Subject: Garrett’s Summer with Grandpa 13 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill GARRETT’S SUMMER WITH GRANDPA Chapter 13 It was some days after the visit by Frank and Charlie before Matt broached the subject of Garrett having another sex partner. They were on the beach and Garrett had been watching two middle-aged men. Garrett was discreetly playing with his stiff cock when he asked, “Grandpa, do you know who those men are?” “No. They are strangers. Why do you ask?” Matt responded. Garrett smiled. “I think they are a couple. They seem very close. They touch each other a lot.” “If they have each other, they won’t be interested in you,” said Matt. Garrett sighed and stretched out on his back. “I suppose you are right.” “Do you really want to meet another man? Another of my gay friends?” Matt asked. “I’d love to but I thought you didn’t have any others nearby,” replied Garrett. “The person I’m thinking of is a close friend of Charlie and Frank but I’ve met him a number of times and liked him,” said Matt. Garrett sat up. “Tell me more!” “His name is Johnny and he is a year younger than me,” Matt began. “He was a chef until he retired about a year ago and he currently teaches part-time at the catering college.” “Is he handsome?” Garrett asked. Matt shrugged. “Well, he is definitely not ugly but I’m not sure if you would call him handsome. He has a receding hairline and a bit of a belly. Oh, and he’s originally from Hong Kong. He’s Chinese.” “Sounds interesting,” smiled Garrett. “I’d like to meet him.” “Okay. I will phone him later and maybe we can get together for lunch or a coffee,” said Matt. *** Johnny was keen to meet Garrett so they agreed to meet for lunch in the town where Matt went for his weekly shopping the following day. “Good to see you again, Matt. You’re looking well,” Johnny said as he shook Matt’s hand. “You too, Johnny. Let me introduce you to my grandson, Garrett.” Matt smiled as Johnny turned to look directly at Garrett. He had been glancing at the teenager since they started approaching each other in the car park. “It’s good to meet you, Garrett,” Johnny said, holding out his hand. “I’ve heard a lot about you from Frank and Charlie.” Garrett smiled and shook the man’s hand. “Good things, I hope.’ “Some very interesting things.” Johnny winked. “However you are even cuter than I imagined. Sexy even.” Garrett laughed and then started singing part of the LMFAO song. “I’ve got passion in my pants and I ain’t afraid to show it. Show it. I’m sexy and I know it.” He pushed his crotch forward. “Garrett! Behave yourself!” demanded Matt. “Sorry, Johnny. He’s not usually so forward, especially in a public place.” “There’s nobody else nearby,” Garrett said, trying to defend his actions. Johnny had a big smile on his face. “I liked it. I like your shorts too.” “Do you?” Garrett smiled. “Grandpa thought they were too short to wear in town.” Matt rolled his eyes and said to Johnny, “He likes to wear as little as possible.” “That’s something to be encouraged, isn’t it?” Johnny responded. “Nice to have an ally,” grinned Garrett. “Where are we going for lunch?” “Do you like Chinese food?” Johnny asked. “I love it,” replied Garrett. “Well, follow me. I know a good restaurant a short walk from here,” said Johnny. Garrett and Johnny got to know each other over lunch. Garrett flirted a little and it was obvious to Matt that the pair liked each other. “I think Garrett would like to spend more time with you. Would you like to visit us and stay overnight?” Matt asked Johnny. “That is a tempting offer. Would you like me to visit you, Garrett?” Johnny asked. “Yes, please,” replied Garrett. He leaned forward and said in little more than a whisper, “Our garden is very private and you might see that I like to sunbathe nude.” Johnny smiled and looked at Matt who said, “He does. Whenever it’s warm and sunny.” “I’m returning to London in just over a week so please come soon,” said Garrett. Johnny nodded. “I’d love to come. Is Saturday okay with you? I’ve got something on tomorrow.” “Saturday suits us,” replied Matt. “Then I hope it’s a hot, sunny afternoon.” Johnny winked at Garrett. They said their goodbyes and Matt and Garrett went shopping in the supermarket. Garrett emailed his mother and then they drove him. Garrett started thinking about Johnny again. “Do you think he wants to have sex with me?” “I’m sure he does,” replied Matt. “Do you want to have sex with him?” “I think so. Yes, I do,” smiled Garrett. “I know you think he’s a good guy and somebody I can trust but will you stay with us when we’re having sex? You don’t need to join in if you don’t want to but I’d like you to be there.” Matt thought about the request for a few moments and then