Subject: Dominic Pt 1 It’s been going on for about a year now. I chose him for many reasons. He was blond with green eyes that shine like emeralds. His lips were full and perfectly bow shaped. He had a light tan from being outside so much, he’s body was naturally smooth except for the soft, light hairs under his arms. He was a budding jock with a nicely crafted six-pack. He’s legs were long and muscular in the way of a developing young man. And he was the oldest of the boys in his group. I was able to retire at the age of 43, thanks to a few good investments in property and business. I spent my mornings in the gym keeping my body fit and healthy and my muscles toned. On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons I volunteer at the local community center teaching karate and tennis . This is where I first laid eyes on Dominic. He was 13 years old the first time we had sex. I knew from watching him in the locker rooms that his cock was big and uncut. When flaccid it hung forward, resting on his big but tight and hard balls. His foreskin covered a big fat cockhead and I could barely see his piss slit underneath. His sleeping cock measured about 5 inches, at a rough guess. I spent many nights fantasizing about what his cock would be like hard and erect. I knew that Mr Collins was looking at me with lust in his eyes and a wet dick in his pants. I know that wanton look. I saw it for the first time in my uncle’s eyes when I was 11. A few senior jocks also had that look. It’s true that they all fucked me. escort bayan Since the age of 11 I’ve been sucking cock and fucking ass. But with Mr Collins there was chemistry. I couldn’t deny the fact that I too was lusting after him. I made sure he got a good eye full of cock when we were in the changing rooms. It was very difficult for me to control my cock not to get hard. I knew he was waiting for the right moment, but I couldn’t wait any longer. It’s been two months and i had to do something. I gathered my courage and after our Wednesday karate session I walked up to him and asked “Mr Collins, do you think I could have some extra lessons, perhaps on a Tuesday afternoon? ” I looked at him in surprise and amusement. ” You don’t really need extra lessons Dominic. And on Tuesday afternoons I actually have other matters to attend to. Sorry.” He seemed to be a bit disappointed, but that didn’t stop him from rubbing his crotch where I could see his cock start to show signs of stiffening. “But I only have Tuesdays that I can come to your place after school Mr Collins. ” He’s jaw dropped and I saw a sparkle in his eyes. I knew Mr Collins would be mine. I wanted to fuck the ass *of* my karate instructor. He had me pinned. And by the devilish smile on his clean smooth face, I knew that he knew it as well. “We can make it 4pm on Tuesday Dominic. Will that suit you? ” ” Yes sir, I’ll be there at 4pm sharp. Don’t lock the door, I’ll show myself in.” Tuesday rolled around, I was seated in the lounge kocaeli escort bayan reading, when my front door burst open and Dominic walked in wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He’s young defined body showed off well under his t-shirt and his sturdy legs looked like a stairway to the fountain of cum. “Please sit down Dominic and tell me what intentions a 13 yr old boy has, other than karate lessons.” He seemed stunned that I dived straight to the point. But he answered in a firm voice. “I like you Mr Collins and I know that you like me. I’ve seen the way that you look at me. ” ” Dominic, you must be reading the wrong signals. You’re only a child” As I spoke these words I felt my cock harden to the extent of almost fully erect and throbbed. Aching for release. “I know what you are Mr Collins and your secret is safe with me. I like older men, like you who is handsome with a toned body and a tight ass. And looking at your cock trapped in your pants, I know what I want to do for you.” “Dominic, I don’t play the usual games that boys play. I like role-playing and I think your mature enough to understand what I mean by that. ” ” Are you kinky Mr Collins, is that what you’re saying?” I smiled so broad that all my teeth showed. I love the idea of kinky sex. It looks so awesome in the porn videos. “Dominic, in the bedroom I am a submissive. I want to be dominated, manipulated, punished. ” I looked at him hopeful that he’ll take the bait. ” Those are the types of games kocaeli escort I’m very good in playing Mr Collins. ” I see a hunger in Dominic’s eyes. A lust for M2M sex. He takes his shorts off and with a wink he says: ” There’s no time for games tonight, so just suck my cock bitch ” I guide him over to the sofa. “Yes Master. Anything for you” I take his fat and long cock into my mouth. I wrap my hands around his young cum filled balls. They’re so big and tight. I run my tongue up the length of his cock. Using my tongue I tickle his foreskin running my tongue around in it and over his cock head. My lips pull down his foreskin as I swallow his shift. It’s long and I can’t take it all at first. He grabs me around my neck, like he wants to strangle me. He pushes his cock further down my throat and I almost gag. He lets go of my throat and slaps me hard through my face. He looks at me angrily and says “I told you to suck it. Not pretend like your taking it down your thought.” He slaps me and starts fucking my face while his hands are back around my throat. He says in an angry voice ” You’re useless, I’ll teach you about sucking cock” He face fucks me hard and quick while I play with his balls. He’s picking up speed and I know what’s coming next. He shoots a hot and heavy load down my throat. “Drink it all” he moans in ecstasy. But there’s too much cum for a 13 year old jock and it runs out of my mouth all over his boy balls and onto the tiles. “You wasted a lot of good seed tonight you fucker. I hope next time you’ll do better. ” While he dresses he says” Don’t touch your cock until I leave. ” After he left, as I was jerking off I marveled at the luck that the gods of sex and lust has given me. Look out for part 2 Any comments are welcome.

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