Erica and Anya Pt. 01


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Hearing the moans and labored breathing along with the hands tightly squeezing my head indicated to me that I was indeed doing a good job at what was arguably my favorite task in the world. Head between my Mistress’ thighs, my tongue circling her pussy occasionally flicking the sensitive nib and two fingers inside her as I brought her to her fourth orgasm this session from my position under her desk. As her wave of pleasure pulsated through her, her hands clenched into fists with my hair inside them and held me unable to breathe as I hurriedly lapped up the fruits of my labor. Just as I was getting slightly concerned about my oxygen supply, Mistress pushed me away from her as she sat back panting, eyes closed as she took in all that just happened. Just few short seconds later her eyes found mine still underneath the desk, the smile she gave me combined with the content yet exhausted look in her eyes was all the reward I needed from the woman I loved.

“My, my, my, you look like quite the mess!” my Mistress stated as she looked down at me, a slight giggle in her voice.

“And whose fault do you think that is, Mistress?” I retorted with an exaggerated pouty face. To be fair, I had probably seen better days. What little makeup I was wearing was smeared all over my face, my face and neck were covered with a mix of her juices and my saliva, and my hair was probably looking like a tangled rat’s nest. All and all, I definitely wasn’t looking like a pretty picture but still laughed alongside her.

After giving both of us a chance to catch our breaths, Mistress pulled me up to her lap and kissed me. As her tongue pushed into my mouth, it was a gentle and loving kind of kiss but still left no question about who was in charge. Her left hand was holding both my wrists behind my back while her right moved down from behind my head to play with my erect and highly sensitive nipples. After a few light pinches and twists later, her hand snacked even lower to find my pussy, practically dripping with desire.

Breaking the kiss,

“Wow, look how wet you are.” she held up three fingers coated with my juices, “Does my little one want to cum?” Returning her hands back down, she started incessantly teasing me, dipping one then two fingers into me but removing them just as quickly.

“Yes, please Mistress. Mistress please may I come?” I look at her with need in my eyes. But all too suddenly she removed her hand and unclasped my wrists.

Pouting as I realized I was going to be denied, my Mistress said with a mischievous grin,

“Hmmm, no, I don’t think so. Maybe later if you’re good, I do think it’s your turn to make dinner tonight sweetie, am I right?”

Knowing that it was a dismissal, I gave her my saddest puppy dog eyes but didn’t question her order. Unhappy about not getting my own release yet, I relented and crawled to door, trying to entice her my entire way out with no success.

As I closed the door behind me, I finally stood up and made my way to the bathroom, I had to clean up at least a little bit before starting dinner.

As I got in the shower, I let the warm water wash over me, relishing and focusing on the feeling of the hot water as it ran down my body. One hand drifted towards my breasts while the other cupped my pussy. Although I was enjoying the feelings of my hands on myself, I stopped before I went too far. I had not received permission to cum yet and wouldn’t disobey now… especially not after what happened a few weeks ago. With a sigh, I tried to turn my attention to my shower, but my mind drifted to the time I first met my Mistress. Although that was nearly seven years ago, I still remember every detail.


I was just out of school, working as a junior associate at the small, boutique, high-end law firm I interned for during my last two years of law school. I was still studying for my bar exam, and my employment past this April was contingent that I passed. Although confident in my future success, I was not a practicing attorney quite yet, so I was helping my seniors on their cases.

It was just a normal day like any other, a Tuesday in fact, someone named Erica Ashford was coming in for a case consultation. I was getting ready for the consultation with my friend Lisa when her secretary knocked on the door,

“Mrs. Trotter, Ms. Ashford has arrived. Shall I bring her in?”

“Yes, thank you very much, Kara” Lisa responded.

Less than two minutes later Kara brought Ms. Ashford in, and it was all I could do to stifle a gasp. No, it wasn’t because of her beauty, though she was quite pretty, but more the aura she emitted as she walked into the room — commanding and self-assured. Her raven black hair which had a slight curl reached her mid back and swayed as she walked forward. 3″ heels and her professional escort london outfit beautifully accentuated every curve in her body. Unaware of my internal appreciation of her figure and presence, she confidently walked forward and shook Lisa’s hand.

