Family Therapy


(Billy 19)

“I don’t know where you want me to start.” Billy stated as he looked at the woman sat behind her desk in front of him.

“That’s not unusual Billy. How about I help and get you going?”

“Ok. Sounds like a plan.”

“Why don’t you tell me about your life at home before all this came about? Tell me about your mum and sister?” Dr Jameson just loved cases like this. She dealt with many scenarios in her sessions, but incest was definitely her favourite. She knew when she had the family visit last week that this was going to be one case that would give many, many nights of self pleasure when she went home at nights.

“Welllll.. They were both bitches to be honest. They were always bitching at me for no reason. I could never be left alone.”

“And why do you think that is Billy?”

“Because they’re man-haters. Mum’s hated men ever since she divorced my dad and my sister follows along with everything she says. I’ve always thought it was a shame, because they’re both really beautiful women.”

“Yes. I agree. What is it you see that makes them beautiful Billy?” She was sure she knew the answer to this before even asking it. She noticed that Billy hesitated before answering.

“Well they’re both naturally stunning. They could both have almost any man they chose to set their mind on. They have awesome bodies. You know you get some women that have nice tits or nice bums? My mum and sister have both. Add that to long legs and dressing to please, it blows most other women out of the water.” Dr Jameson hadn’t failed to notice Billy’s drop to her burgeoning bust line as he mentioned theirs.

“So seeing your mother and sister dressed to please caused you to have feeling of say, a sexual nature towards them?”

“No of course not.” he said indignantly. “Just because we’re family doesn’t mean that I can’t notice how beautiful they are does it?”

“No, you’re right. But maybe you had a deep down desire for them. Do you think that’s possible?”

“NO..” He said a bit too quickly as far as Dr Jameson was concerned. She’d come back to that later.

“So, did you do lots of things as a family? You know, go out to dinner, maybe outings or some such?”

“No. I kept away from them as much as I could. I spent most of my time on my Xbox in my room, away from them. It was bad enough when I was in the presence of one of them, when they were both together they always ended up giving me a hard time. I could do without it.”

Dr Jameson studied the young man in front of her. He was quite good looking. Tall, with shaggy blond hair about shoulder length. He wasn’t overly muscular and by all accounts appeared to be a bit of a nerd. She couldn’t help but wonder what had attracted the two beautiful women sat in her waiting room to him in the first place.

“Ok Billy. I don’t want to get any deeper at this time. Why don’t you go back to the waiting room and ask your sister to come in.” Billy got out of his chair and headed to the door. Dr Jameson checked her recording devices and had just finished putting her personal one down when Christine walked in.

Christine 22

Dr Jameson watched Christine as she came through the door and made her way to the chair Billy had been sat in. The doctor could smell the attitude coming off of her. She expected worse from her mother.

“Good morning Christine. How are you today?”

“I’m good ta.”

“So why don’t you tell me about your home life, say about six months ago?”

“It was good. Apart from my dorky brother.”

“Why do you consider him to be dorky, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“No reason..”

“Come on Christine, I can’t help you if you won’t help me.” The doctor said as she observed Christine in front of her. She really is quite beautiful. She’d had numerous female lovers in her time and there was no way that she would pass up the chance of passing this gorgeous creature up.

“Well, he was always getting in the way, interfering between me and mum. Just being a pain really.”

“So, is it safe to assume that you were a little jealous of him?”

“No.. Just didn’t like him.”

“Ok, Christine. We’ll come back to that later. So, I assume it’s safe to say that you’re all getting along better now?” the doctor didn’t fail the smirk flash across the girl’s mouth.

“We’re doing ok.”

“Good. How did this come about?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well one day you both can’t stand each other, the next day you’re getting along fine. So what happened?”

“Oh. Well, I accidentally saw his dick..”

“Were you a virgin Christine? I assume you had seen a dick before?”

“Of course I’d seen a dick before, besides, my mum says a dick that big is called a cock. It’s a big cock.”

“And how did you accidentally see this big cock of your brothers Christine?” Dr Jameson was getting into this now. She was a definite size queen. They say that size doesn’t matter. To her that was bullshit.

“One morning I walked into the bathroom, I didn’t realise isvecbahis yeni giriş he was in the shower, when I did, I could see him wanking. Even through the fog on the glass, I could see him using two hands.”

