Craving And Climaxing

Double Penetration

The two couples had experienced a very unexpected turn of events two days into their holiday, when Alice suddenly started stripping off in the rain, leading to a steamy foursome in the woods that included swapping partners – something neither couple had ever done before. It had really taken them by surprise, but funnily enough, very little was said about the incident the next day, and they carried on almost as if nothing had happened. But by the following day, it was becoming clear that things were playing on all their minds. Conversations between them became more flirty, and suggestive comments were being made about each other’s partners. They went canoeing in the afternoon. Kieran and Clare had already got into their boats, but while Lee was standing behind Alice waiting, he couldn’t help but remark on her appearance, standing there in her tight lycra pants.“Nice arse,” he said, then whispered in her ear, “and my cock’s still aching for another piece of you.”Alice turned round to face him. “Now look, you shouldn’t be saying things like that to me,” she said, “after all, I’m a married woman you know.”Lee laughed, “Well that didn’t stop you the other night, did it?”She giggled. “Anyway, you shouldn’t even be looking at my arse, look at Clare’s, she’s got a great arse.”“Ooh, you’ve noticed, have you?” said Lee. “Fancy a bit of girl-on-girl action?”Alice turned away. “No, I don’t do that I’m afraid, I’m strictly into men only.” Lee smacked her arse.“That’s a shame,” he said, “I’d love to have a threesome with you two.” They both laughed, and got into their boats.But Lee wasn’t going to just let it go. He wanted Alice again, and he wasn’t afraid to let her know it. The next morning, he sent her a text – ‘I’m so hard right now thinking about you. When are you going to satisfy me again? X’She was quite surprised that he was being so persistent, but couldn’t deny how turned on she was by his words. She thought about how she would reply, not wanting to lead him on, but at the same time wanting to be honest about how she felt.In the end she just thought sod it! and replied – ‘I told you, I’m a married woman you cheeky bastard. But the thought of having you inside me again really gets me wet xx’Seconds later a reply came back – ‘So tell me the time and place and I’m there! X’She simply replied with ‘We’ll see xx’ and left it at that.They all went out for a walk in the morning, and stopped at a pub for lunch. But Alice couldn’t get those words out of her mind – ‘I’m so hard right now thinking about you’ and she knew that if Lee fucked her again, she’d have an amazing time. Also, being honest with herself, she wanted to fuck him again just as bad. While they were at lunch, conversation between the four of them eventually got onto the subject of sex.“Well, we’ve got one more day here tomorrow. Certainly been an active week, hasn’t it?” said Kieran.“Yeah, active in many ways, some that we’d never even thought of,” said Clare, winking at him.“But great though,” chipped in Lee, looking directly at Alice.She spotted an opportunity here, and had to act on it. She’d been desperately trying to think of a way to get it on again with Lee, and now finally, she thought she’d got it.“Honestly, I never planned for us all to end up having a foursome,” she said, “it just happened, and it was amazing. I’d do it again definitely.”Kieran looked at her. “Really?” he asked.“Yeah, wouldn’t you?” said Alice.He looked at Clare, and said, “Oh yeah.”This was it, Alice had to strike while the iron was hot. “I’ve got an idea,” she said. “Since we all seem to be a bunch of randy fuckers who can’t get enough of each other, let’s do something naughty.” The other three looked at her in anticipation. “Let’s swap partners for the night,” she went bahis siteleri on. “Not all of us together, but spend the night with the opposite partners, so you two together,” gesturing toward Clare and Kieran, “and me and Lee… Lee and I, I should say.”The four of them all exchanged looks. Obviously Lee didn’t have to think about it even for a second, and it seemed the other couple were fairly quickly convinced as well.“OK, I’m up for that,” said Kieran.“Yeah, me too,” added Clare.“Definitely,” Lee simply said. They agreed to do it that very night, before any of them had a chance to change their minds, for as much as they were all gagging to sleep with each other, they still had to consider the fact that what they were going to do actually meant cheating on their own partners. Albeit consensual cheating. But they decided to go through with it, and the scene was set for one incredibly hot night of fucking.Later that afternoon, the couples went back to their cottages to get ready for the night ahead. The men made sure they looked presentable, and the girls tarted themselves up, trimming and shaving all necessary body parts to satisfy their ‘new’ men. They were going out for the evening beforehand anyway, so Clare wore a tight, short white dress that showed off her stunning figure, letting her long blonde hair fall down, and Alice dressed simply but sexily, wearing a strappy top that displayed her cleavage nicely, and a long, but very tight grey skirt that clung tightly around her arse. ‘Less is more,’ she thought to herself, and she was right – she still looked very hot.They went out to a restaurant a few miles away for dinner, and enjoyed a good evening of eating, drinking and chatting. Kieran was continually eyeing up Clare, and Lee couldn’t take his eyes off Alice, finding himself more and more hungry to get her to himself, and thinking about fucking her brains out later. After a few hours, they made a move to return home. Kieran drove back, and after reaching the cottages, the couples prepared to swap for the night.