Deviant Dorm Rooms Ch. 03


This is a story loosely based on my experiences in college. Loose enough that this could be called fiction. Obviously names and dates have been changed. All character’s mentioned in sexual references are 18 years of age or older. I hope you love my characters. Enjoy!

* * * * * * * * *

Early the next morning:

It took a while for Christa to convince David to get up from the floor in Angelica’s suite, but she knew her roommate had an early morning class on Monday. And she was horny as hell. She looked up and saw Angelica snuggled up with Jayson on the couch. She looked down and saw David’s morning wood.

Christa carefully fished his dick out of his underwear, not wanting to wake him. Christa was getting wet just thinking about sucking a dick in someone’s suite. She paused to listen for any signs of life in either of the dorms. She could only hear Jayson’s light snoring.

So she lowered her head and sucked David’s dick for a few minutes on the floor, while Jayson and Angelica slept on the couch. Slurping sounds filled the dark room while she sucked him in his sleep. Once David was awake and he began to moan a bit she stopped, stood and pulled him to his feet.

They folded the blankets, David put his fat cock away and the two crept out of the suite. The two horny students blinked into the sunlight. Campus was still quiet, but for a few stragglers making the walk of shame. Christa giggled, as David couldn’t keep his hands off her ass while they moseyed back to their suite.

Once back in her empty dorm, Christa hopped on her bed and removed her shirt and bra. She had big nipples to match her DDs, with large dark-pink areolas. Her big boobs swung left to right as she got comfortable on the bed.

David took off his shirt and pants at lightning speed.

He joined Christa on the bed with his dick forming a tent in his briefs. Without speaking Christa leaned toward him, opened the fly on David’s briefs and swallowed him whole.

Without removing David’s cock from her mouth, she moved her body so she was laying on her stomach. She grabbed the base and swirled his dick around in her mouth. For a few minutes Christa sucked the whole shaft, occasionally pausing to tease the tip before plunging back down.

“Holy…..shiiiit,” David groaned. Christa’s red hair covered her face, so David could feel how great she was but had to imagine his cock sliding between her full lips.

Christa was familiar with David’s needs and before long she had David groaning with his head against the wall. He ran his right hand through Christa’s hair as she pleasured him with her mouth. His left hand was rubbing the back of Christa’s body, which was laying perpendicular to David’s.

He squeezed her pear-shaped booty as she continued to slurp on his cock. She licked down each side of the shaft before smacking her own lips with his dick. Then she swallowed him again. She sucked David’s cock for ten minutes. Each time she felt him getting close, she eased off before continuing.

Finally, after bringing him to the edge multiple times, she crawled closer for leverage and put her hand on David’s thigh. She then opened her mouth and took David into her throat. She pulled back before throating him again. She flicked the tip with her tongue each time she bobbed her head.

David didn’t last thirty seconds with this technique and before he knew it, he was cumming into Christa’s throat. She kept sucking him while David’s dick spurted more cum, making him curse out loud. The redhead licked and swallowed every bit of David’s semen, running her long tongue over the sides, before she released his cock.

She twisted her body so she was on her back and she removed her panties as David recovered. For the first time David got a clear look at Christa’s pussy. She was completely bald and her labia was symmetrically even from top to bottom and it flowered open around her pussy-hole like a butterfly.

David pulled off his underwear and crawled over to his girlfriend, stroking his cock back to life.

“Nuh uh uhhh,” Christa said, wagging her finger. “Not yet.”

She reached for David’s head and pushed him down to her pussy. Christa’s face was full of lust as she watched David approach her pussy and she sucked air through her teeth when David’s tongue licked up the center of her slit.

* * * * * * * * *

Angelica woke up when she heard the door to her suite open and close. Jayson’s arm was wrapped around her. She was warm on the couch.

She opened her eyes and saw that Christa and David were gone. She checked her watch. She had class in 30 minutes. Angelica got off the couch and Jayson stirred but didn’t wake up.

Angelica opened the door to see Jennifer getting dressed and ready for school. The two actually had a class together later that day. Angelica showered quickly, dressed and returned to wake Jayson on the couch.

She persuaded him off her couch and ushered him across the hall into his suite, but not until he squeezed her tit and smacked her ass, bahis siteleri before she rushed down the hallway.

