Feeding My Curiosity Pt. 04


There David and I were – shirtless in jeans lounging around his modern flat, holding whiskeys on the rocks, passing back and forth a joint.

My body felt like jello with my smile permanently extended.

I was on another planet – truly.

Both of our eyes nearly squinted shut as we sat there and talked about life, politics, relationships, sex, sports – you name the topic and I’m pretty sure we discussed it in our happy, stoned state of enjoyment.

The night tipped into the early morning as we eventually found ourselves cooking quesadillas in the kitchen laughing hysterically.

The bowl of grapes on the island became ammunition in a playful food fight, while the whipped cream can blasted into each other’s mouths.

David reached up into his liquor cabinet and turned around with devilish smile and a bottle of tequila to demand we celebrate my first time with a shot. He poured two shots, brought mine to my lips with, “here’s to new friends and lovers!”

As he was about to pour the shot into my mouth, he pulled it back and tossed it into his mouth, but then quickly brought his face over to me for a kiss where he then transferred the shot into my mouth. While smiling and kissing I swallowed the shot, which transitioned into a long, tequila drenched kiss.

The shot-turned-kiss really ignited our inebriated state to where we were now embracing each other tightly – lots of face grabbing and intense, somewhat sloppy, drunken kissing – I lifted David onto the kitchen counter. His legs wrapped around my hips as I was grinding into his body.

After minutes of making out, I reached down to unbutton his jeans as we both quickly realized it would be more efficient for both of us to just take our own pants off, which had us re-embracing naked while he was back on the counter.

His large cock was smashing into my belly button with pre-cum oozing all over. I removed my tongue from his mouth to trail down his neck, chest, abdomen and pelvic area to slowly ingest his massive cock into my mouth.

In my drunken, stoned state, I did my best to in essence make out with his large cock’s head. I licked up, down and around, including another first in sucking on his relatively small smooth sack. Everything was amazingly smooth on David’s body as I licked my way in and around his crevices.

David’s legs eventually lifted up over my shoulders while licking his shaft to provide a better angle into what he wanted next. He proceeded to grab his cock and balls, lift them up, for improved access, as he smiled to encourage me to continue further down introducing me to his ass.

“Taste me, Morgan – eat me,” he said as he titled his head backwards.

After a few seconds of calibrating how to navigate into this area, my hands spread his now open ass and ambitiously tongue-dived down into his tight, hairless asshole.

To my pleasant kaçak iddaa surprise, David tasted incredibly clean as I felt him pulling my hair with pleasure as a response to my new skill. As I’d push further into his ass, his hole would open up and I’d hear a moan follow.

David became more and more vocal with the enjoyment as I heard a loud, “Oh my god that tongue!”

After a few minutes of his thrashing pleasure, I decided I needed more and lifted him up with force and took David into my arms.

While cradling his muscular body, I carried him into his room and threw him onto the bed. The look he gave me as his legs opened up was a memorable one – it was a look of hunger, with a slight pinch of fear.

His heavy cock laid firm against his belly as he began to slowly stroke himself while intensely staring at me with, “come here, Morgan – now,” while slapping the bed next to him.

I turned off the main light and crawled onto the bed sliding in between his legs. I slid further up to immediately have our mouths regain our passionate kissing. After we flopped around a few times, I landed back on top and began to grind into David pelvic area.

As we passionately humped into each other, I lifted up David’s legs determined to find my way inside.

Yet again, even while drunk, I wasn’t remotely interested in stopping our intensity and passion to use protection, even though that flashed through my subconscious – I was on a mission to fuck this man.

One hand was fed a wad of spit to lubricate David’s hairless asshole and my hungry cock. I swirled around his hole with my stringy saliva and felt his warm entrance.

As my stiff cock approached the wet area, David squirmed a bit to have my cock push into his ball sack. I jockeyed into another angle to push inside, but again his body shifted to block my cock from his asshole.

This went on for quite a few attempts, nothing overt, but clearly David wasn’t wanting me inside.

My determined, well-lubricated thrusts would firmly find his area and continue to push for penetration, but eventually I subtly backed off.

I pulled back slightly from a kiss with, “I want inside you, David.”

He softly giggled back with a whisper into my ear, “Morgan, I’m a top.”

A few second were required to process the words, truly not understanding, “a what?”

“A top – do you not know what that means?”

“Are you a virgin?”

He laughed loudly and firmly squeezed me with, “no you dork – just means I like to fuck, not be fucked.”

My smile flipped into a sexual demonic look as a bit down on his bottom lip.

As I was biting and kissing him passionately, “nice try my friend – you just split me in two and took my cherry – now I want inside of you.”

This determination and alpha approach quickly had an impact as he returned with, “oh do you, Morgan”, as he wrapped kaçak bahis his legs tightly around my body.

