Exploring New Things Pt. 04


(This scene contains anal and food play)


I’m so excited to meet up with you! I’ve come prepared to try out a fantasy of mine, one of yours, and maybe a little extra if we have time and energy. Tonight, we’re meeting at a nice hotel. For once, we have the whole night together!

I’ve beat you to the room today. I’ve arrived extra early because I’m thrilled for the evening. I brought my own little bag of tricks with me in hopes you’ll agree to what I want.

“I’m feeling quite adventurous today. Will you let me play?” I ask. You smile with one brow raised in question. I just stare back at you and you finally nod. I continue, “So you’ll let me be in charge? Just for a little while?” “Yes……for now” you respond. I drop the bag and kiss you quickly in excitement. This is going to be fun!

As I kiss you, I put my arms around you underneath the bottom your shirt, enjoying the movement of your muscles. Pretty soon the kiss has turned from teasing to an intense feasting. I pull your shirt off first and while yours is being thrown across the room, you rip mine off. You lick the swell of my breasts over my bra before removing it completely. You bury your face in my chest which makes me giggle. You take your time feeling me up and sucking on my nipples until they’re hard peaks.

The passion continues to flame higher as we finish stripping each other, exploring each other’s bodies as we go kissing, sucking, teasing, and at times nibbling. I pull away and grin at you. I dig through my bag and fish a small package out of it. I can’t help but admire your physique as I rip open the package and crawl over to you. When I’m on my knees, your cock is the perfect height for me to engulf it in my mouth.

I teasingly lick all around you. I start slowly, exploring you, watching your reaction to each flick of my tongue to see what you like best. I move down and gently suck on each of your balls drawing out a drop of precum from your tip. I gently suck the head, tasting and teasing you a little bit. I pull off, lick my hand, and pour the contents of the package into my mouth. I use my hand to help stroke and control you a bit so I can quickly take you into my mouth as deep as possible without gagging. You feel tingly sensations all over your dick while I suck and twirl my tongue around you while stroking the base.

“Holy shit that’s awesome!” “What is that?” you exclaim. I hum in appreciation of your reaction which causes you to shiver. You grab a hold of my hair firmly, but you don’t force my movements like usual. You let me play with you and do what I want. After a minute, I quickly pull off, pour more contents in my mouth, and resume sucking on you gently. I start shallowly at first and gradually suction harder, taking you deeper as I go until I can’t take any more.

I can tell you’re close and I back off, starting the pattern again. I repeat it until you finally lose control. You fist my hair and force me to take all of you. I’m aroused and moan at your reaction. The different sensations set you off. You groan loudly and come down my throat.

When you’ve finished your last pulse, you pull me up and grab the package out of my hand. It’s called BJ Blast (essentially safe pop rocks for pleasure). “We’ll be getting more of this” you say with a smile. “What other surprises do you have in there?” you ask. I start listing items as I remove them from the bag “Redi-Whip, in case you’d like a snack, lube, and if you’re beşevler escort into experimenting a little I brought my 3 different sizes of plugs.” You stare at me for a minute and say, “I can’t wait to lick whipped cream off your body, wherever I choose to put it. Are you sure your willing to try the others?” you ask. I respond, “I’ve gotten to the 2nd size on my own. I know it’s something you want and I’m willing, but I can’t promise it’ll work so please don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t. But I’ll try.” You kiss me sweetly and slowly. “I promise I won’t be upset no matter what and I’ll go slow,” you say. I nod in agreement.

You grab the items and lead me over to the bed “hands and knees,” you command. I climb up into position. You can tell I’m nervous, so you softly caress and massage from my back down to my thighs repeatedly. Your touch is both arousing and soothing to me.

After a bit, you open the lube and spread it all over my ass and the smallest size plug. You use your finger to get lube inside me and slowly push it in and out, getting me used to the sensation. You add a second finger and start to stretch me a bit. Once you think I’m ready, you place the plug at the bud of my entrance and slowly push it in. It burns a little, but it’s ok. Once it’s in, you leave it alone so I can adjust to it. After a few minutes, you push it in and out of me, continuing to stretch me.

