Dinner with a Full Bladder

All Holes

Amanda took a deep breath as she entered the sex shop downtown. She wandered around for a while, a bit nervous, but she was running out of time and did not want to be late. A saleswoman approached her and asked if she needed any help.“Yes. My friend, … actually I don’t know his name. He told me to ask for Mindy,” Amanda said nervously. “Cop?” The saleswoman asked. “Yeah!” Amanda answered enthusiastically. Glad she was on the right track.“Follow me,” the saleswoman said, turning and walking towards the back of the store. Amanda followed her deeper and deeper into the store past the standard sex shop areas into a smaller back area filled with BDSM gear. The saleswoman opened a door to reveal a very normal-looking office with a woman sitting behind a large desk. “Your cop friend sent another date our way. This one doesn’t even know his name,” the saleswoman said with a laugh.“Come in,” the woman sitting at the desk said, smiling at Amanda.Amanda entered the room and looked around. It seemed like a very normal back office. If she had not walked through the sex shop, she might have thought she was in an office building. The saleswoman closed the door behind her as she exited. Amanda turned towards the sound of the closing door and gasped. She was definitely not in a typical office. On either side of the door were two women tied to the wall spread-eagle with ball gags in their mouths. The one on the left was wearing nothing but a pair of jeans that were damp in the familiar pattern left by an emptying bladder. The one on the right was completely naked. Amanda watched intently as a dildo attached to a large machine on the floor slowly pistoned in and out of her dripping cunt.“Ignore them. They are being punished.” The woman behind the desk said breaking Amanda’s entrapment with the two women. “For what?” Amanda asked intrigued and a little scared. “The one on the left thought it was a good idea to use the restroom without permission after I explicitly told her not to, so now she is spending a day tied to my wall where I can make sure she pisses her pants like she’s supposed to. The one on the right doesn’t seem to be able to control her orgasms even when her husband and I are very clear that she needs to ask for permission so every day for the last few weeks she spends some time tied to my wall getting fucked, but before she leaves I put that chastity belt on her to make sure she can’t come without my consent even if she tries.”Amanda just stared at the women in amazement.“Don’t worry, you won’t end up on my wall unless you misbehave. When are you supposed to be at dinner? Being late might not be enough to deserve my wall, but it would put you one step closer.”“7 pm.”“Cutting it close. We better hurry. Remote control vibrator and a butt plug, correct?”“Just the remote control vibrator.”“Are you sure? You will definitely end up on my wall if you can’t follow instructions.”“I’m already wearing the butt plug.”“Oh. Good girl. Lift up your dress and let me see.”Amanda wouldn’t normally show her ass to a stranger, but something about the woman’s voice made Amanda feel safe and submissive. Amanda turned around and lifted her dress over her ass to reveal the small butt plug protruding from between her cheeks. After a few seconds, she turned back around with her dress still lifted above her hips.“Most men would appreciate you leaving your panties at home, but my friend likes to use them as a gauge for how wet he was able to get you. Here you can have hers,” she said gesturing to the woman almanbahis on the wall with the dildo in her cunt. “They might be a bit wet already. This one really starts to gush after a few days of denial.” The woman lifted a pair of panties from her desk and handed them to Amanda. “And before you put those on, here is the vibrator,” she said pulling a we-vibe from her desk drawer.Amanda took the vibrator and slid it inside herself with ease. This entire interaction in the shop had her on fire, not to mention the ruthless fucking and denial she had experienced earlier. The panties were damp against her legs as she pulled them up. She imagined they had been soaked not too long ago but had dried out slightly since being taken off. “Head to dinner before you’re late,” the woman said, sitting back down at her desk. “What about the controller?”“It’s already connected to his phone.” Amanda doubled over as the vibrator kicked on. “And mine. Have fun at dinner.”Amanda walked out of the room past the two women tied to the wall with the vibrator still humming gently inside her. What had she gotten herself into?She arrived at the restaurant with only a few minutes to spare. Her date waved to her from a small table for two in the back of the restaurant by the bathroom door. She began walking over to him, but almost tripped as the vibrator jumped to a much higher setting.