Forbidden Desires Ch.04


Alejo sat in a high backed black arm chair in the darkened club. He spent most of his nights here since Amalia had left him and he sipped the scotch in his hand and watched his Sub. She fucked herself on a large black dildo and her hands toyed with her nipples. Every eye was on her and he knew he could feel the jealousy of the other Doms. She was beautiful with her red hair and dark eyes. He had made her cut her hair close to her head and her eyes never left his face as she bounced on the thick dildo. She was on the raised stage in the middle of the dark room and the lights shone on her. H e watched her, not letting any emotion show on his face and stroked the red hair of the girl who knelt beside his chair. He had moved to London after Bella had left him. Amalia had not wanted to leave the comfort of her small village home and life and it had started their arguments. He had gone to London with an idea to make a place for people like him to go. A place where Doms and their Subs could spend their time without having to hide. A year later he had opened “Bella’s” and two years after that there was one of his clubs in every city. He had hired people to run the clubs and the woman of this one stood behind him her gloved hand on his shoulder. She leant down and spoke gently in his ear. “It’s nice to see you still have Luanna.” He nodded and sipped his drink again. “She’s been good to me.” |He looked down at the new girl beside him. “Real good.” “When you get a good one you hold on with everything you got, darlin’.” He watched Luanna and felt the empty hole in his chest. His mind drifted back to three years ago and he heard her husky voice and smelt her perfume. Luanna bounced harder on the dildo and her head fell back as she came and she shivered hearing the cheers of the crowd and looked back to her master. She stood on shaky legs, climbed from the stage and walked towards him. She was naked save for her black heels and a red collar around her delicate throat, made from red silk, and a white pendant hung against her chest. He beckoned her forward and she knelt in front of him her hands held in her lap and looked up at him through her long eyelashes. He took his hand away from the girl beside him and slid his fingers into Luanna’s hair. She undid the button and zip on his trousers and slid her hand into his boxers, wrapping her fingers around his thick length and squeezing gently. He looked around the room at the others assembled. He had come to know the Doms in his time coming here and knew all of them would give him anything to have Luanna. She was the perfect Sub and did whatever he asked of her. He looked down at her as her small pink tongue licked up his cock and swirled around the head before she sucked the swollen head into her warm mouth. His hands tightened in her short red hair and she bobbed her head back and forth sucking gently the way she knew he liked it. She had been his for three years now and in that time she had learnt what he liked, what he didn’t and how to be the perfect Sub. She pushed her head down taking more of his thick cock into her mouth and he felt himself hit against the back of her throat. She never stopped moving, her head bobbing up and down and her small tongue working around him. She held her hands behind her back knowing she was not to touch him until he told her to. She moaned quietly as he flexed his hips pushing further into her accepting mouth and she worked to take him into her throat. He groaned as she swallowed and his length slipped into her mouth and down her throat. He stroked her hair and she shivered at his gentle touch. She looked up his body and saw his green eyes staring into the distance. She had seen him like this before; he wasn’t thinking of her. She pushed down the feelings of jealousy and sadness and moved her head quickly. Her throat milked his cock as he moved against her mouth. He groaned again louder this time and holding onto her hair tightly, he moved her. Another Sub had climbed onto the stage and was licking clean the dildo that Luanna had soaked with her juices. It was attached to the floor and stuck straight up towards the ceiling. The girl had two fingers in her almanbahis şikayet pussy as she sucked the toy and she worked herself, her cheeks turning pink. He watched the girl as he fucked Luanna’s mouth. The girl straddled the dildo and slowly lowered herself down. A small moan escaped her lips as she began to roll her hips and her eyes closed. The Doms in the club watched, their eyes flitting from the girl on stage to Luanna, knelt between his legs, and he felt his chest swell with pride. He had grown fond of Luanna but he knew he could never feel the same way about any girl as he had felt about her. He gritted his teeth and thrust harder against Luanna’s mouth but it was her face he saw. It was Bella’s and when he came, spilling his cum down Luanna’s throat it was Bella’s name on his lips. He pushed Luanna away from him and redid his trousers. Standing he walked over to the overseer of the club. A tall woman with white blonde hair, she wore a black corset and a long black skirt. It had a layer of lace over the top and a long train that trailed behind her. She wore long black gloves and dark eye make-up made her bright blue eyes stand out in her pale face. She touched his chest gently and smiled up at him. “Will you require a room tonight, sir?” Her lips were painted black and curved in a sultry smile. “I know the girls have missed you.” He smiled back at her and slid his hand down her back to rest on her ass. She gasped and pressed herself back against