Found a New Passion

No Panties

After the loss of her husband Kelly James thought she would spend the rest of her life alone. At 56 and overweight she had contented herself with a life on her own. Her husband had loved her for almost forty years. He had seen her young and thinner. No one was going to want an old fat woman or so she thought. At the encouragement of friends she decided to join a dating website. After an exhaustive search she found one for men who liked big women. It wasn’t great at first there are a lot of weirdo’s out there.

Then it happened, one Friday night she got a message from a man. Looking at his profile Kelly thought he was just another one looking for a cheap thrill. He was 12 years younger than her and very handsome. He was tall and thin and had the most amazing smile. The biggest obstacle was they were on opposites side of the country. Meeting Josh had made Kelly feel young and desirable again.

The two had spent the next several months talking online and video chatting, but today was the day. Today they would finally be seeing each other in the flesh, able to touch each other kiss each other.

Getting the text that his plane had landed and he would be here in an hour had all sorts of fears coming to the surface. “What if I’m not pretty enough, what if he thought I’m too big, how will I feel if I wake up in the morning and he’s gone.” This was Josh she reminded herself, he had seen her naked, he had seen her when she had just gotten out of bed and still told her she was beautiful. She had been sure no one would ever tell her that again. Yes here is this young sexy man who told her every single day. They had shared all their fantasies with each other. So she hopes that what she had done for him would excite him.

Taking a shower she took special care getting ready. She wanted to look perfect for him. They had told each other they were going to hug and kisses hello and that was it. They would take it slow and let it happen naturally, but they both knew how much they wanted each other. There was a passion, a connection she had never felt with another man. Maybe it was all their shared fantasies. She wasn’t quite sure.

They had two weeks to make as many of their fantasies come true. Some were secrets between just the two of them others were just as exciting to her. He was so sexy, so desirable and exciting. All of their fantasies were exciting and he was willing to share them all with her. Kelly couldn’t believe her luck at finding someone like him. There was one that she had to prepare for ahead of time.

One of his greatest desires was to nurse at a woman’s breast. Having never heard of anything like it she began doing research on it, reading about it and watching videos about it. Having never had a child the idea appealed to her more that she thought it would. At night she would lay in bed and masturbate thinking of looking into his eyes as he suckled at her breast hearing those sucking and slurping sounds. In order to prepare she began taking a supplement and began pumping her beast several times a day. Now her breast filled with milk. It wasn’t like a new mother it would take hours for her breast to fill. Everyday I had to pump a few times but not anyone. Now she had josh to do it. The excitement began to build looking at the clock he would be knocking on her door any minute. She was going to feed him just like he had dreamed of. It would be one of the sexiest things she would ever do. Wanting it to be a surprise she hadn’t pumped wanting them to be full for him when he got here.

Hearing the knock on the door she took a deep breath and answered and there he was all 6’4″ of him çorum escort and a smile that mad her melt. When he pulled her into her his arms and leaned down to kiss her, she felt her knees go weak and a shot of electricity shot straight down and she moaned as he fell in to him.

“There’s my beautiful girl!” She smiled up at him. “No there is my handsome man. I can’t believe you’re finally here. It seems like it has been forever to get here!” Taking his hand she led him to the living room and he pulled me with him to the sofa. “I want you to stay close to me!” She hadn’t put a bra on because he had ask her to never wear one when he was around. Being a big woman she already had big breast, having not pumped her breast were filling and starting to leak. I tried to act normal but soon there were wet spots on the front of my top and he noticed. “Baby what’s going on? You look like you’re in pain and your shirt is getting wet.” When he lifted her top he could see her breast were engorged, reaching out he touched on nipple and lifted the drop to his mouth and moaned.

“I was going to try and be good like your brother said but…fuck that!”

