Cry Wolf Ch. 01


Note from Slick: I put this in the First Time stories instead of the non-human group because the lead character is a very human virgin. Or should I say a very horny human? Everyone in the story is at least 18 years old. All rights reserved.


Robert Jacob Jr. watched as the other Explorer Scouts set up the camp. They had hiked all day to the top of Rocky Point and he was dead tired. Most of the other kids were involved in sports or other physical activities but his daily exercise was mostly typing on a keyboard.

“Yo Robert,” Ted Young yelled. “I’m surprised you are here without your mommy.”

Robert gave him a half smile because he had heard those types of comments since he could remember. Being the smartest kid in the high school made many of the jocks jealous so they did their best to put him down when possible. He didn’t want to come but he knew he had to in order to achieve the highest scout rank.

“Guys, remember being a scout means you respect each other at all times,” Ted’s father Jack said. “I expect you will help each other this weekend instead of making fun.”

“Yes sir,” Ted said to please his father.

After dinner Robert was ready to climb into his tent but the boys wanted to play a game. “Capture the flag.” Ted said looking over at Robert, Tom and Bill. “You three are one one team and Ron, Jim and I are on the other.”

“Shit, why do we get Robert?” Tom complained.

“Guys,” Jack said hearing the conversation.

“OK,” Ted said. “I’ll take Robert and you can have Ron.”

“Come on,” Ted said to Robert. “We will go out into the forest first and try to sneak in and get the flag before they touch us.”

Robert turned and looked at the forest. “In the dark?”

“It’s a full moon,” Jim said. “And, we can see the campfire.” He grabbed Robert’s left hand and when Ted grabbed his right one they pulled him through the bushes.

Robert followed Jim and Ted for a long way before he stopped. “I think that we are far enough away,” he said getting worried.

Ted turned. “You know he is right. We can’t see the campfire anymore. I’ll go to the right flank and Jim will go left. Robert you go back the same way we came.” They smiled and dashed into the dark bushes.

“WAIT!” Robert gasped. “Which way did we come from?” He heard noises as the two guys fought their way back towards the camp. He turned and tried to stay between the two noises but then he couldn’t hear them anymore. After roaming around in circles he heard water running and decided to get a drink and follow it back down the hill.

“Feels good,” he said to no one after leaning over and taking a sip of the cold water. He took another one and heard a noise. As he lifted his head he looked at the water and saw the reflection of two horrifying orange eyes. “OH GOD!” He jerked back kicking up sand and rock trying to get away from the creature.

Robert thought he made it up out of the creek bed but suddenly felt pain in his right ankle. The animal’s teeth sank deep into his flesh.

“AHHH!” He screamed in fear and pain. His body turned and kicked the animal on its head until he was free. Again he tried to escape but the animal went straight for the wound and fresh blood. Robert reached around to find anything to hit the creature and found a long piece of wood. He lifted it high and with all of his might brought it down on the animal’s head. The animal stopped biting for a second or two but started again.

“Let go!” He screamed seeing the blood from the creature’s head dripping down onto his own bloody wound. “AHHHH!” he screamed as he pounded the predator’s head over and over again.”


Ted and Jim made it back to the camp at the same time and laughed when the other three came over to join them. “Mommy’s boy is probably crying about now.”

“Shit, do you think that he is lost?” Tom asked. “He could get hurt out there.”

“It’s just up the gulley,” Ted grinned. “There is only one way down so he will have to find us. Let’s have a beer.”

Jack was snoozing in his tent and heard the boys outside laughing. He was happy that they included Robert in their game and closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Bill was the first to wake up the next morning. The sun’s light scattered through the trees. He turned and saw the other four boys. “FOUR!” he said loudly. “Where is Robert?”

After searching around he entered Ted’s father’s tent. “Mr. Young wake up!”

Jack opened his eyes seeing the panic. “WHAT’S WRONG?”

“Robert is missing. I don’t think he came back last night.”


“No, we uh…had some beer and…”


Twenty minutes later Ted led them to the approximate place they had left Robert. “It was here. You can see my tracks going right and Jim’s going left. Robert…oh shit…he went forward!”

“Come on,” Jack said hoping the boy was not hurt. They followed the tracks and the broken limbs up the hill and to the right. “Down this way.” They hurried down the path that pendik escort Robert had made and stopped when they looked down onto a small stream. “OH GOD!” Lying in the middle of the running water was a dead wolf.

