First Trip Of The Year


We traveled up north again with our camper late on Friday afternoon; we arrived at the campsite right at dark in the rain. I set up the camper and got all the leveling/stabilizer jacks down and in place. Soon after I went inside, the rain stopped and the night seemed to clear. We went outside but without firewood, we just set up a few tiki torches and sat listening to the night. As we sat in our zero-gravity chairs I reached for my wife’s hand but accidentally ended up with my hand on her thigh. The sexual tension grew thick in the damp night air as darkness fell completely over the campground.I stood and walked over to my truck and noticed almanbahis şikayet fireflies flying around in the open field. Across the field, a bright floodlight shone from the ranger station illuminating part of the field. My wife asked me what I was doing and I told her she should come and look at the fireflies. She stood midway to me in the gap between my truck and the camper looking out at the field. I slowly caressed her great ass as I slid my hand to her thigh and up to her pussy, rubbing gently through her dress. She kissed me deeply and started to rub my already half-hard cock. I slid my hand up her dress and started almanbahis canlı casino to slide my finger deep into her very wet pussy.We played and kissed deeply and suddenly a noise from the other side of the truck startled us. A couple walking their dog walked about twelve feet from us (just the other side of the truck) and scared us pretty good. As they passed the truck and we were in plain view we walked casually toward our chairs like nothing was happening. They passed and headed to the ranger station where the bathrooms were.I asked my wife if she wanted to see the fireflies again and she giggled as she walked quickly almanbahis casino to the gap between the truck and camper. When we were back at our spot we started kissing again and I plunged my finger deep inside her. I grabbed her foot and put it on the tire of my truck and slid my cock out of my shorts. I quickly teased her with the head sliding it up and down her wet lips. I slid my cock deep inside her while she stood with a foot on my tire and her leg wrapped around me.The passion of the night and excitement were boiling inside me. I stopped quickly and guided her hands to the bed rail of my truck, pulling her hips back to me. I slid her dress up and entered her from behind. She moaned quietly as I fucked her from behind. I admired her beautiful ass in the pale light coming from the ranger station. Again, the excitement and the incredible view was too much and I had to take a break.

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