Subject: Doctor Who, Jesse, and Jeremy 115 It’s been a worldwide hit for 30 years and tonight the sy fy phenomenon comes to America in the FOX original movie DOCTOR WHO! For over a thousand minutes they’ve been immortal and blob enemies…now these two travelers… one from time and one from space…and from different worlds –one good (Doctor to a scientist named Rivers who looks like Eric Roberts, “I’m not human, half human.”), one pure hunger and evil… (Jesse: Beware the Blob!)…will face each other in a final duel to the death…and the battlefield is a parallel Earth! Paul McGann and Eric Roberts in the motion picture event of the year…DOCTOR WHO 115 on the Fox Tuesday night movie… starting right now!!!!! 115 CUE into a big blue planet…somehow turning red as the red spread over the entire globe…the same continents as Earth… 8th Doctor’s voice: “It was on a parallel Earth that a new enemy, the blob, was finally frozen thanks to my help. I could have destroyed it or moved it but the TARDIS HADS system had been on the blink since arriving here…it was a message the old girl…or is the TARDIS now a boy? A message it was trying to tell me. While they were willing to help me get back to my TARDIS in due time…not time enough for me so a nice, young family named Young, in town, lent me a balloon….For this world listened calmly to my suggestion that they get rocket fuel technology…for they had no flying machines even though they possessed the know how and tech to have planes and rockets…they were smart not to…at least in their eyes…The scientists were not willing to give me the last word but let me help them, these very same scientists here made it clear that they made all the decisions. They thought they could contain it. They couldn’t lock it up. It was a move they never should have attempted.” The Doctor’s eyes… The time vortex from the TV MOVIE opening credits… DOCTOR WHO THE TV MOVIE LIKE CREDITS AND MUSIC Instead of asteroids, we see asteroids and satellites, warning sounds issuing, “Stay away, stay away…” DOCTOR WHO Starring Paul McGann Special Guest Star…Eric Roberts Guest Starring…Jeremy Sumpter Sylvester McCoy…The Old Doctor Jesse McCartney Yee Jee Tso J. Radick as Gareth Dave Hurtubise as Professor Wagg Daphne Ashbrook THE ENEMY WITHOUT (title removed on transmission…maybe) Aka The Known Enemy (also not seen on transmission) “A Time Lord has over 1300 lives. My old friend, The Master, didn’t know this was possible and I wanted to keep that secret. It wasn’t usual, usually we die after 13 lives but that doesn’t pertain to here and now…what does is that a scientist on this parallel Earth the TARDIS slid into was a counterpart to one of the Master’s bodies…and yes…he looks like the Eric Roberts Master. In this parallel life, I could trust him. He wasn’t a Time Lord though. Not yet….” At a balloon set up, the long haired Doctor used his sonic screwdriver over the device rigging the air to the balloon, “There, that should do it.” “In all of my travels through space and time, and nearing the end of my 8th body as inside my 13388th body…I think…or was 138th or 38th? I realized, Mister Rivers, that you can never be too careful. And your scientists are not being too careful.” Rivers turned to him, “You don’t have to call me, Mister Rivers, Doctor. I tried to make them see it your way.” Gareth, a younger man turned to them both, “Well, listen to the big matters, they won’t. But at least to some things, they have taken your precautions.” The Doctor paused, hopping to the rim of the hot air balloon he had made with their help, “Listen,” he put his hands up like the Fourth Doctor, “Listen. I am all one for understanding the need to experiment, hah. Huh? But really, with something that dangerous, something so coldly unstoppable, not even thinking about the havoc it could cause.” “But you believe we have time to get everyone off this planet?” “Yes, Gareth, and/or take it to another planet…but that would be most dangerous. IF I can get this thing back up to my TARDIS…” he looked up at the TARDIS, which was suspended in the sky, “I can get everyone out of here. And by my timetable, we have months. Frozen solid like it is and without any nourishment it’s as stopped as a Time Lord in a room of women.” Gareth looked at Rivers and shook his head as the Doctor continued his work. The Doctor wore his familiar green velvet frock coat, silver waist jacket, and cravat and too large dress shoes. His hair was very long. (MUSIC CUE: ALL THE STRANGE STRANGE CREATURES from soundtrack two of DOCTOR WHO new series: alternate version from THE SECOND PROMS uses a repeating motif from earlier on as it continues longer…) ALTERNATELY use the music from soundtrack two (but called Series 3) track 19—named Utopia and used in 4th series trailer From Jeremy’s hand held and old fashioned walkie talkie, the Doctor’s voice sounded shaky, as if he knew what was happening before he asked, “What’s going on?” Jeremy stared at Griswald, the redheaded fresh and freckled faced 40 year old, “Doctor, I think Griswald’s been feeding it.” “What?” The Doctor fumed, “When and how much!?” “When? How much?” “No, no, no. Don’t worry. It’s perfectly safe. I’ve been feeding him through this little device of mine that I made.” He patted the metallic funnel, “It can’t get out.” “When and how much?” The Doctor yelled via walkie talkie. “When and how much?!” Jeremy