Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 86 Dad Loves Me Part 86 James hoo) I woke up in my lover’s arms after some hot sex and watching his brother having the same sex with his special friend. I think there is more to them, but Alan telling Paddy we would like it more than the family tells me either Alan isn’t out to the family or they would disapprove of their interracial affair. Either way, I think he underestimates his family. It would be hypocritical to shun Alan for being gay while accepting Paddy. I also can’t see Sean and Sadie being so narrow minded. I don’t know if Alan and Ronald are in love, but if they are I hope that they will be happy. They seemed to be comfortable enough to have sex in front of us and virtually with us. I was also wondering about daddy’s and Wally’s night. I closed my eyes for a moment when I felt Paddy’s lips pressed tightly against mine. I returned the kiss with passion. We got out of bed and used the bathroom and then we went downstairs to the kitchen and Sadie was cooking breakfast while Sean sat reading the paper sipping a cup of coffee. I heard the TV and giggling in their family room which meant Susan was watching something on TV. Sadie had made bacon, eggs, biscuits, and a homemade marmalade she had made for the biscuits. After I helped Paddy and Susan clean up, Paddy and I walked Susan to a friend’s house, and then we walked to the park nearby. We sat and talked about Alan and Ronald and watching them have sex while we were having sex at the same time. We talked about how hot it was and how fun it would be to do it again. Maybe with daddy and Wally involved too. We also agreed it was too bad about Ronald’s medical problem keeping him from being a top. I mentioned how I’d love to try taking his big cock in my ass. I’ve taken some big cocks, but his would be the biggest. We agreed he was even bigger than my grampa’s cock which is the biggest for both of us. We chatted awhile longer until around 11:30 and then we called grampa and he said to come right over. We arrived and as usual gramma was in the kitchen cooking something or another, usually for weekly bake sales at their church. Grampa said he had a scenario set up in the shed for a little lesson that might help us in woodshop. Paddy and I followed grampa to the shed and once we were inside, he locked the door, opened the vents for airflow and also lit up a cigar. We both breathed deeply of the cigar smoke before grampa told us to get the mats set up. After they were layed out, we started stripping. Grampa told us to set his cock free and worship it. We got down on our knees, unfastened his pants and pulled them down along with his underwear letting his big half hard cock free and Paddy wasted no time going under to nuzzle and suck on his balls while I deepthroated his cock. I could feel him hardening the rest of the way in my mouth. We switched off a few times but he was just happy having 2 young şişli travesti boys servicing him. After about 15 minutes of us servicing his cock and balls, he set his cigar in the ashtray and took off his shirt. He told us to stand up and then layed on his back holding his cigar in his teeth. He briefly took his cigar from his mouth and told Paddy to fuck his ass and for me to alternate between sitting on his face so he could rim me and having him suck my cock. Paddy asked if grampa wanted lube and grampa told him where the lube was on the workbench. He lubed up his cock and smeared grampa’s ass. Paddy lifted grampa’s legs while he was still smoking and shoved his cock into his hole. I straddled grampa right in front of his face and put my cock right in front of him and he took a huge drag and blew the smoke all around my cock and balls. While he was sucking me, I took his cigar and took a drag and blew it down on him and then took another drag and blew it back on grampa’s cock. After I took my cock from his mouth, he took another big drag and blew the smoke all over my ass and said he would also blow smoke into my ass. My ass was right over his mouth and first I saw a puff of cigar smoke come out from under me then grampa’s hands pulling my ass closer and then his tongue in my hole. We were going like that for nearly an hour and Paddy was finally close and said “I’m about to cum grampa.” Grampa was rimming me at that point and stopped and said “Fill my ass boy. I need grandson cum in my ass.” That set him off and he shot his load deep into grampa’s ass. Just before Paddy pulled out grampa told me to get ready to take Paddy’s place in his ass and fuck him until I added my load. I got off grampa’s face and as soon as Paddy pulled his cock from grampa’s ass, I shoved my cock in and fucked him like a mad man with him puffing away on his cigar. It didn’t take long for me to say “Get ready grampa for load 2.”—“Give it to me boy.” I grunted and shot my load adding it to Paddy’s inside grampa’s alrady cum filled ass. When I finally pulled out, he said “Now boys, get on my cock and make me cum and take my load.” We started working his cock and he fed us a huge load. We helped clean his ass and then clean up the shed. There was a nice breeze blowing outside so we walked slowly back to the house. Gramma gave grampa a face saying she knew he had been smoking with us. We kissed her goodbye and she gave us each 2 cookies that she had been baking. Then she gave us a small bag of cookies saying that they were for Susan. “I will call Sadie later to make sure you gave the cookies to Susan.” We hugged grampa thanking him for ‘the lesson’. He said “Tell Gary and JJ to come by sometime, and I’ll give them a lesson too.” He winked as we left. After we left we walked back by the park and noticed it was close to 2:30. 