Florida Keys Resort Beach Sex With New Friends: First Night


Finally we had a couple of days off, and Steph and I were ready to play. We worked in south-South Florida, and every chance we had we would head even farther south to the Florida Keys. Once you get on that chain of islands everything changes. It is known as the Conch Republic and a different set of rules apply. At least that’s what Steph and I believe when we leave the mainland and our inhibitions behind and embrace that wonderful tropical paradise and life style. We were all packed and ready so we could leave when we finished work. As soon as we left the mainland and entered the Keys, Steph stripped off the top she had worn to work and began looking in her travel bag for her play clothes. I was thoroughly enjoying the view of her wonderful full 34C breasts as she rode along topless and I suggested that she wait a while before putting on her top. She had also slipped off the shorts she had been wearing so she was now totally naked and wonderfully distracting. I always love when Steph gets in her very naughty mood! It usually signals a fun time ahead. Finally, as we got closer to our hotel, she put on a pair of short jean shorts and a thin, silky, low-cut white camisole top. She is about 5’8″ tall and has black hair and brown eyes (from her Irish heritage) and she looked wonderful! We both went in to the resort reception area to check in. It’s fun when Steph makes an entrance and I have found that we always get much better and more attentive service when she is there. That’s how it was working now, and the desk clerk made an extra effort to get us the best room he could, and he also made an extra effort to steal a glance at Steph while I checked in. Steph had walked over to the huge picture window that looked out at the beach and ocean and was talking to a guy who was standing there enjoying the view of Steph and the tropical evening. When I had our room keys I walked over and Steph introduced me to Paul. She said that Paul was part of the band that would be playing in the Tiki Bar that night. We all chatted for a few minutes about what a glorious place this was in the Keys. Paul had a bit of an English accent and I knew that didn’t go unnoticed by Steph. She has a thing about good looking guys with English, Aussie or Irish accents. Anyway, we were having fun with our new friend. I asked Paul if his band knew any Jimmy Buffett songs. Paul answered saying, “Isn’t that a requirement for any band playing in the Florida Keys? Which of his songs are your favorites?” I answered that I liked ‘A Pirate Looks at Forty’. Steph took a step closer to Paul, looked him in the eye, and said, “Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screw.” Paul looked very surprised and for a moment didn’t say a word! Finally Steph said, “Paul, that is the name of the Buffett song!” Paul isvecbahis finally regained his composure, and, looking at Steph and then at me, smiled and said, “I know the song, but I was kind of hoping it was an invitation”. Steph playfully put her hand on his chest and said, “But Paul, we only met a few minutes ago!” I know the moment and the view weren’t lost on Paul or on me as we enjoyed Steph taking control of both of us. Her nipples were hard and showed through the silky top she was wearing. I knew it was a sign that she was getting turned on by all of the suggestive comments and thoughts going through her mind. I am always amazed that women don’t rule the world… it would be a better place and a lot more fun! After a few minutes we told Paul that we looked forward to listening to his band and maybe we would see him again, and then we headed to our room. As we were going to our room I asked Steph if she had noticed the effect she had on Paul. She tried to act innocent, a hard act for Steph, and then she said, “Maybe.” “Maybe!” I said. “Could you see the erection he was having after staring at you as you showed him your breasts and very hard nipples?” Steph grinned and confessed and said, “Sure, I could see his hard-on and I could see that you had an erection too! I love when I can do that to you guys! You guys are so easy. And, I am going to take advantage of you and your hard-on very soon!” All I could say, and trying not to make it sound like a whimper, was, “Please!”We had requested an ocean front room and we were on the second floor with a great view of the ocean and sandy area with palms, chaise lounge chairs, and picnic tables that fronted the ocean. It was getting late because we had driven down after work, but we didn’t have anyplace to be for the next couple of days so it was all good! It was midweek with not many people around and we felt like we owned the place. The sun had already set and we were sorry to have missed that celebration but knew we wouldn’t miss it tomorrow. It was summer in the Florida Keys and we loved it! Many people think it is too hot during that time of year but it also means the tourists are gone and the ocean is warm and luxurious. We got settled in and thought we would do some pre-gaming and have a drink or two before going to the open air Tiki bar for some music and more drinks. This hotel and bar are where they invented a famous rum drink so we knew we had to sample it at its source! I went out on the balcony to listen to the palms in the wind and feel the tropical breeze. Steph was busy fixing a treat for us to enjoy. She had mentioned to one of her friends at work that we were going to the Keys for a couple of days of fun. Her friend started looking through her purse and pulled out a baggie with isveçbahis giriş four joints in it and gave it to Steph. She