I lifted up his legs again, spit another large wad of saliva into his asshole and my cock head and shifted my weight with determination to find his now drenched hole.

David helped the situation cupping his balls and lifting them for a clear path.

“You better enjoy it, Morgan – this might be the last time you’ll be inside me,” he said with a full smile while sucking onto my chin.

My cock lined up and found his asshole as I delicately pushed to find my entrance. His body further lifted to accompany my effort, which helped identify the target and almost immediately pop the head inside.

“Oh fucking god, Morgan.”

“Sorry sorry – pull out?”

“God no – just stay put – remember what I did?”

“Okay – give me that tongue.”

As our tongues licked and latched, lips bitten and hand weaved together while our bodies grew warm and sweaty with each other.

My arms began to pulsate while holding this position for minutes. I did my best to not move one inch with hopes he would soon push back at me wanting me further to penetrate his perfect little ass.

Minutes passed and finally he offered, “okay it’s starting to feel better – come in here a bit more,” as he pulled my ass into him with his hands.

His ass was the tightest thing my cock had ever felt. So tight that I began to worry I was going to come as I slide further inside, which had me freeze with, “hold on – I’m about to fill you up and do not want that to happen so quickly.”

Our continued drunken kissing distracted me enough to begin a slight deep grind. I was now all the way inside David when his head tilted back in rather pain, discomfort or pleasure.

As I pulled out slightly to start finding that sexual rhythm, David’s hands found my chest to slow me down. He clearly wasn’t enjoying my large cock tearing him apart.

“Are you okay? We can stop if this hurts too much.”

“It’ll get better – I’m just really small down there and your cock will take some time. I seriously haven’t been fucked in years so bare with me baby.”

“Baby huh,” as I slowly and gently pushed in all the way in.

“You like that?”

“I’m liking all of it,” I paused and quietly bit his ear with an added growl, “baby.”

That seemed to work as David rocked back at me as my cock began to slide in and out of his grippingly tight ass.

The sweat coming off my face was dripping all over him, which was wildly hot. Our bodies began to slap against each other as we were now officially fucking. Thankfully my cock moved past the intensity and really began quite the performance.

“Come inside me, Morgan.”

Just as he completed his demand, I flipped onto my back and grabbed for him to get on top of me.

David hopped on top of me, grabbed my cock and illegal bahis did his best to navigate it back inside. It took a few missing stabs into his balls, but eventually his sorted of wedged his way onto my cock.

This view was wild – David pouring sweat sitting on top of me with this thick cock jetting out past my belly button.

My hands gripped his heavy cock as he began to grind into my maxed out cock inside his body.

David sat himself upright as he began to fuck me with his hands now on my thighs. I jerked him off as he fucked my cock, which was a sight I’ll never forget.

Our pace was picking up, the sweat was flying everywhere, which led to David shooting a massive stream of come all over my body and neck.

In my passionate, hungry, drunken state, I pushed him off of me so I could try and suck on his cock as come was shooting out. My arms threw his body up towards me and he knew exactly where to deliver his pulsating cock – right into my mouth.

Thankfully his numbness couldn’t feel my teeth as I’m sure they scraped the hell out of him, but it what I wanted as I tasted his salty excitement fill up my mouth with one large gulp.

Within a few more spurts and gulps, I was ready to return to David’s wonderfully tight ass. I elevated up, he flopped onto his back and I wedged my way again between his legs.

My sloppy mouth, covered with come, plastered itself all over David’s face with a passionate kiss.

“Put him back inside,” I demanded.

David’s hand reached under and fit him back inside as he also grabbed back onto his balls and lifted.

I immediately went back into fucking him hard and deep while his legs bobbed up and down. After minutes of plowing into his sweaty body, David’s ass no longer felt as tight as his body decided to accommodate for my size.

It didn’t take long for me to finally feel the intense explosion as I unleashed inside of David’s ass. After a few pumps I began to hear slurping and suctioning noises as I filled him up after each deep thrust. My cock fell out after one of my full hip thrusts, which had me grab my drenched cock and forcefully place him back inside David’s gaping, wet ass.

“Holy fuck, Morgan.”

“Ahhhhh,” as my head tilted back.

“God damn – we just fucking met and I gave you my body.”

“Fuck is right, David. All this ignited from a damn massage.”

Both of us panting on our backs drenched in sweat, David added, “Sure – blame the massage. All I know is this – that’s the definition of chemistry my friend.” He responded.

My hands lifted in the air as I was not able to add any further detail – my body and brain were tattered with sexual exhaustion.

The post orgasm clarity was starting to arrive, and even in my drunken state I knew subconsciously who was coming home soon.

It didn’t matter – I was soaking in every second and inch of my experience with David and definitely knew my curiosity officially had happened for a reason.

I felt David’s hand grab onto mine in our frozen state and within seconds we were both passed out.

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