Enticed Pt. 23 – White Slave Saturday


This is part twenty-three of my adventures in the early nineties with a gay man about fifteen years older than me who saw me as a near-reincarnation of his first boyfriend. Check my post history for earlier installments of the story of an older man’s toy.

The first night as the slave of someone other than Blaise had been much more fun and much less difficult than I imagined it might be.

My master had “loaned” me to his old friend, Bill, for an entire weekend. I was Bill’s property, his slave, for a solid forty-eight hours.

I went from excitement to reticence when I first arrived. But, a long, hot night together had me looking forward to a full day serving my African Master and the friends he had coming over.

I woke at 7 that Saturday morning still wrapped in Master’s heavy arms. A slight move on my part caused him to roll over on his back, still unconscious.

I slipped quietly out of bed and headed to the kitchen for protein drink and vitamins. Then it was off to the shower.

Once I was clean inside and out and smooth-shaven, I got back into uniform and dropped down beside Masters’ bed.

It wasn’t long before he began to stir. He was facing his attentive slave when his eyes opened.

“Come clean me up, Slave,” he said stretching and yawning.

In the bathroom, again I washed his body and massaged his dark cock to full hardness.

“Should I have you suck it and give you another facial, Slave?” he asked, looking down at me.

“Your slave would love Master’s cum on his face,” I said. “But, Master might want to save his precious seed for later.”

“I have no doubt you can bring me pleasure many times today,” he said. “How many times did I cum last night?”

“Not enough, Master,” I said. “Your slave craves your cum.”

“Finish me, Slave. Cover yourself in my sperm and then eat every drop.”

Two minutes later I was wiping thick cum off my face with my fingers and licking them clean. Master helped with his own fingers. I sucked his juice off his fingers with the same sensual delight I sucked his cock.

When I stood up to dry him off, Master noticed my own hard cock was gooey as usual with my own cum. He slid his fingers along its length and licked them clean. He repeated the motion but held his fingers out to me. Again, I sucked them dry.

When he stepped out of the shower I stepped in to rinse off.

“When you’re clean, get dressed,” he said. “We’re going out.”

A few minutes later I dropped to my knees beside Master as he waited on the couch. It felt completely different to be doing so in jeans and a polo. But, I still wore the symbols of my servitude.

Master reached down and removed the collar.

“You won’t need this for a while,” he said.

I removed the cuffs and unzipped my pants to switch the cock ring from my groin to my right wrist. Once that was done, I pulled Blaise’s cock ring from my back pocket and snapped it on as well.

Bill took me to a little diner not far from his apartment and we slid into a booth.

“I won’t need anything to eat, Bill,” I said. “I brought protein drink to keep myself as clean as possible.”

“Damn, you think of everything,” he said. “Do you mind if I eat?”

“Of course, not.”

A flaming gay waiter took our drink order and disappeared.

“Last night was amazing!” Bill said quietly but with excitement in his voice. He let his hand rest on mine on the table.

I looked down at it and my eyes automatically darted around the room.

“It’s OK,” he assured me. “The owner and most of the staff here are – uh – in the community. We can be pretty open here.”

“What’s this?” he asked, tapping the red cock ring I’d added to my wrist next to Blaise’s pink one.

“I wear Blaise’s cock ring on my wrist when I’m not ‘in service’ as a way of signifying my voluntary servitude,” I said. “I guess, it’s like a friendship ring in a way.

“And, I thought it would be appropriate to wear yours, as well, while I’m here and off the clock.”

“I like that,” Bill said. “It’s sort of a full-time mark of ownership when wearing the collar might be inappropriate.”


“So, who’s the new friend, Bill?” the waiter asked. He set down our drinks and slid in beside Bill eyeing me closely.

After Bill introduced me, he told Andre I was visiting from out of town.

“I’m his for the weekend,” I said, tapping the red cock ring on my wrist.

“Is this some kind of American Gigolo sort of thing or what?” Andre asked.

“Oh, no,” I said emphatically. “I’m not a rental with rules. There’s no, ‘you can’t do this,’ or ‘you can’t do that.’

“I belong to my master. He owns me. He commands and I perform — anything.”

Andre’s face went a little pale at that.

“Bill, is this boy for real?” he asked without taking his eyes off me.

“Don’t forget who you’re talking to, Andre,” I said. “Bill is a free black man who owns a young, white sex slave. Does it get any better?”

