Four Of Us

Big Tits

It was just about a month after our three-way with Fred that we met them both at a function at the Yacht Club.Now I have to say this, so you know. Freddy had a heart attack a week after our three-way. Gail was only home for three days from Florida. It wasn’t a big one and he was only in the hospital for two days.  He was fine and Gail was a wreck. I never saw anyone dote over someone, like Gail over Fred. She wanted to spoon-feed him and, he wanted to have a party on his boat.At the Yacht Club that night, we started at the bar. There were only two seats, so you girls occupied those while Fred and I went to find an empty table.The place was packed, but we were lucky enough to find one, right across the dance floor from you both, and we sat down and ordered a drink.“So, how are you feeling now?”“Great, now. I never expected to have a heart attack. I guess it’s letting me know that I better have fun while I’m here, because I may not be tomorrow.”“Well, I know one person that’s looking forward to having some of your fun.”I pointed to the bar where Gail and you were sitting. You were both sitting sideways to the bar facing each other with your legs crossed. I wished then that I had my camera with me.Both of you wore stockings, and both were showing bare skin. The only difference was that you had on thigh-high and Gail had a garter belt. When I noticed the strap running down her leg, I asked Fred,“Since when does Gail wear a garter belt?”“When she wears a dress with a high slit on the side, she likes the looks. So do I.”“So do we,” I countered.You both didn’t seem to care or notice the men staring at you as they walked by. We both looked as a man stopped and tried to get a conversation going with them. You quickly brushed him off.Gail happened to glance over and when she saw us sitting there, she put her hand on your thigh above your stocking, said something to you, and they got up to join us.You sat down next to me, while Gail sat on Fred’s lap. The way she was sitting allowed me to see her lace panties. I said, “Nice view.”She looked down but didn’t move, “Thank you. Hope you enjoy.”She continued, “We were talking about that night Fred was with you and Terry. I think I need to work on my blowjob. He told me that she has quite the technique. She’s going to show me what that is when we get together next weekend.”So, I guess you girls made it official. The four of us were going to get together, and I guess you were okay with it.When we were home and in bed, we talked about what might happen next weekend.“Well, you seem more comfortable with getting together.”“I’m still a little nervous, but when I think about all the things that could happen, I get so fucking horny. Just like I am now. Listen, can we talk about it tomorrow morning over coffee? Right now, I need you to fuck me real hard, and you don’t have to be gentle with me.”When I lay down, I noticed the restraints that were attached to the bed. You just smiled and put your arms out. I attached these to the four legs of the bed, and when they’re not used, they hide under the mattress so the kids don’t see them. You wanted me to use them. I wrapped the Velcro cuffs on your wrists but left your legs free. All you wore were your stockings and high heels. Don’t ask me why high heels in bed. I like the looks.I spent the next few minutes kissing your face and neck. You started to moan and test the bonds that held you from wrapping your arms around me.I kissed my way down to your beautiful breasts and gently kissed each nipple. I loved the way you pulled back when my lips touched your nipple. You thought I was going to bite it. Then I sucked it gently. After a while, I moved and straddled your waist. I kissed you before sitting up. My hard cock was laying on your stomach, pointing up between your tits.I took hold of both your nipples and you suddenly stopped moving. I just waited a minute looking into your eyes. Your face went expressionless, bahis şirketleri and your eyes locked on mine. You knew.I waited before applying pressure. Our eye’s never left each other. I increased the pressure slowly and watched your face. A twitch now and then. More pressure and you started to grunt, and your face started changing. More pressure and your face told me It was hurting, but your eyes told me to keep going. More pressure and even more expression of pain, but your eyes. More pressure and then you lifted your head, groaning through your teeth. The eyes. Never leaving mine.Then you broke. Your eyes closed and your head bent back. You arched your back. Your mouth opened wide, and you yelled as loud as you could… “NOOWWWW!!”I quickly let your nipples go, and as the blood rushed back into them, all hell broke loose. You started cumming. Thrashing around, pulling hard at the restraints. You kicked me in the back with your knees and damn near bucked me off. Then came the next phase.