“What did you do..”

“I just watched. It was like I was hypnotised. I couldn’t look away. I’d never seen one like it. I kept watching until he came. And that was more cum than I’d ever seen in my life. I’ve had plenty of lovers, not one of them has had a cock like that or cum like that. It was unreal. When he’d finished, I left the bathroom before he noticed me. I went straight down and told my mum. We share everything.”

“Ok. Thank you for being so honest with me Christine. Please go back into the waiting room. I’m just going to make some notes and then I’ll call your mother in.”

Dr Jameson watched the girl walk to the door. “She really does dress to please. Lovely slender legs, heels, short skirt. My god, she must have men and women climbing all over her.” Dr Jameson could already feel herself getting a little excited as she listened to both tapes again. As she listened to Christine’s part of the recording she could plainly see how exciting it was for her to talk about her brothers cock. It was time to get the mother in. She’d been looking forward to this.

Caroline 42

“Hello again Caroline. I’ve heard as you know from your children, why don’t you take it from when Christine told you about seeing Billy in the shower that morning?”

“Morning doctor. Well to be honest I was mortified. I very nearly ran up there and laid it into him. But then Christine calmed me down. I could see was acting a little strange too. It was like she was in another world. Every time I spoke to her she had to ask me to say it again. I slowly realised that she was thinking about what she had seen.”

“So what did you do?”

“I initially ignored it. But to be honest doctor, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I wanted to see it for myself. I grew a little jealous of Christine. She’d seen it and I hadn’t. Plus, there was always the seed of doubt. Maybe Christine was exaggerating, but I really wanted to find out.”

“Ok Caroline. So what did you do?” the doctor knew she had to take it slowly, but she was getting impatient.”

“I didn’t do anything for a while. But then I noticed that Christine was acting different around Billy. Especially in her clothing and was being more touchy feely with him. I was confused. But then it hit me. Christine’s always been a tease, like me. She was using her skills on her brother to get a reaction out of him.”

“And how did you feel about that Caroline?”

“I did what comes naturally to me. I competed. I started doing the same. Believe me doctor, I wrote the book on teasing. I thought Christine didn’t stand a chance.”

“But what did you think Christine’s aim was throughout this?”

“It wasn’t until later that I realised that she’d already seen it and could only assume that she wanted something more.”

“How did that make you feel Caroline?”

“I guess I became more determined.”

“So while you and your daughter were showing your gorgeous bodies off, what was Billy doing?”

“At first I could see he was nervous, very nervous in fact. You see, myself and Christine were complete bitches to him, just because he’s a male. But when the big cock came into it, it sort of changed things pretty quickly.”

Dr Jameson watched Caroline carefully. This was obviously exciting her. She could see her crossed legs squeezing together while a hand kept stroking the top one. Unbeknown to the doctor, Caroline was studying her too. She could see the doctor watching her naked legs. She liked that, very much. She decided to up the game, see how far Dr Jameson would go. She was so obviously turned on.

“Hmmm.. Did you enjoy teasing Billy?”

“Fuck yes.. I loved it. It’s so much better when you tease someone who’s not sure about what’s going on. If it’s someone who’s cocksure of themselves, it sort of takes the fun out of it.”

“Even if it is your own son?”

“Yes. Even then. You know something Dr Jameson.. Excuse me, can I call you by your first name, I feels that as we’re talking personal, it should be more on a personal nature.”

“Oh. Of course. It’s Linda. Now what were you going to tell me?”

“Cool. Ok Linda. When I was younger I used to catch my dad looking at me. You know, really looking. Especially if my mum wasn’t around. I liked that. I started showing off for him, not that he knew I was doing it on purpose, but I loved driving him crazy. It was easy, I’ve always had these girls and I learnt early on how to use them. I used to do it till he’d have to run away and beat himself off.”

Linda was staring open mouthed. “Di.. Did you..?”

“Oh you want to know if I fucked him… Well, no I didn’t. He was much too afraid to go that far. It was just our unspoken of secret. I would of though. He was a handsome man in his day. I don’t tease him now. Poor isvecbahis giriş sod would have a heart attack.”

“Let’s get back to Billy. What happened next?” Linda was doing her best to remain professional, but was really having a hard time of it with this gorgeous, brazen woman in front of her.