“Where is he?” Ted asked as they spread out. He saw another path. “Up here!”

Jack dashed ahead of his son and saw Robert’s feet coming out of a thick bush. He saw the bloody ankle. “PLEASE DON’T BE DEAD!”

“Pull the bush away,” Jack ordered the boys. Moments later they saw Robert lying face down.

“Is he breathing?” Bill asked.

Jack moved down and put his hand on Robert’s back. “Yes.”

Jack had medical experience while in the National Guard and checked for other injuries but found none. “Help me turn him over. I’ll hold his head.” After turning him over they heard him groan.

“Robert, can you hear me?” Jack asked happy that the boy was waking up.

“Yes stop shouting,” he groaned. “My ankle is killing me.”

“Ted run back to the camp and get the first aid kit and some blankets to make a stretcher. Bring some water as well.”

Their scout training worked well and an hour later they had broken camp and was driving back to the hospital in town. Jack called Robert’s parents and told them to meet them at the emergency room.

Meanwhile Robert was feeling great except for his ankle. “Mr. Young, when I hit the wolf his blood mixed with mine. I hope I don’t get rabies or something.”

“We will let the doctor know,” Jack grinned. “You know you killed a wolf.”

“I know. I feel so bad. But why did you bring it with us?”

“So they can test it for rabies. If it is clear you won’t have to get all of those shots.”

“Good, thank you.”

Robert closed his eyes and fell back asleep.


Robert didn’t remember arriving at the hospital nor the surgery on his ankle. The first thing he knew was that a strong odor woke him up. “Who are you?” He asked a cute blonde-haired nurse who was checking his IV bag.

“Welcome back,” Anna said to the teen. “My name is Anna?”

“It must be your perfume,” he said looking around. “It’s really strong. Oh…I’m sorry I mean it smells nice and…”

She laughed. “That’s ok. Normally we don’t wear perfume but I was called in today to help you.”

“For me?” He asked surprised.

“Well yes, it seems you have become a town hero. There are not too many people who fought with a wild wolf and won. Say….do you want your glasses?”

“I’m not wearing them,” he said surprised. He looked out the door and down the hall noticing that he could read the words on a clipboard at least 100 feet away. “Is your last name Wilson?”

“Yes, how did you know?” She checked his eyes.

“I can see your name on that clipboard.”

She turned to look for a clipboard but didn’t see any. “You’re a jokester aren’t you?”

“No, the clipboard down the hall by that desk.”

She turned and looked way down the hallway. “Right.”

He looked again. “It says that I’m supposed to get a vegetarian meal at 12:15 and some kind of medicine in ten minutes.”

Anna, looking puzzled, looked around the room to see if that information was anywhere close but didn’t see any. “I’ll be right back.”

Robert watched her walk down to the desk and look at the clipboard. She turned and looked at his room and then back at the clipboard. She spoke with another nurse and headed back to his room.

“How did you do it?”

“What?” Robert asked.

“How did you know that information?”

He was about to say he read it but his parents came smiling around the doorway. “Mom…Dad.”

His mom leaned over and lightly hugged him while his father took his hand and squeezed. Robert squeezed back.

“Hey!” Art Jacobs cried out. “That hurt.” He pulled his hand from Robert’s and tried to shake out the pain. “When did you get such a strong grip?”

Robert lifted and looked at his hand. “I have a strong grip?”

“Well, the goods news is..” A man in a white coat said walking into the room. “Is that the animal didn’t have rabies.”

“Thank god,” his mom said almost in tears.

“Hey, Mr. Young is here,” Robert said sitting up to look over his mother’s head.

They all turned and looked down the empty hallway.

“He’s still under the drugs influence,” the doctor smiled. But they heard the elevator bell and saw Jack and Ted Young walk out.

“How did you know?” Robert’s dad asked.

“I heard him talking. Didn’t you?”

“Robert, think god you are alright,” Jack said walking into the room.

“No thanks to you,” Robert’s mom said jerking back. “How could you let him be lost for a whole night?”

“I’m so sorry,” Jack started but was interrupted by Robert.

“Mom, I’m fine. Actually except for my ankle I’ve never felt better. Mr. Young probably saved my life giving me first aid and getting me and the wolf back here.”

Ted stood in the back rolling his eyes. Because of Robert he was grounded for a month.