Then, you lube up the next size plug. You pull the other out of me and quickly push the 2nd one in until it’s about halfway in. It’s quite a bit bigger and it stings. You can tell I’m tensing up, so you circle my clit unexpectedly. This motion distracts me and gets my mind off the intrusion. I moan from the pleasure while the rest of the plug pops in. Its stretching and uncomfortable. You take a few minutes to calm my body by caressing and teasing me until I’m about to orgasm.

Then, you thrust the plug in and out again. Oh my! It’s intense and strange. You repeat the process with the 3rd size. Oh my god it’s huge! It’s burning and stretching me so much! I don’t know if I can take you. My body is stiff with tension so this time you bend down and lick my slick folds from behind, catching me by surprise. You lick and suck on me until I’m quivering with need and have almost forgotten about the plug except for the arousing fullness I feel.

You stand up and slide your cock into me. I’m so turned on; you go in easily. With the plug in, you feel even larger than usual. It’s so tight! Between your dick and the toy, I’m sure every pleasure point I have is being battered. You only thrust a few times and I’m on the edge before you stop, remove the plug, and lube your dick. Again, I tense up. I can’t help but be nervous even though I’m excited and ready for you.

You slide your cock in the crack of my ass cheeks down to my pussy and back up. It slides smoothly between our juices and the lube. After a moment, your cock is at the bud of my entrance. You push in slow and gentle. You get the tip in without issue then continue to push in. This feels so dirty and erotic. When you feel me tense up, you stop and back up a tiny bit before pushing forward again. You go as slow and gentle as possible leaving small kisses and licks on my neck and back.

I trust you and am able to relax and allow you in. It takes a bit but eventually your completely in me. You stop, fully sheathed, and breathe deep while clenching your jaw beylikdüzü escort to hold back your orgasm. I can tell that you want to thrust hard, but you hold back, allowing me to get used to you there. You’re so big! I can feel you pulse and swell inside me. It’s really intense. This is so new and arousing, dirty and hot. You reach around and thumb my clit while dipping a finger inside me. The sensations combine into an intense erotic jolt of pleasure, shooting through my body. I need you.

You continue to finger me as you thrust in and out of my ass. It only takes a few thrusts and I can feel you tense up. I can feel the heat of your cum shooting into me as you groan in ecstasy. The different sensations and your obvious pleasure have me close, but I can’t seem to let go. You don’t give me a second to think or get frustrated. You finger me quickly and pinch my clit, quickly sending me over the edge into an intense orgasm. You can feel me pulsing around you, prolonging your orgasm. When the last vestige of pleasure is gone, you slip out of me and we both fall limp onto the bed, completely sated. My body is sore. It feels well used and abused in the most delicious way. I look over and you’re blissed out with a smile. “That was better than I ever imagined! You’re amazing!” you say in awe. “Yes, it was,” I respond.

I get up and go to the bathroom to clean up. When I’m finished, you take your turn and I collapse in bed, falling asleep immediately. I awake sometime later with your arms wrapped around me, your warm bare chest against my back and your cock up against my ass. It’s comforting and I fall back asleep for a while longer.

I wake up and you’re not there. I listen for a minute and hear the shower running. I get up and head that direction. I walk into a wall of steam when I open the bathroom door. You hear me and peak around the curtain. “Good morning, sunshine!” you say. “Morning,” I reply. “Care to join me?” you ask as you hold your hand out to me. I take your hand and step into the shower.

We take our time, kissing and scrubbing each other clean. You get out first and hand me a towel to dry off. Once I’m dry, you had me a bathrobe to put on. It’s soft and warm. “Are you hungry? I know you want coffee.” you ask. “I always want coffee and sure, I could eat.” I respond. You pick up the phone and order room service. You order eggs, bacon, coffee with cream, hot chocolate, and marshmallows. “Marshmallows for breakfast?” I ask. “It’s for the hot chocolate.” you say. I don’t recall you ever drinking hot chocolate. I rarely see you drink anything other than coffee or soda, but I decide not to question it.

