Cuckold Husband Ch. 04


Having got home from my very humiliating shopping trip, things had progressed quickly. Katrina had teased me all the way home in the car, making comments like, “I’m gonna fuck you tonight like the slut you are,” and, “Come on admit it, you want to be my bitch, don’t you?”

I was embarrassed to answer but my caged cock twitched at the thought and was becoming both sore and aroused at what was to come, but at the same time I was quite nervous.

Once in the house, Katrina told me to go for a shower and handing menthe La Senza bag, told me to put on my new underwear, lie on the bed and wait for her. Of course, I did as I was told and 15 minutes later was in position, lying on my back, the pink knickers and camisole against my skin making me feel horny and slightly conscious as to how I looked.

After a few minutes Katrina came into the room. I gasped in amazement, she had obviously done some shopping of her own during the week and was dressed in a full black PVC outfit, corset, no knickers, stockings and suspenders and thigh high heeled boots. She looked stunning, but even better, like the perfect dominatrix. She was also carrying a bag, which she placed by the side of the bed.

“Aww, look at my little slut, how do the clothes feel?”

“Very nice,” I replied, watching her every move as she straddled my groin, lowering her shaven pussy down until it rubbed against the plastic of the CB 6000. She leant forward and kissed me on my lips, her tongue darting into my mouth, but pulling out before I could suck on it, which I was desperate to do.

She straightened up again, her hands rubbing over my satin covered smooth chest, fingers pinching at my nipples. “Very nice indeed,” she said, “I could get used to this I think.”. She then lifted herself slightly off me and ordered me to turn over, onto my front. I did so, carefully so as not to hurt myself even more with the chastity device, and once in position, she sat back down on me, again straddling me. I saw her reach down the side of the bed and into the bag, and then she sat back up with a pair of handcuffs swinging from one finger.

“Now babe, don’t panic but I have plans for you tonight which I think you will enjoy, but maybe not at first so I’m going to put these on you okay?”.

“What do you mean not at first?”

“Shhhh,” she just said, “Just relax and enjoy yourself, my little chastised bitch, aren’t you?”

She leant forward, over my back and put the handcuffs around one of the bars in the centre of the headboard. Then, in turn she restrained my hands in them, before again sitting back on me, her weight pushing my cock cage uncomfortably against the bed, my balls squashed against the plastic retainer rings.

“Honey, you don’t need to tie me down,” I pleaded with her, now getting concerned at what she had planned for me, “Honestly, I’m quite happy to do whatever you want.”

“You say that now, but you don’t really know what I want do you?” She said this with some menace in her voice, but without seeing her face, I couldn’t tell if she was for real or play acting. “As I said earlier, tonight you’re my bitch and one more word from you and you’ll regret it okay?”

My mind reeled at what was possibly to come, but I think that even if she had uncuffed me, I’d still have stayed where I was. Secretly, I think, I wanted this.

Katrina slid off to one side, kneeling next to me. “Lift your ass up, but keep your head down in the pillow.”

“Uh huh,” I replied, doing as she said. The knickers were cutting slightly into my balls and I was paranoid I looked stupid, with one testicle hanging out of either side of the material. This was soon rectified though when I felt Katrina pulling the gusset of the knickers to one side of my sack, exposing my balls and ass. The next ing I felt was what I presume was her finger, and more worryingly, her long fingernail, at the entrance to my ass.

“Mmmm, you’re very tight back here babe, we’ll have to do something about that.”. More rustling behind me and then I felt a cold sensation as a liquid which I can only assume was lubrication of some kind, was applied to my ass. I gasped slightly as I felt Katrina slip a finger in me, gently at first, slowly working it in and out of my ass for a few moments until I realised she had fully inserted it into me. There was some pain but the feeling as she slipped it back out and then in again was exquisite.