“Have fun, and thanks for this,” Alice said as she kissed her husband.“You too, sexy,” he said.Lee and Clare kissed each other goodnight. “You’re sure about this?” he asked her.“Yeah, of course, go and fuck her; I’ve got a new man for myself,” she laughed, taking hold of Kieran’s hand and leading him into her cottage. Alice opened the door of the other cottage and pulled Lee in.She gave him a quick kiss, then went upstairs before he had the chance to go any further. “Come on, let’s have you,” she said. He followed her up and into the bedroom, as she switched on the bedside lamps. She was still playing for time, because even though she had suggested the whole partner swapping thing, she was still feeling a bit reluctant and guilty about leaving Kieran for the night. She hadn’t slept with another man for eight years, until Lee the other night, and so she still had hesitations about it all.But Lee couldn’t keep his hands off her for a second longer. He grabbed her and kissed her, a small kiss that quickly developed into a full tongue wrestling snog. She put her arms around him, as his hands started to explore her body. As he pressed up against her, she could feel the bulge in his trousers, already big and hard, and her reservations quickly faded away. He kissed and licked her neck, which really turned her on, and as she tipped her head back, his hand ran over her chest and caressed her tits. He needed instant access, so he pulled the strap off her shoulder, then furiously tore her top down, followed by her bra, freeing her tits. She gasped as he took her nipple in his mouth, sucking on it hard, then pulled his face back up to hers.“Oooh, going for rough are we, are you going to fuck me rough canlı bahis siteleri too?” she said. He roughly snogged her face, then pushed her back onto the bed.“Yes I am,” he said firmly, taking off his shirt as he stood in front of her. Alice sat up and pulled down his shorts and pants. Her eyes lit up as his massive erection sprung free.“Oh god, I love this cock,” she groaned, taking it in her hands and stroking it, before licking the end of it and taking it into her mouth. He grabbed her head like he’d done the other night, holding it strongly as he thrust his dick in and out. His cock was so big, it filled her throat, making her gag as the saliva ran down her chin.He pushed her head back again so she was lying on the bed, then flipped her over onto her front, pulling her arse towards him and forcefully manhandling her onto all fours so that she was kneeling on the edge of the bed.He leant over her and said, “So you like to get fucked rough, do you?” as his hands explored her body.“Oh yeah,” said Alice, “be as rough as you like with me.” His hands ran down her back and over her arse, tightly packed inside her skirt as it stretched around her.“Right, you’ve asked for this,” he said, and took hold of the bottom of her skirt, ripping it apart and tearing it open right up to her waist, before pulling her knickers aside, exposing her arse and juicy snatch.“Oh god,” she gasped as he slid his fingers down the crack of her arse and rammed them into her wet cunt. “Oh god, fuck me,” she cried, “I need your fucking dick inside me right now!”Without a second of hesitation, Lee stood up behind her and plunged his throbbing hard cock deep into her hungry pussy. She moaned and groaned as he took her hard and fast. It was the same ferocious intensity she’d first witnessed the other night as he fucked Clare against the tree, then experienced herself as he rammed her on the ground in the pouring rain. But this time, it seemed more aggressive than ever, and for the first time in her life, Alice truly understood what it meant to be ‘on fire’. But she loved it, and within seconds she was building to an orgasm.“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!” she gasped as his dick sank in and out of her wet passage.“Good,” he said. “Cum for me, cum for me you fucking bitch!” And she did, massively, screaming as a huge climax rocked her whole body.He grabbed her top and furiously ripped it open, tearing it off her back, along with her bra. She was now completely topless, with just the shreds of her skirt and knickers hanging around her waist. He began to slap her arse, spanking her harder, and harder, making her squeal with pleasure.“Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me,” she panted as his cock penetrated her throbbing pussy, deeper, and deeper with every thrust it seemed, his balls slapping against her inner thighs. He stroked her legs and continued to spank her hard, then he reached around her, holding her tits and fondling her hard nipples as he pulled her up towards him. She turned her head and they kissed dirtily as he continued to pound her from behind, caressing her tits as he did so.Then he pushed her back down, her hands splayed out on the bed as she bent over in front of him, like an animal about to pounce. She moaned and gasped as he spanked her hard, then held her firmly by the hips with both hands as he thrust faster than ever. He was like a wild beast, fucking her with such animalistic intensity, and he was getting dangerously close to climaxing himself. He wanted to hold off longer, but he couldn’t, and knew that he’d be fucking her several times that night anyway. He couldn’t stop himself. He felt it building up inside him, like a volcano about to erupt, then held her tightly as his body stiffened and jolted, exploding inside her. canlı bahis He groaned loudly as his hot cum filled her pussy, and she gasped as she felt the warm fluid pumping deep into her cunt. Luckily, she was on the pill, but he didn’t actually know that. He didn’t care, he just had to let go inside her. He collapsed back onto the bed, and pulled her head down onto him to lick up his cum-covered shaft. She cleaned him up like a good girl, although she had been far from a good girl that night, and lay down on the bed next to him, gasping and panting, feeling totally abused and exhausted, but in absolute heaven.*****Meanwhile, in the cottage next door, Kieran and Clare were going for a much softer, sensual approach. They started kissing the minute they got through the door, running their hands over each other. Kieran tried to push up her short dress, stroking her crotch as he went, but she took his hand and made a move for the stairs.“Come on,” she said, leading him up to the bedroom. She flicked on the lights and stood in front of the bed as Kieran moved towards her, taking hold of her again and snogging her, harder this time. They fell back onto the bed together, and he started to explore her body further, groping her tits and stroking her gorgeous legs. His hand ran up her thigh, pushing her dress up, and she didn’t stop him this time.She gasped as his fingers came into contact with her clitoris, probing through her knickers. He gently rubbed them up and down, then started to work them into her pussy, pushing her knickers inside her. She was wet within seconds as he finger-fucked her, pulling her knickers to one side for better access. Harder and harder he worked on her, and it didn’t take long before she was climaxing.“Oh my god, I’m going to cum,” she groaned, as the orgasm rocked her body. “Get your fucking dick out now!” she suddenly ordered, rubbing his crotch. He unzipped his trousers and whipped them off with a little help from Clare, then she pulled down his boxer shorts, grabbing his hard cock.“Stand up,” she said.“Ooh, getting a bit bossy, eh?” said Kieran, doing as he was told and standing by the side of the bed.She teased the end of his shaft with her tongue, licking it up and down like a lollipop, then closed her lips around it, gradually taking him all the way down her throat. He groaned as she sucked on him harder, eating his cock like a hungry whore as she held onto his hips, pulling him towards her for better access.“Oh yeah, that’s good,” he said, taking her head in his hands and keeping her firmly in place. He started to move her back and forth onto his dick, so that he was fucking her mouth properly, thrusting his hard tool deeper and deeper into her throat. Saliva was running out of her mouth, soaking his cock as she sucked on it harder.“Yeah that’s it, suck that fucking dick,” he growled, holding her head firmly in place. She worked at him furiously, gagging as she went, then spitting on his cock before plunging down onto it again. But it was too much, moments later he was reaching a point of no return.“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” he suddenly said, pulling out just in time as he shot his load all over her face. It really caught her by surprise.“Oh my god, I wasn’t expecting that yet!” she giggled, licking up the last few drops, “I was hoping for a facial maybe later on tonight, but not that soon.” He stroked her hair and kissed her head.“Don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from,” he said. She went off to have a bit of a clean-up, as Kieran relaxed on the bed, gearing himself up for round two.*****Next door, Alice was getting her breath back. “Nobody’s ever fucked me like that in my life,” she panted.“Is that a good thing?” asked Lee.“Oh god, that was fucking amazing,” she said.“Clare thinks I’m sometimes a bit rough,” he went on.Alice disagreed. “No, that was incredible, you fuck me like you can’t get enough of me!”He turned to her. “Well I can’t, you horny little bitch, you drive me crazy.”

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