We sit around, talking and joking around for a while. It’s nice to have the time to just relax. There’s a knock on the door, breakfast has arrived. Once everything is settled at the table, you tip the gentleman and lock the door behind him. I immediately go for my coffee with cream. It’s delicious. You put a plate out for me, and we eat in comfortable silence.

When we’re finished eating, you put all the dishes away except the coffee, hot chocolate, and marshmallows. “Come here,” you say as you grab my hand, pulling me to you. You maneuver me so I’m between you and the table. I give a quizzical look, wondering what’s on your mind. You push me up on to the table and pull my robe apart, baring me to you again. My breasts and pussy are on full display for you. bilecik escort You stand there and stare at me. “What are you doing?” I ask. “Eating breakfast,” you respond. You lean down and leave soft kisses along my stomach.

I close my eyes, sigh, and revel in the feeling of every little brush and kiss you give me. You’re exploring my body as if it’s the first time. All of a sudden, I feel cold against my right nipple. My eyes flash open in alarm. I look down and you’ve sprayed the cold whipped cream on me. You proceed to spray my left nipple as well and then all over my pussy, even spraying some inside me. You then top the whipped cream with a marshmallow in each area. The chill of the cream against my heated skin is shocking and erotic. I can’t decide if I feel like a meal or your art project. You look at me and say, “That’s the best meal I’ve ever seen.”

You make me feel beautiful and sexy. I’m extremely turned on. I can feel my wetness dripping down into the crack of my ass. You take a few steps back, get out your phone, and take a picture of me. I start to protest but you just say, “Trust me.” I do. I’m giving you more than I’ve ever given anyone, and it scares me, but I know you wouldn’t harm me in any way. “Look,” you say as you show me the picture. Holy shit! I look sexy with my eyes half closed in arousal. “This is what I see when I look at you,” you tell me. Fuck, that’s hot.

You put the phone away and come back to the table I’m sprawled out on. You lean over me and lick the marshmallow off my left nipple. I can feel your movement through the remaining whipped cream, but it’s not enough. I want to feel your tongue on me. You smack your lips and say “Yum.” Then lean forward and lick all the whipped cream off that tit. The coolness of the cream, the hot breath of your mouth, the scrape of your tongue against me….. it’s amazing!

When that breast has been licked clean, you continue in the same way on the other breast. I’m moaning. I want your touch. I feel like I’m about to fly out of my skin if you don’t get in me soon. When that side has been cleaned off, you lick your way down to my pussy. Again, starting with the marshmallow. I’m dripping so much! I don’t think there’s any more cream inside me at all, but it doesn’t stop you. You lick off all the whipped cream, taking special care to spear your tongue inside of me and get as much as you can. “I need you in me!” I groan as I squirm against your mouth. It feels wonderful but I want more.

You pull your robe off and slide into me in one smooth lunge. “Yes!” I yell out. I grab my legs and heft them up over your shoulders. Then you lean down closer to me. From this angle, you feel like you’re going deeper than you ever have before. I can feel every part of you! I’m moaning and yelling as you thrust into me harder and harder. You lean down even more, bending me in half, and devour my mouth as you lunge. Harder and deeper. I feel like you’re going to split me apart! “Oh God!” I can’t help but scream out.

My whole body tenses up and shakes as my orgasm blows me apart. I’m yelling out but I don’t know what I’m saying. My mind is no longer occupying my body. I’m riding the waves of pleasure as they threaten to take me under. I’m lost in the ebb and flow. I don’t know how long I was out of it. When my orgasm is finally completed, the only reason I know you came is because I can feel your cum inside me and you’re resting on my stomach. I’m kind of disappointed I didn’t get to see you experience your orgasm. I hope yours was as intense as mine was.

We enjoy the tranquility and post-orgasmic bliss for a little bit. Then we take a bath together, relaxing and soothing our exhausted muscles. After that, it’s time to go. We dress, gather up our belongings, kiss, and part ways.

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