When Jayson opened the door to his own room his jaw dropped. Ash was asleep in his bed. She was on her stomach and her thong and ass cheeks were uncovered by the blanket. Jayson looked at Brent, who was also asleep in his own bed, and was thoroughly confused.

Deciding to worry about this situation later, Jayson squeezed her ass before covering Ash with the covers. He showered quickly, dressed and headed to campus, leaving her in his own bed.

“Weird,” Jayson said, out loud as he left.

* * * * * * * * *

David had been eating Christa’s pussy for nine minutes. She was very vocal while she received head. She was telling David what she wanted and instructing him when to repeat his actions.

“Hphmm! Hmmhmm. Do that again,” she moaned. “Yeeeaah….keep doing that.”

David was getting the hang of it. He started out licking the sides of Christa’s pussy walls and sucking her labia. It felt nice but wasn’t getting the job done for Christa. He then tongued Christa’s pussy hole causing her to squirm and for a few minutes, Christa let him explore her body with his mouth.

Eventually, Christa took control.

It took awhile, but under her direction David was able to find Christa’s clit under her pussy folds. After a couple more minutes of exploring, David learned that Christa liked when he rubbed the underside of her clitoris with his tongue.

David found a rhythm licking and then flicking Christa’s clit until she was no longer giving directions, but moaning in delight. Christa rested her head on her pillow and closed her eyes while David ate her pussy.

She held her hand on David’s head mostly out of habit, and soon she was moving her hips in time with David’s tongue. David was doing a good job toying at Christa’s clit underneath and Christa felt herself climbing towards an impending orgasm.

Christa rocked her hips into his mouth, picking up speed as she crept closer to her release. She climbed closer and closer, before David lost his rhythm. His tongue was lost in Christa’s folds.

Christa moaned in frustration, pulling his face into her vagina until he found her bean-sized clit again. A few minutes later, Christa was again wiggling her pussy into David’s face as she inched closer to her climax. David was flicking her sensitive clit and rubbing his tongue underneath.

She had regained her passion and she was breathing deeply, her chest rising and falling. Consumed with pleasure, Christa was softly moaning David’s name while he ate her out. She was fast approaching her orgasm.

But just as Christa was reaching her boiling point, David’s tongue tripped over itself and again Christa was left on the edge of her release.

“Daviiiiid,” Christa moaned as her orgasm ebbed away.

David came up for air as Christa readjusted herself. Her pussy was tingling and her body was on fire. She grabbed David’s head and slowly lowered it back toward her pussy.

“Come on,” she said softly. Her face was focused. David started to lick her pussy again and with Christa’s direction soon he was nibbling at her clit. David licked all around her pussy keeping Christa on edge. Eventually it began to feel really good.

He moved his tongue into her hole before poking at Christa’s clit. After a few more minutes Christa could finally feel herself getting worked up again.

David kept his eyes closed as he focused on pleasuring his girlfriend. He knew she liked her clit licked underneath. So he focused until he’d trapped her clit and began sucking at it. He knew she was enjoying herself when she began humping his face.

After a few more minutes, Christa could feel her orgasm bubbling. She closed her eyes and relaxed her muscles. She ran her right hand through her own red hair while her left hand remained in David’s.

Her hips were moving up and down with a slight wiggle to it. Her clit was dragging across David’s tongue flooding her brain with pleasure. She was moving faster in David’s mouth, moaning and breathing lustily.

She was nearly there, she could feel every part of David’s mouth on her most sensitive of areas. His lips were pressed against hers. His tongue was swirling under her clit, poking her most sensitive spots over and over.

She was climbing higher, breathing David’s name breathlessly into the air, running her fingers through her own hair. She was so close. Her orgasm was bubbling just below the surface. She was right there, pulling David’s mouth deeper into her pussy while he continued lapping at her clit.

Yet she still couldn’t reach her climax. She was still on the edge, but somehow she was easing back down the mountain. David was losing it and she was so close.

“David,” she said, breaking his concentration. “Come up here.”

David heard the lust in her voice. He looked past her big boobs and into her light brown eyes from between her open legs. She was lost in passion gazing at her boyfriend.