his hand. There were rooms above the club that Doms could use to fuck their Subs and many Subs who did not yet belong to anyone stayed and rented their bodies out. Male and female alike. “Not tonight, darling.” His hand smoothed over her ass and he squeezed gently. “But know I will be thinking of you tonight.” She sighed as he played with her and felt herself growing wet. This had been the first club he had opened and Elora had been with him from the beginning. He had grown fond of her over the years. “Then goodnight, sir.” She bobbed a small curtsy and he smiled. Luanna watched him. Some nights he would take her home with him but more often than not he would leave her here. The patrons were allowed to look but not touch and she would perform before retiring to her room upstairs. She watched him leave and her shoulders drooped. He had called for her to accompany him home less and less in recent months and she felt empty without his touch. He left the club and walked through the dark alley where the entrance was concealed. A large black car waited on the street outside and he climbed into the back. The driver did not speak but began to drive. Alejo looked out of the window at the people going passed, his eyes were drawn to a young woman. He could only see the back of her as they approached, her rounded hips swayed as she walked. She wore ripped jeans that clung to her skin and a tight fitting leather jacket, heeled ankle boots encased her feet and her long red hair fell down her back. He continued to watch her as they passed and when he saw her face he shouted for the driver to stop. The car came to a halt and he leapt from the back searching the street. The woman was gone. He stayed still, watching the people move about him and tried to calm his breathing. This was not the first time he had thought he had seen Bella. He saw her everywhere, her red hair, her dark eyes, heard her husky laugh or smelt her shampoo. He sighed and climbed back into the car. They continued through London until they pulled up outside the apartment building her lived in. He stepped from the car and rode the elevator up to the top floor. His flat took up the whole of the top floor. It was the first thing he had bought when money had begun to come in from the clubs and it was the one place he allowed himself to think of Bella knowing no one could see him. He poured a large glass of scotch and slumped onto the white sofa. He shrugged off his suit jacket and leant his head back against the cushions. He turned on the stereo and classical music filled the flat. He took a battered copy of Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Telltale Heart’ from beside him and began to read. In class Bella had told him this was almanbahis canlı casino her favourite book and now he read it almost daily. He stayed on the sofa, drinking and reading, until he passed out in the early morning. The sun had begun to shine through the large windows and by the time he woke it was high in the sky. He groaned and pulled himself to his feet walking through to the large bathroom and stepping into the shower. The day passed slowly and when eight o’clock came around he dressed in a grey suit, white shirt and thin black tie. Downstairs he climbed into the black Bentley and the driver pulled away from the curb and began to wind through the streets. He watched out of the window and when they pulled to a stop at a set of traffic lights he gazed into the window of a bar. The red hair caught his eye again and he sat up straight in his seat. “Wait for me.” He leapt from the car and walked towards the bar. Pushing open the door he stepped inside and looked around. The woman wore a black dress. It was tight to her torso until it reached her waist then the skirt flared down to mid thigh. She wore heeled black shoes and her hair was plaited down her back. He stepped towards her and gently placed a hand on her bare shoulder. She turned and his breath caught in his throat. Her dark eyes were lined in black pencil and her lips were painted a deep red to match her hair. Her small button nose was covered in a smattering of freckles and she looked up at him through her thick, black lashes. Her eyes were wide with surprise and her lips curved into a small smile. “Hello, sir.” “Bells, its been a long time.” She nodded. “A real long time, how have you been?” “I’ve been good, I’ve been bad.” His hand slid down her back to rest just above her curved ass. She bit her lip as his large hand warmed her skin, unconsciously moving closer and his smile widened. “How about I buy you a drink, pet?” She shivered at the use of her old nickname and turned to the people she had been standing with. There were two women and three men and she smiled apologetically. “I wont be long, guys.” They nodded, watching the two of them together as Alejo steered her away and to an empty table. He pulled the chair out for her and sat opposite. He beckoned a waiter over and waited for her to order before ordering a whiskey for himself. The waiter, a young man, looked Bella over and he felt a flash of anger as the ownership he felt towards her flared. The waiter brought their drinks and he watched Bella. “How long have you been here?” She sipped her drink. “A couple of years now. I moved after I finished school. I heard what happened with you and your wife. I’m sorry.” He shrugged one broad shoulder. “These things happen, can’t be helped.” “Still I’m sorry. I always wondered whether it was my fault.” “It wasn’t your fault, pet. It was no one’s fault but my own. I couldn’t let you go and I couldn’t stay there knowing I would see you everyday