Everyone Has Needs Pt. 02


Everyone Has Needs 2

Author’s note: This story takes place immediately after the first installment. I highly recommend you read the first story so that you can know what’s going on, and why this story starts out the way it does.

Erin stood naked in her mother’s bedroom, confusion evident on her face as she took in the sight of her naked son standing in front of her, and Missy’s words still reverberating in her head. Clearly, Chris and Missy, her son and mother, respectively, had been intimate. A thousand questions began racing through her mind. Before Erin could voice one of them, Chris spoke up, “Let me explain.”

“Please do, because I need to know what the fuck is going on in my house!” Erin said, her voice an angry whisper.

“Mom, please,” Chris pleaded.

Erin took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “Okay, I’ll get into therapist mode and try to calmly listen to what you two have to say.”

“Well, it’s like this- Missy and I slept together last night.”

Erin felt her heart racing and knew her cheeks were turning red. “Go on,” she said.

Missy sat up in the bed, not bothering to cover her naked breasts. “We decided, as adults, that it would be okay for us to satisfy each other’s physical needs. With us being stuck in the house for this quarantine, we agreed that a little pleasure between us wouldn’t hurt anybody.”

Erin took another deep breath. “I have to go shower. You need to get back into your room before your father wakes up,” she said, looking at Chris. She then looked at both her son and mother, “Best believe, we will talk about this later.” Before either of them could respond, Erin gripped the towel on her shoulder and opened the door to leave.

Chris threw a glance at his grandmother, who shrugged her shoulders. “That could’ve been much worse, I guess,” she said to her grandson.

“Let’s wait until she talks to us later before we start thinking she’s not gonna curse us out,” he responded before leaving the room, closing the door behind him.

With his stomach in knots, Chris decided to skip breakfast. Besides the general nervousness he was feeling, he also knew there was no way he would have been able to sit at the table with Missy and his parents without acting totally weird. Hell, he was having trouble concentrating on his virtual schoolwork because of his mother finding out abut him and Missy.

Chris was taking a break from his work, lying back on his bed, when he heard a knock on his door. “Come in,” he beckoned, sitting up straight. As soon as he saw his mother walk into the room, he felt his mouth go dry.

“Come with me,” Erin said, gesturing for her son to follow her. Chris got up and walked with Erin to the living room, where Missy was sitting on the sofa. Chris sat down next to his grandmother, and Erin stood in front of them.

“Scott is in the room doing work, so we can speak out here without him hearing us. So what do you two have to tell me?”

Chris and Missy looked at each other. “Like I said before, we decided that it would be okay for us to help each other with our physical needs,” Missy said, taking the lead.

“How did this happen?”

“I mean, it just sorta did,” Chris said, shrugging his shoulders.

“If y’all talked about it, it didn’t ‘just sorta’ anything.”

“With us spending so much time together, and him giving me foot rubs at night, and shit like that, it just felt right that we could also be intimate,” Missy answered.

“It’s not like we’re hurting anyone. And we do love each other,” Chris added, feeling emboldened by his grandmother’s energy.

Erin folded her arms and looked at them for a moment. “Look, I get it. You’re adults, have sexual desires, and being stuck in the house isn’t easy. I mean, one of the things I’m working on with some of my clients is how the lockdown is changing the dynamics of relationships, including sex.”

“So you understand where we’re coming from?” Missy asked her daughter.

“As a therapist, I understand. As your daughter and his mother, it feels different,” Erin admitted. “But like Chris said, no one is actually being hurt by this. It might actually do some good for your mental health by easing some stress. And besides, it’s not like he can get you pregnant, right?” Erin added, trying to bring some levity to the situation.

“The only potential for a quarantine baby is with you and Scott,” Missy said, smiling.

“Okay. Here’s the deal. I won’t say anything to Scott about this, but you two have to promise to try to be discreet with this situation.”

“We promise,” Chris said, speaking for the both of them.

“Good. Now I have to get back to my work. I have an appointment in a few minutes.” Erin started to walk away, and stopped. “Speaking of work, an idea just popped into my mind.”

“What’s that, hun?” Missy asked.

“You two could help me with my ongoing study in this area. Occasionally, while you two are being intimate, I want you to send me a video. So I can see how the dynamic works between the two of you.”

“You want us to record our fuck sessions for kaçak iddaa you?” Missy asked, her eyebrow raised.