said, “Yes. I’ll stay with you if that’s what you want.” “Great!” Garrett smiled. “Obviously I’m hoping you will join in and make it a threesome.” “I will see how things go but I’m not making any promises,” responded Matt. “Okay, Grandpa.” Garrett felt sure that his grandfather would become really horny watching the sex action and want to join in. *** Garrett was excited as he waited for Johnny to arrive. It was a warm sunny day and he was wearing only shorts, with the intention of getting naked as soon as he was with Johnny in the secluded garden at the back of the house. “Sit down and try to relax, Garrett,” urged Matt. “The roads will be busy with people visiting the coast today.” Garrett sighed and sat close to his grandfather. “You’ve got a stiffy,” Matt remarked. “Do you want me to give you a blowjob?” Garrett smiled. “That might be nice but I would prefer to receive one from Johnny this afternoon. I could give you one though.” Matt smiled and shook şişli travesti his head. “Thanks, but I’ll wait until later. It would be very frustrating if it was interrupted by Johnny’s arrival.” “I wonder if Johnny has a big cock,” said Garrett. “Have you seen it?” “No, but no doubt you will today,” replied Matt. “I’ll be really annoyed if I don’t!” Garrett declared. “He wants to see me naked and he called me sexy. He must want to have sex with me.” Matt nodded. “Yes, but he might be concerned about the fact you’re under age.” Garrett pouted. Then he smiled. “I will just have to make him so horny that he can’t say no.” Matt rolled his eyes. Seconds later a car turned into the driveway. “I think that’s him now.” Garrett hurried to the window. “Yes, it’s him!” Garrett stood behind his grandfather when Matt opened the front door and invited Johnny inside. As the door was closed, he stepped forward and smiled. “Hello, Johnny. I’m very happy to see you again.” “Good to see you too, Garrett,” smiled Johnny. “Let me show you to the guest bedroom,” said Garrett. “I’ll put the kettle on and make tea,” said Matt. Garrett was already half way up the stairs, hoping that Johnny was enjoying the view of his shorts-covered bum. “It’s a big bed. Plenty of room for two.” Garrett winked. “And the bathroom is directly opposite.” Johnny put his overnight bag on top of the bed and then sat down beside it. “Thank you, Garrett. Do I get a welcome kiss from you?” Delighted that the Chinese man was eager to play, Garrett rushed into his arms and the pair kissed. One of Johnny’s hands moved down to grasp Garrett’s bum. “That was nice. Thank you,” Johnny said when they parted. Garrett grinned. “I hope to get more kisses later. I will leave you to unpack and freshen up. Come downstairs when you’re ready. We will probably have tea sitting outside on the patio.” Garrett told his grandfather that he had received a kiss and said that was a sign that they’d be having sex later. A short time later, they were joined by Johnny. “You have a beautiful garden, Matt,” he said as he sat down at the table beside Garrett. “Thanks. Milk or sugar?” Matt asked as he poured the tea. “Just milk, thanks,” replied Johnny. “Always nice to get real tea from a teapot instead of tea bags.” “Help yourself to a biscuit,” said Garrett. “I love custard creams.” They made small talk while having tea and then Garrett said, “I want to do some sunbathing but we can carry on talking. Would you like to put some sunblock on my back, please?” He held the bottle of sunblock out to Johnny? “I’d love to,” said Johnny. Garrett turned his back to Johnny and enjoyed the feel of the man’s hand applying the cream. As Johnny reached his lower back, Garrett pushed his shorts to the floor. “Please do my bum as well.” Johnny turned to Matt who smiled and told him to go ahead. Johnny’s hand covered every part of the golden globes with the cream and then a finger slid up and down the arse crack. “Hmm, yeah. I’m glad you rubbed some in there,” said Garrett. As soon as Johnny had finished, he spun round to face Johnny. “Maybe you can finish by applying some sunblock to my most tender parts?” Johnny smiled when he looked down and saw Garrett’s rock-hard 10 cm (4 inch) cock. He squeezed some more cream onto his fingers. “I thought you would have some hair down here,” said when he started rubbing the cream over Garrett’s pubic area. “I did have but Grandpa helped me shave it off,” said Garrett. “Don’t you think it looks better smooth?” “It looks very nice,” replied Johnny. His fingers were now moving over Garrett’s ballsac. Garrett moaned softly. “Do my cock,” he said in little more than a whisper. Johnny wrapped his fingers around the cockshaft and then gently wanked Garrett. “This is unreal,” he thought. “I’m wanking a naked youngster