told Steph that it was against the rules of the Conch Republic to go to the Keys without being so equipped… what a good friend! Steph fired up one of the joints and brought it outside where we enjoyed it in the proper setting. It was a perfect way to get the evening going and we smoked about half of it and left the other half for later, knowing there would be a later! We were now feeling very mellow and ready to play. When we are in the Keys we try to wear the least amount of clothing possible. Steph had slipped on a very sheer yellow sun dress with small straps and a few buttons down the front… no bra or panties were needed, just one item of clothing! The dress was very low cut and the arm holes were very generous so that when she bent over or actually moved in just about any way she offered wonderful views to anyone who wanted to watch her, and she usually had an audience. Guess who had helped her pick out this dress? We arrived at the Tiki bar and were already a bit buzzed. We ordered our rum drinks from the bar, waved to Paul and decided to go upstairs to an open air deck area where you could still see and hear the band but where it was much more private. The upstairs deck looked out over the marina and ocean. No one else was on the deck so again we felt like we owned the place. The night was warm, the breeze was perfect and the music was great. We were enjoying the rum concoction and we were settling into island time! On this upper deck there were a few picnic tables and very low lighting and we were enjoying this romantic spot. We were sitting on one of the picnic tables and I suggested to Steph that she unbutton her dress. She didn’t need much encouragement as she slipped the dress off of her shoulders and let it drop to her waist. She was sitting there with her wonderful breasts exposed to the night. The gentle tropical wind was blowing and she was enjoying the caress of the wind. I was enjoying seeing her sitting mostly naked on this deck and, of course, I felt an overwhelming urge to touch her and rub her breasts and suck her hard nipples. So, that was what I was doing and we were totally lost in the moment. The cold rum concoction made my mouth and lips cold and her nipples loved the sensation! We were both enjoying this moment and didn’t hear the couple coming up the steps. Steph finally noticed them and told me that we had company. It was obvious that they had been watching us and that they were loving the view. Finally the woman said, “‘Oh, excuse us. We’re sorry to intrude.” Steph covered up and I told them that we all obviously had the same good idea and they weren’t intruding at all and were isveçbahis yeni giriş welcome to enjoy the deck too. They were a middle aged married couple and they said they had stayed at this resort a couple of years earlier. She said they had some very wonderful sexy times when they stayed here before and they were thrilled to see that sexy times were still happening here. Her husband said that he was sorry that Steph felt like she needed to cover up and that he had hoped his wife would enjoy that freedom too. They sat on the table next to where we were sitting and we were all loving the moment. She was dressed almost identically to Steph and she soon began to unbutton her dress too. I think her husband had whispered encouragement to her. He and I looked at each other with big smiles knowing how lucky we were! After another few minutes he and I were enjoying the sight of two gorgeous and uninhibited women who were very comfortable exposing their breasts to their very appreciative and horny partners and their new friends. We talked and laughed and drank and were having a blast on Island Time. After about an hour and another rum concoction we thought it was time to leave and we said we hoped to see them again. They agreed and said they would be around for two more nights. When we left the bar about midnight we were definitely ready to keep the party going. We had worked all week and were now ready to play and meeting our new sexy friends had really put us in the mood. We knew we wanted to play a lot more on this wonderful night and when we were back in our room Steph immediately slipped out of her dress and said she was tired of the feeling of clothes against her skin and she didn’t think she wanted to get dressed again. I loved the thought but said maybe just her sundress would be better in case she needed to cover up. I don’t think she was convinced and then I wondered ‘why in hell am I suggesting that she cover up her magnificent body?’ Anyway, my lust and fantasies took over and I told her that, absolutely, naked was the way to go! Steph laughed and said, “I thought you would agree!” Then Steph told me to get naked too! Have you ever heard anything more glorious? So now we were both naked and knowing that this night was far from over. We were out on our balcony enjoying the tropical wind and moonlight on our bodies! It is a feeling that you absolutely can’t buy! I stayed outside while Steph went back in and looked for the joint we’d left earlier after smoking half of it. She fired it up and brought it outside to me on our balcony. If you have never been offered a joint by an amazing, sexy, naked woman while standing on a balcony overlooking the tropical waters of the Florida Keys you need to put it on your bucket list… in fact, you need to move it to number one on the list! She owned me, but she knew she owned me long before this wonderful night! We were pleasantly buzzed and naked in this moment and we watched from our balcony as a couple walked in our direction.

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