“What, would that be one step too weird for you in all this?” her daughter responded.

“You wouldn’t feel weird watching us?” Chris chimed in.

“I guess I would have to get used to it,” Erin said. “So how about it?”

“We can do it,” Missy said, patting Chris’ thigh.

“Okay, good. I’ll leave you two alone now,” Erin replied, walking back to her home office.

“That went better than I expected,” Chris said to Missy.

“I think once she had time to get over the initial shock, your mother realized there wasn’t much she could really do. Plus, her specialty is relationship therapy, so she would’ve been a hypocrite if she automatically judged and condemned what we were doing.”

“I’m glad she came around to see our side of it,” Chris said.

“Me too,” Missy responded, before giving her grandson a kiss on the lips. “So we still on for tonight?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Chris answered.

It was two weeks later, and Chris and Missy had fallen into a kind of rhythm. With Scott and Erin spending most of their days doing their own work, Chris and his grandmother had a lot of time together. When Chris wasn’t doing school work, they would be kissing each other on the couch, touching each other in the privacy of their backyard, and having sex pretty much every other day. Even on nights when the two of them weren’t being intimate, Chris would still spend the night in Missy’s room, cuddling with her during the night and waking up early enough so his father wouldn’t suspect anything.

“He makes me feel young again,” Missy said to her daughter one afternoon while they were talking privately in Erin’s home office.

“In what way?” Erin asked.

“How much detail do you want on this? Do you want me to go in depth?”

“As much detail as you’re comfortable sharing.”

“Erin, your son is fucking amazing,” Missy began. “When he touches me, it makes me tingle. The way he uses that tongue on my pussy; no man has ever done it like that. And I don’t know if you know, but his cock is the biggest I’ve been with, and he knows how to use it.”

Erin had gotten used to maintaining a poker face as a therapist, and used those same tactics this time as her mother spoke about Chris’ prowess. She was glad she was wearing enough clothes so that her Missy couldn’t see her nipples getting hard, though. “I have seen in the videos the two of you have made that he seems to be a very attentive lover.”

“He knows when to go slow, and when I need it a little rough. It’s like he can feel my rhythm.”

“That’s the sign of a good partner,” Erin put in.

“There is definitely more than just physical satisfaction involved,” Missy admitted.

“I’m happy to hear that. Are you planning on having sex tonight?”

“Yeah, we are. We’ve been kissing to build up tension, and I know he can’t wait.”

“Okay, I want you to send me another video,” Erin said.

“No problem. I think we both get a sort of thrill out of knowing someone we trust is seeing us do something so taboo.”

“And it’s good for my ongoing research,” Missy’s daughter added.

“I’m glad we can add to your scientific knowledge,” the older woman said, standing up to leave. “I’ll see you when you’re done with your work.”

“Okay Missy,” Erin said, watching her mother leave.

Later that night, Chris walked down the hall from the bathroom to his grandmother’s bedroom. He was fresh out the shower and only had a towel wrapped around his waist. Chris opened the door and saw Missy sitting up in the bed, wearing a silver satin babydoll. Glancing across the room, he saw his phone set up on the tripod and aimed at the door, so that it captured all of the action on the bed. They had ordered the tripod after the first couple of times trying to record themselves together, and he had showed Missy how to set it up and activate the little bluetooth remote that came with it.

Missy smiled as her grandson came into the room. He stood at the foot of the bed and unwrapped the towel, letting it fall to the floor. Missy scooted to sit in front of him, his semi-erect penis directly in her face. She gently touched and stroked it before pulling the tool into her mouth. It was almost immediate that Chris grew erect in Missy’s mouth. She turned slightly to the camera and gave a sly wink, making sure to keep her movements on the cock going.

Chris gently stroked Missy’s neck and shoulders while she used her hand and mouth in tandem. He felt her tongue swirling around his shaft and flicking across his head. Missy knew how to use the right amount of suction, and wasn’t afraid of letting a little saliva slip between her lips.

The young man let out a contented sigh when his grandmother licked up his shaft and lightly sucked on his scrotum. She knew he enjoyed that a lot, and looked up at him with a playful smile when she did it.

