Daniels first time


Daniel is 14 years old, he is 5 ft 1 in tall and very skinny. He also has an 8.5 inch cock and I taught him how to use it.
My name is Michelle and this is how it all started

Daniel had been coming over to my house for the last month, I had arranged it with his parents because he needed something to do during the summer. Every Wednesday he came over to clean my gardens and help out around the house with stuff I didn’t have time for or couldn’t do for myself. I hadn’t noticed anything different for the first two weeks but then i noticed that my underwear drawer was disturbed, I have a tendency to just throw stuff into the drawer but i found my vibrator at the front of the drawer when i always keep it at the back, my nephew was perving out on me!. that was when it all made sense, every time he came over he would disappear into the “bathroom” 3 or 4 times, was he spanking himself off thinking about me?. the more I thought of it the more worked up I got about it but it wasn’t anger, I was actually flattered by it and more than a little turned on. on the third week I set up everything to make sure he was doing what i thought he was, I put my dildo to the back of my drawer and put my sexiest undies on the top (open crotch), I also left the curtains pulled with enough of a gap that I could see everything that happened in the room. the final touch was to put a porn mag that I had poking out from underneath my pillow, I hoped he liked lesbian porn, its all I have. ­čÖé
when he arrived I made sure i was sunbathing on a blanket in the back garden with my headphones in my ears (no music playing, I wanted to hear the gate open) but instead of wearing a bikini of which I have quite a few, I wore a matching, skimpy, almost see thru bra and thong and a pair of sunglasses. I knew he was standing there, i heard the gate opening and it took a few minutes before he said hello and when he did you could hear the nervousness in his voice. I told him i needed him to cut the grass and trim the verge. I didnt let on that I was aware of him being in the garden, I just lay there peeking at him through the sunglasses, he was constantly checking me out as he worked. He had been working for nearly an hour when he told me he was going to the bathroom, this was it!! as soon as he went inside I ran over to my bedroom window, I was there when he opened the door and crept inside. The cheeky little shit was in my bedroom… he went straight for my drawer, as soon as he opened escort it I could read the expression on his face, pure shock, he lifted them out and sniffed at what little crotch there was on them, after he put them down he reached in and took out my vibe, he sniffed it and then licked it, he wouldn’t do that if he knew where it had been( thats another story). I was getting so worked up but i couldn’t do anything in the garden, even though nobody could see into the garden I wasn’t willing to risk it. he unzipped his trousers and pulled down his pants, O.M.F.G he was well endowed.. bigger than some of the guys id been with.
he turned on the vibe and started rubbing it over his cock and between and around his balls while doing this he started working his cock with his other hand, I was getting sooo horny watching this. that was when he did something totally unexpected, he put my vibrator to his ass and started working the tip in and out while wanking himself, after a few seconds he grabbed a pair of my knickers and started wanking himself into them. I watched as he started to cum and he shook so much, I thought he was going to pass out. he shot all over my knickers..
after a few seconds he finished wiping his cum all over my knickers and he put them at the back of the drawer along with my vibe. he didn’t even see the porn mag, i was so turned on!!
I was lying on the blanket when he came out and he went back to work, now I knew!!!