“Lisa Trotter I assume? Erica Ashford, pleasure to meet your acquaintance” Erica said.

Lisa, a bit startled at not having been the one initiating the conversation recovered quickly and returned the handshake,

“Ms. Ashford, the pleasure is all mine.” Lisa responded, then turned to me, “This is Anya Liu who will be helping me with this case.”

“Pleasure” I responded as I reached out to shake her hand. Her hand was slightly larger than mine and we exchanged smiles and a firm handshake before I stepped back behind Lisa. But when I had closed the distance between us, I could smell the perfume she was wearing, it was a wonderfully unique scent. Floral, but not overpowering, mixed with a…. sweet earth kind of scent.

We all moved to the center of the room and sat in couches opposite one another with a coffee table between us. Lisa and I on one couch and Erica on the other. One of the first things I noticed was her incredibly perfect posture and the way her legs were together and angled slightly to the side without crossing. It reminded me the role Julie Andrews played in The Princess Diaries.

As our meeting continued, we all discussed her case and what we could do. Erica owned her own small company and was dealing with a licensing issue and a competing company. Lisa came up with some ideas and possible paths to take, and I also offered a few suggestions of my own. Throughout the meeting, I sometimes noticed Ms. Ashford looking at me, and finding my own eyes focusing on her mouth a little too intently as she talked. When I noticed, I blushed slightly, but returned to business right away. As an out bisexual, I was no stranger to women, and Erica was certainly beautiful, but I have always been very good at separating my personal life and work life and intended to keep it that way.

Surprisingly, the idea she liked the most was mine, and towards the end of the hour, the conversation turned more towards the success rate of implementing my idea and the various benefits that could ensue. At the end of the meeting, all three of us shook hands again, this time though, her hand lingered in mine for a bit longer than necessary as she gave me one of her wonderful smiles. I returned a smile of my own, a real smile, not the one I have just for work purposes.

I came three times that night, imagining Erica Ashford and her lustrous black hair, sensual lips curved into a smile, large blue eyes, and lastly, her voice that could command a room and suggested in no uncertain terms, that she always got what she wanted.

It was not until two weeks later that Kara told me Ms. Ashford had called and said to “Please thank Mrs. Trotter and Ms. Liu for their time on my case but I have decided to go with another law firm.” I mean, she did pay us for our time, and it is what we do, sometimes we win cases, other times we don’t, it’s how life works. But I would never tell anyone how disappointed I was that I wouldn’t get to see Erica Ashford again.


It wasn’t until almost three years later that Erica’s and my paths crossed again. At this point in time, I had moved on from the small law firm, passed the bar in both D.C. and my home state of Massachusetts and was now working as an associate at a large firm in the capital. It took me some time to figure out what I wanted to focus on, but I found my niche in intellectual property law. In college, I double majored in engineering and political science, and although I decided engineering wasn’t for me and pursued law school, I was finding out how helpful my previous studies were to me now. A lot of my clients seemed to appreciate the “scientist” side of my brain and how it was easier to converse with me than some of my colleagues.

Anyways, one of my close friends, Nikki, invited me out clubbing that Friday night. Usually I would say no, having just turned 27 and never being one for parties, I always found going out to be exhausting, but the theme of the night intrigued me. Heavily into the BDSM scene, Nikki invited me out to a kink/fetish party claiming she wanted a date since her girlfriend was out of town. I’m not a total stranger to BDSM, I’ve dabbled in it here and there and I do admit that I enjoy the feeling of a little bit of pain mixed in with pleasure, but it’s not something my previous partners got into; so BDSM was something I was interested in but not something I actively sought out. Through my experiences, I found that I enjoyed being the submissive partner in D/s relationships, but again, it was never something I actively pursued.

