Finally Cum


He couldn’t take it anymore! This was torture and he had to make it stop! She had been playing with him for more than an hour now, pleasuring him in ways he had never dreamed of before, doing things to him that were considered the highest reward – it was heaven. It was heaven apart from one small issue – he wasn’t allowed to cum. He wanted to so badly – his cock and his balls were in pain already – but she still wouldn’t let him cum. He had not seen almanbahis her in two weeks and was not allowed to cum without her. And now that he was here with her she still wouldn’t let him cum – he literally wanted to cry. Now she was sucking his cock – actually sucking it; something he would never have dreamed to aspire to. Her soft lips and warm mouth made him shiver and shake. His cock was oozing precum – it had been oozing for quite some time almanbahis yeni giriş now and he was afraid he would explode any second. “Please…” he begged through gritted teeth, “Please let me cum, Mistress.” “No!” she answered, letting his cock out of her mouth. He whimpered in reply – he wanted to cum more than anything; anything except obeying her. He tried really hard to think of something else – something disgusting that would bring almanbahis giriş his level of arousal down – but flashes of the last hour kept running through his mind. Top of the list of those flashes was when she got on top of him and let his cock enter her pussy – the glorious, so far unfelt sensation of her soft, moist flesh around his aching cock… She had ridden him hard and fast, causing him pleasure he had never felt before. When her pussy muscles clenched and her juices ran down his cock as she came, he thought he was going to pass out – and still she wouldn’t let him cum. Oh, god – he suddenly felt her spreading his ass cheeks, running a wet finger over his sensitive ass hole.

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