“Good boy, you’re a natural,” she said, “I was reading about anal sex on the net the other day and it said you should take it step by step, but before I go out tomorrow I want balıkesir escort to know that I have taken your anal virginity and that you are 100% my little slut, so I’m afraid we’re not going to have that sort of time. Hence the handcuffs,” she added.

She pulled her finger out of my ass slowly, making me feel every second of it, and then she reached her hand around to my mouth, the finger that had just been inside me rubbing against my lips. “No way,” I exclaimed, “Thats too much babe, not when it’s just been in me!”

“Suck my fucking finger bitch,” she hissed, and I knew she was being serious. “For years now I’ve been swallowing your cum and putting up with your little cock, now it’s time that you do what I want, and don’t forget, you wanted this.”

She wasn’t leaving me with much choice, so I opened my mouth and allowed her finger to pass through my lips, tasting the muskiness of my own ass and feeling thankful that I had cleaned myself as well as possible in the shower.

“There, good boy, or good girl I should maybe say,” she chuckled to herself, “Now you’re learning.”.

Katrina moved back into position, on her knees behind me. She grabbed at the cage of the CB 6000 and pulled on it, causing the ring to tighten up against my balls. I yelled in pain. “Just so we’re clear, any more problems and the pain you just felt will be nothing compared to what you will feel, in fact, I know how we can solve this.”

I twisted my head to watch her reach down into her bag again and this time she produced a ball-gag, with a black rubber ball and leather straps. “Please honey,” I begged her, “I’ll be quiet, I promise.”

Katrina ignored me and placing the ball in front of my mouth told me to open up. At first I refused but then she just leant down and whispered in my ear.

“At the minute, I just plan on using one of my medium size dildos on you…” She let this sink in, “But if you don’t open your fucking mouth right now, I swear to god I will work on your ass all night until I get my fist in you, no matter how much it hurts and you scream the house down.”

She sounded deadly serious this time and for the first time since all this had started, I felt seriously worried. Fisting? I didn’t think Katrina even knew the word, let alone that it could be done to a person. I decided that I would let her gag me, not willing to risk the consequences if she was being serious.

Again I was verbally rewarded, but this time with, “Good girl. Now, relax and enjoy this, otherwise it’s gonna hurt.” As she said this she slapped my ass hard and if I hadn’t been gagged, I’d have yelped out in pain.

More of the lubricant was applied and I heard her bedside drawer open, the drawer where Katrina kept her selection of dildos. I held my breath in anticipation and then felt the tip of what seemed to be a plastic vibrator pushing against my asshole. “Just relax,” Katrina instructed me, “Any pain will soon go, trust me,” and then, in a more mocking tone, “If it helps, imagine my ass getting penetrated tomorrow night, and his is much bigger than this.”

Katrina had never let me have anal sex with her and I felt pangs of jealousy, though these soon went when my mind registered the searing pain of my tight hole being stretched wide by the toy. I groaned against the gag but Katrina didn’t hear, or didn’t care, and continued pushing it in me. I shoved my face into the pillow, biting down on the gag, praying that the pain would soon turn into the pleasure I had been promised.

“That’s it babe, nearly there.”. Katrina was back to being her loving self, satisfied now that I was doing her bidding. “Two more inches and you’ll have the full eight in you!”

Eight? My own cock was only six inches long when erect and yet I had taken more. Fuck me though, it hurt like mad but slowly my ass seemed to grow accustomed to the size and the pain started to subside.

Katrina continued to drive the vibrator in and out of my ass, it was as the toy moved out of my ass that I felt the most pleasure, and found myself hoping then that she would push it back in and not leave me empty. My groans and grunts of pain had turned to murmurs of pleasure and I couldn’t help but spread my legs wider and push back slightly, wanting to meet her thrusts.

“Mmmm baby, you’re enjoying that aren’t you,” she teased. “Maybe I can trust you to keep quiet now? I’m gonna take off the gag and if the first words out of your mouth aren’t ‘please fuck me more’, it goes back on, understand?”

