Debra steps further over

Big Tits

The discussion didn’t stop and actually began to increase. She was spending more time with “the girls” including overnight (because she was too drunk to drive home) and more weekend trips and I was spending more time “locked up”. It was actually getting to the point I was being introduced to various men at work. A few seemed to find time to “stop by” to chat me up. Every time Tina, Carol, Heather, Jan and/or Mary had a comment to make. It seemed the more I protested this the more it happened. I was polite but always declined the offer for a drink or dinner.  Tina once again brought up the whole idea, “You really should go out with one of these guys. They are great people”.  I really don’t what came over me but I was just ready to get through all this and responded, “And you know this …. how?”  Tina just laughed and went on, ‘Don’t be silly. They are all way more interested in çankaya escort you than me.”  A little taken back I said, “What?”  Tina continued, “Come on everyone knows about you. Everyone accepts you as Debra but knows that you are still Robert. That is unless you are ready to change that.”  I turned and looked at her and said, “No, I am not “ready” to change anything. I have no interest in men and my only interest is in my wife.”  Tina smiled and said, “That is so sweet. Seriously though Debbie, you really should accept and go out with one of these men. It would be good for you to experience at least a date.”  Wanting to have this end, I agreed I would consider it. I had no plan on going through with any of it but figured it would end the pain, at least for now.  This went on for a few more weeks. I would use the same line with Tina and the girls rus escort and it would start all over. I just kept thinking that at some point they would all just let it go but it only seemed to increase. No matter what I did or said I couldn’t make it go away. I had even begun to consider going out once just to end it. I just knew though that that would only make it worse and a second date or a different guy would be the next discussion.  I figured I was doing a pretty good of dealing with it until on Friday evening. The plan was to stop off after work at a bar and grill place a couple blocks away. Tina, Heather and Carol got off an hour earlier so that left the rest of us to catch up. Everything seemed fine to me and I didn’t think anything of it until we showed up. Tina was sitting with Mark and Kyle. She and Kyle seemed to be getting overly friendly eryaman escort as we walked over. Mark got up and I slid in next to Tina and we all exchanged our hellos. I was watching as Kyle was getting kind of touchy with her and her with him. Finally, the chance came to confront her in the ladies room.  I looked her straight on and wanted to know, “Tina, what are you doing?”  In a somewhat smug manner, Tina replied, “Having a few drinks and a little fun. You should try it.”  I was a little frustrated when I replied, “Don’t you think that both of you are taking it a little far?”  Tina just said, “Nope.”  I retorted, “I do. You are kissing and touching and …..”  Tina interrupted, “You should try it too. Mark really is a nice guy.”  With that, she left quickly. By the time I came out both her and he were gone. I looked around and also noticed that so were my friends. I made my way back to the table and found Mark still there.  When I came out only Mark was left. I asked, “Where is everyone?”  “They all left.” I looked around and went on, “Great and Tina drove.”  Mark responded, “I can drive you.”  That was when I began to realize this was a set up.

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