repeated. “Three times a day just for three days. Raw meat, oh about sixty termons.” Jeremy felt awful, “Why didn’t you tell me?” “You were very busy with Professor Holoway and Professor Wagg, making sure they followed your and the Doctor’s instructions.” “You did everything the Doctor said so I didn’t think you…” The Doctor did his own calculations to convert to units he could understand. “Tell he’s a fucking moron!” “He told me to tell you you’re a fucking moron.” Jeremy said without thinking. He shook his head, “Sorry.” “Don’t be sorry. Jeremy, get out of there now.” “Why? What’s he done?” “Accelerated its processes. He’s accelerated its processes!” The Doctor yelled so loud that Jesse and Rivers who were both working on the balloon’s final arrangement, heard him and stopped their endeavors to listen. He turned to them, “Don’t stop! Keep working.” Jeremy asked, “Doctor…how long have we got?” “The basic processes…by giving it food like that…he’s increased its rate, its strength…this changes the time table. Even frozen like this…the fucking fool!” “I’m not the fool. All I gave it was the raw meat and some energy pellets.” Jeremy held the walkie talkie to his mouth, “Doct…” “Energy pel!…I heard him,” the Doctor said, “Tell him he’s a stupid fucking moronic asshole who has seconds to live.” “You’re stupid fucking moron who’s…Doctor, I can’t tell him that!” “NO! I want YOU to RUN! Did you hear me? Jeremy?! Why don’t I hear your feet hitting the ground running? RUN!” “Maybe…” Jeremy thought there was something more they could do. As Griswald looked at the funnel device to see if it was secure…and it was, Jeremy asked, “Are you sure? Isn’t there…” Jeremy saw the glass plate the red jelly blob was behind…one of thirteen. It was cracking and the red fluid was up against it. “Doctor, it’s…” Jeremy turned to Griswald, “Hey, stupid fucking idiot, it’s…” Griswald turned to look at Jeremy but the blob had shot out of the funnel, bypassing the safety “air” lock and squirting out into Griswald’s face. Griswald’s face was now bone, mostly. Some residual flesh still clung to it but the red stuff was eating at even that. Eye balls were in sockets. One fell out. The bottom of the mouth was moving up and down quickly as if Griswald were trying to say something. His tongue was red with the blob. Another eye ball fell out. Jeremy screamed loudly, his mouth open wide. He ran and held the walkie talkie up to his mouth, “Doctor! Just leave! Get out of there, now!” “We are not leaving without you. Get here. If you stop running, you kill us all here. Me, Jesse, Rivers. We are not going without you! SO RUN!” Jeremy dropped the walkie talkie and ran. The blob covered the walkie talkie. The blob smashed into the room, fully breaking and covering the glass, the rest of Griswald’s decaying body…which became broken bones uncovered by eaten flesh and it sank into the red pool or organism. The blob followed Jeremy into the hallway and Jeremy ran down it. Another plate shattered and the blob came out into the hallway in front of him. It was still pretty slow and still a bit cold and some of it had frost on it. “Geronimo!” Jeremy jumped and flung himself over it and onto the other side. Another window smashed behind him and red ooze came out. He ran for the control room. He heard technicians running and screaming and dying. Their bodies were decayed under them and their eyes widened as they realized the rest of them was sinking into the organism of red life…and death. They saw Griswald’s remains mixing with the bones of their feet. Some screamed and red came out of their mouths. Men and women who were working to contain it now died in it. Jeremy saw the last one, a female, sinking into it, a look of despair and pain on her face, shock. “Grace!” He called to her. He had been working with these people for weeks, having helped the Doctor capture the blob since it arrived on this parallel Earth and, following the Doctor’s instructions and making them follow the Doctor’s instructions. Griswald was the last one he thought would have been sneaking around performing experiments, feeding the monster. With each person eaten, the thing grow less cold and more warm. Hair of the dead sank into it. Jeremy ran into the control room. He saw Wagg, “What are you doing? It’s free!” “I know. I saw and heard.” He flipped a switch. The blob splashed up at the plate facing the control room. A metallic door slid closed blocking it. Some of the blob got caught on the glass however and cracks started. “I’m sealing it in.” “With us?” Jeremy asked, “That won’t work. It’s strong enough to get through.” “I know but at least it’ll slow it down some more to give you time to get away.” The door adjacent to the door Jeremy came in from, stretched to its limit as the thing slammed blob against it. He wanted to move toward the door to try to test it for permeability, which he realized was a stupid thing to do so he moved back toward Wagg’ room. The door behind Jeremy closed and he jumped away from it. “Now get out of here before I have to seal you in to save the Doctor.” “Come with me,” Jeremy said as the glass cracked. At the balloon site, Rivers moved to the Doctor, “You…you’ll let us die if Jeremy doesn’t get here?” “I had to give him the incentive. The dumb blond will sacrifice himself bursa yabancı escort for us if I didn’t. He’d never try to get