while his grandfather looks on.” He let go of the boy-cock and said, “You’re all done.” Garrett was disappointed when the Chinese man stopped touching him but felt sure that they would get a lot more intimate later. “Thank you,” he said before sprawling naked on the lawn only a short distance from the two men. “He’s not shy,” Johnny remarked to Matt. “No, he’s far from shy�but I hope he knows when to be discreet,” said Matt. “I can hear you and I’m not stupid,” Garrett responded. “I know how to behave in front of strangers. I would never strip off and invite a man I didn’t know and trust to touch me.” “I’m glad to hear that,” said Matt. “Yes, you must always be careful around strangers,” Johnny said. “Especially at your young age.” “Not another lecture,” Garrett said to himself. He closed his eyes and just listened as the two men talked quietly about different things. After about thirty minutes, he turned onto his front. The conversation stopped as the two men stared at Garrett’s arse. “Do you think I have a nice bum, Johnny?” he asked. “I think you have a beautiful bum,” replied Johnny. “Good. I hope you will fuck me later,” responded Garrett. Johnny’s eyes opened wide and he looked at Matt. “Is he always so open about sex?” Matt nodded. “I’m afraid so. It took a while for me to get used to it. Luckily he never talks like that in public places.” “I love being fucked. Please say you will fuck me later, Johnny,” said Garrett. “Hmm�err.” Johnny wasn’t sure how to respond. “I’ve no objections,” said Matt. Garrett raised himself onto his elbows and looked at Johnny. “I really would like you to fuck me. I feel I can trust you but I’d like Grandpa to be present as well. I hope that won’t put you off.” “Erm, well�I would like to make love to you and I don’t mind Matt watching,” said Johnny. “If�” “Great! I love threesomes and I’ve never had one with Grandpa before,” smiled Matt. “Just Frank and Charlie.” “Oh.” Johnny was aware of Frank and Charlie’s sex session with Garrett but it surprised him that Garrett could talk about it so freely, and in front of his grandfather. Garrett smiled to himself beylikdüzü travesti as he lay back down and closed his eyes. He liked to shock. About half an hour later, Matt excused himself to start preparing dinner. “Maybe you can show Johnny around,” he said to Garrett. Garrett was happy to show Johnny around the garden. He pointed out the fruit and vegetables, and the fish pond he had helped build. Then he put on his shorts and took Johnny down to the beach for a look around there. By the time they returned home, dinner was almost ready. Johnny had brought a bottle of wine with him so he and Matt shared that while having dinner. Garrett enjoyed listening to the two men talk about food and their careers as chefs. He later asked if Johnny had ever married like his grandfather. “No. I always knew I preferred men,” said Johnny. “And while I haven’t experienced much discrimination, I was never lucky enough to find someone who wanted to live me.” “That’s a shame,” said Garrett. “I hope I can find someone special one day.” “I’m sure you will,” Johnny said. “Society has changed so two men living together is not the scandal it was when I was younger. It’s also easier to meet other gay men.” “That’s very true,” said Matt. “You will be able to meet plenty of other gay men in London when you’re over sixteen.” “I’m only interested in mature gay men though. That might be more difficult,” Garrett said. “True, but you can look online,” responded Matt. “I don’t think you will have too much trouble finding admirers. You just have to find the right one.” Garrett smiled. “Meantime I am with two men I admire and who make me horny. If you excuse me, I will have a shower and make myself ready to serve you.” “I think we’re going to have an early night,” Matt said to Johnny. “Fancy a nightcap?” Thirty minutes later Garrett returned naked and fully erect. “Do you want me now, Johnny?” he asked. Johnny smiled. “You are gorgeous. How can I say no?” Garrett held out his hand. “Let’s go to your bedroom. I hope you’re coming too, Grandpa.” “I will take a quick shower first,” Johnny said as he climbed the stairs behind Garrett. “I need a shower too,” said Matt. “Okay, but you can keep me company until Johnny is done,” responded Garrett. Matt followed Garrett into the bedroom and took off his polo-shirt. Garrett lay back on the bed and started playing with his cock. “Let me suck that,” Matt said, sitting on the bed. He bent down and wrapped his lips around the stiff boy-cock. Garrett reached up and tweaked his grandfather’s nipple. “This is going to be fun. I hope you will fuck me too.” “We’ll see,” Matt said before taking both of Garrett’s balls into his