Being the proud owner of a grand total of zero pieces of fetish wear, I agonized over my outfit choice for the better part of an hour after hopping out of the shower. Nikki said I should dubai escorts dress in something sexy but should definitely stay in my comfort zone. Tonight’s focus was on having fun. Heeding that advice, I finally settled on a baby blue v neck crop top that accentuated my natural 34C breasts, matching lace panties, and a black skater skirt that reached my mid-thigh. I curled my shoulder length dark brown hair then pinned it up in a classic half up half down look, a light spattering of makeup and a dark berry colored lip to accentuate my best facial feature completed my look. All in all, it was an outfit that I felt both confident and comfortable in, mission accomplished!

Nikki picked me up a little after 8:30 and we reached the club/dungeon around 9.


When I walked in, the first thing I noticed is that it looked exactly like a regular club… I don’t know what I was expecting, but I thought it would be a little more…. kinky? The bouncers were talking with two girls who were at the “admissions” counter, both I noticed were wearing collars around their neck. Since it was my first time at the club they took their time explaining the rules:

Drinking is allowed at the club, but if you have had more than 3 drinks during the evening, you were not allowed to use the playrooms located in the back of the club. Those were a first come, first serve basis and to make sure to clean up after yourself. If the door to a back room is open but being used that means you are allowed to spectate the scene from outside the door, but it is improper to actually step foot into the space unless one of the participants beckons you over. If the door is closed that means it is in use and the participants don’t want to be bothered. There were several exhibitions planned for the evening and in a separate room there is a room of vendors selling instruments of their craft if we were so inclined. And most importantly, have fun!

The girl then proceeded to hand Nikki a blue and yellow wristband. Apparently, the blue signaled to others that she was a submissive and the yellow that she was attached. She then handed me a blue and green wristband, with the green signaling that I was single. After paying the entrance fee we were finally allowed inside as they let us through the two large dark red velvet curtains that served as the official entrance to the club.

As I said, my first impressions of the club were surprisingly normal. There was a large dance floor in the middle with speakers blasting music. Not the loudest club I’ve been in, but still louder than I would have liked. Tables and booths were lined along the walls with a large bar area located in the back left of the room.

Nikki literally dragged me over to the dance floor and told me to dance with her as it was the best way I would be able to get the lay of the land. There were people making out in the corners, some people were sitting at tables, and others kneeling next to them. Wardrobe varied greatly with several people wearing the typical latex catsuit, others wearing tight tops and leather pants, and some wearing nothing but their underwear!

We were interrupted when a few of Nikki’s friends came over and decided they couldn’t wait any longer to figure out who I was. And once the first few people were brave enough to interrupt us, the flood of people didn’t stop. I guess I never really realized how popular Nikki was in the scene, but almost everyone knew her. The most common questions were people asking where Tessa was, Tessa being her girlfriend and Mistress, and who I was. The first question was answered easy enough, Tessa was out of town visiting family, and as for me… she explained to them I was just a friend she wanted to “bring over to the dark side.” Her answers brought a round of chuckles from the group and we moved over to a table in the corner to continue talking.

Most of the girls wanted to talk to Nikki about something or another that I didn’t really understand, but a few of them asked me if this was my first time at an event like this, have I participated in BDSM before, and if I was enjoying myself so far. I was enjoying talking and meeting new people, especially this one girl named Sammie. Her wristband was orange which she told me meant she was a switch. She also kindly explained what the other wristband colors meant. I’ve never talked with a switch before and asked her all sorts of questions, they were probably super annoying, but she was happy to answer them all the same.

I think Nikki eventually got bored of talking because she grabbed my arm and said she wanted to show me the rest of the club. Letting her lead me away, I waved goodbye to my newfound acquaintances as we walked towards another set of red curtains in the back of the club.

The second room of the club was so different than the first that I was shocked we were in the same building. The music from the other room was almost entirely cut off, and I saw what could essentially be called a dungeon Escort Dubai in front of me. Large uneven dark brick walls made up most of the room, with the floor being smooth concrete. Lofted high on a stage was a large St. Andrews cross with a set of chains nearby hanging from the ceiling. A large movable half wall was situated near the cross on which hung so many different floggers, crops, whips, and other strange things I had never seen before. Currently a girl was tied down center stage, naked, on a spanking bench, and a man, who I presume to be her master, was striking her with what I think was called a cane.