here if he thought we’d leave.” Jesse started to protest, “Doctor, we are NOT leaving without Jeremy.” “I know.” Rivers took his glasses off, “Doctor, I don’t…” Even though in his 8th body, the Doctor sounded a bit out of breath, like his nervous 5th self, “Ahh, Rivers,” he took the glasses and used his sonic screwdriver on them, “Once we reach the TARDIS…” Jesse smiled, “You’ll love the TARDIS…” “…I shall have to do something about your eyes. We can discard these soon then…” “Doctor, you’re going to let me, my pal Gareth here, renown scientists both…” The Doctor shook his head sideways, “All scientists are renown in their own way…but by whom is what matters…” “We can help but even the……and the lovely….” He put his arm around Jesse and his hand down his shoulder on the other side, “Jesse….Jesse here die and yourself…mind you…just to save Jeremy…?” Jesse looked down. He moved closer to the Doctor. They both adverted their eyes from each other and Rivers. Gareth, working on the air hoses, looked up. The Doctor nodded, “Yes. I am waiting for him. Life without Jeremy is not worth living. Life’s not worth living with Jeremy out of it.” Jesse felt for a moment, a bit of jealousy. “Yes.” Jesse put his hands around the Doctor’s back and over his shoulders, “I agree.” “Enough pouting about this,” The Doctor turned and held Jesse’s hands, “Let’s see about getting this balloon up and going as soon as we sight the boy, aye?” Jesse smiled and nodded his head. Jesse dropped the smile quickly though, “Doctor, what about the rest of the planet? The people? The family that lent us the balloon?” The Doctor looked up into the sky, toward the suspended TARDIS in the white clouds and blue canvass behind it. “IF I can get to the TARDIS, there might be something I can still do. Some kind of frost excitation. Maybe and then I can maybe start getting people off the planet with the TARDIS…” Jeremy was in his flight stance as he saw the red ooze out of the crack in the control room. He looked to the other rooms and saw the doors sliding shut and metallic coverings over those. Wagg yelled, “Get out now or I’ll close it in with you. The Doctor might have a chance if you leave now!” “I’m sorry,” Jeremy looked at him. He smiled. “So am I. But it was good to have known you,” Wagg smiled, “And your friends.” “You as well,” Jeremy ran for the door. He looked back and saw a shower of glass and red blob burst out of the glass and smack right into Wagg. Wagg’ hand was on the switch and the rest of him was on the wall with the blob. Even so the weight of it made the switch move down and the door near Jeremy was closing. He threw himself to one side and out of the door as blob smashed against it. It almost gave way. Another door slid over that one. Jeremy turned and saw Wagg’ face twist around from the back of his head as the thing absorbed him. Wagg’ one hand was against the glass panel to the outside. Jeremy was wide eyed. “I’m sorry!!!!” He ran for the last exit and saw the door above closing downward, sliding downward and he threw himself at it. Blob behind him. Tentacles came from it as it slid across the metallic floor to the outside. Jeremy threw himself down to the floor, chest first but kept his head up and saw the door closing. He had just enough room to slide through. He made it and the door slammed shut behind his heels. He stood up and heard the blob smash against the door seconds later. He ran across the street into the quant suburban town around the huge white laboratory building. He made it out of the parking lot when he heard the doors all smash open and the blob, now extended through every hall and door and window in the lab, sprayed out. He ran. (MUSIC CUE: ALL THE STRANGE STRANGE CREATURES from soundtrack two of DOCTOR WHO new series: alternate version from THE SECOND PROMS uses a repeating motif from earlier on as it continues longer…) Many people hadn’t listened to the Doctor. They stayed. They preferred to not worry. Worry did not good, right? They thought the Doctor and the scientists who had brought so much work and good economy to the town would solve the problems and contain the creature. Jeremy knew that behind him the thing was entering relatively unprotected homes and from every opening, devouring people as if jelly were hitting them. He heard screams. Men. Women. Children. All ages. The elderly. A man in a wheel chair. Pets. A cat on a curb playing with a dog in cute fashion. The thing rolled at them and they tried to attack it or play with it and were turned to skin and bones. And then were gone. Despite the fact that the living things the blob was killing slowed it down from pursuing him, Jeremy didn’t hold back a warning. He yelled to whomever he could to leave, “RUN! GET OUT OF HERE! THE BLOB IS COMING! THE MONSTER IS FREE! MOVE OUT! RUN! SAVE YOURSELVES! COME WITH ME!” An Asian named Yee was between two houses, trying to break into one that he knew no one was in. He came running out of the small space and yelled, “What’s he doping about?” As Jeremy ran past, waving at him and yelling at him to run, the Asian tried to grab him but missed. “Ruinin’ my scene, man!” The blob hit him low and he lost his balance and fell face first into red Jell-O. He screamed and his mouth filled with blob. Jeremy knew that there were some people that left town. The family that lent them the balloon had listened to