mouth. He was sucking the boy’s cock again when Johnny entered the bedroom. “Nice!” Garrett cried on seeing Johnny with only a towel around his waist. The Chinese man’s body was mostly smooth but there was a little hair between his pics. His belly was bigger than Matt’s. Matt turned to look at Johnny just before Garrett said, “Please drop the towel and let me see the rest of you.” Johnny looked at Matt and shrugged. He removed the towel and threw it onto a nearby chair. Both Garrett and Matt focused on the semi-hard, uncut cock in front of them. It was straight with a mushroom head only slightly bigger than the shaft. The pubes had been trimmed and Johnny’s balls were smaller than Matt had expected. “I like it. Come closer,” said Garrett. Johnny moved to the side of the bed and Garrett took hold of the cock. “Very nice indeed,” he said, slowly wanking it and watching it become fully erect. Now it was 18 cm (7 inches) long and just as thick at Matt’s. Garrett smiled up at Johnny then bent to kiss and lick the cockhead. Matt moaned softly and ran his fingers through Garrett’s fair hair. Garrett opened his lips and took the cockhead into his mouth. He sucked and licked it, and then gradually took more and more into his mouth. He stopped when he had taken more than half, came off the cock and said, “I’m going to enjoy having that in my pussy.” “I hope you will enjoy it but I want to suck your cock now,” responded Johnny. “I’m going to have a quick shower,” said Matt. “Don’t go too far without me.” “Okay, Grandpa,” smiled Garrett. Johnny was now kneeling on the bed between Garrett’s legs. He ran both hands up the smooth thighs and then bent down to kiss and lick the cock and balls. Garrett began to leak pre-cum and Johnny eagerly licked it from the cockhead. Then he began to suck the cock while playing with Garrett’s balls. After a few minutes, Johnny sat up and said, “Please turn over and let me explore that beautiful arse.” Garrett grinned and turned onto his front. He soon felt the man’s hands caressing his bum. Johnny was very gently at first and then he began kneading Garrett’s buttocks. Finally he spread the cheeks apart to gaze at the little pink rosebud. “That’s beautiful,” he whispered. “Almost virginal.” Garrett smiled when he heard those words. He almost reminded Johnny that he had been fucked by three men but decided to let him have his fantasy. Johnny blew on the pink puckered area and then gently licked it. The first few licks were very soft but then he became more aggressive, licking harder and along the whole of the arsecrack. Garrett sighed and spread his legs wider, signalling that he wanted more. Then the tip of Johnny’s tongue began probing the tight entrance. Garrett moaned as the gentle probing changed to tongue-fucking. “Oh, that feels so good, Johnny,” said Garrett. “I really love having a man play with my pussy.” “I see you’re giving him what he loves.” The sound of Matt’s voice caused Johnny to raise his head. He looked at Matt’s semi-hard cock before looking at his face. He smiled and said, “He’s delicious.” “You’ll need this,” Matt said. He took a tube of KY jelly from the drawer of the bedside cabinet and tossed it onto the bed. “Use your fingers to open him up. He’ll enjoy it.” “Thanks,” istanbul travesti Johnny said as he reached for the lube. He squirted some onto his fingers and then rubbed it over and into Garrett’s hole. Then he slowly pushed his finger deeper. “Ooh, that’s it. You’ve found my love-button,” said Garrett. “Oh yes! Yes!” he added when Johnny started a fucking motion, tapping the boy’s prostate. A few minutes later, Johnny applied a little more lube and used two fingers in the tight hole. Garrett moaned when his entrance was first stretched by two fat fingers but then he smiled and said it felt great. He looked up at Matt and said, “Let me suck your cock, Grandpa. I want to do that while Johnny plays with my pussy. Matt looked a bit doubtful but Johnny said, “Give him what he wants.” Matt climbed onto the bed and presented his now fully erect cock to Garrett. “You have a big one,” Johnny remarked as he looked at the thick 20 cm (8 inch) cock. “It’s only a little longer than yours,” said Matt. “Ooh!” Garrett now had half of his grandfather’s cock in his mouth. Johnny watched Garrett sucking Matt’s cock while finger-fucking him for a little while. Then he said, “I think he’s ready and I really need to fuck him now.” “Go ahead, but enter him slowly,” said Matt. Johnny nodded and applied lube to his cock. Once he was fully greased, he pulled Garrett up onto his knees. Matt passed a pillow to him and Johnny pushed it under Garrett. His hand accidentally touched Garrett’s throbbing cock. “He’s leaking like a