Josh laid down rested his head in her lap and let out a little moan as she lifted her nipple to his mouth. He took her nipple into his mouth and started to suckle and it was the most amazing feeling she had ever experienced and looking into his eyes she felt even closer. Kelly found herself getting wet, it was the most erotic thing she had ever experience. Running her fingers through his hair she smiled at him, “Surprise!” instead of answering he sucked a little harder. “Mmmm babe that feels so good, I have not idea it was going to feel this good!” As he lay there she watched his cock get hard and she began thinking about when she would get him naked and he would be on top of her sucking on her nipple his cock rubbing up and down in her slit. When he had drained both nipples he stretched up and kissed her. “Thank you, that is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love that I shared that with you!”

Josh has this perfect round ass, and more than once over the course of the mouths of them talking she had imagined taking him in her mouth and squeezing that perfectly round ass. “Stand up Josh!” his look said he was a little perplexed. Pulling him over in front of her she opened the fly of his jeans and pulled him free. He moaned feeling her hard wrap around him.

“I know we said we were going to wait, but I can’t I am so turned on right now, I had no idea it was going to be that amazing to feel you breastfeeding.” When she leaned forward to take him in her mouth, he put his hand on the back of her head, but to push just to touch. He let out a moan as she took him all the way down her throat his then began kneading his ass. Kelly moaned around him getting that first taste of him, it was something that had filled her dreams night after night. Taking her time licking and sucking up and down his cock, she felt his legs start to shake. “Oh fuck babe, suck it, suck my cock!” He moaned and in that moment there was nothing she wanted more than to do just that. To feel him pushing his cock in and out of her mouth and the moment when he finally let go and she felt that first shot of cum shoot down the back of her throat and it was her turn to moan. Kelly had wanted his cum as much as she had wanted his milk. When she released him he reached down between her legs and pulling her skirt up slid his fingers under her panties and felt the cum running out of her.

“Mmmm that’s my girl!” He said on a moan. They sat for a moment catching their breath.

Getting çukurambar escort up Kelly grabbed the bra she had brought down with her and started to put it on to a lot of protesting.

“I told you I don’t want you to wear a bra!”

“Well we’re going to a party and it’s just so if I leak it doesn’t show through on my blouse. He wasn’t happy about it but he nodded his approval. By the time they were at the party it was in full swing. The nice thing about breastfeeding your boyfriend was it wouldn’t hurt him if you had a few drinks. Several hours and several drinks had gone by and after socializing she realized she had lost Josh, standing there looking she realized the party was really loud and Josh had sensitive ears and when she didn’t see him she wondered around looking for him. After several minutes she found him standing alone staring out at the water. She tapped him on the shoulder and when he looked back he smiled at her, that smile made her heart melt.

“Baby I need milked again!” His smiled widened and taking her hand he led her a little further away where they would be out of sight, yet there was still a chance of getting caught which made it that much more exciting. This was another of their joint fantasies, to have sex in public and get caught. Sitting down on a chair he pulled her to him, reaching up under her skirt he pulled her panties down and then opened the fly on his pants and freed himself. While he was doing that she unbuttoned her blouse and he pulled it open, reaching in he pulled her breast free and when he did milk squirted out. Pulling her down on his lap he guided himself into her and she moaned into his ear. Lifting her breast he began sucking and for the first time in her life he had an orgasm that had her seeing stars. It was only a couple minutes when Kelly heard movement behind them and looked over his shoulder. There was a man standing in the shadows and he was stroking himself watching them. Not caring they had an audience Kelly kept moving and moaning, he squeeze her other breast while he fed on the other and milk shot out.

“Oh fuck it feels so good!” She moaned. The man had seen the milk shoot out and started to move forward. Josh let go of her nipple just long enough to say “You can stay and watch, but this is my milk, my tits. Soon he was sucking again and she rode him, moaning louder.

