Fun With a Sales Rep


I am married and love my wife, but there is a lack of action between the sheets at home. Every now and then I get a pity fuck from my wife, sometimes even a blow job though both are few and far between. Frustration has been building in my mind and body for quite some time now. Betsy, who I fantasize about regularly, is now sitting across from me. She has just eaten lunch and I can tell that she has had a few beers. She is a traveling sales representative for a micro brew company, so beer with lunch is common. As I am a liquor store owner, we get to see each other every couple months. Each visit from her gets a little more friendly and flirtatious. Sitting across from her, I stare into her blue eyes and undress her fit athletic body in my mind. She is not tall, and not short, mid 30s, single, blond, and I am told she has a wild side. Our town is located far off the beaten path, so when she does sales calls in our area, she usually has a hotel room booked for an overnight. Many, times I have thought (and masturbated) about meeting her in her hotel room on one of these trips and taking my sexual frustration out on her. On most of her visits, my assistant manager is around, but this time I am in the office alone with Betsy. I have just gained a buzz from a small wine tasting before she showed up, leaving me feeling sexy, confident, and horny. Wrapping up our friendly meeting, Betsy asks the same question she always asks before parting, “Is there anything else I can do for you?” Every time, my mind goes to a dirty place and I feel like telling her that I want to rip her clothes off among other things. In my imagination, it always works out, so why not try? With shaking sweaty hands and a red face, I do it. “Actually, there is something,” I pause, “are you staying at the Inn again?” With a devilish smile, she replies, “Yes.” Trying to be tactful, I ask “How late are you visiting with your accounts today?” knowing that she probably is just in the middle of her sales trip. “Actually, I don’t have any other appointments until 5pm, and then I will be hitting up a few restaurant accounts.” A quick glance at my wall clock tells me that it is only 2:30pm. “Really?” I ask, feeling an adrenaline rush bahis şirketleri and sexual desires taking over my whole body. “I have a few things I need to wrap up around here, but then I don’t have to be home until 5, let’s hang out for a bit…” Now staring right into my eyes, she raises one eyebrow and asks, “What do you mean by hang out?” Hesitantly I reply, “I don’t know, maybe just a little game of pinch and giggle?” She knows I am married, and I cannot hide the wedding band on my finger, but I think she might be interested. “That’s it? I’m not sure,” she teases, “Maybe if there is more in it for me?” “Well what I am really picturing involves clothing removal and my face in your pussy.” The words just roll out. I can’t even believe I said that, but now I can see her blushing. A building erection is now getting uncomfortable in my pants. Of course, right at this moment, my assistant manager walks in and our little flirt session ends abruptly. Betsy stands up and formally ends our meeting as if nothing happened. Wondering if I have just been cock-blocked, I can feel the look of disappointment on my face. My emotions however are rejuvenated when she pulls out a business card, scribbles something on the back, and leaves it on the table giving me an invigorating wink and a smile. I wait until she is out of the room and around the corner then I casually reach for the business card. All it said was “Room 13”. Thirteen happens to be my lucky number. I feel like a kid again with a new crush on a girl. I do have some work to do, and I don’t want to just rush out the door and beat her there, so I enter a couple invoices. A half hour later, I tell my assistant that I am going to leave early for the day. “To go shooting” is my excuse. She knows I love to target practice and that will also provide an explanation should my wife call and need me for something. I embark on the short walk to the motel-style inn. The doors are on the outside of the building, which makes it perfect for not being noticed by a front desk person. I live in a small town, so anything out of the usual could start rumors. I am hoping that no one sees me as I walk there and proceed directly to room thirteen. It is one room bahis firmaları in from the corner on the ground level. As I approach the door, I knock gently. The door begins to open before I even finish with the third knock. I almost explode a load in my pants when I first see her. She is wearing an over sized t-shirt and nothing else. The stretched neck of the shirt exposes her hot tan shoulder. I pay particular attention to how soft her skin is as well as the tan-line where a bra strap should be. Knowing that she is not wearing a bra, my gaze transfers to her cute little tits. They are tight little B cups with pointy nipples that are clearly hard and trying to break through her shirt. Below her waist is nothing. I cannot tell if she is wearing underwear under her sexy t-shirt. All I know is that her smooth tan legs are clearly showing as far up as I can see. “Well hello,” I say. “Hi,” she responds, “I wasn’t sure what to put on and you got here before I could find my pants.”  “No pants, no problem. I also happen to think that shoulders are one of the sexiest parts of a woman.” Pushing the door wide open, I step in and wait for the door to close behind me. Betsy brushes past me, making sure to rub her erect nipple on my arm as she reaches for the deadbolt to lock it. As soon as the lock clicks, my lips find hers and began a deep passionate tongue kiss. This is the first time I have kissed a non-spousal woman in years. Embracing her and picking her up, she naturally straddles me. With her feet around me, she pulls her pussy mound tight to the growing bulge in my pants. My hands reach down to grab her tight butt cheek. It is pleasantly firm like a teenage girl’s. Cupping her lower cheek, I confirm that she is wearing underwear.  In my fantasies, I would picture myself taking some time kissing a trail down from her lips to her inside thigh before going down all the way. Or perhaps picking her up and bracing her against the door, but I gently pick her up and place her on the bed. As I do this, I brush my face past her right breast realizing just how perfect and firm her tits really are. For years I have only seen my wife naked, her tits becoming more and more gravity affected with the passing kaçak bahis siteleri of each year. I would have to give Betsy’s perfect titties their proper attention shortly, but for now I just want to see, smell, taste, and feel the first different pussy in years. The way that Betsy is on the bed, her shirt is being held up a bit and I can see her red sexy underwear and soft flat naval. Wasting no time, I drop to my knees at the edge of the bed and put my face right in her love pocket. Her red see-through underwear reveals just enough of her cute pussy to know that she is virtually hairless down there. My cock starts to throb harder just thinking about her bald warm box. Teasing her clit area with my nose, I blow a short breath of hot air through her moist panties. Her moan and wetness encourages me and I grab her underwear with both hands. Upon removing it, I see her soft, clean shaved, tight little moist pussy. Her box really is perfect. Her hood is pink and prominent but not too big and it covers what I imagine to be a tiny, little hard clit. Her outer lips are perfectly shaved and are just puffy enough to barely reveal the pink inner labia that look like wrinkled silk. The pinkness is arousing and I begin kissing and licking her outer lips. Wanting to taste more, I apply hard tongue pressure, beginning almost at her butthole and finishing with stronger pressure on her clit. She spreads her legs further. The smell of her sex is just what I expected and have masturbated thinking about. It is not overwhelming by any means, and very arousing. Betsy grabs my head with both hands and arches her back a little bit to make sure I have full access. Her body language tells me that she will let me do anything I want to her, and I am not going to let her down. I love eating pussy and my wife rarely lets me. I continue licking and using my fingers both inside her and rubbing her clit until she grabs my head tight in a pre-orgasm grasp. She is silent for a second or two before letting out a high pitched squeal. I search her hood with the tip of my tongue, finding her firm clit. I press hard with the fat part of my tongue. It tastes so good that I penetrate her as far as I can with my tongue, moving my fingers up to gently pinch her hood and the hidden gem underneath. With varying pressure from my tongue, nose, and fingers, she is getting close to climax. After a minute, she starts shaking a little bit, grabbing a fistful of my hair.

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