“Me and Christine talked about it. It was no use competing with each other and so we teamed up on him. We’d spent years picking on him together, why not tease him together. So that’s what we did.”

“And how did you do this?” Linda wanted to know.

“We did all our teasing in the home, luckily we have a secluded garden so some was done out there. I took to wearing stockings and heels much more often. Christine’s too young really to appreciate the power of nylons. She would oil her legs up and wear heels, her shortest shorts and skirts. The funny thing was, Billy took to being around us much more than he did. We’re a much closer family now.”

Linda tried to sit still as Caroline spoke to her. It was getting really difficult. When Caroline came into the office last week, she knew it would be interesting. But, she hadn’t realised how seductive and brazen this woman was. She could hardly drag her eyes away from this woman’s legs. She was shaken from her thoughts as Caroline spoke to her.

“Are you turned on Linda? I see you can’t take your eyes off of my legs. Nice aren’t they? I do lots of running. You never know when some cute doctor is going to get their head between them.”

Caroline stood up and walked towards the doctor. Linda was stumped for words. This was so unprofessional. She could lose her practice if this ever came to light. But hell, this family turned her on like crazy. Caroline walked behind the desk and held her hand out to the nervous doctor.

“Don’t be frightened Linda, I’m not gonna eat you. Maybe I will though. Maybe we can eat each other. What do you think?” Caroline held her hand out towards the doctor.

“Come lovely, let’s make use of that sofa.” She helped Linda out of her chair. “Hmmm, I think our doctor’s a horny bitch, isn’t she? Just like me. Would you like to see my sons cock?.. I think you would. He’ll show it to you know and it will be hard. It’s always hard now, we keep him hard. I bet Christine’s out there now keeping him all worked up. Come, let’s sit here.”

Caroline sat Linda down and sat close to her. She could see a slight tremor in the doctor. “Look at me Linda, look how wet I am.” she pulled her skirt up. Linda was lost and couldn’t help herself. Her eyes looked between Caroline’s legs; her naked pussy was on full display. Caroline scooted down until her cunt was off the cushion. Linda was unable to resist. She fell quickly to her knees and attacked Caroline’s sopping cunt with relish.

“Fuck…Ohh you filthy bitch… That’s so good.. I think you like my pussy don’t you.. Fuck.. Let’s see what else you like.”

“KIDS..COME IN HERE.” she called out. Linda continued to eat her patient out.

Christine was first through the door. “Fucking hell mum. The doctor’s eating you out. That is so cool.”

Caroline looked up at her daughter, smiled, she then looked at her son. His cock, as predicted, was solid in his pants and the beginning of a wet spot was appearing. His sister had obviously been using her talents on him.

“Fuck me kids, she’s good too. Come in and close and lock the door. We could be awhile. The doctors a fucking horny bitch.. Fuck..Yes.”

Billy did as his mother asked, never once taking his eyes off the sight before him. His sister stood watching her mother and the doctor, her hand underneath her mini skirt. Her mother had always turned her on. Even more now since they’d started sharing Billy’s huge cock. In the process of the sharing, they’d discovered each other. Once they’d worn poor Billy down, they always had each other.

“Put your fingers in me doctor.. That’s it.. Lick my clit too honey.. FUCK.. god yes..” The sexy mature slut looked towards her daughter and patted the space beside her. As Christine sat beside her, Caroline reached down and gently pushed the doctor’s head away.

“Fuck.. Your good at this.. Linda, do you want to know how we got Billy to take that big cock out for us?” Linda nodded, although it was pretty mute by this point. “I thought you might.. Watch.” Caroline pulled her daughter down and kissed her. Gently at first, but it wasn’t long before a full on making out session was going.

Billy watched the display. He loved watching his mum and sister make out. It was his favourite thing of all. Plus he had the added spectacle of the sexy doctor on her knees ploughing two fingers into his mother’s wet cunt. He didn’t need to be told this time. He quickly unzipped himself and pulled his jeans down. He was glad he’d listened to his mother this morning and gone commando, he been practically hard all morning.

Mother and daughter separated. The kiss had been so full on that drool still connected their lips together.

“Look isvecbahis güvenilirmi behind you Linda dear, but keep pumping those sexy fingers into me.” Linda turned.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD… is that fucking real?” In front of her was the biggest cock she’d ever seen. It was 11.5 inches long, so thick that she very much doubted that she could get her long fingers around it. As for her mouth, maybe just the helmet.