“Glad to see you can follow instructions,” he said with a smile as she sat down at the table. The vibrator slowed, but still provided enough stimulation to make its presence known. “Cutting it close on being late though.”“The sex shop took longer than I thought. It took me a while to build up the courage to ask for Mindy.”“I see. Did Mindy treat you well? She can be brutal, but only if you disappoint her.”“She was very nice to me. The same cannot be said for the two women on her wall though.”“Ah. Who was it today? If I remember correctly, Jasmine was being forced to wet herself all day and Sarah has been in there for orgasm denial and chastity training every day for weeks.”“I cannot even imagine that level of denial. Just today has been a struggle for me.”“If you stay with me you’ll understand it soon enough, but not tonight.”“Thank you. I need to cum so badly. I can’t wait to explode all over your cock.”“Want”“What?”“You want to cum. Not need. And I never said you would be cumming on my cock. I will decide when and how you get to come.”“Yes, sir,” Amanda said gasping as the vibrator turned back up to a higher setting for a few seconds.“So, tell me about yourself. Where are you from? This is a first date after all.” “How about we start with exchanging names?”“Oh, I’m sorry. Jillian already gave me your name, Amanda. My name is John, but I’d much prefer it if you refer to me as sir.”“Yes, sir. No problem, sir. Every time I say it, I can feel myself becoming more submissive.”“Good girl” Amanda beamed a huge smile across the table as a feeling of confidence and appreciation washed over her. This man was something special. The pair somehow transitioned to polite cordial conversation that would be expected on any first date. Amanda almost forgot about her desperation and the toys inside her until the waiter came to the table. “Welcome to La Petite Auberge, have you dined with us before?” the server asked very professionally. “I have many times, but I don’t think my date has,” John answered.“Welcome back to you and welcome to you,” the server said politely. “Thank you,” Amanda responded. “Can I get you started with something almanbahis yeni giriş to drink?” the server said looking at Amanda.“I-“ just as Amanda was about to speak, the vibrator jolted alive on the highest setting yet. She gritted her teeth and tried to speak, but no words would come out.“We’ll take a pitcher of Yueng Ling and a pitcher of water,” John said.“Alright. I’ll be back with those in a minute.” As the waiter walked away the vibrator slowed, but still remained on a higher setting than before the waiter arrived. “You better figure out how to speak during pleasure or you’re going to find it very hard to order and even harder to beg for your orgasm,” John said with a devilish smile. She just stared at him still silenced by intense pleasure in her crotch. The vibrator slowed. Amanda took a deep breath and asked, “Can you just order for me? I’ve never been this horny and sensitive before. Even the low vibrations are driving me wild.”“If I order for you I’ll have to explain to the waiter why you can’t order for yourself,” John answered with a devious smile.The waiter returned to the table with the two pitchers and placed them along with four glasses on the table. “Are you ready to order?” he asked. The vibrator returned to the higher setting.“I’ll have the crab cakes,” John answered without hesitation. “And for you, miss?” The waiter said, turning to Amanda. She stared back at him with her face contorted. “I’m sorry my date is in a bit of a predicament. She-“ John began explaining. “Will have the salmon,” Amanda blurted out. “Great choice,” the waiter said with a confused look on his face. “I’ll go put in those orders for you.”As the waiter walked away, the vibrator finally slowed to a gentle sustainable level. Enough pleasure to keep her dripping into her panties, but not so much that she couldn’t enjoy dinner. “Good job. Being able to communicate while edging is a skill I value very highly. Not all women are capable of it. Although most can get pretty good with training.”“Have you trained many women to do it?”“Let’s just say my last submissive could give a TED talk during a gangbang.”“That is quite impressive. I don’t think I’ll ever get to that point. I’m too sensitive.”“Sensitive is good too. A woman so desperate to cum that she’ll do anything is one of the sexiest things in the world.”“I think you’ll have me there by the end of the night. I already can barely think about anything other than your cock inside me.”