Gay Bar Pickup

Ass Insertion

When I was in my late twenties, I had been single for a while and like most single men and women, my main form of sexual gratification was masturbating. Like most people, I have six or seven fantasies in my head that I use when masturbating. Most of my fantasies involve performing sexual acts with beautiful women, but I also had a couple of homosexual fantasies.I have always liked looking at men with an erect penis and when I watch porn, I take as much notice of the guy’s hard cock as the woman’s body. Watching a man ejaculate is a real turn on.When I use a gay fantasy to masturbate I tend to use one of two. The first I imagine mutual masturbation with another man and pulling a condom over his erect cock so I can watch his cum fill the teat. The second gay fantasy I have is having anal sex. When I use the second fantasy I like to insert a well lubed sex toy inside me.During a lonely evening in, I decided I should try and bring my gay fantasy to reality, so I searched the internet for a gay bar fifty miles from where I live so that there was less chance of meeting anybody I might know. The plan was to finish work on Friday evening and the check myself into a hotel for a couple of nights and then head into the gay bahis siteleri bar I had identified.So Friday afternoon came, I put a bag in the car and off I went. I my mind I was feeling nervous and wondering if I could go through with the plan I had devised.I arrived at the hotel about 7pm and headed for the restaurant for something to eat. The bar I was intending to visit was a short distance from the hotel, so easily accessible on foot. As a consequence after a bite to eat, I headed for the hotel bar and had a few drinks for some Dutch courage.At around 9 I headed for the gay bar. In my head I was clarifying with myself what my type of guy I would like to go with. Now with the danger of upsetting any gay men reading this and I apologise in advance, I decided that the type of guy I would be attracted to would be a ‘normal’ looking guy that dressed casual and was not overly camp. So once I had clarified this with myself I made my way to the entrance of the bar. Before entering, I stood outside for a minute or two wondering what I was going to find inside. I could hear some music emanating from inside, so with a deep breath, I strode towards the door which was opened for me by a doorman with a courteous, “good evening, canlı bahis siteleri sir.” As I entered, the music got louder. I took a moment to get my bearings in the dimmed light. The bar had about thirty people inside, some in small groups, some in pairs and some on their own. Pretty much like any other bar. Once I had gained my composure I then headed for the bar. At the bar I ordered a beer and the sat on a stool and surveyed my surrounding a little more. As I looked around the bar I could see a group of about five or six guys standing and chatting while holding their drinks. Two of the guys were holding hands. In another part of the room there were two guys seated and looking at each other while they talked. Every so often they would kiss and then carry on talking.  In general, the bar was not so different to any other barroom scene.I sat at the bar drinking my beer when after about ten minutes a guy came and sat next to me. He was slim, dressed in chinos and  a t-shirt. He ordered a drink and said, “hello.” I replied politely.“My name is Jack,” he said.“Hi Jack, my name’s Kyle,” I replied.“Is this your first time here?” He enquired.“Yes, just in town for a couple of nights,” I explained.We sat talking canlı bahis about nothing in particular. As we were talking, I was going through the list of criteria I had in my mind about what type of guy turned me on and Jack ticked most of my boxes. As we talked, the bar area got a bit busier so Jack asked if I would like to go and sit at one of the tables. I agreed and we headed for one of the free tables in a alcove to one side of the bar room. When we were seated, we sat quite close so we could hear each other more clearly over the music.As we talked, Jack noticed I kept glancing at a couple of guys not far from us who were kissing and touching each other. “Am I boring you?” He said in a jocular manner.“No not at all,” I replied. “I have to confess this is my first time in a gay bar. When I masturbate I fantasise about being with another guy so tonight I thought it was time to see how bicurious I really am.”“We all have a first time,” he said, “how’s it going for you?”“Well, I met a guy that is good looking and beginning to turn me on,” I said.“So tell me about your gay fantasy when you masturbate?” He asked.With that, I explained my two gay fantasies and as I did I could feel my cock getting firmer.As I finished, he leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I froze for a moment and then leaned in again for a second longer kiss. As we kissed, Jack rubbed my thigh and let his hand brush against my groin where he found my hard cock.

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