the Doctor and left town. He also, as he ran, thought that if they had stayed there might have been some chance that they could have made it up to the TARDIS with them and would be safe. Maybe. As he ran he yelled to people, “RUN! THAT THING IS COMING! THE BLOB’S COMING! THE BLOB IS COMING!” Some of them ran but some didn’t. He saw a mother and two young children playing on the front lawn. The thing came at them and covered them, hitting their legs low and making them stuck as if in mud or quicksand. At first, it was like they were playing with a rubber band but then it never came unstuck and slowly melted their cells. Jeremy felt tears streaming from his face as he heard the dying sounds of men, women, children, animals. The anguish some had discovering their loved ones were being slowly dissolved in the pool of red gelatinous material. As the Doctor might say, Jeremy thought “the thing has no mind for violence. It’s just doing what comes naturally. Science can be so cruel sometimes.” On all sides, the blob filled streets. Jeremy ran down the one street that was untouched. Behind him, the thing exited many houses and fences, knocking aside trees and garbage cans with the same aplomb, the sounds of both differing but warning him that his pursuer was relentless. He glanced back once and saw a whirlpool, a wave of garbage inside the monster, mixed with car parts, body parts, purses, toy dolls, and brains. He almost threw up but he knew if he didn’t make it he was signing the death warrants of Jesse, Rivers and the Doctor. He knew he would have to run for them and for his parents and his siblings and all those who cared about him back in his life in his present time zone on his Earth. He swallowed and knew if he died he would go to an afterlife, however he didn’t want it to end for him like this, here and now this way. It would be an agonizing death and he would leave behind so many devastated people. The survival instinct was strong for him anyway and he knew, raw, that he wanted to live and not be dissolved by a red blob on some parallel and distant Earth from his own. He cried for all the others who were its victims. Standing on top one of the rims of the balloon box, Jesse pointed, “There HE is!” “OH MY GOD!” The Doctor looked through a telescope he withdrew from one of his voluminous pockets. “LAUNCH!” He moved to the rope nearest him and cut it with the sonic screwdriver. He could see Jeremy running. On either side and right behind was the red lined jelly, pursuing, picking up speed and strength. Jeremy waved at them, “LAUNCH! LAUNCH! GET OUT OF HERE, DOCTOR! GET AWAY! SAVE YOURSELVES! IT’S TOO LATE!” Jesse stood where he was and followed him with his body language, “I thought we were waiting for Jeremy!?” “LAUNCH! FOR GOD’S SAKE, LAUNCH!” The Doctor cut the other rope near Jesse. Gareth and Rivers untied the ones on the other side. Jesse asked, “What gives? I thought?” The Doctor grabbed him up under the arms, “By Rassalon’s Rod, will you just do as I say and get in there?!” He tossed Jesse over the side and into the balloon. “You’ve seen Rassalon’s Rod and by all counts, it’s a little thing…and HEY!” Jesse landed on his side and stood up quickly, rubbing his shoulder, “What the fuck!?” “Gareth, help me!” The Doctor gasped as the man stood just watching, confused. His gray hair shone in the sunlight. With Gareth’s help, the Doctor undid all the hoses of air. The balloon started to rise without Rivers. “Rivers get in!” River jumped in and held his glasses with one hand, while the other hand held the side as he jumped over. He almost bumped nose to nose with the 8th Doctor body. He straightened his glasses as he put them back on and noticed he and the Doctor were chest to chest. “Oh dear.” “Yes, indeed,” the Doctor said as the balloon rose. Jesse grabbed the Doctor and turned him sideways to look over the side. “Indeed? Indeed this! He’s still down there! With no…” He noticed the Doctor uncovering a tangle of something that had been covered by a white sheet. The Doctor tossed the sheet over the side and no body watched it but it sailed down and flapped in the wind. Landing, it covered a small patch of a big red pool. An ever expanding pool of dark red mixed with the blood of victims. Soon, the white was melded in, too, a racing patch of red soon replacing it. Jesse frowned, “What’re ya doin?” “Use your eyes, Jes, me love,” the Doctor tied rope to a center piece that in the balloon. Rivers manned the controls of the balloon. “Rope?” Jesse asked. “Rope,” the Doctor said, “Rope.” He threw it over the side. “Jeremy! HURRY! RUN!” Then he turned back to point at Jesse, “And YOU, Jesse McCartney, you thought I’d abandoned Jeremy! Given up on him! Oww, that’s rude, am I rude in this body?” Jesse’s eyes averted as if he were Rose in THE CHRISTMAS INVASION on the Sycorax ship, and had been told almost the same thing by the Tenth Doctor. He couldn’t cope with this right now. He started to say something but the Doctor turned back over the side again, “NICE MEETING YOU, JEREMY! