Footfucking Fun


It was too damn hot for golf. Way too hot, thought Rick, as he got out of his car outside his golf buddy’s posh, private house on the hill. To spend the day sweating one’s ass off on a golf course instead of sipping ice-cold vodkas, wearing as little as possible, by the pool would be a sacrilege of sorts. He hoped Jon was of the same opinion on this sweltering summer Saturday morning.

Rick pressed the doorbuzzer and slipped his sunglasses onto his head. Jon had a beautiful, expensive home; a parking area for up to ten vehicles lay at the top of a lush, green driveway – accessible only through the large buzzer entry gates at the foot of the hill. Suzannah had opened the gates for him only moments ago, and already Rick was thinking about all the things he would like to do to her.

Suzannah. Jon’s hot, long-legged, large-breasted brunette wife of three years. Rick fantasised endlessly about her – her gorgeous long dark brown hair, her beautiful bedroom-blue eyes, that smooth, warm olive skin of hers, the thought of which against his own naked skin fuelled many of Rick’s fevered jerk-off sessions. But it was those long, silky legs of hers, and those sexy soles and toes that really made Rick hot. He was a bona fide foot fucker through and through. A complete and utter foot addict. Suzannah had the most unbelievably sexy feet he had ever seen. On many occasions, when Rick was waiting for Jon to stop pissing around in his study and go to golf with him, he had had the extreme pleasure of the sight of Suze’s bare feet. Whether she was sunbathing (she only ever wore a tiny thong and no top, much to Rick’s delight) or just barefooting around the house, Rick would try to get as close to those tootsies as he could, his cock suddenly pulsing with life in his pants at the sight before him. It was his ambition to have those feet one day.

The door of the house opened and Rick was pleased to see that it was indeed Suzannah. “Oh hi, Rick,” she greeted him, smiling.

“Hey Suze, how’s things?” he replied, instantly noticing the sexy, tight little white T-shirt and skintight denims she was wearing.

“Yeah, I’m good thanks! Would you like to come in?”

I thought you’d never ask, Rick thought to himself as she opened wide the large wooden front door to allow him in.

“I’m sorry, but Jon has had to go into work this morning,” Suzannah said, apologetically, ushering her guest through to the wide, spacious kitchen of the house. “He thought he would have been back by now. Hasn’t he called you?”

“‘Fraid not,” Rick replied, “C’mon, you know Jon! Calling ahead would have been just too organised now, wouldn’t it?”

They both laughed. Rick delighted to see that Suzannah was, as usual, barefoot. Oh, those toes! He glanced down at her feet and relished the electric-blue of her nail varnish, so perfectly applied. There was only inch after inch of smooth, wrinkled sole, perfect ankle and manicured toe.

He must have savoured that image for a second too long, he thought, as Suzannah curiously followed his downward gaze. Did she know?

“Anyway,” she began, looking up at him once more, “I have to run out quickly to our neighbours’ place up the road. Make yourself at home, Rick, there’s plenty of cold juice in the fridge. I’m sure Jon will be home very soon.”

“Sounds good,” Rick replied, his mind trying not to focus on the thought of just dropping to his knees there in the kitchen and kissing those toes of hers. “I’ll go turn on the TV and wait for Jon.” Suzannah left and, after a second, (presumably, Rick thought, to slip some sort of sweet little shoes on those hot feet of hers) he heard the front door close.

The fridge was, as promised, well stocked with cold beverages; beers, orange juice and iced teas galore. He took a bottle of O.J. and closed the door.

The hard-on in his underwear was getting more and more impatient. His resistance to his desires of Suzannah’s feet was weakening, and soon he would have to have them all to himself to do what he pleased – whether with her consent or without it. That notion alone gave him an erection he could not easily disguise. cebeci escort

Fuck it, he thought. He put down the unopened bottle on the worktop and headed for the upstairs bathroom to take the situation in hand.

At the top of the stairs, facing him, was Suze and Jon’s main bath and shower room. Just as he was about to open the door, he noticed something to his immediate left. The laundry basket. He stopped, his heart racing. He removed the lid.

The large, wicker basket was full of Jon and Suzannah’s dirty clothes, but mostly Suzannah’s. There were bras, g-string panties and blouses. But at the top of the pile, there were stockings, pantyhose and little white socks, all bearing the wonderful aroma of Suze’s feet.

Rick grinned with an almost disbeliving delight as he lifted one of the silky stockings from the pile. His fingers caressed the gossamer material lovingly, as if the stocking were an extension of Suzannah’s skin. He lifted the stocking to his face; the sensation sending ripples of arousal through him. His right hand was already rubbing his over-excited cock through the fabric of his trousers as he brushed the stocking over his mouth and nose. He pressed where her toes had been to his nose and inhaled the scent of her. Had she been wearing heels that day, he wondered, breathing deeply the strong sweet smell of her foot odour. Evidently, she had been on her feet for a large portion of the day, perhaps choosing to slip her shoes off now and then at work to cool those tired soles. Did some male colleague notice this and secretly ache to bury his face in the soles of her stockinged feet, tasting and smelling, before making her footfuck him right there in the office? Did some hot little secretary see Suzannah’s delicious feet and fantasise about feeling those toes on her excited little clit, orgasming at the thrill of sucking her boss’s feet and pussy in the one afternoon?