“So, you like a man who takes charge, huh?” he said, sounding a little condescending. “I kaçak iddaa guess you like’em big and black, too?”

“Suga’, I’m equal opportunity,” I said in my best deep-South drawl. “I like it small, medium, and large. I like white meat and dark meat. I don’t just like cock. I love cock. In every size, shape, and color.

“You’re a food waiter. I’m a cock waiter. I like to take orders — and I deliver.”

I leaned in close and grabbed his hand.

“And, I like it in every place you can put it!”

“Oh! My God! I just came in my pants,” Andre squealed. “Can I give you a tour of the back room?”

“He’s already got a busy day ahead of him,” Bill interjected. “I’m going to introduce him to Jamal and the twins.”

“God! You better love it, Honey. You got a storm comin’.”

“You’re sure building me up a lot,” Bill said when Andre walked off.

“As your slave, it’s my job to build you up, whether it’s your dick, your ego, or your reputation,” I said. “I’m here to make you feel good and, when I can, make you look good. I’d drop to my knees right here if you ordered me to.

“There’s no reason you shouldn’t show me off. You might only be renting me for the weekend. But, for that time you’re a fly black man that owns a young, white sex slave. How fucking hot is that? Who wouldn’t want to be you?”

“Goddamn!” Bill said. “You make me feel good about myself.”

“That’s the job, Bill,” I said, dropping my hand back on to his. “You’re welcome to take me anywhere you want to show me off. Is there a particular bar or club where my presence might make you look especially good?”

“Mmh. If I were twenty years younger,” he said, shaking his head.

Just then Andre returned.

“This boy got me so flustered I forgot to take your order,” he said.

“I’ve already taken a few of his orders, Sweety,” I said.

“Mmh. You use that silver tongue for more than talkin’?”

“Andre, you have no idea,” Bill said. “He talks a good game. But when he stops talking, it isn’t a silver tongue, it’s gold!”

“You sure you don’t want anything, Creampie?” he asked me a few minutes later when he brought Bill’s food.

“No, thanks,” I said. “I want to keep myself – uh – clean, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh, Lord God!” Andre walked away fanning himself.

I headed to the bathroom as soon as we returned to Bills’ apartment.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“I’m going to get back into my leathers for my African Master and his friends.”

Just before I stepped into the shower, Bill appeared. He patted my bare ass with one hand and set a new butt plug on the sink.

I heard the doorbell just before I turned off the water.

A few minutes later, I found Master on the couch with a tall, thin man, maybe a couple years older than me.

I dropped to my knees at Master’s feet with my leathers in place. The new plug was noticeably fatter than the one I’d worn the night before. It wasn’t exactly uncomfortable, not quite Big Ben’s size. But, it wasn’t far from it.

“Your slave waits.”

“Slave, this is my friend Jamal,” he said. “While he’s here, he’s also your master. You will treat him as you treat me. His pleasure is as much your desire as mine is. Do you understand?”

I moved to a position before both men’s feet.

“Your slave waits.”

“That’s cool, Man,” Jamal said. “But, what’s he waiting for?”

“He waits for me – or you – to tell him what we want him to do,” Master said. “He waits. That’s what a slave does. He waits at my feet for my pleasure. And, now, he’s positioned himself between us because he waits for your pleasure, too.”

Master reached behind me and released the collar.

“Jamal’s cool with you taking pictures of his cock,” Bill said. “Let’s get that out of the way first while everyone is still fresh.”

“Don’t we want to wait for the others?” I asked.

“I thought it would be easier to take care of Jamal first,” Bill said. “I’ve got the other two coming a little later.

“Besides, Jamal is your surprise.”

Intrigued, I went immediately to get my cameras. I had plenty of film. But, I hadn’t reloaded my film backs after shooting Bill. I wasn’t expecting to shoot more than one cock this weekend.

A few minutes later I was back in the living room with both cameras and a bag full of loaded film backs.

“Sorry that took so long,” I said as I returned to the living room. “I wasn’t expecting bonus cocks to shoot.


Jamal already was naked waiting for me on the couch. I was taken aback when I saw the snake of a cock that flopped between Jamal’s legs, long enough to have almost an inch hanging off the couch. He was fairly light-skinned, a bit darker than the head of a dark beer. But, his cock was milk chocolate from base to head. His balls were a bit darker. And, it was clear he kept himself closely shaved. There was a smooth margin around the base of cock.

I estimated his chocolate bar was a good ten inches and wasn’t even hard yet.

“Is that thing alive?” I asked.