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!” “What’s he fucking talking about?” Jeremy ran and as he ran he saw the balloon risen, the rope come out over the edge. Even though he saw it rise, he didn’t stop running for he trusted the Doctor and bursa sınırsız escort Jesse that much, he knew that there would be a rope ladder or a rope of some kind. It was a knotted rope, not a ladder but he knew he could make it. One line to life. He ran but the thing was at his heels. If one touch hit even his heel, he would be lost…dead in minutes, taken along for a blobby bloody deadly ride as his bones dissolved while he watched and felt it, drowning in red liquid that filled his body and mouth and came in and out of him. He never hesitated. “I’M COMING!” Over the Doctor’s back, and draped on it, Jesse watched, “How often I’ve heard those words from those lisping lips!” “He doesn’t lisp that bad any longer. Entirely due to my tutoring and training of course.” Gareth nodded, and tutted, “Will you two shut up? Your friend is running for his life down there. And you’re making jokes?” Rivers came between, “It’s how they cope.” The Doctor stopped Jesse about to yell at Rivers, “No. We’re just making statements about his life.” Rivers asked, “What about it?” “Like the life of all beings, it’s worth living,” the Doctor smiled. Rivers melted at those blue eyes and that infectious smile and smiled back. The balloon rose up and the rope was off the ground now. Jeremy had it in his sights. The blob was right behind him and spreading on all sides, flattening itself in every direction. “Jeremy, dive for it!” Jesse yelled over the side. Something happened to the balloon mechanism and air hissed out. “Jesse, see to that, you know enough about it!” The Doctor snapped, “And don’t get excited!” “I’m not, you are,” Jesse turned from looking over the side. He moved to the mechanism with Rivers. Jeremy jumped up like a basketball player but with hands raised. The blob spread under him and if he missed the rope’s end, he would fall right into a mass of red gelatin, laced with body parts, bones, flesh, garbage, automobiles…but he grabbed onto the rope and pulled himself up higher. The Doctor punched the air, “OH YES!” Jeremy began to climb up and his adrenalin had already caused him to have several feet of rope under him. The knots in the rope helped him make quick progress upward. As the Doctor looked up at the TARDIS and said, absently, “Wish this thing could faster…” Gareth looked down at Jeremy and beyond. “Oh no!” “What do you mean Oh no?” The Doctor asked him and looked down with him, “Oh no!” “He’s not out of danger yet!” Gareth gasped. Jesse asked, “What’da ya mean?” He was crouched with River working on the balloon mechanism. Behind Jeremy and below, the blob shot out an almost see through tentacle but it turned red quickly and shot up at the end of the rope that dangled beneath Jeremy’s feet. The Doctor noticed Jeremy paused to catch his breath, “Jeremy! Get up here fast! Don’t stop and don’t look down!” Jeremy looked down. “Oh shit!” He saw the tentacle swipe the rope and miss. He pulled himself up it some more and used both feet and hands to do so. The thing made contact with the rope and it only needed one time. It began to make a slither upward. “Jeremy, listen. Listen to me,” the Doctor shouted, “The colder air up here is slowing it down so you have time to get up here!” “Cut the rope!” Jeremy yelled, “Save yourselves! Save Jesse!” “As if,” the Doctor pouted. “What’s he on about now?” Jesse asked. The Doctor ignored him. “Is that thing okay now?” Rivers didn’t turn around but had a wrench to the device, “Almost.” The Doctor turned to look back down at Jeremy and could see the blob slithering up after him, pulling a heavy blob load behind him. Gareth put a hand on the Doctor’s shoulder, “It’ll pull us down!” “I don’t think it can do that yet,” the Doctor gasped, “It’s still too cold up here for it to get much of itself up but if…” “…if it so much as touches your pretty friend, he’s a gonna!” Gareth said. “It’ll kill him. All it needs is one touch!” Jeremy was at the side of the balloon soon enough. There were moments when the blob seemed about to slither onto his heels. He managed to get up higher above it and it seemed to stop. Gareth reached over the side as the Doctor stooped to help Rivers and Jesse, saying, “What’s taking you two so long?” A gust of wind hit the balloon and as it did, Gareth was leaning over Jeremy to put his hand out and he fell. Gareth screamed as he flipped right over Jeremy’s head and entire body to land on the rope under Jeremy. Jeremy had reached out to try to grab him but it was futile. The blob was just under Gareth’s heels now. He screamed as he fell but he was able to hold on. Jeremy pulled himself upward, “Doctor! Gareth! I have to help him! He’s fallen!” “I can’t get up!” Gareth yelled. “Yes you can!” The Doctor yelled back to him. “You have to cut the rope!” Rivers yelled, “It’s dragging us back down, Doctor!” Rivers picked up an axe. Standing up, Jesse smacked the hands that held the axe and it fell to the floor of the basket, “We’re not cutting the rope!” A gust of wind hit the balloon again and the Doctor toppled over the side, head and chest first, just like Gareth! Jesse had turned to see this in time and grabbed the Doctor’s legs, “WHOA!” He held the Doctor’s body and the back of the Doctor’s head was facing Jeremy’s front. The Doctor twisted so that his face nearly met Jeremy’s face, “Hello, Jeremy. Nice to see you again.” “Hullo,” Jeremy smiled, “Can you get me outta here and Gareth, too?” “Pull me up!” The Doctor said. Jesse gasped, “We shouldn’t have let him eat first!” Jesse