“You bastard… you-son-of-a-bitch… you prick… you, you, you… COCKSUCKER!!I grabbed your boobs and squeezed. “Ohh, a new name. Must have been a good one.”You looked at me still breathing hard. “God, that was something else. I just couldn’t hold out any longer. The pain was so intense, and when you let them go? I’m sorry about the name, but you know I’m not responsible for what I say, now let me loose. I have to change the sheets. I hate to fuck with my back wet.”It ended up with me, not you, on my back where it was wet. You decided to ride me hard and put me away wet. I’ll let you figure that one out.I love it when you rock back and forth masturbating with my cock. It’s not even in you, but you get off intensely doing it. Ever pay attention to a woman’s face as she masturbates? Amazing! Sorry, I’m rambling.I woke up before you did and got up to take care of my morning hard-on. When I got back, you were just waking up.”I would have taken care of that for you,” you said stretching.“What did you want to do, hold it and aim it? I didn’t think you were into water sports.”“Should have asked me about that last night,” as you rolled out of bed.“You’re interested in that?” I asked, scratching my balls.“The thought has crossed my mind. I’ll tell you about what Fred and I did.” This Fred was her first husband and father to the kids.“Whatever it is, does it turn you on?”“You have to be in the mood, but if you are, yes, it’s a big turn-on for me.””Okay,” I said drawing it out. “I’m hungry.” I changed the subject.We fixed some breakfast and I noticed that you didn’t take off your stockings.“You going to keep those on all day?”  I asked noticing that you put on your heels.“You complaining?” You asked.“Are you kidding! Just don’t complain when I throw you down, and fuck your brains out, for no apparent reason.”“Try me,” you said as you walked out of the kitchen. You loved to spend the day nude or like this with just stockings on when the kids were gone. You don’t get to do it very often.It was later in the afternoon when the phone rang.  It was Gail.  I was just heading out the door to go to the liquor store and I left wondering about the call.  When I got back, I didn’t have to ask.”Gail called,” you said.“Okay, and did she speak?” I asked.“She wanted to make sure that we were coming to their house on Saturday.”“Don’t let me drag it out of you.  Did she say anything else?”“She said to make sure I wore something sexy.”“Okay.  This is starting to get interesting.  Other than your sexy clothes, anything else?”“One more thing.”“Damn you girl!!” I said stamping my foot down for effect, “If you keep drawing this out, it’ll be time to leave for their house.”“She told me that she was looking forward to spending some quality time alone with me.”“You mean that I’m going to miss out on a good show?  I protest.””You pervert,” you said.“I’m a perv? This coming from a future bisexual.”The rest of the bahis firmaları week went by with few problems.Gail called you in the middle of the week and the next day you went shopping. You came home with full bags and an empty credit card. I didn’t ask what you bought.On Saturday I made sure that I had a bottle of good wine.  About six o’clock, I walked into the bedroom to get dressed and you were putting together a care package consisting of some great-looking lingerie.”What are you going to wear over there?” I asked, picking through the heap on the bed.“I already know so get your ass out of the bedroom. Go!”There was something in the way you said that.”What’s the matter, baby.  Having second thoughts?”“A little. I’ve never touched another woman before sexually. I’m not sure what to do.””Well, I’ve heard that you’re supposed to do what you like to have done to yourself.”              “I know that I like what you do to me when you eat me. I guess I can try to improve on that.”“Hey, wait a minute. You mean that I’m not doing a good enough job of eating your pussy?””Oh, God no. I love what you do to me. I just want to do a good job for Gail. I want her to want me to do it again. Damn, I’m wet now.”I left the room before you dragged me to bed.As usual, I was ready about an hour before you were, and I had to nag you to hurry up. When you came out of the bedroom, I got hard immediately.You had on a dress. Now, first off, you don’t wear dresses very often. Even to work. I’d never seen this one before. It was white, tight, and light. Cut below the navel in the front, and when you turned, you could see the beginning of your ass crack. Black seamed stockings stood out with the white of the dress. It made your slim legs look even longer. The dress had a slit on one side that came well above your stocking tops.But then when I got closer, there was no mistaking that this dress was almost transparent. I could see your stockings, and there was no mistaking your dark areola’s. After a little scrutiny, I noticed that it was only transparent from a ninety-degree angle. You had to be right in front to see your areola’s. as an engineer, this intrigued me. To make a long paragraph short, you looked fantastic.   We left the house around eight, and it only took a few minutes to get there.Gail answered the door, I almost fell over backward. She wore a black bustier with garters. They were attached to black stockings that had rhinestones on them. There was a black triangle over her pussy, but I didn’t see it attached to anything. Her tits were on display completely naked. It took everything I had not to jump her.When she saw you, she said. “You look fucking fantastic. I told you that dress would fit.”