“Let’s leave him alone for a while,” tuzla escort the doctor said. Nurse Anna will make sure he has what ever he wants.”

Robert turned and looked at his cute nurse standing back in the corner. He couldn’t smell her perfume because of all the other odors that were swirling around his nostrils. Finally after they all left she came over to his bed.

“You could see that clipboard couldn’t you?”

“Maybe I guessed,” he smiled smelling something new and different. He also could sense the heat of her body and it was rising. When she took his hand to verify his pulse he felt himself getting an erection. “Ahhh.”

“Are you alright?” She asked feeling his hand jerk slightly.

“Yes…no…uh…oh God.”

Anna saw his eyes looking past her. She followed them and saw what was causing his discomfort. “Oh my.”

“Is that me?” he asked seeing the huge tent over his crotch area. Never had he had an erection this big before.

Anna took a deep breath and slowly lifted the sheet and saw a long thick and very rigid penis. “Its……definitely you.”

Robert tilted his head. “THAT is not me.”

Anna giggled. “If you want me to leave.”

Normally he would have died to know a girl had noticed his hard-on but suddenly he felt confidence he had never had before. “Well the doctor said that you would take care of my every need.”

Anna had recently broken up with her boyfriend and had not dated another guy since. She had never been with another guy so when she peeked under the sheet again she smiled, “Let me lock the door first.”

Robert grinned because he was going to get his first non-self satisfying hand job. After locking the door she smiled as she returned to his bedside. Again he could smell the odor, which had grown a lot stronger. He realized it was her sex odor.

“Promise me you won’t tell anyone,” she whispered before lifting the sheet again.

“I promise,” he smiled as she sat up onto the bed next to him.

Anna grabbed a tube of Vaseline that was on the table next to him and filled her right palm. She lifted the sheet and guided her soft warm fingers until she found and grabbed onto his manhood.

“You beast,” she gasped before slowly stroking up and down his length. Her fingers made it to the tip and cupped it before gliding back down. Up and down she went before feeling his hand on her thigh below her nurses uniform.

“I’ve never…you know…touched a girl down there.”

Anna giggled, release his shaft and moved off the bed. She quickly pushed off her white panty-hose and panties and moved back to the bed. “Go ahead.”

As she grabbed onto his cock again his fingers moved under her uniform and touched his first pussy. “Easy,” she said feeling his impatience and fumbling effort. As he explored she realized that she might never have a chance again to experience one this big. “I don’t care if we get caught. I’ve got to have this inside of me.”

Anna made sure not to hit his bandaged ankle as she climbed up onto the bed and straddled his hips. She pulled the sheet down freeing his pink tower before lifting her dress and lowering her moist pussy. “OHHHHHHH!” She moaned moving down his pole. It seemed to never end and even seemed to be growing. Before her blonde pubes met his he was all the way in and couldn’t go anymore.

“This is going to be sooo good,” She moaned before lifting all the way up and going all the way back down.

Robert would have sworn that he would have climaxed as soon as he was inside of her but realized that he was in control. It was Anna who was moaning and gasping while he took in the sights below her dress.

Her eyes had a glassy appearance while she leaned forward to hold onto his shoulders while she continued fucking him. “I never knew it could feel like…like this,” she moaned. She too was surprised that an 18 year-old boy could last this long. “Robert…oh God…I’m going to…I’m going to…Oh YES! Robert…Robert…Ohhhh….I’m almost…almost..OH NOW…NOW ROBERT NOW!!”

“Now,” Robert repeated feeling his hips and body taking charge. He had never fucked before but suddenly it was coming natural. His hands held her hips tightly as his lower body flew into warp speed. “Ah..Ah..Ah..AH!” she grunted each time he pushed into her. “Do it..give me your cum!”

Robert’s body froze when he released his huge load of hot white juices deeply inside of her. “WA….HOOOOOO!”

Anna heard the noise and looked into his eyes which had turned from brown to almost crimson. She saw the beast inside as he continued fucking her over and over.

“Stop!” She cried out but he kept fucking. “ROBERT!” He still didn’t stop so she swung her open right hand and smacked hard against his left cheek.

Robert was lost until she slapped him. His hips stopped and his eyes turned darker. “Are you alright?”

Anna had never felt such pleasure and now soreness. “Yes. I’m fine. That was unbelievable.”

“I’ll say,” he grinned as she walked into the adjoining bathroom to clean up. She walked back and kartal escort was putting on her panties and hose when she smiled. “Maybe I can sign up for midnight shift?”

