Dear Diary: Mom’s Boss


Dear Diary,

I know I don’t need to tell you again how mad I was mom took me with on her business trip over my birthday weekend. I may not totally hate the trip anymore, but mom is on my shit list.

She claimed it was because she did not want to miss my 18th birthday but I don’t believe her as she was nowhere to be found after breakfast when one of her co-workers came to collect her for a meeting.

I went to the pool. I was the only person there, no surprise as it was 10am on a Thursday. Thankfully mom wasn’t with me or I would have had to listen to her bitch about my swimwear.

Oh I did get that bikini I wrote about before, the bright pink one that was almost a string bikini except it didn’t tie around my chest or neck, and I may have got the top a size or two small so my tits were almost spilling out of it. The bottoms were the high cut ones almost a thong but a teeny bit more coverage.

I was laying on a lounge chair, listening to music on my phone, when a guy probably in his late 40s chose to sit beside me. I know it is probably bad of me but I decided to tease him.

I arched my back a bit like I was stretching, knowing my breasts were already pumped up by the small cups. Slowly I lowered my leg nearest him to the side of the chair and sat up. I made sure my legs were spread enough he could see the tight fabric caressing my pussy. Standing I went over to the stairs into the pool. After making a quick lap I floated on my back where I knew he could see me.

The guy quickly got up and left the pool area. I laughed out loud when he was out of sight.

From one of the pool side terraces I heard a deep voice chide me about teasing horny old men. I swam to the side of the pool the voice came from to see who it was. My jaw just about hit the floor, it was mom’s boss.

He was standing just inside his room, in black boxer briefs, the sliding glass door open.

I asked him how he knew I was teasing horny old men. I watched as he reached down and ran his hand over his boxer clad cock.

I know, Diary, I have told you before mom’s boss was hot, but seeing him in just his underwear stroking himself was amazing. I knew he had muscles pendik escort from seeing him in a t-shirt that one time but holy hell, he had more than a 6 pack and those super hot stomach muscles pointing towards his cock, yummy. If I had to guess he is probably in his late 30s but so fucking hot.

I climbed out of the pool, without drying off at all, I walked to his terrace. I asked him if it was wrong to tease a girl on her 18th birthday.

He growled “legal” as he grabbed my shoulders pulling me against him into his room. His hand moved down my back to my ass. He pulled me tight against his cock, and damn did it feel big and hard. One hand left my ass pulling my hair making my head arch back. He practically attacked my neck but fuck did it feel good. As he sucked on my neck I knew he was going to mark me but I really didn’t care.

I moaned a bit. His hand on my ass moved to pull on my bottoms. I stepped back and asked him if we should be doing this. He slapped me across the face, but not hard, more in a way to let me know who was in charge and it was not me.

Grabbing my hair once more he pulled me to the bed. With a shove I landed on my back. He wasted no time grabbing my bottoms and pulling the wet fabric from my body. They made an odd plopping sound as they landed on the floor.

He crawled up onto the bed forcing my legs apart. Rubbing his cock against my pussy. Only a layer of fabric from his boxers separated us. I am so happy I decided to shave my down there, he was able to slide smoothly up and down as he bucked against me.

He pulled one of the cups of the bikini top to the side. He squeezed my breast hard, but it felt so good. As he lowered his head and bit my nipple I cried out in pleasure. He covered my mouth with his other hand. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter, he was still rubbing his covered cock against me and had started sucking on my nipple.

I don’t know why I did it but I grabbed the headboard holding the bars leaving my body exposed to him.

The other bikini cup was ripped, literally, from over my breast. He moved to start nipping and sucking that one and was squeezing the other.

I felt my back arc anadolu yakası escort as I started to cum against his boxers.

“Yes cum like the dirty whore I know you want to be.” As he said those words a second wave of pleasure rippled through me.

He stood up and looked down on me, hand still on the headboard, tits exposed from my bikini top, knees bent, legs spread showing my wet pussy. Moving backwards he shut and locked the terrace door, but left the curtains open. As he came back to the bed he pushed his boxers off.

His cock was huge, like the cock on the guys in porn. I could not take my eyes off it.

“Are you a virgin?” I nodded and I think his cock grew even bigger.

He moved about the room. Coming back to the bed he used a couple of ties and secured my hands to the headboard where I was still holding on. He used another as a sort of blindfold.

I felt his fingers run over my pussy spreading the wetness around my skin. Then he slid his fingers deeper circling my clit. I gasped.

“Yes my innocent slut, let me hear those sounds now that no one else can hear you.” His words turned me on more, I must have got wetter he laughed and slid his fingers into my slit.

He started fucking my pussy with his fingers, I think two fingers. He was moving fast, it felt so good. I could not stop myself from moaning and begging for more. The sensation just kept getting better and better until suddenly I came. My whole body was shaking from the orgasm.

“Oh my god, you are a squirter. I think I want to see that again.” I didn’t really know what he meant by squirter but if he was going to make me feel that good again I was all for it.

He started caressing my body again nuzzling my breasts as he stroked my pussy. It did not take much until I was rocking my hips wanting his fingers inside me again.

He did not disappoint me either. He started fingering me hard. He was pushing his fingers deep then pulling them out over and over. The sound of my wet pussy filling the room. He stopped going in and out, with his fingers deep in me he started moving them rubbing something deep inside me. I don’t know ataşehir escort how he could move his fingers so fast but fuck yes it felt good.

I think I screamed his name as I came again. I must have blacked out a bit because next thing I know the blindfold is off and arms are no longer restrained. The bed below me feels cold.

“Did my little slut like covering the bed in her cum?” I nodded because I could not form words. “Does she want my cock inside her stretching her, wrecking her pussy?” I moaned. My legs falling apart without thinking about it. “Spread those legs wider. Show me that soaked pussy.”

He moved so fast to kneel between my legs. His cock standing hard against his stomach, a drop of liquid on the tip. Grabbing his cock with one fist he lined up on my pussy.

I think I cried out as he broke through my hymen, driving his cock deep inside me. He started pounding into me. At first it hurt but then he reached down and rubbed my clit as he fucked me.

I grabbed his shoulders pulling him closer to me as I wrapped my legs around his hips. He stopped playing with my clit and grabbed my tits as he helped me to sit up. I was riding his cock now. I got control. I moved slow, up and down, letting him go so deep inside me.

He was pinching my nipples hard as I rolled my hips as his cock was firmly buried in my pussy. Letting go of my tits with a growl he grabbed my hips and started slamming into me again.

I clung to him as he fucked my pussy hard. I heard him grunt a couple times as he bottomed out inside me, and then a hot warmth spread inside my pussy. It felt so good I came hard my pussy clenching against his cock, holding it deep in me.

He collapsed on top of me on the bed.

We both must have dozed a bit. We were woke up by his phone ringing. I could hear him talking to someone on the phone, something about a killer migrain to have my mom go to the meeting and take notes for him.

I could feel something sticky between my legs. I ran my finger over my slit.

“Are you on birth control?”

At his words I realized the stickiness was his cum. Still playing in his cum I told him no.

“Good I am going to fuck a baby into that pussy.”

We fucked the rest of the afternoon. He came in my pussy 4 more times. I can’t wait to find out if he did fuck baby into me. I both want it and don’t.

If I do I would always have a piece of him near me. If I don’t then maybe he will keep trying.

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