sucking men behind my back?”

“Not long dear. I swear. This is the first time I’ve met Kurt.” I told her before getting back on the meat stick in my face.

Kurt went back to talking down to me. “Only fags suck fat cock in front of their wife. You pencil dick faggot. I’ll bet your wife has craved a real man for a long time. You’re welcome to help yourself to some man cock if you want.” He added turning his attention to Bela.

“Stand up sissy!” My wife yelled. “Put these on!” She said as she pushed her panties down her legs and tossed them over to me. “Sissies wear panties when they suck cock. Seems you like being called sissy and faggot. Might as well dress like one.”

“You fucking whimp! Wearing your wife’s panties while you suck cock in front of her. You’re not a real man.” Kurt was getting into this. “Back on my dick!” He added as he pushed me back to my knees and held my head while he pushed his cock in and out of my mouth.

My eyes were watering and I was gagging on his thick cock as he pumped my mouth hole. I noticed that Kurt was reaching over and traced his arm over to where I saw his hand between my wife’s legs, fingering her pussy. She was clearly wet and enjoying his digits.

After several minutes my wife said, “Get up and lay on the bed!” My wife ordered. “Head on the edge. Better access for your friend!”

I got up and laid on the bed with my head just off the edge. My wife grabbed Kurt’s cock and after tugging it a few times she directed it into my mouth. “Open up fag!”

Kurt started pumping his huge cock into my mouth right away. My own cock was leaking precum all over my wife’s panties, which fully covered my little hard on. The humiliation was driving me insane and my heart beat was pounding in the head of my dick. I couldn’t see what my wife was up to with the big balls hanging in my eyes.

“That cock looks too good not to share.” Bela said as she climbed on the bed, now fully naked, and got on her hands and knees placing each leg on either side of my head. Her beautiful pussy just an inch from my full mouth full of dick. “Stick it in me Kurt so my husband can watch that monster stretch my pussy up close.”

Kurt quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth and I pleaded, “Honey please. Another man?” I almost whined.

“You were playing with another man! I can too! Now watch his big cock stretch me. Heaven knows your little tool has never come close to filling me up.”

I looked up and watched as the head of Kurt’s thick already wet cock head slipped into my wife’s pussy. He had to ease into her tight hole as she’s never had anything this big in there. Had I given her that dildo I bought she may have been more prepared for him.

“That’s a tight pussy baby!” Kurt said as he slowly worked the length of his big cock into my wife’s honey hole. “I know I’m hitting spots tiny here has never touched.”

“Oh fuck! I can’t believe I’ve lived without this for so long! That man sized cock is hitting new spots that baby dick can’t reach!” My wife said clearly in ecstasy and taking full advantage of humiliating me. “Watch his big cock slide in and out of your wife’s hungry pussy sissy!”

“That blow job was good but this pussy is even better. So fucking tight! So wet!” Kurt shouted as he now pumped steadily in and out of my wife with his cock an inch from my face. His balls raking over my face with each thrust.

My wife grabbed my dick and balls and squeezed them in her hand. “You made me settle for this little cock and these toddler size balls all these years! Why didn’t you bring me a big cock home sooner? Don’t you love me? Don’t you want me to be satisfied?”

The pain shot through my groin but mixed with the humiliation it actually made me even more eryaman escort horny. “Sorry dear. I wanted you to be satisfied. I knew I couldn’t do it and was worried what would happen if you found out that most men are bigger than me.”

“I’ve got some orgasms to make up for now. No more small dick for me.” My wife told me. “Fuck I’m cumming baby!!” My wife lowered her pelvis down until her clit was on my mouth. Kurt’s cock still buried in her pussy she rubbed back and forth on my mouth to help the intensity of her orgasm. “Keep fucking me stud! That dick is so good!”

“You got it baby. You turned whore real quick! Hey sissy boy, lick my balls while your wife fucks my cock.” With that Kurt lifted my wife up a little and leaned forward until his man balls were sitting on my lips. “Lick these fag. Slut, you bounce on my cock!”

I licked and sucked Kurt’s big balls, my nose near his taint, while my wife bounced back and forth on his dick to a loud 2nd and 3rd orgasm. I could hear his hand smacking her ass. He was calling my wife names now. “You’re a good whore. You needed this dick didn’t you bitch? I think I turned your wifey into a big cock slut today boy!”

With that extreme dirty talk turning me on like never before I began to shoot my load into the panties I had on. I don’t think I’ve ever cum so much in my life. It was humiliating to cum all over myself myself without even touching my dick but simply by the turn on of my wife turning whore right in front of me.

“Fill my married pussy with cum. If my sissy husband wants that load he can suck it out!” My wife yelled out.

“Okay slut. Shake that ass if you want this load.” Kurt said as he smacked my wife’s already red ass. “It’s gonna be a big one!”

My wife began to bounce back on as forth on this new cock more fervently than before and wiggled her ass back and forth at the same time. Kurt had ahold of my wife’s long auburn hair and was pulling back in it like a leash. My wife’s head was pulled back as she continued to scream in complete sexual satisfaction. The harder he pulled her hair the harder she squeezed my balls.

“Here comes the hot stuff slut!” Kurt said as he grabbed my wife’s hips and held her back against his torso. His heavy balls still in my mouth started to twitch and tighten as he unloaded into my wife’s willing pussy. Clearly she was having another orgasm from her ever tightening grip on my balls and her screams of pleasure.

After spasming and bucking for what seemed like 5 minutes Kurt pulled his big cock out of my wife’s cunt and immediately dipped his cum covered cock in my mouth.

“Lick me clean fag!” He ordered with his cock already in my mouth. His cum was already starting to drip from my bride’s well fucked pussy and down onto his shaft and into my mouth.

Kurt pulled his clean cock out of my mouth and pushed my wife’s hips down to place her pussy right over my mouth. I lapped at her soaked cunt tasting a mixture of her sweet nectar and his hot spunk. Bela rubbed and ground her pussy in my face while telling me to “suck his cum out of your wife!”

After several minutes Bela lifted her fuck hole off my face and rolled over and laid in the bed spent from having multiple orgasms, most likely got the first time.

“I’m glad your whore wife came home faggot!” Kurt degraded me further. “Anytime you need some man dick, either one of you, call me.” He added.

“I’ll have my sissy call to arrange more meetings Kurt. Now that I know we’re open in our marriage I’m taking advantage of it!” My, up until today, sweet innocent wife said.

Kurt finished getting dressed and I walked him to the door. “Thanks again bitch boy. Look forward to next time. I might take your wife’s ass in front of you.”

“That’s up to her I suppose.” I hung my head surmising that I may never get to fuck my own wife again.

I closed the door behind Kurt and walked into the bedroom where Bela still laid naked on the bed. Her ass was reddened quite a bit, her pussy was puffy from being well fucked, and her eyes were closed as she reflected on the sexual experience she just had.

“Dear, I hope that…” I stammered to try to talk things out but was quickly interrupted.

“Shut up honey. Things are going to change around here. You’ve allowed big cock into this house and it’s only fair we both get to partake.” She said still not opening her eyes. “You can bring men like Kurt to me or I can go out and find them myself. Your choice. Don’t worry though, you’ll be there to watch me making up for lost time.”

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