Before he knew it, Rick had slipped the stocking over his now-exposed erect dick and had pulled the garment all the way down his shaft and over his balls. His cock now glistened with pre-cum at the most aromatic tip of her stocking, where her toes had previously been for long hours. He jerked his fat cock excitedly into the wrinkled silk, holding the other one to his nose to savour again the scent of her toes and soles.

“Making yourself at home I see!” a voice said from over his shoulder.

Rick spun around, his heart in his mouth. Suzannah stood at the top of the stairs. “I….I….” Rick began, frantically trying to come up with anything that resembled a credible explanation. His cock had been at the very brink of climax and his hand was still clamped around the stocking which wrapped it, unsure of whether to let go or just stay put.

“I knew it,” Suze began, a devillish grin on her face, “I knew you were into my feet, Rick. I’ve caught you staring at them a hundred times. Even today in the kitchen, am I right?”

Rick nodded. “Jeez, you know, Suze, this is so embarrasing! I’m… I’m so sorry!” He quickly slipped the stocking off his penis (which still showed no sign of retreating) and was about to attempt to zip it up. “No, no! Don’t…” Suzannah began. “Don’t be embarrased. I’m very flattered. Besides, I spend a lot of time and money on my feet. To see you doing… that…. lets me know it’s paying off.” Suzannah smiled and gazed at Rick’s stiff cock. “Why don’t you show me how much you like my feet?” she said.

“What?” Rick replied, not really sure how to take this. “Take your clothes off, Rick,” she said.

He hesitated. What the fuck was going on?, he thought.

“If you prove to me that you really love my feet,” she continued, “I’ll let you experience them in any way you want. Do you love my little feet?”

She extended her bare leg and foot out before him and flexed each toe for him to see.

“Oh fuck yes!” he replied. “You have the sexiest feet I have ever seen.”

“And you have a very nice cock, Rick,” she said. “Take your clothes off and show me more.”

This time, there was no hesitation on his behalf. çeşme escort He pulled off his shirt and slid his pants down his hairy legs, pausing to remove his socks and shoes.

“Mmmm,” Suze purred, admiring his toned, naked body. “Very nice indeed! Now, sit down on the carpet.”

Rick did as he was told, the feeling of the floor on his bare buttocks felt sexy, the whole circumstance overwhelmingly thrilling.

Suzannah then proceeded to unbutton her denims and slide them down her long, smooth thighs. She kicked them off her feet and pulled her little T-shirt over her head, tossing it aside. Her full, rounded breasts bobbed, now free of the shirt. Her brown nipples were erect with excitement and she tweaked and played with them as she stood in her teasing little white panties. Her dark bush shone through the material and Rick’s cock twitched at the thought of sucking her toes while he fucked her.

“Now, show me how you suck toes,” Suzannah instructed. “You can demonstrate by using your own.” Rick chose to say nothing, opting instead for savouring every crazy twist of these events. He grinned at her then lifted his own foot to his lips. Suzannah watched, occasionally licking and biting her lower lip, as Rick proceeded to kiss and caress his own toes with his lips. Never breaking eye contact, he licked and kissed his toes and sole as if they were hers. He indeed enjoyed even his own feet. This was an exercise he had tried time and again, his supple legs bending to allow this self-indulgent act, the sensation of toes in one’s mouth, a bare foot on one’s cheek, too rare to be dismissed even by the self-same owner of the foot in question. His cock still dripped an early semen onto the carpet, both his hands too busy to pay it any heed. Suze’s hand had also found a vocation while she watched Rick suck his toes. She had slipped a hand into her underwear and was rubbing her slippery little clit excitedly. She too was a foot devotee, whether Rick secretly knew it or not. She loved guys who had nice feet, and Rick had strong, masculine feet and legs. The thought of his big guy feet on hers made her want to cum in her pants.

“Mmmm, that looks good, Rick,” she said, her hands pulling her panties down her legs. “Mind if I join you?”

She moved closer to him and sat opposite.

“You’re so fucking hot, Suze!” Rick said, his foot glistening with his own saliva. “My cock is so hard for you right now!”

“Well that’s lovely to hear!” she remarked. “Now, both hands on the floor, Rick. No touching yourself while I do this!”

Rick did as she instructed, itching to stroke his dick. He watched as she lifted her bare foot and began to suck her own painted toes. One, then two, then three toes went into that hot mouth. Then all five. Rick wondered how many euphoric cocks had previously been inside that lipsticked mouth, had shot hot, thick loads all over those lips. He wondered when last she had sucked her husband’s cock. Had she ever used that mouth on another woman’s pussy?, probing and sucking and flicking until the inevitable conclusion? Her labia hung slightly open, and Rick could see she was dripping wet for him.