“Lucky for you, you already earned your orgasm earlier so there won’t be too much edging after dinner. However, you’ll be cumming on my face, not my cock.”“Oh god. I fucking love it when guys go down on me. My last boyfriend loved to eat pussy. He used to go down on me almost every day.”“Did he let you cum every day?”“He would devour me until I came so many times I couldn’t take any more.”“Well. I am more than happy to do the same, but I usually only let my submissives cum once a week at most.”“That sounds terrifying, but as long as I get a nice wet tongue between my legs, I’ll be a happy girl even if I don’t get to cum.”“We’ll see if you feel the same way after a few days of denial. You might be begging me to stop because you can’t take the pleasure anymore.”“I can’t wait.” He turned the vibrator up and smiled at me as the waiter approached with our food.“The crab cake for you, sir. And the salmon for you. Enjoy.” As the waiter walked away, the vibrator turned off for the first time since Amanda put it in.“I’ll let you enjoy your dinner almanbahis giriş without any distractions. The food here is incredible.”“Thank you,” Amanda said, digging in, only now realizing how hungry she was. The conversation transitioned back to more normal first date topics while they ate, but as soon as the waiter picked up their plates the vibrator buzzed back to life.“Now, before we leave, I’d like you to finish both pitchers. I’ll help with the beer, but the water is all for you,” John said.She had already drank one beer and at least two glasses of water, but both pitchers still looked mostly full.“Am I right to assume that I will not be allowed to use the restroom before we leave?” Amanda asked.“That would be correct,” John said with a smile.“Ok. I better drink quickly then. I already have to pee,” Amanda said teasingly.He poured each of them another beer and topped off both water glasses. Amanda thought he was going to help her with the water as well, but he slid his very full glass to her side of the table with an evil smirk on his face. Amanda wanted to impress him so she started downing the water as fast as she could. The first glass she practically chugged and the second didn’t take long either. He refilled both glasses again and now the water pitcher was almost empty. The third and fourth glasses took significantly longer, especially as the first two glasses hit her bladder. By the time she finished the fourth glass her stomach and bladder were both painfully full. He poured the last of the pitcher into a water glass and chugged it himself. “I’m impressed with how quickly you finished all that, so I wanted to reward you,” he said. Amanda smiled and picked up her beer. Thankfully John had drank two beers while she was guzzling down her water so there wasn’t much left in the beer pitcher. Amanda drank her beer slowly, hoping he would finish the rest of the pitcher. He finished his glass and looked at her as if sizing up an opponent. “I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll finish the pitcher if you leave your panties in the check.”Amanda was so horny and desperate to pee that she didn’t even think about it, “deal,” she said and chugged the remnants of her beer. “Now chug yours so we can get out of here.”“We didn’t even get the check yet,” he said with a laugh. “Jesus Christ. I’m going to wet myself if we don’t get out of here soon.” Amanda frantically looking around for the waiter. She saw him over by the bar and tried to make eye contact. Eventually, he looked at her and she signaled for the check with a sigh of relief. The waiter walked slower than any human being has ever walked before. At least that’s how it felt from Amanda’s perspective. When he arrived at the table the vibrator kicked back to a high setting and Amanda had to clench every muscle in her body to hold back both her orgasm and the ever-building pressure in her bladder. John handed a card to the waiter without even looking at the bill saying, “my date really wants to get out of here. Could you put a rush on bringing the check back? I promise your tip will be unforgettable.”The waiter smiled and said, “Of course, sir”The waiter ran back to the computer and was back with the check in seconds. “Have a good night, sir.”He wrote in the tip, signed the check, and then looked at her, ”Time for your part.”Amanda reached under the table and up her dress pulling her soaking wet panties down her legs. She handed them to him so he could feel how wet they were. “Are these Sarah’s panties?”“Yes, I didn’t wear any because I thought you would like that, but Mindy said you would prefer if I wore panties so you could see how wet they were after teasing me. She gave me Sarah’s panties to wear, which were already a bit wet when I put them on.”

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