Subject: Dutch pt3 I love your comments, feedback, and photos, please keep it coming! Any inspiration is welcome, let me know if there’s something you’d like to read. Please, Please donate to Nity. They provide a great service getting all of our filthy minds revved up and they don’t have a monthly charge. Keep porn accessible and put your money where your load is ­čśë fty/donate.html ======================================================================== Previously: I didn’t notice when he had come out of the shower or know how long he’d been watching me finger myself, coaxing his load out onto my fingers then sucking them clean. I was lost in thought about everything that had happened tonight and the thought of being fisted, and Deuce and being a himbo as my Dad put it. I jumped a little as I felt him slide into bed, “You still thinking about this” He asked placing a hand on my head “or about this?” digging three fingers into my always eager hole, making me gasp. I backed up against his slightly damp body. I gripped his wrist with my thighs then clutched my hole around his fingers “This” then placed my hand on top of the one on my head, “I’m good with this.” “Good, now turn off the light.” We settled into bed, letting my mind wander towards perfect sleep and listening as our breathing slowed. “Do you really think Deuce likes me?” “Go to sleep,” Dad said in mock anger “slutty himbo” curling his arms tighter around me. ======================================================================== About a week later I was standing in my Dad’s office waiting for them to wrap up and was kind of lost in my phone when I felt someone standing behind me. “Ummmm hey, umm. How’s It Going?” It was Deuce, he looked great just out of practice and the showers. I turned to face him, “I’m great Deuce! How’re you?” I said more enthusiastically than I’d intended. I stepped forward a bit closing the distance between us a little. I was wearing some old bib shorts from practice and I could feel the heat radiating from him on my bare chest . He was so handsome, still kind damp and disheveled like he’d gotten dressed in a hurry but had taken the time to comb his hair. He looked kind of like a giant four-year-old, put together and handsome but in clothes, he didn’t wear often enough to be comfortable in them and he couldn’t stop fidgeting. The khaki’s he was wearing were struggling at the seams and the button-up istanbul travesti was fairing no better around the chest and arms. The clean smell of him filling my nostrils completed his athletic perfection. I waited for him to speak but he just stood there with his eyes darting around my body in the skin-tight shorts. They were a little too small on my ass and legs so they rode up a little and the left strap was always falling down but the way he was looking at me in them made me feel like I never wanted to take them off. I tilted to the left a little trying to catch his eyes and as I Did I felt the strap slid down to my bicep. “Deuce? How are ……. Mmmmmmmmm.” I was stopped mid-sentence as Deuce’s meaty hand slid up my arm catching the strap and running it back up to my shoulder, and smoothing it across my chest. He knuckles one at a time popping across my hard nipple, the intimacy and sensation stopping me as his hand moved down to my stomach. I shivered a bit, the unexpected touch shooting straight to my needy hole. Deuce jerked his hand away “sorry I shouldn’t have, I mean I didn’t mean to…” He shoved his hands in his pockets. I placed my hand on his chest, I could feel his hard nipple and his heart pounding underneath the thick muscle. “Deuce, it’s ok, I liked it, I mean I like it… when you… touch me.” “GREAT!” He was practically shouting, his voice breaking slightly. He cleared his throat ” Great, I do too, I mean you, I touch you, I like touching you I mean you’re so hot, and your ass, I mean sorry I shouldn’t talk about your ass while I’m trying to ask you but I think about your ass like all the time I mean like all the time ever since but not like that I mean yeah like that but maybe” He was rambling as fast as his heart was racing. It was super cute but I wanted him to ask before we got interrupted. “Deuce, calm down, you’ve already fucked me, you know I like you, what were you trying to ask me?”His eyes got big when I mentioned him fucking me in the showers in front of everyone but I wasn’t ashamed of what happened. He took a deep breath and all at once blurted out “Would you go out with me, like a date? I mean a real date not just like hook-up, like I’d love to hook up with you but a date first if you want I asked Coach I mean your Dad but you know that he’s ok with it NO! I didn’t ask him about hooking up but a date …” He was rambling again. “Deuce, kad─▒k├Ây travesti breath. Yes, I would like to go on a date with you. I would like that very much. You can pick me up on Friday, I