“This gets me so hot, Rick,” she said, removing her glistening toes from her mouth while he watched intently. “Jon’s not really into feet as much as I am, and certainly not as much as you.”

“He’s a fool then,” Rick replied. “If I were him, I’d worship your feet day and night.”

“Oh, I love that!” Suze replied. “Have a taste.”

She extended her leg toward Rick and lifted her bare foot to his face.

“Remember,” she reminded, “hands on the floor!”

Slowly, she walked her toes up his chin to his lips. She had strong thighs and could probably hold this position for hours, Rick thought to himself. He could smell the divine aroma of her foot. The texture of her skin upon his was incredible; beyond what he had imagined. She suddenly moved her toes so that they landed upon his forehead, pressing her wrinkled sole down over his mouth and nose. The sensation was exquisite! The sole of her foot was more stimulating to him than cim cif yapan escort any handjob, blowjob or titfuck that he had ever enjoyed. He extended his tongue and licked the heel of her naked foot, making her sigh gently. She slowly slipped her foot down his face until his nose nestled between her big toe and second toe. She pinched his nose with her toes and giggled, playfully. He loved this! He tasted that wrinkled, pink sole with his tongue and anticipated the sight of his spunk glistening upon it. If she ordered him to lick it off, he knew wouldn’t hesitate; sucking every last drop of his own sperm off these perfect limbs.

“You like that?” she asked him, pressing her bare foot harder over his mouth, making a verbal response impossible.

Rick sighed in response, kissing her toes as they hovered over his mouth.

Suddenly, she parted his lips and pushed her way inside his mouth.

“Now you can use your big strong hands to suck my foot,” she said. “Get up on your knees for me.”

Not letting her toes fall from his mouth, Rick got onto his knees and began to suck and lick her toes. His cock, now painfully hard, was pointing straight at Suzannah, who fingered her eager cunt at the thought of feeling its veiny shaft between her high, wrinkly arches. He brought both hands up to support her foot, worshipping at the smooth heel and strong ankle, his thumbs pressing into her instep, gently but firmly. “That feels so good!” she sighed, still masturbating on the floor at his knees. She lifted her other bare foot and began to play with his hard cock, gently stroking it, using her big toe to pull back his tight foreskin and feeling his hairy balls on the top of her foot.

The taste of her foot coupled with the teasing of his throbbing penis was overwhelming, and it began to drive Rick to the brink.

“Mmmm! Let me fuck your feet now!” he pleaded, allowing her toes to escape his mouth.

“I want you to,” Suzannah replied, almost ready to cum. “I want you to cum all over my feet!”

Rick slid her wet foot down his hairy chest to join the other one, which was glistening with the semen that she had so far teased from his cock. He took her by both ankles and started fucking those beautiful bare soles. She was flushed and sweating, her fingers buried in her well-lubed pussy, as she watched Rick’s cock slip back and forth between her bare feet. She wondered how many times he had dreamed of this moment; the last few seconds before his climax. Did he jerk his fat cock in the shower every morning after a night of dreams in which he tasted and fucked her gorgeous feet? Did he sometimes ejaculate on the soles of his own feet, wishing they belonged to her? His grip upon her ankles was tight and she fantasised about fucking him in her marital bed, feeling those strong hands tighten around her waist as he came inside her. With a loud groan of euphoria, Rick’s orgasm took hold of him. He shot his thick, hot semen all over her toes and soles as he came, watching as it ran down her feet to her ankles and up her calves. Suzannah sighed as her own climax happened, feeling the hot cum splash between her toes, a sensation she loved. Jets of his spunk spewed out his spasming dick – stray splashes glistening on her big tits, which she eagerly licked, tasting his sweet juices.

“Wow!” he grunted, catching his breath.

“Yeah! Did you enjoy that?” Suzannah panted in reponse, rubbing her cummy feet together.

“Are you kidding?!” Rick replied. “This was the best game of golf I ever played!”

She grinned and reached over for the stocking she had caught Rick wanking into. She used it to clean his messy spunk from between her toes, wiping her soles and heels and her smooth calf muscles.

“Here,” she said, tossing it at him, “a little souvenir of my feet for you to savour later.”

Thirty minutes later, the front door opened and in walked Jon. Rick and Suze were finishing the coffee that she had made in the kitchen.

“Hi! Sorry guys! Sorry, sorry, sorry!” Jon apologised, pausing to kiss his wife who was sat at the breakfast bar opposite his friend.

“Rick, gimme ten minutes to change and we’re outta here!”

“Roger that!” Rick replied as Jon bounded up the stairs. “I can’t wait to get those balls out.”

Suzanne giggled naughtily. “I know,” she began, rubbing at Rick’s crotch with her bare foot under the table. “Me neither!”

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