He canlı bahis siteleri wiped his mouth and clambered up Christa’s pale body. Her titties jiggled as he moved between Christa’s legs. Christa felt her heartbeat quicken. Her pussy was sopping wet. David’s skin touching hers felt like sparks and she was teetering on the edge.

“Hurry,” she whispered breathlessly. Her legs were spread and her pussy was tingling with anticipation.

David, not wanting to disappoint her, aimed his hard dick at Christa’s flower petals and pushed forward. Christa nearly came at David’s touch. She was vibrating slightly as David slowly inched his head in.

Christa couldn’t take it anymore. She reached around David, put her hand at the small of his back and pulled him all the way into her. Her pussy walls willingly stretched open.

His dick barged into Christa’s soaked pussy and she exploded into orgasm.


David felt her pussy convulse as Christa cried out in pleasure. She shook violently while her orgasm finally washed over her body, flooding it with pleasure signals. David did not move his dick until Christa was finished. She spasmed and twitched with her eyes closed, savoring the blissful feeling.

She opened her eyes slowly.

“Are you okay?” David asked.

“I’m fine,” Christa said, breathlessly. “I’m not the virgin here. You are.”

David slowly pulled out and roughly shoved his dick back into his girlfriend, making her tits bounce. He pulled out again.

“Well, at least you were,” she said, smiling devilishly as David jammed himself back into Christa.

* * * * * * * * *

Jennifer’s boyfriend was driving southbound down US 41. He had finished his morning classes and headed back to USI; and to his girlfriend. He would typically have class this evening, but he decided he could afford to miss the first day at Indiana State.

Last night, Jennifer had been awkward. Things were going great until she gave him a blowjob. Afterward, she acted strange and went to sleep early. He was so sure she would want to have sex, especially since Jennifer’s roommate was apparently sleeping across the hall, with some black guy. But after he came, she seemed distant.

They had been dating for three months and she’d only recently started sucking his dick. But he’d have to make this trip count. He had a full schedule of classes and extracurriculars. So he wouldn’t have time to be making regular trips to Evansville. He really needed to get laid.

* * * * * * * * *

David couldn’t believe how great Christa’s pussy felt. As soon as he stuck his thick cock into her, she came all over him. David loved her warm walls squeezing his dick. He watched her pussy folds part and give way for his member.

They had been at it for a few minutes. David was taking his time, pulling out at a slower speed before jamming his dick back into Christa. He was eliciting a moaning cry from his girlfriend each time she was penetrated.

Her boobs bounced around on her chest while David fucked her. She had a smile on her face. Christa’s brown eyes were looking at David and they flickered with every other thrust he gave her.

David bent forward to kiss Christa before sitting up on his knees with his cock still poking into Christa’s pussy. From here he had a great view of his thick dick sliding through her pink pussy folds and deep into her warm cunt.

He was picking up speed now, watching her tits jiggling back and forth like ripples on a lake. Without slowing he raised her left leg giving him more access to her pussy. For another five minutes her fucked Christa with her leg in the air.

“Ahhh…..Ahhhh……Ahhhh,” she sighed, as she was repeatedly penetrated by the recently reformed virgin. She was pulling at her own nipples with one hand and she had dropped her other to her clitoris.

David was thankful he had already cum that morning because he would never have endured this sight otherwise. Christa looked so sexy, with her tits bouncing around, while she played with her other nipple.

When she began playing with her pussy, David could feel her walls spasm and his dick twitched inside Christa. Christa felt it too.

She stopped toying her clit and lowered her leg, with David’s hard penis pulling from her body.

Christa slid her body off the bed and dropped to her knees on the floor. David followed, standing with his dick bobbing in front of Christa’s face.

He knew what she wanted. He placed both his hands on her head with his fingers entwined in her red hair. Christa opened her mouth wide and David shoved his dick down her throat.

One thing David knew for sure, was Christa loved to swallow his cock. With her hands on his thighs, Christa forced David into her mouth, face-fucking herself with David’s dick. Her hair was swinging back and forth around her face, as her lips and cheeks engulfed David’s dick.

After a few minutes of intense fellatio, Christa pushed David onto the bed. She stood, climbed canlı bahis onto him and slid his wet dick into her pussy. She settled herself all the way down on his groin before rocking her body forward and back.

Christa was in control now. Both her hands were planted on David’s chest as she rode his dick. For a few minutes, Christa looked like a red-headed cowgirl, her hair bouncing as much as her boobs.