“And what about you!! You look ravishing, but it’s a good thing we’re not going out for dinner.”Gail took you and they hugged tightly before kissing with open mouths. I didn’t see my wife trying to get away. Then I saw you squeezing one of Gail’s tits.  Gail ushered us in and took us to the bar where Freddy was.We all got a drink and sat down in the living room. Fred complimented my wife on both her looks and the way she was dressed.  There was music playing in the background but after a few minutes, Freddy got up and put on a porn movie. You couldn’t help but watch it play on his eighty-inch flat-screen TV.It didn’t take long for the four of us to be engrossed in the movie. It seemed to be about exactly what we were hoping to do, only the movie had more people. There were six or eight couples, and it looked like they were in a club.  It didn’t take long before one of the couples just started to get into it.  He started kissing her and before you knew it, he had her dress off, and before long everyone was going at it.  The girls in garter belts and stockings.  You can almost tell what the script is. ‘She goes down on him, he goes down on her, and then they fuck.  He fucks her in the cunt, and kaçak bahis siteleri then he puts it in her ass.  Then at the end, he either comes on her body somewhere or in her face.’ So predictable.  The good thing about this movie was what the girls were wearing and that they were good-looking. I don’t like big boobs, well at least not bigger than yours, and none of the girls had them.I looked over and watched Gail who had Fred’s cock out of his pants and was slowly stroking it. That was all it took, and you did the same thing to me.The movie ended and Gail got up and asked you if you would help her in the kitchen. I watched as the two of you walked out of the room and the sight was enough to give the Pope a hard-on. “Your wife is a very beautiful lady.””Thanks, Fred. I think I’ll keep her. Ahh, when Gail answered the door, I almost jumped her right there.”Freddy laughed, “Yeah, she couldn’t decide whether or not to wear that outfit. She told me that she didn’t want to look too eager. I told her what the fuck do you think they’re coming here for.” You gotta love Freddy.“I’m looking forward to getting a little Gail,” I said with a wink.“Well, you won’t have to ask her twice. Gail was telling me that she thinks Terry is submissive. Is she right?”I didn’t expect that question, “Let’s just say that she makes her own decisions outside the bedroom.”“Sorry for asking but Gail is, and she puts on a good front for being this open, free woman, but when it comes to sex, she does whatever I ask. It sounds like Terry is the same.”“Just between us, Fred. When I met her, or should I say when she picked me up, I saw a woman just begging for someone to teach her. She wanted to learn why she was always thinking about sex and wanted to do things that she read or saw but was afraid to and didn’t know-how. She came right out about a month after we met and told me she wanted to live out her fantasies with me. When I asked her what her fantasies were, she spent an hour telling me. almost every one of them had to do about sex. I asked her what she would be willing to do for me if I taught her. She said… anything. She meant it.“Please don’t think that she’s Gail. Don’t tell her to do anything. Ask her if it’s alright with her. I’ll do the same with Gail.”I told Fred, “When we started these ‘sexual adventures’ as we call them, I told her that I would never do anything to hurt her in any way, and if she was absolutely against anything, then we wouldn’t do it. So far, there hasn’t been anything that we’ve done that she’s said no to. She brings up an idea, and then she says she couldn’t possibly do it. Like tonight, I’ll bet you your boat against mine that she ends up having a wild time. She already knows what you’re like. Tonight, it’s all about two women. If that goes well, then you may have overnight guests.”He had to get it out, “That’s ok with me as long as your wife is in my bed.”The girls came back with some snacks. Your blouse was completely undone to your waist and when you sat down next to me, I looked down and noticed that your bra was gone. I waited until Gail went to Fred.“Where’s your bra?”“I think it’s in the dishwasher. At least it will be clean.””Looks like you got taken advantage of in the kitchen,” I said.“Yeah. Seems that Gail can’t keep her hands or mouth off me.”“And you just hate it,” I said patting you on the back.”“After two orgasms! Yeah, I hate it. I love the attention, but I don’t want it to be all from the same sex,”  you said as you grabbed my hard cock through my pants.The four of us meandered around the dining room table picking at the snacks but mostly looking over each other. My mind was racing with visions of what could happen. Gail got up and started walking, “It’s time we got the show going. Terry, let’s go to my bedroom.”We went to the bar to make sure that our drinks were topped off, and then sat down to watch another porn movie.  We were just getting into the movie when Gail came out and announced that they would be out shortly.  I noticed that she was wearing a long-to-the-floor robe that zipped up the front.  We went back to watching the movie and I wondered what was going to happen.

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