I understood and despite the pain of what had now been over an hour bartın escort of anal abuse, more was exactly what I wanted. I felt her undo the buckles of the gag and she pulled it from me. “Well?”

“Please fuck me more Katrina,” I begged, and without being asked, “I want you to shove as big a cock as I can take inside me, please, make me your slut.”

“Of course I will darling, I’m glad that in such short a time you’ve accepted your new place in this marriage. Now let’s see what else I have that could satisfy and stretch you.”

My ass was throbbing and a little sore, but I ached for more and watched as she went back to her drawer and removed her largest dildo, a black rubber one with balls at the end and about as thick as her wrist. “Maybe this?” she asked.

As horny as I was, I didn’t think there was a chance that I could fit that monster in me. I could remember when we had bought it for Katrina and she could barely get the thing in her pussy, even with her natural lubrication and plenty of KY jelly. “I think that might be too much babe,” I told her, “As nice as it looks there’s no way I can take that.”

“Nonsense, you just need to relax babe, it’ll fit…eventually. Now, spread your legs again and you might wanna bite down on the pillow, just till you get used to it.”

For the next 30 minutes Katrina slowly inserted the toy into me, centimetre by centimetre. It hurt, not as bad as earlier but the pain definitely outdid the pleasure with this one. Even so, I kept as quiet as I could, letting Katrina work on me at her own speed, adding more lubrication whenever she felt I needed it. The half hour seemed a lot longer but finally she sat back and exclaimed, “Yes, that’s it, all done.”.

I had never felt so full in my life, it felt like the dildo was pushing into my stomach it was so deep into me, and I could feel the fake balls pushing against my own, which were already uncomfortably swollen from the pressure of the plastic cock cage pulling at the retaining ring and spacers.

Katrina seemed so pleased and I was happy that I had managed to please her. “Did I do well honey?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” she replied, “In fact, you’ve been such a good little slut I might just have to see if I can find something bigger for you, I mean, it’s still early yet and even though my pussy is soaking wet, I’ve got hours left of playing in me yet.”

Katrina got up and left the room, and I heard her walking downstairs. I took the opportunity to lie down properly, as best I could with the best part of ten inches of dildo in me, resting and taking the weight from my wrists, which were starting to get sore from the cuffs. I still had to keep my legs spread to accommodate the toy in my ass, but at least I was getting some respite from the onslaught so far. I wondered what Katrina was doing downstairs and just hoped she would bring a drink up, my mouth was dry from the pain I had been experiencing.

I was left lying there for about 20 minutes, during which time the dildo eventually slipped out of my ass, popping gently out and falling to the side of me, onto the bed. At one point I thought I heard Katrina talking downstairs but couldn’t make out what she was saying and presumed she was on the telephone, although I couldn’t think who she would be calling in the middle of what we were doing.

I heard footsteps once again and Katrina came into the room, still dressed in her killer outfit. “Oh dear, look what’s happened,” she said, “Trust me, you’ll want that back in you, keeping you nice and wide.”

She picked up the dildo and again applied some lubricant to it before pushing it back into me, though this time she pulled my knickers over the top of it, so that it couldn’t slip out. “You just lie there and think naughty thoughts,” she told me, “Cos trust me, this night is going to become naughtier than you could have ever imagined.”

I turned to face her, still lying on my front. “What do you mean? Come on babe, don’t you think you’ve done enough to me, that I’ve let you do enough?”

Katrina laughed, “You forget, you don’t LET me do anything, I do what I want, remember?” Again she had that evil tone to her voice, which I didn’t dare test to see if it was for real or not. “Now stay there, I’m getting myself a drink, ready for the show.”

Show? What was she going on about? I didn’t get time to ask, and I’m sure she wouldn’t have answered me anyway, before she left the room, went downstairs and I heard the chinking of glasses as she fixed herself a drink. By this time, I could’ve done with a strong one myself – the batıkent escort dildo in my ass was starting to ache, especially as the lubricant dried up, and my cock, which had been trying to become erect for the last few hours, was really becoming uncomfortable within the CB 6000.