“Oh yes honey.. Very real. Touch it. It won’t bite.”

“Can I?”

“Of course, he wants you too. Stroke him honey, make it cum for you. Be careful though doc, he gets very excited when we’re making out.”

Caroline and Christine continued making out. Linda swapped hands and used her right one to stroke Billy’s cock the best she could. She’d never seen a cock like it. The biggest before was 10 inches and even that was as thin as a pencil. But this was enormous. She could feel it pulsing as it beat with his heartbeat. Pre-cum was literally drooling from its eye and running down her wrist. Billy groaned. It must have sent a warning to both the kissing girls.

“No Billy. Don’t cum all over Linda. Think of her clothes.”

“No. It’s fine Caroline. I really, really, want him to. Fuck me, I can’t believe this..” it didn’t go unnoticed by Caroline that as Linda spoke, she directed Billy’s about to cum cock at her face.

“That’s it doc, I’m gonna cum… fucking hell….it’s gonna be a big one…FUUUCCCKKK…Yessss.”

Billy’s cock lurched and shook in Linda’s hand. She never took her eyes off it as she pumped harder and faster. As if in slow motion a huge splash hit her in the face. It just kept cumming. By the time he was finished, it was in her hair, all over her still clothed tits and running through her cleavage. There was masses of the stuff.

Without fail, as Billy was cumming over the doctor, Caroline’s fingers brought Christine to her shuddering climax and Linda, who had managed to keep her fingers pumping inside Caroline, brought her off too. Mind you, just the sight of Billy coming was always enough to bring his girls off.

Linda slowly opened her eyes to look at the cock that had just covered her in more spunk than she’d ever seen at one time, pursed her lips and sucked at the cum that was still oozing out. She turned to face the two smiling women sat on her couch.

“So much, and tasty too.” she said as she licked her lips. Her arms spread out before her she looked up at Caroline. “I have a change of clothes in the wash room. I won’t be long.”

The mother watched her get up and head towards a door in the far corner. Kissing her daughter on the lips she got up to follow. Linda faced her once they were inside. Caroline smiled her brightest smile. She really did like this woman.

“Listen Linda, we’re happy the way we are. We are finally a family. What happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors. We’ve never been happier. The one rule we have is that we don’t have sex with other partners outside the family. I have a feeling about you. I know we’ve only just met, but I’d love for you to be a part of our family. The choice is up to you.”

Linda looked at Caroline like she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Are you serious Caroline?”

“Of course I am honey. Linda, I am aware of what I am. I know I’m stunning and beautiful. I’ve been told it all my life. Please don’t be intimidated by me, because you’re beautiful too.. If you weren’t, none of that in there would have happened. I’ve been thinking about you since last week, hoping I could be with you in some way. Why don’t you think about it and we’ll talk when you come back outside. Ok?”

“Yes..Yes, I will. I won’t be long.”

After Caroline had gone back to her children, Linda thought about what she’d said. If she was totally honest, there wasn’t much to think about. Those 3 people out there excited her in every way possible. She couldn’t help but feel that she wanted to be closer to them. She looked in the mirror at herself, still unable to believe the amount of cum the boy had sprayed on her. She could still taste Caroline’s tangy pussy in her mouth and wondered what the daughter would taste like. She hoped to find out very soon.

Linda left the wash-room not knowing what to expect. She thought maybe the family were in there carrying on where they left off. She was actually surprised when she got back into the office and they were all sat there on the sofa sitting normally. The family watched Linda walk towards them. Caroline was looking at her expectantly.

“I’d love to. I’d love to be considered as part of your family if you’ll have me.”

Caroline smiled her Brinkley smile, Christine gave a little squeal, while Billy being more reserved just smiled a knowing smile.

“That’s great honey. Feel free to come over any time you’d like. Here’s our phone number and address.”

“Ummm, would tonight be too soon?”

“I was hoping you’d say that. Say, it’s Friday. You don’t have any appointments tomorrow to you?”

“Well no. I don’t.”

“So why not pack a bag and spend the night, even the weekend if you want. It’ll be fun. The kids can share one of their own beds; me and you can share my bed. I’m really looking forward to that.”

Linda looked into Caroline’s eyes. “Me too.”

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