Encounter In The Park


As the old saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt. If there was a person on the planet who knew the true meaning of this adage, it was Terence. Six months before he made the biggest mistake of his life. In an Isaac Hayes version of a Bill Withers song, ‘Ain’t No Sunshine,’ there is an improvised line, ‘I lost the best thing I ever had.’ Terence had done that… and Byron was his name.Byron was the most giving and affectionate person you would ever meet. Terence, coming from an emotionally repressed background, never quite understood Byron’s uninhibited approach to people and life in general. To his shame, Terence was often rude and hurtful towards Byron. The sadness in Byron’s beautiful eyes haunted Terence’s memories when they broke up, after being together for a year. Byron simply left a note in Terence’s apartment explaining; that he had had enough, and was moving on. Terence realised that he had been a fool, and rued the torment he had put Byron though.Byron covered his tracks exceptionally well, in anticipation of the bust-up. A change of employment and phone number orchestrated his evaporation from Terence’s life. Byron simply disappeared without a trace. As all their friends had essentially been Terence’s friends, so there was no real problem in this regard. Thomas, Byron’s best friend, was not Terence’s favourite person, and no channel of communication, therefore, existed isvecbahis with Thomas, effectively closing Terence’s the last avenue of inquiry.Apart from having the most affable nature, Byron was a beacon of exquisiteness in a world of ordinary looking people. What made his magnificence even more incredible was that he seemed totally unaffected by his physical beauty. His shyness, at the mention of his looks, was always genuine and further enhanced everyone’s affection towards him. Terence’s sex life had become second rate with Byron gone, and sexual encounters with other partners, meaningless. The passion that Terence had always enjoyed with Byron had completely vanished.Terence often thought about the first night they made love. Early one Sunday morning Terence again sat recalling how; after undressing the exquisite man before him, for the first time, his mind had been blown away by Byron’s lithe perfection.“Terry, please make love to me,” Byron exclaimed.“Jesus, you smell so good baby,” Terence said, as he fondled and kissed Byron.Their hands frantically caressed one another before Byron began moving downwards, eventually resting on his knees. Terence felt Byron’s warm breath, then moist lips, as he began to suckle on Terence’s balls. Byron moved from one ball to the other, popping them in and out of his mouth in a leisurely manner, while his fingers stroked Terence’s isveçbahis giriş thick shaft. When Byron began licking Terence’s dick head, Terence moved his hands from his sides and placed them on Byron’s head. The intensity of Terence’s grasps escalated, as more and more of his cock was consumed.Pulling Byron’s head firmly onto his knob, Terence began to groan with pleasure as Byron revealed his oral skill. The face fucking got into a steady rhythm, in out in out, hold, allow for air, pause… in out in out, as their oral play ambled on.When Terence later announced that he was getting close, Byron signalled his desire by firmly clamping onto Terence’s backside. Terence was a gusher of note, and when he sprayed Byron almost gagged on the abundance of spunk filling his mouth. Byron, however, remained calm and savoured the salty cream. Byron continued sucking and licking afterwards, as if in a religious trance. Terence was delighted by the worshipping and sighed with unabashed pleasure.Pulling Byron’s body up, Terence gently pushed Byron backwards onto the bed, before kneeling at the end of the bed. In a reciprocal gesture, Terence now began blowing Byron. As Byron whimpered Terence’s hands explored the beautiful torso before him. Byron’s writhing turned Terence on unbelievably, and as he sucked on Byron’s cock, his own dick began to stiffen again. Not long after, Byron isveçbahis yeni giriş squealed with delight as his jizz began flowing in Terence’s mouth. ‘Fuck me,’ thought Terence, ‘even his cum is sweat.’When Terence looked forward into Byron’s lovely eyes, Byron implored, “I want you inside me Terry.”Turning over and moving up on the bed, Byron opened his legs in a welcoming gesture. Terence moved up slightly, placing his hands on the most beautiful buns he had ever seen. Parting them, a baby pink pucker revealed itself. Moving in, Terence immediately began to lick the object of wonder. As his tongue began prodding, Byron’s body trembled with delight.The murmurs from Byron turned in to groans of satisfaction, as Terence pushed his tongue ever deeper, with increasing urgency. “Please,” Byron began begging, “please fuck me, Terry, please, Terry… I can’t wait any longer.”Racing up Byron’s body Terence placed his cock head on Byron’s hole and started nudging, opening the entrance of the welcoming warren. There was no resistance, only embracing warmth that hugged his rapacious knob. The intruding cock was clamped on greedily, as Byron’s lips sheathed the conquering invader, frantically massaging Terence’s dick. When Terence began to thrust rhythmically, groans turned to gasps of enchantment from Byron. Byron’s wriggled his hips, enhancing their dance of love, as his sphincter began pulling and pushing on Terence’s knob. Byron’s skill was beyond imagination. Terence had never before experienced this level of sensuality from anyone. Terence’s body was literally shuddering when his second load buttered Byron’s manhole.

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