3 hours with grampa well spent. A few neighborhood kids came by beylikdüzü travesti and we bullshitted with them for some time just being good friends. These kids were not the ones that bullied Gary. These guys had been my friends since elementary school. They started talking about girls and even though neither Paddy or I had any interest, we mostly listened. I hadn’t come out to these guys yet so we didn’t want to rock the boat. We were there about an hour when Paddy’s phone pinged with a text from his mom to pick up Susan. We left the guys and picked up Susan then went back to Paddy’s house. Right after we got back to the house daddy called and told me they had picked up the stuff that my aunt set aside. There were also some pictures of me as a child, some of me with both Wally and Aunt Susan and some with just me and her and even more with just me and Wally. I started tearing up and Paddy took my hand. I told daddy I missed them both. He said he was going to have some stuff to tell me. He described Christopher and said he’ll tell me more tomorrow. I told him we had a few things to tell him too. We made kissing noises and hung up. A few seconds later my phone pinged and I got a pic sent from daddy of his and Wally’s cocks. I showed Paddy the pic and we made ourselves hard, took a pic, and sent it to daddy. Sadie had made a traditional cabbage and meat dish with potatoes and carrots. It was a very tasty dinner and we enjoyed it thoroughly. I asked Sadie for the recipe so I could try making it at home sometime. I again helped clean up after dinner and then Susan asked if she could have her cookies. Susan got to choose the movies for tonight and she chose 2 Disney cartoons. During the movies Susan sat next to me and cuddled me. It was really sweet. After the movies I told Sean and Sadie I would get her into bed. After I tucked her in I gave her a kiss on the forehead. We closed her door and we went into Paddy’s room. When the door was closed, he grabbed me and kissed me passionately. “You’re going to make a good daddy someday.”—“If I have children. I still don’t know yet.”—“Who knows what the future holds. You might be able to be with a man and still have a child.”—“You mean a surrogate right?”—“Yes and they can manipulate the DNA for a boy and he would be your genetic child.”—“Something to think about.” We went to bed and just cuddled until we fell asleep in each other’s arms. WALLY After dinner around 7 pm I called my friend Bennett and wondered if he was still interested in meeting with me and my brother-in-law. He seemed really excited. We agreed to meet at a country-western bar. We didn’t really get into that kind of music, but they did have some really hot men and an outside smoking area. We made our way and were soon sitting at the end of the bar closest to the door. We had just received our first beers when someone came up behind me and put istanbul travesti their hands over my eyes. He spun me around and kissed me hard. The first thing I noticed was that he had a beard now. He had short cropped dark hair and was wearing a typical western outfit and some dark chest hair peeking out the top of his shirt. After I introduced Bennett to Adam, he grabbed Adam and planted a big kiss on his lips. We nursed a few beers over the time we were there and Bennett had even managed to get us out on the dance floor and even into a line dance. We also had a couple cigars each in the back. I noticed lots of cigars, cigarettes, and pipes in the smoking area. After about 3 hours Bennett asked us back to his place so we could smoke while we had sex. When we got to Bennett’s place, Adam saw him for the first time naked. When Bennett undressed, he was very hairy, but it was all on his upper torso and around his cock. He shaved his ass. His cock was about 7.5 inches and cut. Bennett lit up a cigar and we passed it around. We decided for the first round Bennett wanted Adam’s cock in his ass. They started fucking and I got behind Adam and fucked him. After about 40 minutes we all had our orgasms insides our asses. We decided to rest a bit and Adam said he had to piss and just as he stood up Bennett got in front of him on his knees and said “Give it to me.” Adam was taken back, but he really had to go so he let loose into Bennett’s mouth. Bennett didn’t spill a drop and watching it made me have to go too. I told Bennett I had a load too, so he got on my cock and I let my piss flow. I had forgotten about his kinkier side. It was time for round two. This time Bennett fucked Adam and I fucked Bennett. We all started fucking again, but Bennett and I were doing a lot of edging and a little more than an hour later, we finally decided to let our orgasms go, but I pulled out of Bennett before cumming and after Bennett filled Adam’s ass with his load, he pulled out and I slammed into his cum filled hole and only stroked in his ass a couple times before cumming and adding my load to Bennett’s load. When I pulled out Adam rolled over on his back and we noticed he hadn’t cum yet. I shoved a finger in his ass while Bennett deepthroated him and in just a few seconds of feeling Bennett’s mouth on his cock and my finger in his ass hitting his prostate, he shot off and Bennett swallowed his load. We showered and cleaned up before heading back to the hotel. Before we headed back to the hotel, Adam and I both had to piss again so Bennett took us back into the bathroom, he got in the tub and told us to let him have it. At the same time, we let our piss go all over Bennett and he was catching it it his mouth and swallowing it as well as rubbing it all over his body and getting it in his hair. After we were done, we kissed him goodbye and thanked him. We let ourselves out and went back to the hotel. We fell asleep right after setting our alarm. I was spooning behind Adam with my cock at his ass. MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. You can submit your donations by clicking on the link on the main page.

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