Extra-Curricular Activites: Part 1


All persons in this story are 17 years or above. Period 6 on a Friday. The Graveyard Shift. A classroom at 28 degrees filled with surly, uncooperative teenagers fuelled by hormones and the urgent desire to get the hell out of there. It was these times that forced Danni to remind herself why she did her job; although it was difficult to pin-point exactly what that was right now. “Okay, everyone. We all want to get out of here and enjoy the weekend but that isn’t going to happen until all of you have handed in your coursework first-drafts.” A chorus of groans emitted from the mass of students. “Yes, yes I know. Please get the copies that I know you will have dutifully printed out for me and I’ll come round to collect them.” Amidst the shuffling of bags and paper Danni went around and collected the depressingly small amount of coursework presented to her. She was greeted by the usual chimes of “My printer’s broken”, “Miss the computer crashed”, “That was for today? I didn’t know!”; this niggled as it always did until she reached the chair at the back right-hand corner – Jake Horner’s seat. “Coursework, Jake.” Danni commanded, proffering her hand to him. “Oh, Miss, you see, my printer malfunctioned, after my computer lost all my work and then the dog ate my computer.” almanbahis A raucus outburst of snorting and guffawing filled the room until Danni turned, glaring at the rest of the students and it peetered into tense silence.Danni had been so close to snapping all day; the heat had set her on edge, her keys had played hide-and-seek this morning and her car had decided to play the Breakdown Overture on the drive to work. And then there was Jake. For some reason he pushed all her buttons; Smug, arrogant and mouthy, he charmed his way through with the other teachers but decided to act like a complete shit in her classes. She knew, just knew he’d been saving his A-game of ‘Who Can Be The Biggest Asshole?’ for her. And she snapped.”Oh yes, Jake. Very amusing,” Danni said in her best cutting tone. “Maybe it’ll seem a little less funny while you’re thinking about it in after-school detention.””What?!” Jake protested, “But other people didn’t hand theirs in!””Ah, yes, but you see Jake, everybody else has shown me that they have at least started their coursework. You haven’t shown me a single thing all term. Ergo, detention.””Ugh, for how long?””As long as I decide!” Danni said with finality. As if reading her thoughts the school bell rang, signalling the end of almanbahis yeni giriş the day. Before Danni could even dismiss anyone the room was a cacophony of scraping chairs and excited chatter. Floods of students pushed past her until it was just Danni and Jake alone.There he was staring inscrutably at her. He had a very odd expression on his face and she couldn’t tell what he was thinking. It felt like he was sizing her up, which made Danni oh-so very aware of her body. Still bubbling with suppressed anger she stood a little straighter as she walked up to his desk and a long langorous smile slid onto his face. He kicked his shoes off onto the floor and swung his legs up on the desk. Danni sighed.”Why Jake? This isn’t necessary. You’re smart, I know it, I’ve seen your work. You don’t even have to try – so why not do your coursework?”He smiled enigmatically and her temper flared again. She couldn’t take the smiling. She marched swiftly over and knocked his feet off the table. Placing her hands on it she leaned in;”Do you want to fail? See, if I fail you in this class – which I will if this continues – you’ll have to go to Summer School, or worse, repeat your entire senior year. That sound fun?”Still Jake smiled as his eyes slid ostentatiously almanbahis giriş to her cleavage, which, she realised too late, was a lot closer to his face than she’d like. Blushing red, she stood up quickly and folded her arms across her chest. To her surprise Jake stood up as well.He was more than her equal in height and, she hated to admit it, a little intimidating. As he took a few steps around the desk towards her, she felt the air crackle; starting to feel suddenly hot she looked quickly to the door.”Jake, what are you trying to do?” She asked in her best attempt at nonchalance.”You asked me why I don’t do my work,” he said, still advancing. Danni started backing up until she hit the desk behind her. He moved even closer. “It’s so I get detention. I’ve been trying to get one from you all term – you’ve got a long fuse.””What? But why would-“”To get you alone. Any excuse to get you alone…Miss,” he whispered in a dangerously quiet voice. He was practically face to face with her now.Danni’s stomach leapt and she felt certain parts of her anatomy melt a little as she saw how he looked at her. Before she could start to speak Jake’s hands were on her, spinning and slamming her against the wall. Suddenly his lips were crushing hers in a painfully passionate kiss.Danni’s mind went blank as her senses exploded with lust. For that moment she wasn’t in control, her libido took over as she opened her mouth and sought out his tongue while her hands snaked through the back of his hair, pulling him even closer.

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