Bill and Jamal both laughed.

“I’ve kaçak bahis never seen a cock that big,” I said. “How long is it?

“Ten-and-a-half inches,” Jamal said proudly.

“Can we get it hard?”

Jamal started stroking himself somewhere in the middle. Bill was seated beside him now and reached down to massage his base and balls.

They began kissing as I dropped to my knees at Jamal’s feet. I leaned in and found that I could get his head into my mouth with my head still between his knees. In spite of all the other things going through my head at that instant — the slavery, the photo shoot — my first thought was that I couldn’t wait to have this live cock down my throat and in my chest.

“I thought he was just going to take pictures,” he said, staring down at me. “I didn’t know he was going to blow me.

“You tell him to do this?”

“No,” Bill said. “I don’t have to. He eats cock like he lives on it.”

“I want you hard,” I said after slurping his slick head out of my mouth. “I’m more than happy to help get you that way.”

I went back to swirling my tongue around his average size head. As long as he was, Jamal was only about average thickness. That worked in my favor for later. But, I did notice an odd flavor.

Jamal’s cock was unusually sweet. It surprised me at the time, and I still can’t explain it.

“Why does your skin taste like this?” I asked.

“What?” he asked.

“Your cock is so sweet,” I said. “I’ve never tasted a cock like this, or any skin.”

I leaned over and licked his thigh. It tasted like any other man’s skin. It was strange, but I was certainly down for it.

I pushed forward and let his head hit the back of my throat. I thought I heard him groan just then. But, it might have been a reaction to the passionate kissing he and Bill were doing.

I began a slow throat fuck, rocking my body back and forth on his mostly limp cock.

After a couple minutes of this, I couldn’t help but push him farther down into my throat. I knew he was bulging my neck, but neither of them noticed. They still were tongue deep in each other’s mouths.

I reached up with one hand and began groping Bill’s hard cock through his pants. I heard a moan and started fighting his zipper.

He helped me out, pushing his pants down and freeing his stiff, curly cock.

I immediately began caressing him as I sucked and throat-fucked his friend.

In another minute my lips met Jamal’s fingers near the base of his cock.

“Goddamn!” he exclaimed, breaking their face-fuck.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” I slurped after sliding him all the way out. “In a little while, Bill’s going to put me on a bed with my head hanging off. I’m going to have every single inch of this cock inside me. Your head’s going to be in my chest and my chin will be against your stomach.”

“My friend Blaise says he can do it,” Bill said. “I’ve never seen him do more than me. But, in the position he’s going to be in later, it wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t disappear in his mouth.

“He already had you all the way down his throat. But, at the same time he’s stroking me too.”

“Now, get hard already so he can take his pictures,” he said. “The sooner we do this, the sooner we get to see a ten-inch black cock in a white boy’s throat.”

By now, he was down my throat again. I pulled him out again.

“You know, I’d deep-throat this Southern Black Snake even without the collar, Bill,” I said, waving the human snake at him. “This is what gay porn dreams are made of.”

They both laughed and we all returned to our work. I wasn’t sure just how hard this monster of a cock could get. But, I couldn’t wait to shoot it.

Ten minutes into this threesome, I pulled Jamal out.

“Just how hard does this thing get?” I asked. “At some point we’re going to have to start taking pictures.”

I could tell he was a little stiffer than before. But, he hadn’t gotten any longer or bigger.

“This is about it,” Jamal said, breathless from his kissing with Bill.

I stood Jamal in the sun like I’d done with Bill the night before. I shot roll after roll of film of his anaconda in every position it would take. I got shots with it in his hand and in my white hand. I got shots of it spread across the floor and across the couch. Then I had an idea.

“Bill, take your clothes off,” I ordered.

He didn’t hesitate to stand and drop his already undone jeans and pull his polo over his head. His cock was rock hard and pointing in its familiar direction.

“Jamal, hang your cock over Bill’s,” I said. “Let’s see that hook hold up a snake.”

I shot two full rolls of their black dicks entwined. A few shots even had Jamal’s wrapped all the way around Bill’s.

By the time I was done, Bill and I were as hard as we could get. I had no way of gauging how hard Jamal really was.

I had one last idea.

I stood close to Bill, my stiff white cock resting on his curved black meat. I then lifted Jamal’s dick over ours and got a shot of three different flavors of illegal bahis human sausage.

“God!” I exclaimed. “Have you two ever tried frottage? It’s pretty amazing.”