When he was ready, Chris slid down the straps of Missy’s lingerie. Taking the cue, she pulled up the bottom of the garment, kaçak bahis and Chris helped pull it up over her head, exposing her nude body to his gaze, and the camera. He took a moment to look at his grandmother’s body- the teardrop-shaped breasts that were a little sagging but still kinda full with light-brown nipples, the slim midsection with some stretch marks and wrinkles, the tuft of grey hair between her legs, and her still-shapely thighs. Even at her age, Missy was still an attractive woman.

Lying back on the bed, Missy spread her legs, exposing her glistening mound to her grandson. Chris got on his knees in front of her and spread her lips with his fingers before diving in with his tongue. He licked up and down her walls, circling his tongue around her clitoris. Missy let out a moan and put her hands on the back of her grandson’s head. She applied a little pressure, pressing him in tighter. Chris put his lips on her nub and lightly sucked, making the woman squeal.

Missy felt Chris’ hands sliding under her legs and up to grab her ass. She was anticipating the next move, which was something he introduced her to, something she never did in her younger days. Chris took a finger and gently probed at her ass, circling it around the hole and then pressing lightly, sliding the tip in. She moved her hips, grinding her pussy into Chris’ face and also slowly letting her grandson’s digit penetrate her ass.

After a couple of minutes, Missy’s energy built to a peak, and Chris felt his taboo lover gush into his mouth, her warm slightly-sweet juices flowing down his chin.

When her orgasm was over, Chris traced kisses up the mature body, taking time to suck on his grandmother’s breasts. He pulled on her hard nipples with his mouth, knowing she liked that kind of pressure on them. Her hands rubbed his back, her nails tickling him slightly. “Kiss me,” she moaned.

Chris obliged, sliding up her body and pressing his lips to hers. Missy enjoyed the taste of her pussy on his lips, and slid her tongue into his mouth. She knew he could also taste a little of himself on her tongue and that he wasn’t squeamish about it. He had no problem kissing his grandmother after cumming down her throat.

Releasing the kiss, Chris leaned up and moved to sit on the side of the bed, making sure he was facing the camera. Holding Missy’s arm, he pulled her around to straddle his lap while also facing away from him. He felt her maneuver his cock at the entrance of her soaking wet pussy and slide herself down. Missy’s juices allowed him to enter her with no problems, his thick cock instantly filling her and stretching her mature walls.

The two lovers started moving their hips, grinding and bucking in tandem. Chris could feel his hard member sliding in and out of his grandmother’s tunnel. He reached around with his hands and grabbed at her tits, tweaking and pulling her nipples. Missy leaned back against her grandson and started playing with her clit.

Chris kept a steady tempo with his hips, fucking Missy slow but firm. Missy let out a moan every time her grandson’s cock plunged into her and went balls-deep. The kisses he placed on the side of her neck sent chills down her spine.

“Fuck me, Chris. Fuck this old cunt,” Missy moaned. Chris loved when she talked dirty, and knew how to give it right back.

“Tell me how good this dick makes you feel.”

“I feel thirty years younger.”

“Missy loves her grandson’s cock, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, she loves this taboo fuck stick,” she moaned.

“These titties are all mine,” Chris said, grabbing her chest hard.

“They belong to you,” Missy replied.

“You’re a better fuck than most of these college chicks I’ve been with,” Chris said into her ear.

“Years of experience, hun. I know how to satisfy a man properly. And I love satisfying you.”

“Drain my balls, Missy. Make me cum in that pussy.”

“Yes, give me all that cum,” the woman pleaded, moving her hips faster. She reached down and played with Chris’ scrotum. “I need you to fill me.”

That was all Chris needed. He used his strength to hod Missy in place on his lap and plunged deep into her womanhood. He let out a long grunt and shot his seed into his grandmother. Missy felt his semen pump into her, causing her to orgasm at the same time. The muscles of her pussy pulsated, trying to coax out every drop from the tool stuffed into her.

As they came down from their sexual high, Missy slowly stood up off Chris lap, his still-hard member generously covered in their juices. Missy felt his cum slowly drip out her pussy and down her thighs.

The couple sat together on the bed, kissing and touching each other. Missy wrapped her hands around Chris shaft. “Do you think you can go for another round?” she asked.

“He looks ready to me,” Chris responded, gesturing to his manhood.

“God, young men have so much energy, and I love it,” Missy said, before maneuvering to get on all fours on the bed.

