Daddy’s Girls • Chapter 18 • A Night To Remember


“Mmmm… me too!” Becky kissed him quickly. “But I want your cum, Daddy… Go ahead, shoot inside me… I want to feel it… I’ll get you hard again, I promise!”Bill laughed. “Of that, sweetheart, I have no doubt.” He pushed her off of him, rolling up onto his knees, as he rolled her over onto her stomach, taking position behind her.  “Get up on your knees, girl.”Rebecca rose up on her hands and knees and looked back at him over her shoulder. “Uh… Dad?”Bill leaned down, and kissed her in the middle of her back, giving her chills. “Relax, baby.” He trailed kisses down to her perfect little ass, raining kisses all over the soft skin, and squeezing the pliant flesh. “I needed a short break, but now…” He rose up to his knees, and notched his prick head back into her pussy mouth. “You are absolutely going to love this.”  Bill paused here, admiring the view. Her perfect heart-shaped ass was raised high, and he could see her dripping gash ready to accept her daddy’s dick deep inside her once again.He ran his hands up the middle of her back, marveling in the softness of her skin. He could feel every bone in her spine, and she twitched at his gentle touch. He moved his hands down her sides, feeling the supple swell of her breasts, hanging below her, then reached underneath her to grab one in each hand, squeezing them firmly.As he leaned forward to maul her tits, his dick-head bore into her soaking wet vagina a little bit, eliciting a deep groan from Rebecca. She felt his cock at her entrance, and knowing what was about to happen, she was, of course, quite curious as to how this new position was going to feel since they all took some getting used to. Her father did not make her wait, leaning upright, grasping her firmly by the hips, and driving his own güvenilir bahis hips forward, pushing his swollen cock relentlessly into her pussy. She was so wet, he bore in easily, and soon his hairy tummy was pressed firmly against her perfect teenage ass. Becky was overcome by the sweet sensation of this new position and loved it right from the start. “Oh my God! Daddy!! Oh! I… I don’t believe it! I… Oh! This is the BEST ever!”Bill started sawing his prick in and out of her tight cunny. He loved fucking doggy-style; it bent his dick in a delicious way, and he knew it was the favorite position of literally every woman he had slept with before. “You like it like this, baby?” he asked, knowing the answer. “Tell me, little girl… Tell your Daddy how good his cock feels inside you when I take you like this…”“Oh! Oh! Daddy! You feel UNBELIEVABLE this way!” Becky had her back arched and was pushing her pussy back at his hard-on, trying to meet every stroke with as much force as she could muster.Bill sped up his strokes, holding on to her hips tightly, and slammed into her harder and harder. “Oh yeah, sweet baby, fuck me back… Fuck my cock back harder, sweetheart…” She was grunting with every slam, and he could tell she would cum quickly, and cum hard, so he gave it to her with extreme zeal.“Oh! God! Yes! Oh, Daddy, fuck me harder! Slam into me! Holy shit! I’m… I’m gonna cum already!” Becky crested the wave quickly, and started screaming, “Oh! OH! OHHHH DADDDEEE! I’m cumming so good!”Bill felt her pussy gush her juices all over his cock and balls, but did not stop, still pounding her full force. “Oh, yeah, Rebecca, cum for me… cum all over your old man’s cock, baby…”He could feel his own climax rising yet again, but wanting to make this last güvenilir bahis siteleri as long as humanly possible, he pushed in deep and stopped moving his dick inside her. Her spasming pussy threatened to make him blow, so he took a few deep breaths, willing his orgasm away, then slowly pulled his dick out of her clasping cunny. “Oh, Papa…” Becky moaned and collapsed on the bed. “That… that was amazing… I… I can’t believe how hard I came!”“I’m so glad, baby,” Bill panted, gently rubbing her back and rump. “Did… did you cum, Daddy?”“Not yet, baby girl.” Bill effortlessly flipped her onto her back and moved between her splayed legs. “I want to watch your face when I sperm you.” He watched her eyes go wide at that line, then notched his cock in the sopping entrance to his daughter’s pussy, and with a single thrust, he was buried balls-deep in her again. “Ohhh, Daddy,” she moaned, wrapping her legs around his waist, pulling his ass with her calves and ankles, then grabbed his face with her hands. “You feel so good inside me,” then brought his lips to hers for a hot, wet kiss. Bill pressed his chest to hers, loving the way her stiff nipples rubbed against his hairy chest. He desperately wanted to climax, so he pushed himself away from her kiss, holding himself up on his powerful arms, and staring down at her as he plowed her with deep, hard strokes. Rebecca had her arms around his neck, but couldn’t keep them still, so she ran them all over her lover’s body as he made love to her in deep, full strokes. Bill stared down at the beautiful creature writhing below him. Her eyes were closed, but her mouth was open, and she was gasping in ecstasy with every push of his turgid penis into her snug passage. He loved watching her nubile iddaa siteleri breasts, sitting high and firm on her chest, shake as he slammed into her. His lovely daughter’s tits were so firm that it was as if they were trembling instead of bouncing.Now it was Becky’s turn to talk dirty. “Oh, Daddy… you’re fucking me so good… You like my teenage pussy, Daddy? Does… does your cock feel good inside of me?” She could tell it was having an effect, as he sped up his strokes. “Oh, baby, you feel so good around my cock! You’re going to make me cum so hard! Oh! I want to cum in your sweet pussy!” he said, starting to fuck her harder.“Oh! YES! Daddy! I love the way you’re slamming into me! Yes! Like that! Oh! OH! Daddy! I… I want your cum! Please! Please… give it to me! Oh! OH! OH! Daddy! I’m… I’m cumming again! FUCK ME!!!! OH, GOD!”Bill’s hips were a blur, as he slammed his prick into his sweet daughter’s pussy faster and harder than he’s ever fucked anyone before in his life. He felt his climax rising within him, and rose up on his toes, giving her a few hard stabs. “Oh! Here it comes, baby! Oh, God! Oh! OH CUMMING! Oh, baby! I’m creaming your sweet pussy! Take my cum! OH!”His orgasm was so strong, he almost blacked out. He buried his cock as deep inside her as humanly possible, as blast after blast of hot semen burst from his prick, flooding her heavenly passage with his incestuous seed. Becky was about to crest her own wave, and the last few slams put her over the top, too. “Oh! Daddy! I’m cumming too! Cumming with you! OH GOD! Oh! Daddy! I… I can feel you cumming inside me! Oh my God! It’s so hot! Give me all your cum, Daddy! I want it all!”The second Bill’s prick pumped the last squirt of sperm inside his darling daughter, he collapsed on top of her, panting heavily. “Oh, baby… you got it… you got everything I had…”“I can feel you throbbing inside me, Daddy.” She kissed the side of his face as he lay atop her. “Thank you, Dad. Thank you for giving me the BEST first time EVER.”

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