Daddy Takes Baby Girl On A Trip

Big Tits

Baby Girl smiled and laughed. Her hair was flowing as her head rested on her Daddy’s shoulder as he drove. These were the moments she loved. When she’d been good and Daddy was pleased with her. “Where are we going today, Daddy?” she asked, curiously. “You’ll see, little one,” he replied. A toothy grin lit up his face. She smiled widely. She loved this so much. All was right with her world. Daddy was happy and they were spending time together; she didn’t care where they were went. Daddy pulled into a restaurant. The alluring aroma tantalized her senses. He walked over to her side of the car and opened the door. He led her to the door of the restaurant, and held her close on his arm. With Daddy’s air of authority they were quickly seated. He ordered for her, as always. A decadent meal of rich food which she ate slowly and daintily. She savored each flavor, as little moans escaped her lips. He watched her eat while he enjoyed almanbahis his own meal. “You’ve been very good lately, Baby Girl.” He smiled down at her. She looked up at him, and beamed with pride. As they finished their meal he paid the bill, tipping the young waitress who’d been doting upon him generously. He led her back to the car and she seated herself. She thought they were heading home and planned on quietly napping on the way back. “Stay awake, Baby,” he said, softly. She looked up curiously and watched the scenery go by, intently trying to figure out their destination. He stopped at a high end clothing store. She looked up at him wide eyed. “It’s been a while since we’ve bought you any new dresses or lingerie,” he said, nonchalantly. She tried to hide her excitement. She loved trying on clothes for Daddy, loved to see the heat in his eyes as he watched her strut in front of him. She all but bounced into almanbahis yeni giriş the store on his arm, as always. When the young woman manning the ladies department approached him he simply requested a refreshment and a place to sit. Baby Girl raced through the isles picking out bustiers, corsets, cocktail dresses, and bra and panties sets. Then she dashed into the dressing room before strutting out to show him each one. She saved the one she thought would be his favorite for last. It was a deep purple corset she had paired with a short black pleated skirt. She walked in front of him close enough so he could touch her. She twirled around, swaying her hips, giving him a full view of every curve. He set down his glass and reached his hands out to softly glide down her sides. He paused to grip her hips tight, and pulled her down into his lap. He nuzzled her neck and she giggled softly. He continued to almanbahis giriş stroke his hands up and down her body but now he went as low as the her upper thighs. “I really like this one,” he said, his voice low and husky. “I thought you would Daddy,” she replied as a clenching started to begin in her belly. He finally sealed his lips over hers. He turned her around so she faced him, as she straddled him. She was getting hot: she loved it when Daddy touched her in public. He gripped her hips firmly, and pressed her down so she could feel the growing bulge in his pants. She gasped but he quickly reconquered her lips. He dived in with his tongue plying her lips. He slowly stoked the fire that was grew inside her. She started to grind against him. She didn’t care who saw or who cared. He growled softly. Suddenly he picked her up and carried her to the dressing room. He shocked her by getting down on his knees. “What are you doing Daddy?” she asked, her voice sultry, her eyes heavy lidded. “It’s been a while since I’ve tasted my Baby Girl,” he responded before lifting her skirt. Scorching heat pierced through her as he flicked his tongue once across her clit.

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