have a short practice that day.” I stared into his eyes as I talked, I was giving him directions and it felt very powerful to have this big strong man surrendering to me when he was the one trying to make the big move. He just kept nodding along as I gave him instructions on how to get to our house. “So it’s a date then.” I still had my hand on his chest but could feel his pulse had calmed a lot. ” “Now you should go out front to meet your dad.” He turned to go and I said “Deuce” when he turned back I tapped my cheek near the corner of my mouth. Deuce blushed beet red and leaned forward pressing his moist lips gently into the corner of mine before moving back a little dazed. “Save your energy,” I whispered to him, my eyes moving from his to the massive cock stretching across his hip, leaving a quarter-sized stain near the pocket. Deuce groaned slightly as he looked down, tension playing across his body. “Yes, baby.” He said involuntarily, then darting away still beet red. I heard my Dad’s chuckle as he came around the corner. “Where did that come from? I think you nearly gave my center a stroke.” he laughed. “I don’t know but damn I’m horny” I grabbed his whistle and pulled him into the bathroom attached to his office. I was still riding this overwhelming feeling of power from Deuce as I shut the door. I pulled open my father’s shorts as I knelt in front of him, sucking the sweat from his jock. “JeSuS Dutch!” Dad hissed as I devoured his cock. I spun him around by his hips and did something I had rarely done to him and ate his ass like a starving boy. I sat on the toilet lid after shrugging of my straps and stepping out of my shorts. I ate the sweat from his crack while quickly working three fingers into my own hole. Dad turned around and lifted me from the seat by my armpits before spinning me around and pushing me into the small shower stall. He spread my thick ass with each hand and shoved his entire cock inside in one powerful motion. Pressing his lips against my ear “I love the enthusiasm, But. I. Am . The. Daddy.” he growled, punctuating each word with the full mass of his cock. Normally I would need a bit more preparation to take his massive cock but I was so turned on that I was bucking bak─▒rk├Ây travesti back against him as we raced towards a quick finish. He turned on the shower to hide my moans as he continued to pound my hole. My walls spasming on his cock as I came, spraying the shower tile as my father unloaded inside me. He was still pumping when we heard a knock at the door and he Deuce’s harried voice “Dutch are you in there?” he sounded kind of panicked. Dad released my hips as I answered “Yes just a second.” and calmly turned around and kissed my Dad on the mouth, making out with him a second before whispering “thanks Daddy” and turning and opening the door. Deuce’s expression was all over the map but his cock was immediately hard in his khakis within seconds of me opening the door. I stood naked in front of him dripping with sweat from my recent pounding. “Deuce? Did you need something?” I asked as I followed his eyes over my shoulder and seeing myself reflected back from the mirror. Cum splashed across my trench and running down my leg, two big red handprints on my cheeks. I smiled to myself and then to him. “Did you need something, or did you need me?” I asked stepping towards him. “Time” Was all he could get out. “What time, for our date, on Friday? What time are you to pick me up.” I asked drawing it out, feeling that sense of power over him grow. “Yes,” he said as if in a trance, eyes darting from mine to what I imagine was my sloppy, cum filled cleft. “Yes what, Deuce” I ventured. He seemed to wake back up for a second, searching his brain for the right answer. “Yes, Baby!” He blurted searching my face for a clue of his fate. “Very good Deuce,” I said as he beamed a smile from ear to ear, hearing my praise as he watched my fingers run out my ass exposing my sloppy hole to his gaze. He made a little choking sound as he watched. His phone buzzed and he shook his head. “Sorry, I have to run” He turned to go, “Deuce!” I said tapping a cummy finger in the corner of my mouth. He rushed back toward me placing a kiss directly on the cum smear. I felt his tongue dart out to catch it. I swear he came as he tasted it, slumping forward and steadying himself on my shoulders. “Don’t keep your Daddy waiting.” I said and he snapped to attention “And 6 pm. Sharp.” “Yes,” I raised my eyebrows “Yes, Baby!” he said quickly covering the slip. “Good, now hurry.” I shut the bathroom door and turned to see my father shaking his head and smiling. “What?” I asked “Who would have thought that such devoted bottom would also be such a Dom…” “What do you mean Dom?” He laughed and turned to get in the shower. “Daddy?” I asked following him inside. Buster

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