First Encounter Ch 4

Big Dicks

I awaken several hours later. The afternoon sun is slanting through the window illuminating your slumbering body. My head is beginning to clear from the effects of the Scotch and I slip silently into the bathroom to freshen up. When I return, you roll over and groggily say, “Is that you, Monique? You are wonderful.”I kiss you lightly on the lips and say, “Yes, it’s me and the pleasure was all mine.”It’s late in the afternoon and I suggest we get cleaned up and go for a bite to eat. “Will we go out en femme?” you inquire.”Yes, if that’s your wish,” I respond.”I was hoping you’d suggest that. I brought my favorite skirt and blouse for the occasion,” you reply.”I’ve also come prepared to present as a woman,” I say.”Sounds exciting, I’ve never been out in public dressed,” you admit.”Me neither, but I’ve always wanted to. It will be easier with you by my side,” I return.”Let’s do it!” you squeal.”I’ll run isvecbahis the shower. Will you be joining me?” I ask.”I’d love to,” is your response.I enter the bathroom and turn on the water. I strip out of my bra and panties and await your entrance. You enter already naked and I admire your lithe frame. We remove our wigs and join hands to enter the steaming spray. We each scrub the makeup off our faces, then turn our attention to each other.”Turn around, Jenny, I’ll scrub your back,” I say. You turn your rear to me and I lather up the cloth. I begin with your shoulders, working my way down to your cute buns. I re-lather the cloth and lovingly wash your ass. You spread your legs slightly and I reach between to cleanse your balls. “Turn around and I’ll do your front,” I command. You oblige and I start at your neck. When I get to your pert nipples, they are protruding invitingly and I tweak them before isveçbahis giriş moving lower. Your cute cut cock  is beginning to rise, and I pay special attention to thoroughly scrubbing it. When I am done, it is at full sail and looks delicious. “Ok, your turn,” you whisper. I present my backside to you and you repeat the process on my back. I turn around for you to do my front, and you regard my somewhat limp uncut appendage.”Have you ever tried docking?” you ask innocently.”No, what is that?” I respond.”Let me show you,” you reply. You take my semi flaccid cock in your hands and pull my foreskin back. Then you place the tip of your erect shaft next to mine and pull my skin over your tip. I am transfixed by your actions and the sensation it produces. You begin to massage our joined rods and it is not long before I am fully erect. Your knob feels wonderful sliding next to mine inside my hood.”Oh, isveçbahis yeni giriş Jenny,” I pant, “I’ve never imagined anything so delightful.” We rock slowly, cocks joined tip to tip, and exchange a deep sensual kiss. I am filled with delight as we caress each other’s balls and our shafts separate.We are both standing at attention facing each other. Our lips lock again and the hot water flows over our aroused bodies. I reach for your stiff cock  and you do the same to me. Without thinking, we begin to jack each other. “Let’s cum together,” you pant. Our speed and rhythm increase uncontrollably and our mutual moans fill the shower stall. Soon I begin to feel the all too familiar rumblings of my building orgasm. “I’m really close, Jenny,” I whimper.”Me too. Just a few more strokes,” is your muted response. I erupt first, followed quickly by your spouting geyser. We milk each other dry and I watch in amazement as our cum mingles together and goes swirling down the drain. I feel limp, drained, and extraordinarily satisfied as we turn off the water and exit the tub. We towel each other off and you look at me with loving eyes.

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