David, who was hard as steel, enjoyed the ride while he fondled Christa’s big tits. He laid his head back and savored her wet pussy sliding along his shaft.

Christa changed angles and expertly forced her boyfriend’s cock into her G-spot. She started rocking again, now each movement drove Christa’s body closer to the edge. Christa closed her eyes, her pale face frowning in concentration. She could feel the ridges of David’s cockhead rubbing against her G-spot.

Christa worked her body on top of David’s dick and felt her orgasm fast approaching. She allowed it to build inside her, as David watched in awe. She was using his body for her gratification. Christa kept humping David pushing closer to her release. Her pussy was leaking down the side of his shaft and onto his balls.

It started to convulse and finally Christa felt her orgasm rush over her as she came.


When she came, she moaned out in delight. She continued fucking David as her orgasm gripped over her. Her boobs jiggled, as her torso shuddered. David allowed her a few seconds rest, before grabbing her ass.

He pulled her body close to his, mashing her big boobs against his chest. David then pistoned into Christa for only a few seconds before his own release stirred. She was groaning and sputtering while David pounded her and in no time she felt David’s warm cum filling her pussy.

David cried out as he came inside Christa, holding himself deep into her, until she collapsed on top of him. The sweaty couple laid together breathing hard, until Christa looked at her alarm clock.

She had class in 20 minutes.

* * * * * * * * *

“Thanks for barging in on us two nights in a row,” Jennifer spat at her roommate as they walked across campus. “How about a knock when I have my boyfriend over?”

“Um…It’s my room too,” Angelica snapped back. “Last I checked, my roomkey works and I don’t have to knock.”

Angelica and Jennifer were walking into the Childhood Education Building where they shared a class. Jennifer wore a flowery top with a short-sleeved sweater over top.

“It’s just a courtesy is all,” Jennifer said. “Besides, I thought you were sleeping across the hall. If I’d known you were coming back, I would’ve been more…..”


“Cautious,” Jennifer finished, glaring at Angelica.

“Well I didn’t sleep across the hall,” Angelica said as they entered the classroom and took seats at the back of the room. Angelica lowered her voice inside the half-filled classroom. “After I saw you getting ram-rodded in the face, I decided to sleep on the couch.”

“Oh I see now,” Jennifer said, her cute face turning to a sneer. “No…no I get it. No one wants you, so now you’re jealous.”


“You’re upset because you had to sleep alone on the couch while everyone else was boo’d up,” Jennifer said.

Angelica smiled and dropped her voice.

“Oh I slept on the couch, but I wasn’t alone,” Angelica said smugly. “And I didn’t have to swallow a bucket of cum to garner my attention either.”

The student at the table in front of them turned his brown baseball cap and glanced at them, before returning his attention to the front. Jennifer wanted to inquire more, but the professor walked in and began her lecture.

An hour and a half later, Angelica was descending the stairs when Jennifer caught up with her.

“Soooo…spill it,” Jennifer said. “Who were you laid up with last night?”

“Why? So you can make fun of me?” Angelica said. “Let’s just say, at least my man isn’t afraid to please a woman….. unlike yours.”

Angelica walked off to her next class and left Jennifer to contemplate what she said.

She remembered Jayson being all over Angelica the night before. But he was also tempted by Kaci and Ash. He did not discriminate when it came to groping girls in the dorm.

‘Did Jayson eat Angelica’s pussy last night? After she butted in on me and my boyfriend?’

Jennifer had never experienced that pleasure, though she’d sucked her boyfriend’s dick a number of times over the last few months, including when he drove her down to Evansville.

As she walked back to O’Bannon, Jennifer received a text from her boyfriend. He was arriving on campus now. Her heart skipped a beat. She didn’t know he was coming back to campus.

And the timing was perfect. She had no more classes that day. With her pussy moistening, Jennifer hurried back toward the dorm and found herself arriving at the O’Bannon entrance at the same time as Jayson.

“Hey cutie,” Jayson said, holding the door for her. “How was class?”

Jennifer narrowed her eyes when she entered.

“Fine,” she said, as she brushed past him.

“Um…Teaching right?” Jayson said, catching up to her as they walked down the dorm hallway. “That’s your major?”

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