“I’d like that,” Robert grinned. He suddenly realized that his ankle was not hurting as much. “Hey my leg feels better.”

Anna pulled up and snapped her panty-hose around her waist and walked over to look at his ankle. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, maybe sex makes it heal faster?” He laughed.

“Maybe,” Anna blushed. She pulled the bandages back and could see the healing around the sutures. “Wow.”


Anna left to make her rounds and Robert thought about his changes. He could see now perfectly without glasses, could hear sounds down the hallway and could smell a woman getting turned on. “Shit it has to be the wolf,” he whispered. “And the grip. I’m getting stronger.”

Robert stayed in the hospital a few more days and Anna kept her promise and moved to midnight shift. By the time he left she could barely walk but was very happy. When they left the hospital with him in a wheelchair the newspaper and news reporters were waiting.

“Tell us about the wolf Robert,” one lady yelled while pushing a mike in his face. Robert only smiled. They pushed through the reporters and he saw Amy Stockard standing back among the other students from his school. He focused his hearing as she turned and whispered to her girlfriend. “Why is everyone making such a fuss over a nerd?”

He sank down in the wheelchair as Ted and the other Explorer Scouts walked over to greet him. “Hi Robert,” Ted said knowing others were watching. “I’m speaking for all the scouts when I say we are glad you are back with us.”

Everyone clapped and Robert waved before getting into his parents car. As they drove away Robert asked, “What did they do with the wolf?”

“Who knows?” His father snapped back. ‘Why?”

“I guess I felt closer to the wolf than I did the other scouts,” Robert said looking out the window. “Would you find out for me?”

“Sure,” Robert Sr. answered. “You should be on your feet before you start your senior year.”

Robert smiled because Anna had helped him get on his feet the day before. He didn’t want the others to know because he didn’t want anyone to know about his new abilities. But his parents knew when they pulled into his garage and he opened the door and walked into the house.


“I’m OK mom!” He yelled back at her. He walked straight to the refrigerator and pulled out a big steak. When his mother walked in he handed it to her. “Would you cook this for me?”

“Yes but……but you’re a vegetarian,” she answered.

“I guess I’ve changed,” he grinned.


His parents watched in amazement as he devoured the steak, ate half a loaf of bread and drank a whole quart of milk. “Got any desert?” he asked wiping the milk stash off his upper lip.

Robert’s mom had to visit the store daily to keep up with his appetite. By the end of the week he had gained ten pounds most of it muscle.

“I’m going out to run,” he said to his mother and father after eating a big breakfast. “Be back in a while.”

“We better call the doctor,” his father said. “Something is wrong.”

“He’s as happy as I’ve ever seen him,” Marge Jacobs grinned.


Robert ran down the street waving at his neighbors who were just as shocked as his parents have been. Feeling the warm breeze on his face made him run faster and faster. He used his sharp senses of sight and hearing to time running through the intersections avoiding cars. As he neared the high school he could smell females. He could also hear and smell male football players.


Amy was sitting down on the grass by the grandstand watching Ted tossing the football back and forth. As head cheerleader she knew that everyone was excited that she was also dating the star quarterback. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw a figure running around the outside of the fence that surrounded the field. She sat up not recognizing him and noticed his sandy hair blowing back as he picked up speed. “Who is that?” She asked her best friend Megan who was sitting next to her.

“I don’t know but I get him first,” Megan grinned.

The football coaches also noticed Robert as he sped up a small slope and dashed over the mound. “I wonder if he can catch a football?” Coach Joe Milnar asked his offensive coach Jake Dillion.

“I don’t know but I know we could use the speed. Let’s hope that he comes back this way again.”

“He’s gone,” Megan groaned.

“Too bad,” Amy frowned.

“Hey, you have Ted. That one is mine.”

“Yeah, Ted. I hate coming between him and his mirror.”

Hey….is that him again?” Megan asked seeing him come from the same place. “Did he just run around the whole stadium?”

Amy stood up and covered her eyes from the sun to see if she recognized him. “Oh my God.”

“What..who is it?”

“Oh my God.”


“I think it’s Robert Jacobs.”


The smell from the females slowed him down and caused him to focus on the pack of girls across the field. He spotted Amy right away and saw her surprised look. He also noticed all the other girls looking his way. He smiled and waved before taking off again.

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