FANTASY I,VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF JEANNIEWhen the tv series started way back in the 1960s when it was still in black and white I missed all the early episodes as I was stuck overseas in Asia and a few hot spots they were and I don,t just mean the ridiculous heat and high humidity. When I got home on leave there she was the pixie like Barbara Eden. A petite beauty who just oozed sex yet seemed exotic in her skimpy Arab pyjamas. A programme that had an elfin genie in pyjamas yet suitable for the family to view, Should imagine thousands of young males just like me listed after Barbara and her loveable Jeannie genie character who always possessed that innocence yet was supposed to be over a thousand years old. How I wished I had my own personal Jeannie to relieve my sexual tension with just a shake of her pony tail and removing her clothing what little there was. I felt I could easily be her master Major Tony Nelson so well played by the late Larry Hagman who would go from lusted after most envied character in “Jeannie” to the villainous J. R, Ewing in Dallas later in bahis siteleri his career. Though I was no officer and had nothing to do with the space programme I had some idea the problems trying to keep a genie in a bottle could pose for a serving astronaut trying to show he wasn,t crazy. Often I fantasied it was me who found that ancient bottle in the sand on that beach and who unsuspecting lay rubs the bottle and Jeannie comes out to thank him for releasing her from her prison. “Thank you so much for releasing me from my prison, Master.” the beautiful Barbara as Jeannie would say. “Who are you? Where,d you come from? Thought I was stuck on this Godforsaken remote island on my own! I must be hallucinating.” I stammered. “I assure you are not hallucinating Master. I am a real flesh and blood genie.” “Butgenies are myths! They don,to exist!” I reasoned. “Do I not look real, feel real?” she touched my arm and her hand indeed felt warm. “But how did you get here?” “The evil wizard Hakim imprisoned me for loving his son Prince Mogul in the year 1465. My name is canlı bahis siteleri Asheeyah.” she explained. “What you,ve been in that bottle for five hundred years?” I asked, incredulous. “Yes Master and I was beginning to think I,d be in there for eternity, but with much gratitude I am now your servant for life.” “But no one lives that long!” “No mortals do not, but I am immortal and have been around since before you Lord was born or most religious figures for that matter. My religion is magic nothing else.” “In that case why not get me off this island and back in my home?” I suggested. “But of course. Aster.” She looked at me with those gorgeous big blue eyes, folded her arms and nodded her head making her pony tail bob and there was a puff of white smoke and seconds later we were standing in my parents house in eastern Washington state with no one home as my parents were at work and younger brother in school. “I checked much watch to note it had just gone two pm in the afternoon. “Your homes are somewhat different from the ones I,m used to Master. Where canlı bahis are we any way?” “Do you not know where you brought me genie,,, err that,s what I,ll call you instead of Asheeyah. Do you mind?” “As you wish Master I am now Jeannie,” “We,re in America in the state of Washington. Jeannie.” “Hmmm. Looks like much has happened since I was imprisoned. I will have to read up,on changes very soon so Inwon,t embarrass you Master.” “Well first of all neither my parents are rich. Not asking for a fortune, but could use enough to pay our bills.” “ One thing I can,t do is give you wealth, but I can help you with games of chance.” “Well then take me back to my base and we,ll have a go at the one armed bandit slot machines.” “And you,d better dress like my girl friend or we,ll get weird looks!” I warned her. Within seconds she was transformed. She,d lost her tiara and pyjamas to be replaced by a sky blue minidress almost too short with white thigh length patent leather boots. “Will I do Master?” “You certainly will Barbara’s I meanJeannie. Let,s go.” Within seconds we were outside the NCOs club at my base arriving in my late model Chevy corvette(Jeannie had converted my old Chevy banger). People looked at this three stripe sergeant with his beautiful blonde companion with body to die for. TBC

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