dripping tap,” he told Matt before licking the cum from the back of his hand. “He does that a lot,” smiled Matt. Johnny got into position and then applied pressure. Garrett pushed back and then moaned around the cock in his mouth when Johnny burst through his sphincter. Johnny waited to ensure that Garrett was okay before slowly pushing deeper. “He’s so hot, so tight,” Johnny said when his cock was buried deep in Garrett’s hole. “Yeah. He’s a great fuck,” said Matt. Johnny smiled and then began to slowly move in and out. Gradually his thrusts became longer and then faster. “This is fantastic,” he smiled. “I know. I’m really going to miss him and the sex when he goes home to London,” said Matt. Garrett was really turned on listening to the two men. He knew he was close to the edge and tried to hold back. However the pounding of his prostate and just the situation of being fucked by two men at the same time was too much for him. He made a sort of squeaking noise and started spunking off hands-free. “I think he’s cumming and he’s not even touching his cock!” Johnny was surprised. Matt smiled. “He does that sometimes when he’s really aroused. I should have warned you to expect that from a threesome.” “I’m not complaining,” smiled Johnny. “I can’t remember when someone last came hands-free while I was fucking him.” “We will probably get him to cum again, although it won’t be hands-free,” said Matt. Johnny had slowed while Garrett was cumming but now he started fucking him faster. “I don’t think I will be able to hold back much longer,” he told Matt. “Enjoy the experience! You might not get another chance,” said Matt. Johnny did his best to delay his orgasm but eventually he just had to give in. “I’m going to�aah�aah�I’m cumming!” He thrusted as deep as possible and blasted off, filling Garrett’s arse with a big load of thick man-cream. “Wow! Amazing!” Johnny grinned as he eased his softening cock from Garrett’s hole and sat on his heels. “I know.” Matt smiled. He pulled out of Garrett’s mouth. “I can’t get enough and it turned me on watching you. I need to fuck him now.” “I’m loving this,” grinned Garrett as he turned to look at Johnny. “Let me suck and lick your cock while Grandpa fucks me.” “But it’s just been up your bum!” protested Johnny. “My bum was clean. Come on, give me your cock,” said Garrett. “He cleans himself out. Don’t worry,” Matt told Johnny while applying lube to his cock. Matt then got behind Garrett and slowly entered him. Johnny knelt in front of Garrett and let him suck his cock. Matt soon got into a good rhythm but he knew he wouldn’t be able to last long. He reached under Garrett, took hold of his cock and began to wank while he fucked. A few minutes later he cried, “I’m about to cum. Take your grandpa’s load, Garrett!” He grunted and sent blast after blast of cum to join Johnny’s. Then he bent down and kissed the back of Garrett’s neck. “Fantastic! Thanks, Garrett. Now let’s see if we can get you to shoot off again.” “I want to see this,” said Johnny. He moved back from Garrett. “Yes, make me cum again, Grandpa,” said Garrett. “I want Johnny to see me shooting off.” Matt already had his right hand on the boy’s cock. He pulled Garrett up into a kneeling position with his left hand and began jerking the stiff little cock harder. Garrett was really turned on. His grandfather’s cock was still inside his pussy and Johnny was playing with himself as he watched the hand wanking the boy-cock. “I’m going to cum�here it comes!” Garrett gasped and sent the first of several jets of cum high into the air. Matt pulled Garrett back a bit so that most of the cum fell on the front of his smooth young body. Johnny watched with a smile on his face. As soon as Garrett had finished, he leaned forward and licked the cum from the boy’s body. “Did you enjoy the show?” Garrett asked. “I loved every part of this evening,” smiled Johnny. “You can describe it to Frank and Johnny when you next see them,” said Garrett. Matt wasn’t keen on the thought of his performance being talked about, not even by close friends like Frank and Charlie. “You don’t have to,” he said. “Well, they know about my visit here so they will ask what I did,” responded Johnny. “Tell them you fucked a sexy teenager,” smiled Garrett. Matt grunted. He eased his cock from Garrett’s hole and picked him up. “Come on you. It’s time for bed.” “Goodnight, Johnny,” Garrett said with a grin. “Maybe I can give you a blowjob before you have breakfast.” “I like the sound of that,” smiled Johnny. “Goodnight, Johnny,” said Matt. “And you can say no to Garrett.” “He won’t say no to me,” Garrett said as he was carried out of the room. To be continued

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