Dead in Tinsel Town

Big Dick

Dead in Tinsel TownDead in Tinsel TownThe rumour around town was that Lauren Titepartz would do pretty much anything to get the part– behind the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is the sleaze and darkness of a business and a city that takes pretty things and forever ruins them. There are no angels in this city – but there are monsters. I know because I’m one of those monsters. Sure, I’m one of the good guys but I do bad things to bad people. To them I’m a monster. I come knocking at your door then you better have your affairs in order and have made things right with God. I don’t know about those rumours regarding Titepartz– I don’t know if she’d done half the things said about her, whether she’d bounced from one casting couch and movie executive’s cock to another to become the star she was– when she walked into my office- all I saw was a beautiful and frightened dame. I fell in love with her. And as anyone can tell you- love hurts. A lot. “Yer going off the fuckin’ roof, Micky,” the big guy in the too small suit growled. “I swear ter god off the fuckin’ roof. Where’s the dame? Where’s Titepartz?” “Fuck you, Jimmy,” I said. “I ain’t telling you shit.” “We ain’t fuckin’ around here, Micky,” the suit snarled. “The boss ain’t happy with that blonde twist and if the boss ain’t happy it means I ain’t happy on account of I have to do nefarious shit like throw soft cunts like you off of roofs.””I don’t know what ter tell you,” I replied. “Last I saw Titepartz was on the big screen at The Prestige on West Hollywood güvenilir bahis and-” “Throw this piece of shit off the roof,” ordered the suit and then I was….. … “falling in love with you,” I said. She had anger in her beautiful eyes but I thought I saw a glimpse of something else. Something more. “No you don’t,” she said, getting up from the chair, moving across the room. “You don’t get to say that to me, Micky. Not that. We’re business partners. Nothing more.” I snatched hold of her arm and pulled her close. “Get the fuck off me!” she spat, pushing me away. Like a cool romeo, I made my move. Oh, she looked so fine. I kissed her, mashing my lips against hers. She fought me a little– not much- fuck all really. Her tongue found mine. She pushed me away. Breathless. Her breasts heaving in the push up bra she wore. Cleavage showing in the satin blouse. I nuzzled her neck– taking in the smell of her expensive perfume. I slipped a hand around her slender back, the other cupped a pert breast, thumb circling the nipple, making it erect. “I said, get off me,” she gasped, all hot breath and unchecked passion. “This was a mistake.” “No it wasn’t,” I said, shrugging off my shoulder holster and forty-five. “You came here for something. You came here for this.” I knelt down before her, pushed her black skirt up over her hips. Ran my finger over her sheer stockings. Placed them on her black satin panties and the warm mound beneath. I caressed her through the thin material. She responded, letting out a güvenilir bahis siteleri little gasp, pushing her vulva forwards. “No,” she rasped. “Yes,” I said, circling the pads of my fingers on her panties. In seconds she was wet.”God, yes, you fuck,” she moaned, cupping her breasts in her own hands. She pulled the blouse apart and gently slipped those stunning breasts from the black bra. I knelt before her, pushed her back against a table and slipped her panties aside. Slipped a finger into her already wet slit. Fingered her clitoris and she responded again, pushing onto me with urgent arousal. I placed my lips on her vulva and licked at her swollen lips with quick flicks of my tongue. Titepartz spread herself with one hand and pulled me by the hair so I could push my tongue deeper inside her. I spent time down there. Licking, tasting. Enjoying every fold of her. Then I picked her up by her waist and placed her on the table, knocking bundles of money to the hotel floor. I dragged her to the edge, put her stocking legs over my shoulders whilst continuing to lap and lick at her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me, digging the heels of her expensive shoes into the small of my back. “I’m gonna fuck this beautiful pussy,” I gasped, unbuckling my belt, dropping my pants and shorts. My hard cock sprang free, precum glistening and dripping from the head. “Do it then. Fuck my tight cunt,” hissed Titepartz, opening her legs, wet lips an open invitation. “Fuck me, Micky.” I did. I fucked the shit iddaa siteleri out of her on the table. On a chair. Back on the table. Under the table. On a second chair and finally over the money covered table again. She gasped in delight. She had already cum once as I pounded her pussy whilst she lay on the table, fingering her clit, bringing herself to a shuddering orgasm. Now, I had her face down over the table. Her tight ass in the air. Her legs spread as I drove into her from behind. My thrusts, violent, urgent and angry. My cock driving into her tightness, my balls slapping against her as I sought my own hot release. “Cum for me, Micky,” she rasped, pushing her ass back to meet my thrusting hips. “Fucking cum in me. Do me.” I did. “Almost,” I gasped. “Oh god, almost there.” “Cum for me. Cum for me, baby,” she moaned. “Cum for, Lauren.” I exploded inside her. Hot streaks of cum pulsating into her hot hole. As I came she clamped my cock with her inner muscles. It pulsed in her again and again, shooting more cum into her. “Fuck. Oh fuck,” I gasped. “Oh my god. More. There’s more.” “Oh baby,” she rasped. “Give it to me.” My legs felt like jelly. The room swayed such was the magnitude of my orgasm. I pulled my hips back. My cock slipped from her slit with a soft popping sound. It spurted again– streaking her pink and puffy cunt lips and spraying her inner thighs. Hot white cum on sheer black stockings. Titepartz turned around, slipped her tits back into her bra and straightened her skirt. “I do love you,” I said. “No. No you don’t, Micky,” she said, the flash of anger in her eyes tempered by a sad smile. “But we’re going to shower and then you’re going to fuck me again.” “I am?” “All night long, hunny,” Titepartz replied. “All night long.”

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