so I came here. It was the best decision I ever made.” “So you’re happy here?” He nodded. “What do you do? Do you still teach?” “No I started my own business, it does very well. But I don’t want to talk about that. I want to talk about you. I want to know what you’ve been doing.” She thought back. After she had finished school she had finally had the courage to tell her mother what her step-dad had been doing to her. She had given her mother a choice between her daughter and her husband knowing what she would choose. “I thought it was time to move out, give it a go on my own you know. I had some money saved from when my papa died and so moved back here. I have friends here and thought this would be the best place for me.” “You have a job?” She nodded and sipped her drink again. “I sing at a bar near here and waitress. It’s not great money and the tips could be better but it’s getting me by.” “You sing?” “I try,” she laughed softly and her cheeks flushed pink. “I haven’t been booed off yet so I assume some people like it.” “I’m sure you have a beautiful voice.” He reached across the table and took hold of her hand. His thumb stroked across the skin of her palm and she shuddered. Even after almanbahis casino all this time his touch was enough to drive her wild and a heat started in her belly. “What about Brendan?” “He was sweet enough but he wasn’t…” she trailed off and he held her hand tighter stroking her soft skin. “Wasn’t what?” “He wasn’t you.” She couldn’t meet his eyes but knew what she wanted, what she needed. “So you’re not married any more?” “No, you’re not seeing anyone?” She shook her head. “No.” Her voice was a breathy whisper and he growled low in his throat as lust hit him. He needed her. “You’re coming home with me.” Her breath stuttered and she looked back into his green eyes. His hair was longer than before and curled messily around his head. He hadn’t shaved and red stubble covered his chin and cheeks. “Yes, sir.” He placed money on the table and pulled her to her feet. He lead her from the bar and into the Bentley that waited outside. She felt her friends’ eyes on her back but didn’t turn, as he opened the door for her and she slid inside. He leant forward to speak to the driver before settling back next to her. Neither of them spoke as they drove and he stole glances at her from the corner of his eye. She was looking around the back seat of the car marveling at the expensive leather seats and occasionally looking forward to the driver. Finally they pulled up outside his apartment building and the driver came round to open the door for them. She climbed from the car and waited while he spoke. “That will be all for tonight, thank you.” “Yes, Mr Garcia.” Alejo took her hand and lead her inside and up to his flat. He unlocked the door and she stepped inside looking around. “Wow, this is beautiful.” He leant against the door and watched as she walked further into the apartment. She walked to the large window and looked out over the city. The sun was beginning to set and the lights below them shone brightly into the dusk. She noticed the door leading out to the balcony and walked outside. She rested her arms on the railing and watched the cars moving below her. He came to stand behind her and ran his hand down her back and cupped her rounded ass. Her eyes closed and she pressed back against his hand. He moved his hand down to the back of her thigh before running his fingers back up to her ass under her dress and felt the silk of her panties that barely covered her ass. He kneaded the skin with his fingers and her hands curled around the railing as she pushed back harder against his hand and he moved to stand behind her. She stretched onto tiptoes in her heels and her ass brushed against his hard length in his trousers. He slipped a hand round to her stomach and slipped it down between her thighs. He could feel her juices soaking her panties and cupped her mound with his large hand. She moaned and pushed back harder against his erection and he found her clit through the materiel. He circled the small nub of flesh slowly and dropped her head forward. Her hips began to thrust slowly against him and he allowed her to move, to find her own pleasure and listened to the husky moans coming from her plump lips. He slipped his hand into her panties and pushed one finger inside her. “Oh fuck, I forgot how tight you were, pet.” Her hips still moved against him and he gritted his teeth as her ass brushed against his cock. He added a second finger and she cried out softly. Her clit pressed against his palm and he wrapped her plaited hair around his hand and pulled her head back. He kissed her neck, sucking and marking the skin and she shivered. Her hands held the railing tightly and she fucked herself on his hand. “Please, sir, can I cum?” He felt surprise. He hadn’t expected her to ask. The question brought back memories of when he could call her his and he began to move his fingers inside her. “Not yet. Not until I say you can.” She whimpered and held her breath, fighting back her orgasm. Her stomach clenched and pleasure shot through her. Her hips moved against him erratically, jerking as she built higher until she cried out pleading with him. “Please! Please can I cum?” “Do you need to cum?” She nodded. “Tell me what it feels like.” “You’re driving me crazy. Please, sir, I need it so bad.” He smiled and whispered in her ear. “Cum for me, pet, let me feel you.” She came on a strangled scream and her hips thrust hard back against him rubbing against his cock and he groaned at the feeling.

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