“What’s that?” Jamal asked.

“I think I’ve heard of that,” Bill replied.

“Frottage is when you slide two cocks against each other like jacking off,” I explained. “It’s like the cocks jack each other off. Here, let me show you.”

I grabbed Bill’s cock and held it against mine and started bouncing my entire body to make them slide against each other. I leaned down and gave his meat a good, wet lick. And went back to gliding against it.

“You feel that?” I looked in Bill’s eyes.

“God, that does feel good,” he said. “And, it’s a nice show, too.”

I dropped Bill and lifted Jamal up to meet my cock head. Then I pulled Bill in and spit down on all three.

When I resumed my bounce, up and down, with my knees. All three cocks stroked against each other. All three of us felt the magic of another and a third cock stroking us.

Watching my white meat caressing the two black cocks, it occurred to me that I was actually stroking them. Neither of them were moving. I looked up to see both my lovers with bit lips and closed eyes.

I leaned in and kissed Bill’s neck a few seconds before moving over to Jamal’s mouth. His lips weren’t as thick as Ezekiel’s. But, they offered plenty of meat to suck and bite.

I switched back to push my tongue into Bill’s hot mouth and explored for a minute. A second later I had Jamal’s bottom lip between my teeth.

In just a few minutes I could feel someone’s cock throbbing against mine and picked up the pace.

In another minute, someone exploded and covered us with thick cum. I think I came second, but only a second or two before the final cock blew its load.

We were breathing hot and heavy on each other as our captured cocks emptied themselves over my hand and each others’ heads and shafts.

I kissed both my black lovers deeply as I slowed my thrusts.

Finally, I stopped moving. The three of us tried to catch our breath staring down at three oozing cocks.

“Don’t move,” I said. “This cum’s all mine.”

I lifted my hand to my mouth and licked it clean of the cum of three men. I kissed both of them again deeply, swirling my tongue through their mouths before dropping to my knees to clean their black cocks of our mingled sperm.

I bent down and cleaned their dark meat before wiping my own off with my hand.

Once I was satisfied there was no cum left on them or my own body, I let them both drop to the couch. They still were breathing heavily.

I dropped to my knees and gave them both long,wet licks from their knees to their balls and up their sensitive, wrinkling cocks.

I couldn’t help letting out a low moan as I pushed myself up.

“Let me go put this stuff up,” I said. “Then, I’ll put the collar back on and I’m yours for the rest of the day.

“Just promise me I get to have that thing in my throat before you leave.”

“It’s yours,” both men breathed in unison.

“I want to see how deep I can get you,” I said, “I can do a little over ten inches with a dildo. But, I’ve never had a live cock that long.”

“Now that I have two masters in the same house,” I said, “what should I call you and Jamal?”

“I guess, just call me ‘Master’ and call Jamal ‘Master Jamal,'” he said. “Does that work for you?”

“Fuck, yeah!” Jamal said. “I’d love for a white boy to call me ‘master.'”

“You still don’t like ‘Black Master’ or ‘African Master?'”

“Actually, ‘African Master’ is growing on me,” Bill said. “But, they describe both of us.”

“Fair enough — for now,” I said, dropping to my knees. “What about Master Anaconda, Jamal?”

“I kind of like that,” he said, smiling.

“When I’m wearing the collar I can’t speak unless asked a direct question,” I explained. “Once I put the collar back on, feel free to give me a few orders. Try me out. See how it feels to order your white slave around.

“When are the other two getting here?” I asked.

“They should be here soon,” Bill explained.

I buckled on the collar. Master attached my wrist chains.

“Your slave waits, Masters.”

“Suck my cock, Slave,” Master Jamal said, trying out his new power over me.

A second later his limp cock was against my throat.

The doorbell rang while I still was swallowing Master Jamal’s brown cock. I didn’t move or release him as African Master ushered in two very young black boys.

Master introduced Neville and Niles. Neither of them looked as British as their names sounded.

“Shit, are we getting naked already?” one asked. They both sounded eager to get the party started. With Master Jamal’s cock in my throat and my face turned away from the door, I hadn’t actually seen them yet.

“When do I get a blowjob from the white boy?” the other one asked.

Master explained my presence, including my photography project, while they undressed. After he told them I’d already shot him and Master Jamal, they both agreed without hesitation.

African Master released my collar while Jamal still was in my throat.

“You can suck Jamal all you want later,” he leaned down and whispered. “You have new treats to meet.”

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