pulled and Rivers, behind him, almost stuck to him, front to Jesse’s back, sweating, helped. The Doctor had his body on the side of the balloon now. Jeremy put his hand upward as the Doctor turned back to him and over the side, “Doctor, I’m slipping!” “No, you’re not! A big strapping chap like you!” The Doctor was nearly up but put his hand out, “Breath out, Jeremy!” Jeremy breathed out and the Doctor with one hand grabbed Jeremy’s hand and pulled. At the same time, Rivers and Jesse pulled the Doctor upward. All four piled into a bunch inside the balloon. The Doctor was up first, “Gareth!” On the floor, sitting or squatting, the two boys recovered. Rivers turned back to the gauges. Jesse looked at Jeremy and didn’t say a word. He just hugged him. Jesse noticed the axe was no longer on the floor. Gareth was climbing up the rope. His upper body was at the side of the balloon. The Doctor reached out and grabbed Gareth’s hand and pulled. “Hold on! I’ve got you!” The blob hit Gareth’s heel and made short work of his shoe. It steamed inside his foot. Gareth screamed. The Doctor had Gareth’s hand. He went wide eyed. “Gareth! I’m so sorry! I’m soo, soo sorry!” Gareth screamed but looked at the Doctor wide eyed. He shook his head yes but winced in pain. He groaned. The Doctor let go of his hand. In his opposite hand, the Doctor wielded the axe and cut the rope. Gareth’s lower body was already covered in red blob as he was loosened from the balloon. The cut rope, Gareth, and blob fell straight toward the red planet below. The Doctor dropped the axe onto the basket’s floor. Jesse stood up, his hands planted firmly on both sides of his own head, pulling his own hair. He grit his teeth. Jeremy looked over the side, “NOOOOOOO!” Jeremy banged on the side of the balloon edge, “NO! NO! NO! FUCKING MONSTER!” Then he just hung himself over the edge and looked down. The Doctor picked him up, faced him, and placed his hand on Jeremy’s chest. He put his other hand on the boy’s back. “It’s …just…” “How could you do that?” Jesse asked. “You just…” “He saved our lives,” Rivers turned Jesse toward him. “He saved us. He had to.” The Doctor hugged Jeremy but over Jeremy’s shoulder, he saw Jesse’s sad face, “I’m sorry. I’m so very sorry.” Jeremy was looking down as Gareth fell. He wasn’t fully covered by the red monster yet. The Doctor turned so that Jeremy faced Jesse now and the Doctor himself could see Gareth’s fall end. It was as if he never was. “This is my life, Jesse. You should know that now. It’s not funny and clever. It’s just standin up and taking a stand when no one else will want to do it. It’s not easy. I had to. If you and Jeremy and Rivers were to survive…I had to.” As he spoke, the Doctor looked down. He saw Gareth sinking slowly, other materials blocking his descent. He was already dead, or at least the Doctor hoped he was. If he was not, he’d be in intense, horrible, agonizing pain. Breaking from the Doctor, Jeremy lost something in himself and sagged down to the edge, looking over it at the monster below. Jesse nodded, “Yes, I do understand. I haven’t forgotten Avar and Von. Nor Jeremy’s friends Rob and Harn. People die, Doctor, that’s a fact. I just…” “It stunned you to see me do it?” “Yes, that’s all.” “C’mere.” The Doctor put his arms out and hugged Jesse, who was crying. “The whole world. The whole Earth, gone…” Jesse gasped. The Doctor took Jeremy’s hand and was higher up than the boy who was crouching at and somewhat over the side, as if trying to be with Gareth in the dying man’s …now dead man’s final moments…Without looking at him, Jeremy took his hand and still looked over the side. At the same time, The Doctor put his other hand in Jesse’s, the pop star’s hand being wet with tears he had been wiping. Jesse took it. “The whole Earth…” Jeremy rose up and moved from the Doctor, still holding his hand, and then stared over the side of the balloon again and suddenly had a thought. Hope. He rose up. “Not the whole,” Jeremy smiled at Jesse, looking at his face, which was over the Doctor’s shoulder. He nodded at Rivers, who was innocently straightening out his glasses. The Doctor handed Jesse over to Jeremy and they hugged. “I am sorry.” “I know, Doctor,” Rivers said, “And I miss Gareth already. He was…IS…cause I believe he is still somewhere…” “Yes,” the Doctor forced a smile. “….he is a good man. BUT if you didn’t cut the rope, I would have.” The boys stopped hugging and arm in arm, arms behind backs, looked up at the TARDIS as the rays of the sun hit it. It glistened, seemingly waiting for them eager to accept them. It made them feel warm again. Jesse smiled, “The one thing I can’t wait to do…is sleep…as soon as I get in there…” “Sleep is for tortoises.” The Doctor said, serious. “We…I…” he looked at Rivers, “We …have work to do.” Jesse turned, “Cor, maybe for Time Lords sleep can be overlooked but for…” He saw the Doctor in a corner of the gently rocking basket. Asleep. He tapped Jeremy’s shoulder for him to take a look. He nodded to the Doctor and Jeremy. “How can someone so contradictory be so…and so…” “The stress,” Jeremy smiled, “He deserves a rest.” “All three of you do,” Rivers stated. The balloon rose over the red coated planet. The görükle escort burping, slurping and bubbling blob had covered almost all the horizons they saw. The plants were gone and the strange twilight area of carbon