the following Wednesday when he came over it was raining so I made sure I was having a shower when he was supposed to arrive, the towel i had around me was barely enough to cover my nipples and you could see the bottom of my ass, I answered the door to him in the towel and his eyes nearly popped out of his head, I invited him in and told him to put the kettle on, when i finally went into the sitting room he was sitting on the armchair and he had a cup of tea and there was one made for me too. i walked in with the towel wrapped around me and drying my hair, I wrapped my hair and I told him there was something i needed to talk to him about. I told him to come with me and i led him to my bedroom, as soon as we went into the room he started shaking and i told him to sit down on the bed, i went over to my dresser and opened the top drawer and took out my knickers and held them out in front of his face, “can you explain the stains on these?” he just went red and looked at the floor and said “I don’t know”
That’s when i told him izmit escort bayan that I had been watching what he was doing, he started to cry!! “please don’t tell my parents”
I sat on the bed beside him and the towel opened, he just stared at my tits and I slowly covered them with the towel.
“Have you been fantasizing about me when you do that?”
then i reached in and lifted out the vibe..
“how many times have you played with this?”
“A few”
He was still staring at my tits ­čÖé
“do you have a girlfriend Daniel?”
“OK we need to do something about this, but if we do then you are not allowed to tell anyone about it or I will tell your parents I found you snooping around in my underwear and I’ll show them the knickers. I will really get you into trouble…understand?”
I stood up and let the towel fall to the floor and I was standing in front of him totally naked, his eyes flickered between my tits and my pussy, God I wanted him so much!!!
“Lie back”
“lie back on the bed!”
he lay back and i moved over to stand over him, he was trembling as i stood there. then i leaned over and opened the belt of his jeans then i undid the button and then the zip, He grunted and really shook, I could guess what had just happened. I grabbed the waistband of his jeans and pants together and I told him to lift his ass off the bed, I pulled his jeans and underwear down to his ankles, then i pulled off his shoes and socks and then his jeans and boxers hit the floor, there he was in all his glory and i was loving it… i guessed 10 inches at the time but it turned out to be nine and a half, i got him to sit up and i helped him take off his t shirt, now we were both naked and i was so ready but I didn’t want to scare him, i lifted up his boxers and turned them inside out so i could see the cum he just shot, I let him see it and then i sniffed it and slowly licked the wet patch, he was rock hard.
I let his boxers drop and I straddled his legs and sat on his thighs, my tits were right in front of his face and his cock was only a few inches from my soaking wet pussy,
“Suck my nipples Daniel!” he leaned forward and licked my nipple, it was like an electric shock, then he took my nipple into his mouth and sucked it, I lifted his other hand and put it on my other tit and told him he could touch my tits any time we were together like this, he was very timid in his touch so i told him i liked izmit s─▒n─▒rs─▒z escort firm hands and that he was to play with my nipples and that he could even pinch them.
I very soon had to tell him not so hard with the pinching but i was loving it, I pushed him back so he was lying down and i leaned forward and kissed him passionately, I could feel his tongue rubbing at my lips tentatively so i opened my mouth more and slid my tongue into his mouth, he was trembling and i knew why, i could feel his cock tapping off my mound, I could remember my first time and how nervous i was.
I arched my back so my pussy was on his belly, I could feel his cock tapping between my ass cheeks and I started rolling my hips so his cock was prodding me in between my ass and pussy, he was less than an inch away from my pussy, O.M.F.G I wanted him inside me.
“Are you OK?”
he sounded so timid but in his place I think I would be freaking out too..
“How turned on are you Dan? Would you fuck me if i let you?”
“yes i would love to”
I slid back onto his cock, it was resting right up against my pussy and I could feel him trying to push it in, I could let him inside me but if he shot his load inside me he could get me pregnant! I was due my period in the next few days.
I pushed down, taking him all the way inside, I pushed all the way onto him, he was fucking huge, a little uncomfortable but felt really good…. then he blew his load. I could feel it shoot inside me, he was shaking and grunting and then it was over, i sat on top of him and i started to fuck his cock rising and falling on it taking it as deep as i could, I could feel his cock pushing all the way inside me and i was loving it, he was trying to push up into me faster so I told him to relax and let me do all the work.
It didn’t take long before he was ready to cum again but i was getting closer to it myself, i could feel the familiar flutter and the slow buildup of pressure that meant I was getting close.
Daniel started pushing into me again and he was getting more urgent, he was coming again and I wasnt close yet, I could feel him stiffen inside me and he shot another load of cum into me, he wanted me to stop saying he was too sensitive but I kept fucking him until I finally came, It was such an intense orgasm, my legs felt weak.
I waited until I came down off the glow of orgasmic heaven.
I slid off his cock and took it into my mouth, i loved it. I knew there was a possibility of me being in trouble but that was definitely the best fuck i have had with a guy in a long time…

I look forward to hearing what you all think.

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