“Yes of fuck yes!” Was all she could that came out of her mouth he was sucking as if his life depended on it “Babe I can’t stop cumming, Oh shit!” He made a hard sucking sound and transferred to her other tit and started sucking, hearing those sounds was driving her crazy. It was a short time later we heard the man behind us moan and turned to watch as he came all over the ground.

“I don’t know Kelly I think he liked the show!” Josh said on a laugh. When he had finally emptied her, he put her back together. Both of them having cum so hard that when she stood she could feel it running down the insides of her thighs.

“It’s running down my thighs and I don’t even care, I’m pretty sure that he went back and told everyone what he had seen! So I don’t care if they can smell the sex on me!” Walking back into the party the people turned and smiled at them. “Let’s go home baby!” He said with a sexy smile. Who was she to say no?

Back from the party they made their way to the sofa and turned on the TV, mostly as back round noise while they talked. He leaned in and kissed her and it wasn’t a rushed kiss it was a slow and sexy kiss it was as if he was lighting a fire, it started as a small flicker and the more he kissed ankara escort her the bigger the flame grew. No one had touched her like this, not even her late husband.

Taking Kelly’s hand he led her to the bedroom, laying her down, taking his time his touch so gentle so feather light it was setting off goose flesh all over her body. “Oh Josh, that feels so good!” Whie he kissed her she felt his hand slide down over her body and come to rest between her legs. He didn’t move it, it just rested there while he continued to kiss and taste her. Kelly raised her hips telling him she wanted more, using just one finger he ran it and down her slit so slowly it felt like fire. She didn’t want this tenderness to end but she wanted more at the same time, he made her feel young and sex and so beautiful. She raised her hips again inviting him to give her more. There was no rushing him, he continued to tease her until he heard a familiar moan. Having heard it several times when they masturbated with each other on video chat, kissing her neck he whispered “That’s is baby cum for me!” doing as he ask she let go and her orgasm shook her body. He rolled on top of her still kissing her as he pushed into her. Slowly he pushed even though she was trying to get more. When he was buried deep inside her he sighed.

“Kelly you’re so wet and tight, I just want to hang out inside of you for awhile.”

Taking her breast in his mouth he started making those sucking and slurping sounds. She couldn’t imagine not hearing him make them, it was the most sensual thing. This was likely the most erotic thing that had ever happened to her, feeling a man she cared so much about, being buried deep inside her while he fed from her breast. Every once in awhile she would contract the muscles around his hardness and he would moan. The entire time he was suckling he was looking in her eyes and seemingly into her soul. She could feel them getting closer each time he suckled at her breast. Originally she thought she was going this for him, as it was something he had dreamed of, something that excited him. Now however Kelly couldn’t imagine not going it.

There would be times during his visit they would have sex while he fed, but it was just the act of it. The intimacy that got her, having him stare into her eyes and tell her over and over how much he loved being right where he was. The thought of him leaving made her sad, sure they had a lot more time together but eventually he would have to go home and back to work. If she was to continue making milk she would have to continue pumping or find another man who wanted to do it. Still Kelly wasn’t sure she wanted to share this with another man. She wanted it just for her man, these were his breasts and his milk and she want him to have them always.

He was still buried deep inside her and she began squeezing him again over and over

“Josh, oh baby I’m going to cum again!” He moaned and let go of her breast and kiss her, there was milk still on his tongue and she could taste it. He started to move but it was so and gentle loving her like no one had before, kissing, caressing, telling her over and how good her body felt under him, how he loved the softness of her body. He had no idea what his words were doing to her, none at all.

For a full half hour he moved in and out of her, slowly, taking her higher and higher, having already cum several times she didn’t know if she had anything left; but he knew and as much as he wanted fuck her, he knew she needed this more. They had discussed all their fantasies but Kelly didn’t recall telling him that her husband had never made love to her. As he picked up the pace she began moaning more. Josh smiled down at her and bent and kissed the tip of her nose. When I smiled at him he returned with his own brilliant smile and she couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have this man right here right now making love to her.

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