I waited again, about half an hour passed before I was surprised to hear the doorbell go; I then heard it open and voices downstairs, Katrina’s and someone else’s – a guys which I didn’t recognise but as I put things together in my mind, even in the state I was in I started to realise what was about to happen, or at the very least, that Katrina was about to introduce Steve to me, with me trussed up like a chicken on the bed, with an ass full of dildo!

A few moments later I again listened as the footsteps approached. The bedroom door opened and I heard Katrina say, “Here he is Steve, just like I told you.”

As embarrassed as I was, I looked around to see Steve for the first time. He was a six foot something, well built black guy, as Katrina had described him, but in person he seemed particularly intimidating, especially considering the situation I found myself him.

Steve looked down at me on the bed and laughed, “Nice to meet you sissy boy, wow, I honestly thought your wife was exaggerating when she said what you were like but well, damn, I can see she wasn’t.”

I looked at Katrina, who was stood close to Steve, her arm around him and a big smile on her face. “What exactly are you trying to do? What if this gets out, if he tells someone?”

“Why should I care?” she replied, I have Steve now and whether anyone knows what a sissy you are or not, I still get to have his cock and when I want to, abuse yours…and your ass of course.”

She turned to Steve, “Okay, as I promised, the deal is this. You let me watch you fuck his ass and fill him with your lovely cum, and I will let you fuck my ass too, you get to take something that I have never even let my husband take before – my anal cherry.”

Steve looked down at me again. “Well, I ain’t gay, but I suppose if he got up on all fours and kept the panties on, it wouldn’t be much different from any other ass I’ve fucked. I ain’t touching his cock though.”

“That’s okay,” Katrina reassured him. ” You won’t have to, though if you don’t mind, I might have him suck you hard again once you have used him, just so I can get your cock in me as soon as possible afterwards.” She looked at me and added, ” I want my husband to watch me get fucked while your cum is still dripping out of his stretched ass.”

“Fair enough,” said Steve, “He had just better suck cock good.”

Katrina turned back to me, “Now, are you going to do as I say and let Steve show you how a botch takes cock, or do I have to gag you again?” I didn’t answer straightaway, but Katrina continued regardless, “Actually, on second thoughts, I think the gag will have to go on as I’m sure once you see Steve’s cock, you’ll realise that there might be some pain to begin with and I don’t want the neighbours calling the police when they hear your screams”

Katrina laughed at her own comment and reached down, taking hold of the gag and after telling me to open my mouth, reattached it to me. ” Now, my little cuckold hubby, have a look at what is about to replace the dildo inside you.”

Katrina embraced Steve and they kissed passionately as her hands opened his belt and then his jeans. I strained to watch, my neck aching as I did so, as Katrina knelt before Steve, opening his jeans and pulling them and his underwear down together. I couldn’t believe it, his cock was only semi erect and yet it looked about 8 inches long as it swang between his legs. Katrina took it in one hand, her fingers barely able to go around it, and lifted it to her mouth. Before taking the tip of his massive cock in her mouth, she just said to me, “Here we go babe, tonight you officially become my bitch, by the same man who,” she looked up at Steve, “Might also be the father of my next baby…”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and if I hadn’t been gagged, would definitely have tried to talk her out of the last part, if nothing else, but instead I could do nothing but watch as Steve stepped out of his clothes, revealing his toned body and after Katrina had sucked his cock to what must have been 10 or 11 inches long, I felt the bed move as he got up behind me. I tried to clench my ass, which was a pointless exercise with the dildo deep inside me still. Katrina was to the side and she pulled the panties to one side and in one movement, pulled the dildo quickly out of me, “There you go lover, your first virgin ass of the night.”

I felt myself being pulled back up by the waist, onto my knees and pushed my face down into the pillow, knowing that the pain I had felt earlier would be nothing compared to what was about to come…

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