East Coast, West Coast – Part Six


We ended up getting out of the cab at Scott’s hotel, simply because it was closer than my apartment. Everything felt numbly sexual. The people in the foyer. The art on the walls. The mirror in the elevator. The smooth, cold handrails. Scott’s fingers were tight around mine and I kind of liked that he was holding my hand. People looked at us, a little confused, a little jealous. Some smiled.Once we were in his room, the door was locked and we were alone. Totally alone. I could hear the faint traffic on the road outside but it was so far away, so detached, so uncaring. The only people who were a part of it were the two of us. Scott and Ally. Ally and Scott.“Do you want a drink?” Scott asked.“No. Thank you.”He dropped his jacket on the end of the pristine double bed and clinked bottles and glasses at the minibar. I watched him nervously. He looked at me.“You’re very quiet,” he said.“Well. I don’t want to get punished for talking too much,” I said sweetlyHe narrowed his eyes.“Don’t start.”“Start what?”“You know what.”I eyed him warily.“Do I have permission to take a shower?”“Two minutes,” he said finally. “And yes, you can take the plug out.”I didn’t need to be told twice. I shut the en-suite door firmly behind me and stripped out of my clothes, leaving them in a heap on the floor. I eased the toy out of my ass and sighed contentedly before remembering I only had two minutes. Two minutes. What the hell was wrong with him? The shower took a while to warm up but I couldn’t wait for it and I shivered under the pouring water. It was almost nine in the evening. Twenty four hours since he’d been at my apartment door. I let out a long breath, hardly daring to believe everything that had transpired. It was crazy. I was crazy.I switched off the water and dried myself hurriedly. My heart was pounding. I put my dress back on but abandoned my damp panties. It was just past nine. Three more hours. It suddenly seemed like a ridiculously long time. Three hours. One hundred and eighty minutes. Too many seconds to figure out. Too many zeroes.I tried to stay calm. What more could he do? He was just a man. And I had my safe word. Like I almanbahis şikayet would ever use that goddamn safe word. I hated him for even giving me the option, only because I was too wet to ever say no. I had no self-control. I was so turned on by him, it was pathetic.His voice came through the door.“You okay, Ally?”Fuck.I opened the door.“You know, I think you like making me wait, don’t you? Thinking of how hard I must be getting,” His eyes moved from mine down to my anxiously tapping foot. “Why don’t you come over here?”I hesitated just a second and then walked towards him slowly.“On your knees,” He was holding his whisky glass in one hand and deftly undoing his pants with the other.I dropped down to kneel in front of him and looked up into his impatient eyes.“You are so arrogant sometimes,” I said. I don’t even know why I said it. Of course it was stupid, wilful, dangerous. But part of me wanted to see his reaction. Part of me craved his reaction.He let out a long breath and carefully set down his drink.“It’s like you want to be punished,” he murmured. I watched breathlessly as he tugged off his shirt. He crouched down in front of me and I could smell his skin; sweat and soap. I felt like licking it.“Put your hands behind your back. And why’d you put your goddamn dress back on?”Because I’m not comfortable walking around naked, I thought. I didn’t say this though.Instead, I said, “I felt cold.”Scott shook his head.“You confuse the hell outta me sometimes. Take it off.”He watched me as I pulled it off over my head. Then he pushed my knees wider apart and reached between my legs to feel the heat of my snatch.“You’ve been waiting for this all day, haven’t you?” he murmured. “All wet and desperate and me just teasing you. You wanna cum, princess?”My snatch was already dripping even though I’d barely gotten out of the shower. I sucked in a breath as his fingers pushed against me and slicked back and forth wetly.“So goddamn wet,” he hissed. “So ready. And all for me.”If his fingers hadn’t been moving so perfectly, I might have told him it wasn’t all for him. But that’d have been a lie anyway. I pushed back almanbahis canlı casino against his hand as much as I could and he rewarded me by moving one hand to push on the small of my back, so I couldn’t escape his stroking fingers.“Does that feel good, kitten?” His voice seemed like it came from a distance. “Tell me.”“It – feels incredible,” I gasped.His fingers moved faster, harder, teasing my swollen clit and pressing it until I felt the first ebbing wave of an orgasm coming over me. I bit my lip hard, my eyes closed tight.“God, Scott…”“You’re gonna cum, aren’t you?” His voice was urgent and low. “Just like you did last night, when I told you not to. You think I’m gonna give it to you so easy?”His fingertip stroked my throbbing clit lazily.“No – fucking – way,” he breathed.I hadn’t even processed what he meant when his hand stopped moving. I pushed against it hard, desperate for that one more touch that would send me over the edge but he pulled back. I moved my own hand instinctively to finish what he’d started but he caught my wrist.“No. Don’t even think about it, kitten.”I stared at him, lost for words. He pulled his belt free of his pants and looped it efficiently around my wrists, securing them behind my back.“I’m gonna shower,” he murmured, brushing his thumb across my mouth. “Don’t even think about trying anything.”***I don’t know how long he took. It was definitely more than two minutes. In the time that I was there, wet and desperate on my knees in that hotel room, I cursed him in my head a thousand times. If I shifted just a little, I could still feel his strong fingers taunting me. It was so unfair. Everything about what we were doing was so unfair.I counted the number of times he’d come while we were together. Three that first night, plus one yesterday, plus one earlier. Five. As for me, was it four that first night? It didn’t count if they were in a row, right? Besides, it didn’t matter. None of it mattered when my snatch was leaking so much that I was afraid I’d leave a puddle on the hotel carpet. Jesus Christ. How could being used so brazenly turn me on so much?I pressed my legs together, almanbahis casino trying to supress the urge to come. He’d tied the belt so tight around my wrists that I could feel it digging in. Even that small pain contributed to the pace of my racing heart. The anticipation was killing me. I could hear the water still running. Fuck. How long was he going to take? And what would he do? Would he let me come at all? The thought of being denied made me clench hard. Surely, he wouldn’t… right?The sound of the shower stopped. I held my breath. He hadn’t closed the en-suite door and a minute later he was back in the room. He dropped a damp towel on the floor and ran his hands through his hair. I tried not to stare at his sculpted physique. Fuck. Age was the only thing I had on him and yet he looked like a goddamn athlete.“I wasn’t too long, was I?” he asked.Rhetorical question, of course. He stepped closer to me.“Open.”I didn’t need any further instructions. I opened my mouth silently and he smoothly pushed in his hard cock, going further than I’d expected of course. His hands went into my hair, and he controlled my movements totally, making me take him deeper each time.“I really like seeing you this way,” he breathed. “There’s just something so perfect about stopping you from talking back so much.”My face flushed. Half of me wished I hadn’t been so casual around him. He reached my gag reflex and stopped a second.“Relax, kitten. You know you can take it. Just swallow. There. See?”I wanted to please him, partly so he’d give me a long-awaited orgasm but also just because I wanted to please him. I don’t know why. It wasn’t rational; it wasn’t as though we meant very much to each other or he’d done something exceptional for me. But then, feelings are never easily explained. He pulled out of my mouth, leaving me gasping, and then he fisted his hand around his cock, stroking it.“It’s not wet enough, princess. You need to start licking.”He let go and I licked up his hard length, literally salivating over it and trying to make it wetter. I trailed my tongue over his heavy, shaved balls as well, feeling his grip on my hair tighten imperceptibly. One he was satisfied, he pushed back into my mouth, moving his hips forward and easing past my trembling defences.“Fuck…” he hissed.I sucked in air through my nose as he thrust back and forth, his hard, wet cock slamming deep into my throat.

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