Down the Rabbit Hole IX


Though dawn had risen the next morning, there was no sun. Chalk it up to the ritual – or just plain coincidence – but the storm had gotten so violent it was as dark as night outside. Roads were washed away, power was out, and trees were down. Samsara unshackled me from the fuck bench in the center of the room and took me to the basement where there was a horizontal St. Andrews cross. She laid me down on it and shackled me spread eagle at the wrists, elbows, thighs and ankles. She pulled a black blindfold off the table and fastened it around my eyes.Robbed of my sense of vision she whispered in my ear. “I’m going to spank your clit with a riding crop while men fuck you and fill you with their cum. Men will use your pussy, mouth, ass, and spray on your body.”She lightly rubbed the head of the riding crop over my clit. “Like all others here, you can stop at any time. Is that what you wish?”Shaking my head I replied quickly. “No, Samsara. I wish to keep sacrficing to the goddess until the storm passes.”Smacking my clit with the crop gently she asked, “Are you sure? I can have this room filled with men in seconds. You wont know any of them. I’ll push you until you’re broken.”Before I could answer she continued in a breathy whisper. “I’m talking dozens of men – they’re on loan to me tonight from the prison across town. They won’t last but a few strokes but they will cum inside of you, or on you.These men don’t give a shit about you, whore – you’re just three fuck holes to them.”Briefly she put the fingers from one of her hands deeply inside almanbahis şikayet of me and rubbed my G-spot. “How does it make you feel that your body will be a playground for total strangers? How much of a total whore are you?” she asked, slapping my clit with a riding crop as she finger fucked me. Slapping my clit harder and faster she added, “What do you say, whore? How much dick can you really take?”I gritted my teeth long enough to compose a sentence. “All of them.”She came around to my right and kept slapping my clit with a riding crop as she put one of her hands on my right nipple. “Tell us what you want, slut.”I exhaled a breath. “I want to be fucked by dozens of men tonight – never knowing who they are. Please! I’m begging you!”‘And what of your husband?” she asked as I felt a cock entering me.Still exhaling I replied. “I never loved him – I only stoled him from Vicki because I hated the bitch.”Slapping my clit harder she asked, “And your job?”The man inside of me was hard and throbbing but taking slow, long strokes as I answered, “I don’t care.”I couldn’t see it, but I know she smiled. She had me the way I had so many others. Spanking my clit with her crop faster and harder she asked, “You’re just a cock hungry whore, aren’t you? You don’t care who you fuck as long as you fuck.”The man in me picked up speed as I replied, “Yes! FUCK! I beg to serve the goddess and sacrifice to her until the storm passes.”My nipples felt like they were being pulled straight up. “I’m attaching clamps to your nipples again and they’re being almanbahis canlı casino tied tightly to the ceiling. I’m going to suck your clit now, whore,” she whispered into my ear. Moments later I felt hot lips enveloping my clit. I moved my hips in circles as best I could, relaxing into the pure lust. It was then that I heard footsteps. A lot of them. Bare feet hitting the hard wood floor beneath me. With no vision, I imagined the room was filling up with men. The man inside of me picked up speed as Samsara said, “Go on, whore – cum on him. You’re close, just let go.” Before going back to sucking on my clit. My ass arched up towards her mouth. I went to make fists with my hands and found that cocks had been put into each of them. I couldn’t stroke them as I couldn’t move, but the men did that for me – moving back and forth on their own. I could feel the skin on their dicks sliding back and forth. I didn’t grip them tightly, allowing the skin to flow freely. I brought my hips down against the wood of the cross and angled up. My body was taking control, over riding my will. The orgasm was building quickly. I knew I couldn’t hold it much longer. With Samsara sucking and licking my clit and a complete stranger using my pussy hard I begged, “Samsara, may I cum please?”She responded by flicking my nipples. “Yes, whore. Always. You don’t have to ask. We want you to cum.”I inhaled a deep breath and flexed my legs hard, pulling against the iron shackles that held them in place against the beams of the cross. My stomach locked and almanbahis casino I tried twisting to the right to bleed off some of the energy but I truly couldn’t move. My yell echoed off the walls of the basement. “FUCK! I’m a fucking whore!” I bellowed proudly to anyone that was in the room. This sent the man inside of me over the edge and I could feel him pulsate. He shoved deeply and held it there as he came hard. His balls had to have been full. His body pressed against mine, and put his strong hands on my hips, shoving into me. She chuckled. “You’re holding back, whore. That’s why you were able to control Dewayne, Marsha and Anubis. I’m telling you to let it all go.”I nodded, knowing she was right. My body was still violently fighting against the shackles…not that I wanted to escape them of course. It added to the eroticism that I couldn’t move. I leaned my head back and screamed again. “SHIT!”The man inside of me quickly pulled out when he was done, and another slid into me. He as well was of average size and thickness. He wasn’t wasting time, pounding me hard – not that I wanted it any other way. Samsara grabbed her riding crop and spanked my clit hard and fast. “Come on, whore – you’re still holding back. I want all of you and I want you right now.”My body undulated in a single, powerful wave. “The men in your hands want to cum on you – would you like that? Knowing this is all captured on film?” she asked, teasing me. With my orgasm continuing throughout my body I yanked and jerked against my iron bonds. “YES!” I screamed. “PLEASE!”Not even one second later I felt warm, sticky cum hitting my breasts. I could tell it was thick as well. Those balls were full. She laughed. “Good girl. Now, there’s another man here that wants to cum in your mouth. Would that please you, Freya?”

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