dioxide filled the air. There was a certain stillness as the blob settled down. Jesse looked up. He looked at the Doctor again and checked to see if he were breathing. As he reached his hand under the Doctor’s nose to feel air, the Doctor suddenly sprang up, “OKAY, BLOODY HELL!” “FUCK SHIT!” Jesse jumped back but Jeremy caught him in his arms, Jesse’s back to his front. “YOU FUCK!” “Sorry, my boy, didn’t mean to scare you but enough of that sleep business. Never pass up the opportunity to take a quick nap, cause it’ll do any life form some good. Now then…” He looked as the bottom of the TARDIS approached. “Good, good, almost there, then!” He picked up some more rope and lassoed it out of the balloon. He flung it up and out and it hit the top of the TARDIS light and then he clicked his fingers, “Please work! C’MON!” On the first try, the doors did not open. He clicked again and the doors opened. “Okay, this is our exit…and our entrance. Jesse, you first…” “I think Rivers should go first, he’s the only one…whoa!” Jesse was pushed over the side as the balloon came up alongside the TARDIS doors, which were opened outward this time. He flung into the console room. He recovered quickly and saw Jeremy dangling on the door, holding onto the top of it. Jesse reached out and grabbed both sides of Jeremy’s waist and pulled him inside. Rivers followed. Then the Doctor in spectacular fashion as he jumped and cut the rope of the balloon at the same time. He yelled, “GERONIMO!!!!” As he landed, Jesse said and shook his head, “Yeah, don’t do that.” “Yeah, you big ham,” Jeremy added. The Doctor began working the controls, “Hullo, K9,” he said without taking his head up from the work. The TARDIS made some sounds, “Don’t worry, dear boy, it won’t get you. Just as it didn’t get the four of us.” On the scanner, the whole Earth seemed engulfed by the blob. As Jesse and Jeremy began to change clothes, Rivers moved to the door. The Doctor didn’t look anywhere else but the console, “If I can just program some of those old satellites I have sitting around, they’ll last for billions…oh billions and billions of years, warning off travelers from this world. Then I can also leave some old fashioned flags on the Parallel Moon, like DON’T GO TO THE EARTH BELOW, IT’S DANGEROUS TO EVEN LAND. That sorta thing, what’d you think of those, aye?” “Good,” Rivers was the foot of the doors. He put his feet on the edge. Below, he could see nothing but red. The light was dimming from the sun. “You can shut the doors from there but it might be dangerous at the mo,” the Doctor said, “I can just do it from…” the Doctor turned to see Rivers on the edge, his feet almost entirely dangling off. “Rivers, what’re you doin.” “Doctor,” Rivers just looked down, the balloon had sailed up and up and burst. It fell past the TARDIS doors, basket and all. “I’m going to join them.” The Doctor tried to keep calm, “What? The basket and the balloon. I don’t think they’re lonely.” “No. That’s just the point, isn’t it, Doctor. I will be.” Jesse, his shirt off, moved toward Rivers. Rivers yelled, “Stay where you are.” He took his glasses off and put his arm out, “I’m going to join my people. They’re all…everyone I ever knew. My friends, my family…” The Doctor smiled, gently, “You said your family were all dead.” “That doesn’t matter. All my people, everyone I ever knew, is dead. Gone.” “Trust when I say they’re not. Oh they may be gone from this realm. But oh, there are so, so many others. Oh, so many others. Some very far away from here and us that even I can’t get to them. Heaven, if you’d like.” “Doctor, you’ve been great. Really great. Terrific.” “Fantastic?” The Doctor stalled. For Jeremy, his pants and underwear off, with just his t-shirt on, rounded past the Doctor’s side and moved on the far wall of the TARDIS, roundels behind him. He was in the shadows. “Really fantastic. But I’m sorry. What kind of life am I going to have now? A lonely one.” Jesse smiled, “You can stay here with us.” “Not really. I see what you three having going.” “Really?” Jesse said, “It’s that apparent?” He sighed, “That was sarcasm. We’ve never really hidden it…at least not deliberately. And if we ever sort out the Doctor’s loony home planet and get back to our own, we’ll never hide it again. Truth is: we all take in others all the time. We’re not exclusive. That just makes it bad for everyone else not to get their hands on this lovely body. I mean look at this, lookatwhat I can do.” He started to pop his pecs, “Just like in JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND. The Rock taught me that when I met him.” He moved both pecs. Rivers turned to look at him. Rivers smiled. “What would I do with you?” Rivers asked. “Anything you want,” Jesse said. He could see Rivers thinking it all over. The blob below would take him with some notice. The balloon and the basket sank, the device inside hissing. It sank and was soon gone. Nothing was left. All there was below was the blob. “Nice try,” Rivers started to throw himself off. The Doctor’s loudening voice stopped him, “RIVERS! C’MON DON’T DO THIS! I DEMAND YOU NOT DO THIS!” “No more demands Doctor. I’ve done everything you ever said.” Watching Rivers carefully, Jeremy tried to lean against the wall for as Rivers turned to the Doctor, he was sure Rivers would see him. He moved as far back as he could. Behind Jeremy, he