Nikki leaned over when she saw my shock and said that this was one of the demos for the evening, and that the Master and slave couple currently on the stage were regulars of the club. Her words didn’t fully ease my fears but did allow me to keep looking around. There was a large open space in one corner where I saw people playing with rope and tying others up, another section had a few girls that Nikki called “practice bottoms” where people could try their hand at various instruments under supervision, several seating areas were also set up and scattered throughout the room. Shockingly, there was almost double the amount of people milling around back here than there was at the front of the club. Nikki pointed towards two hallways along the two sides of the room and said those are where the playrooms were and if I was curious, we could go look at them.

As I was just about to say yes, a girl wearing a black sports bra and volleyball shorts came running up to us,

“OMG Nikki, you are a sight for sore eyes, is Tessa with you?”

“Oh, Hey Marcia! No, Tessa is not here tonight, I came with my friend Anya. Marica, meet Anya, Anya meet Marcia, she’s one of the people who help run this place and settle disputes when things happen.” Nikki said as she introduced the two of us.

“Pleasure to meet you, I hope you are having fun so far!” Marcia said smiling as she turned to me. But before I could even get a response in Marcia turned back to Nikki and said,

“So, if you don’t mind, I could really use a favor. One of our practice bottoms got sick and had to leave early, can you please fill in for her for the hour? Please. Please. Please with a cherry on top?”

Nikki looked extremely conflicted, I think she wanted to help her friend, but she also had me as baggage with her tonight.

“I don’t know Marcia… this is Anya’s first time here and I don’t really want to leave her alone…” Nikki responded.

“Please Nikki. You know she will be safe here, and its good to let her explore on her own a little bit. I’ll even tell the other monitors to look out for her while you are occupied, and if she gets bored she can always find and watch you! Please…”

“Ughnnn” Nikki’s response was unintelligible as she looked back and forth between me and Marcia. Seeing how desperate Marcia was, I decided to throw her a bone,

“It’s ok Nikki, go have fun. I am sure I will be fine by myself, especially if it’s only for an hour! Look at this place, there is no way I get bored!” I said as I gestured around the room. I certainly meant what I said, looking at everything in this room was a little scary, especially how casually some people were using the instruments around the room, but there was definitely plenty to see.

“See Nikki!” Marcia said with relief in her eyes that I was backing her up, “Anya is a big girl, she will be fine. Please… oh, do you need to call Tessa and get her ok for this?”

“Um,” Nikki’s eyes flew open for a second, but it was back to normal in no time, “No, I don’t need to call her… I guess I’m yours for the hour!” Nikki shrugged then turned to me, “Are you sure you will be ok?”

“Positive!” I replied.

“I’ll come find you when I’m done!” Nikki said as Marcia took her over to the practice bottom corner.

And just like that, I was alone. I considered going back out to the front room to find Sammie and the others, but I was curious about the playrooms and was a little worried for the girl on the stage whose yelps I could here every so often. First, I turned to walk towards the stage. There were several others around the stage watching the demonstration, and no one paid me much attention as I headed to where I could see the girl’s face.

When I looked at the girl the first thing I noticed was that she was crying, but not the messy kind of out of control cry, but when just a few tears come loose from your eyes and stain your cheeks. Honestly, her red lipstick, loose shoulder length wavy blonde hair, and just a few streaks of tears mixed with black mascara sliding down her face made her look incredibly sexy. There was something about the raw emotion in her face, when her body absorbed the impact from behind that you could tell she was relishing the pain and enjoying every minute of it. Looking back at her Master, although he was playing to the audience, he was also keeping a close eye on every movement and reaction his sub made, it was honestly masterfully done.

Pausing, he walked closer to his sub and gently stroked her marked bottom with his hands. His touch making her physically shiver as much as her restraints let her,

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