The next morning, Erin woke up in her bed, Scott’s arm around her waist. She gently removed his arm and stretched while illegal bahis sitting up in the bed. She reached over to the nightstand by the bed and picked up her phone. Erin had quickly come to terms with the fact that she got enjoyment out of seeing the videos her son and mother sent her after they made love. Being a relationship and sex therapist had helped feed her voyeurism fetish, but she never imagined she would be watching her mother or son having sex, let alone to each other.

Making sure the volume was down on the phone, she brought up the video that was sent to her. She saw Chris walking into the room toward the bed and dropping his towel. She watched as her mother sucked Chris’ cock. She felt a tingle between her legs as Missy was getting her pussy eaten. The entire video was getting her horny.

As the two of them were in the middle of the second go-round on the video, with Chris pounding away behind Missy, Erin felt Scott stir next to her. She quickly shut off the phone and looked over at him. He was waking up, smiling at her.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he said.

“Good morning, sexy.”

“What you up to this morning?”

“Nothing much. Just going through messages from some of my clients,” Erin answered with a shrug.

“Speaking of clients, and your job,” Scott said, sitting up in the bed, “I need to ask you something.”

“What’s up?”

“Have you noticed anything unusual about Chris and Missy?”

“What do you mean?” Erin asked, instantly putting on her therapist face.

“I’ve just noticed things about them. How they’ve been acting around each other. They just have a different energy over the past couple of weeks.”

“I mean, we are in a quarantine and stuck in this house together. It’s bound to change dynamics a little.”

“Yeah, but it’s more than that. I’ve seen how they glance at each other when they think no one is looking.”

“Glance at each other how?”

Scott sighed. “Okay, before I answer that, I need to make sure that what I tell you, you won’t judge me for it.”

“Okay, judgement-free zone,” Erin responded.

“You remember my cousin Theresa, the one who I’m really close with, right?” Scott asked. His wife just nodded in response. “And how we basically grew up almost as siblings instead of cousins? Well, there’s more to it than that. We were both what you would consider ‘late bloomers.’ When we were younger, during our freshman year of college, we kinda experimented with each other.”

“Experimented how?”

“We talked about how we were curious about how to do things. And growing up in the country the way we did, it wasn’t a big thing to see siblings or family members naked when you did things like skinny dipping in the lake. So it started with us just touching each other, learning what felt good and what didn’t. And then we decided it would be okay to perform oral sex on each other. You know, we didn’t want to be horrible when it came time to do it to other people, and were comfortable enough with each other.”

Erin allowed her husband the time and space to let him gather his thoughts. “So did you two have sex with each other?”

“No, we didn’t actually do that. We kept it to touching and oral. My point is, I remember the way we looked at each other during those times, and I’m getting the same vibe from Missy and Chris.”

“Well, why don’t you just sit and talk to your son about it?” Erin threw out to her husband. “Obviously this is something that’s on your mind.”

“Yeah, I’ll do that,” Scott said, nodding in agreement.

At this point, Erin threw her leg over her husband and moved to straddle his crotch. She could feel his morning wood pressing against her slit. “So, Theresa is the one responsible for your amazing pussy-eating skills, huh?”

“Yeah, you could say that,” Scott said, holding onto Erin’s hips.

“Remind me to send her a thank you card,” she said, playfully wiggling her hips on her husband before guiding him into entrance and leaning forward to kiss him.

Later, after breakfast, Scott knocked on Chris’ bedroom door. “Come in,” the young man answered. After closing the door behind him, Scott walked over and sat on the edge of his son’s bed.

“Are you busy right now?”

“Not really. I was just checking to see if any new assignments came through. It’s Friday, though, so I don’t expect much.”

“Cool. I don’t wanna take up to much of your time, so I’ll just keep it short. I know about you and your grandmother.” Scott saw the expression on Chris’ face change, like a bomb had just been dropped. Scott held up his hand in a calming gesture. “I’m not judging or condemning. You’re both adults, and don’t seem to really be hurting anyone. And your mother didn’t snitch, if that’s what you were thinking. I figured it out on my own.”

After taking a moment to gather his thoughts, Chris opened his mouth to ask a question. “How did you figure it out?”

“You’re young, so there’s still a lot you don’t realize. I could tell something is going on by the way you two look at each other. Lovers have a way of sharing glances that’s easy to spot when you know what to look for. And plus, Missy has been walking around here with a little extra energy. Like as if someone’s been cleaning her pipes,” Scott said, adding a wink for emphasis.

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