felt the coat hanger. On it, was the Doctor’s 19 foot scarf. He wasn’t sure why it was there at the moment but he took it. He balled up one end in his fist and knew what he had to do. “It’s not a suicide, it’s sort of a returning,” Rivers said and moved again. “Jesse! Catch! Pull on the Doctor’s…” “Not his penis but why not!” What happened was that Jeremy launched the scarf to the front of Rivers from the man’s right side. Jesse saw the dangling end and grabbed it. He pulled. Jeremy pulled from the other side. The Doctor rushed forward to the doors and caught Rivers’s entire body as he fell backward. The boys pulled him in using the scarf. K9 rushed to the door control and moved it with his nose. The doors slammed shut with the old familiar humming sound. The Doctor cradled Rivers in his lap, his head on his chest. Rivers put his head snug into the Doctor. The Doctor smiled, “I’m the Doctor. That’s Jeremy, Jesse, and that door shutter over there is K9. Let’s talk about it, shall we, huh? Jelly baby?” Later… “Jesse, you’re right, I do love the TARDIS.” The Doctor smiled, “And I can tell he loves you. Rivers, what’s your first name, anyway?” “Roberts.” “Roberts? That’s an unusual first name.” “Well, my parents thought they were going to have twins. So the plural. Silly, I know,” he touched his glasses again. “Now come with me, we have to see what we can do about those glasses, shall we?” “Yes, of course.” He said, “Of course, Rivers isn’t my last name,” he said as they moved out of the dark control room of the 8th Doctors. “What is?” Jesse and Jeremy leaned their backs on the console as they heard him say, “Masters, of course.” As the Doctor played WHEN YOU SWING ON A STAR in the TARDIS lab via the speakers, he fashioned contacts for Rivers. “These are self cleaning, self repairing, self adjusting,” he told him. “You never have to take them out for anything. Not even…” he cleared his throat, “Sex.” “Thanks,” Rivers took them and put them in. “We’ll take you to a planet that is similar to Earth if you like or anywhere you’d like…” “How about somewhere peaceful?” “Will do.” Later, the TARDIS appears in a snowy area. Snow is coming down. The doors open, creaking. The doors open inward this time. Jeremy and Jesse come out in skimpy bathing suits and nothing else on. The suits are the kind life guards wear in Australia. Jesse held a beach ball. Rivers is behind the Doctor when they emerge. Jesse looks around, “This isn’t Florana?” “No.” “You forgot to cancel the coordinate program?” Jesse asked. “No.” “You forgot to reset the drift compensators and had a timing malfunction?” Jeremy asked. “Yes.” “Sup’pose, it’s better than a wardrobe malfunction. BUT we won’t get a sun tan here?” Jesse asked. “No.” Rivers looks, “It seems to be…ahh, Antarctica… or the Artic…hard to say…” “Anything but hard right now,” Jesse looked down. Snow drifted all around them, heavily coming down. Rivers looked inside, “The console says it is 1958…” They hear a plane and look up. “A military plane,” the Doctor squints through snow. “They’re dropping something,” Jesse says. A small pack attached to a parachute sails down from the plane. “Oh no, it’s…” The Doctor said. Rivers read a large note attached to the pack, “The Blob. Beware the blob.” “It…it can’t get out here, can it? With all the cold?” Jeremy’s teeth chattered from the cold. The Doctor shrugged, “Not to worry, it’ll be here till 1972…so ahhm, Rivers, just don’t be here…or 30 miles east of LA…Pomona or Diamond Bar…take a vacation that June somewhere other than there…or we can drop you off on a totally different planet…” “I get it,” Rivers smiled and cleaned his glasses off as snow and ice has landed on them. “I want to go inside,” Jesse gasped, shaking, chilled. Goosebumps. “Me, too,” Jeremy agrees. “I hope we can find Florana this time,” The Doctor said. “Hang on, have we been here before?” “Or…” Jesse starts and smiles. Jesse, Jeremy, and the Doctor, “Are we yet to come?” They laugh. Inside the music has switched on the gramophone from SWING ON A STAR to some love ballad sung by a woman. The song is about unrequited love (“and for all those tears I’ve cried or dried…a time for us….there is time….time…time…time”) and it starts to skip on the word TIME. The 8th Doctor body: Oh no not again. THE END morphs into a large red question mark. The gramophone starts to skip but then plays: THEME: BEWARE THE BLOB from the 1958 movie. beware of the blob it creeps, it leaps, it glides and slides across the floor right through the door, and all around the wall a splotch, a blotch be carefull of the blob repeat This then leads into the end theme for the DOCTOR WHO THE SPECTACULAR FEATURE FILM MOVIE MUSIC…end theme… and we see the vortex and the TARDIS… and at ube/watch?v=hn_laHrOVRU DOCTOR WHO Starring Paul McGann Special Guest Star…Eric Roberts Guest Starring…Jeremy Sumpter Sylvester McCoy (parts cut out for re-addition in next episode) Jesse McCartney Yee Jee Tso…teen crook who dies J. Radick as Gareth Dave Hurtubise as Professor Wagg Daphne Ashbrook….Grace Based on the long running TV series by the BBC and the special movie by Matthew Jacobs… Dee Jay Jackson…lab tech that dies Dolores Drake…lab tech that dies Catherine Lough…extra on street that dies Joel Wirkkunin…man in house that dies Gordon Tipple…military plane pilot

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