Could You Be My Wife?


This is a work of fiction. Any resembles to any real person is purely by chance.

So the readers know this story contains Body Inflation. If you don’t know what this is or this offends you, you may want to read something else. If this isn’t you than please enjoy! ^_^

Terra laughed when her friends told her about the contest. She laughed even harder when they asked her to sign up with them. It was advertised on a huge poster in the mall, of all places. It was titled “Could you be my Wife?” It was put on by some guy in Texas who was one of the last great oil tycoons. Contestants signed up in the mall to win the chance to go on a show, and then competed with other women to get this guy to marry them.

Terra couldn’t believe her friends would even considerate it to be a good idea. She shook her head at them as they passed the pen around so each could fill out the entry form. Then it was her turn. At first she said no, stating she remembered what happened the last time something like this had gone on air. After the show was done and the winner had been picked, all hell had broken loose and to this day the three way lawsuit between the man, the winner and the TV network was still underway.

Of course friends have a way of talking you in to things. Terra took the pen, filled out the form, and forgot all about it. Until one day, later in the year, she got a letter in the mail, telling her that she had won the chance to go on the show. At first she was going to call in and say no thanks, but, before she could, her friends found out and wouldn’t let her. They took her shopping for new outfits to wear and tried to tell her what to say on the show.

The day of the show, she showed up at the studio. It was crazy. People were everywhere. Terra gave her name to the guard in the doorway and he led her to a small room where other women were lined up out side the door. Before she could ask the guard what was this about, he walked way.

Terra turned to face the front and tapped the lady in front of her on the shoulder. The lady turned around to face Terra. She made Terra feel a little inadequate when Terra had gotten a good look at her. The woman was the same height as Terra and the same size, but that was about it. She had long thick curly blonde hair that was styled “just so.” Hazel eyes were flecked with gold and sparkled in the light. Her face was perfect, with high cheek bones and small nose, and full lips that looked like they might have a little collagen in them. Her breasts were as perfect as her face. They looked to be a C cup and they were high and perky.

Terra had small A cups, a small face with no lips or cheek bones, and was very, very thin. The best part of Terra was her hair. It was long and red; an almost unreal shade of red that made most other girls jealous. The woman in front of her eyed Terra for a minute.

“Yeah?” She looked at Terra with a smirk.

“Why are so many people lined up here?”

“What? You weren’t told?”

“Told what?” The smirk on the woman’s face got wider at this and Terra felt herself getting mad.

“The guy doing the show is some kind of germ freak. He wants everyone who goes on the show to be vaccinated.”

“For what?” Terra asked

“Who cares? As long as he pays for it, I don’t.” At that, the woman turned back around and paid no more attention to Terra. The shot wasn’t too bad. It was like getting a flu shot. It just made one’s arm a little sore.

She was then led into the dressing room. She learned there that aydın escort the contest was being conducted much like a beauty pageant, except with no swimsuits. The first part was the introduction, where everyone came out and told who they were and where they came from. Terra went out and tried to see if the guy was out there, but there was no way of knowing because it was too dark.

Then came the part where each girl showed off their talents and interests. Terra combined the two and did a reading from a Mid-Summers Night Dream by William Shakespeare. Lastly was the Q and A. The question was “how do you feel about a change in your looks?”

Most of the girls played it off, saying that it wouldn’t bother them, but one could look at them and tell they were lying. Terra went out and told the host that she wouldn’t mind a change, such as getting older or gaining some weight. It was part of life and she would accept it. There was a clapping of hand from the Audience and she went back stage.

The last part was the evening gown competition, where the winner was picked. Each girl lined up and waited to be looked over and see who would be chosen.

A man in his early thirties walked on stage. He was gorgeous. He was easily over six foot with wide shoulders, well built with a brilliant smile. Terra felt her heart leap into her chest. From the faces of the others, he was having that same effect on all of them.

He walked across the stage and introduced himself as Todd Collins and he gave his history. Terra didn’t hear it. She was transfixed on him. After he was done, he turned to the contestants. He walked up the row of women and stopped in front of Terra. He stood for a moment and then smiled.

“You were the one who read from the play?” Terra nodded, unsure of what to say.

Todd’s smile widened and he moved on to the next girl. Terra’s face flushed and she was sure that is was bright red. A few of the other girls gave her dirty looks for getting the extra attention.

Finally, Todd moved to the microphone. He continued to smile as he addressed the audience. “Well I wasn’t expecting so many beautiful women here tonight. I guess I didn’t know that so many women wanted to marry me. I sure hope it ain’t just for my money.” A small laugh came from the audience.

Todd waited till they were done and continued, “I watched this whole show and I had an awful hard time trying to pick which one of these lovely young ladies to take home with me, but with some thought I think I have made the right choice.”

With that, Todd pulled out a three carat diamond ring with a platinum band. Everyone in the room had to pick their jaw off the floor. Todd took a deep breath, turned around and walked up to Terra. In one swift movement, he dropped to his knees. Terra went into shock. She couldn’t believe it and, judging from the faces around her, neither could anyone else. Todd, though, never lost the dazzling smile. He held the ring up to her.

“Will you marry me?” Before Terra could stop her-self, she nodded and the ring was slipped on her finger. Todd stood up and kissed her. Terra melted then and there.

Two nights later, Terra went to Todd’s home in Texas to have dinner with him. She sat at the dinner table looking around nervously, waiting for him to show up. He came in fifteen minutes later. He ran up to Terra and kissed her on her cheek. Terra blushed. Todd sat down and apologized for being late.

“You know, my dear, some people don’t know how to do their jobs and aydınlıkevler escort then you end up having to do it for them.” Terra nodded, not knowing what to say and the maid brought out the first course. There were, all-together, five courses, of which seconds were served with each course. By the end of the meal Terra was stuffed and felt ready to pop out of her dress. She looked down and saw that her stomach had indeed pouched out a bit. She looked back to see Todd staring at her. Terra blushed and Todd laughed.

“Well, it looks like somebody’s full. Don’t worry about it. I think I’m feeling about the same way.” He smiled again and the tension melted away. Todd stood and asked Terra if she wanted a tour of the house. She nodded and, with a glass of wine in hand, he showed her around. Terra loved the tour but, every so often, she would get this feeling of pressure building in her stomach, breast and hips. At one point, Todd asked her if she wanted to lie down and rest a bit. Terra nodded and Todd took her to a bedroom.

She looked around at the plush carpet and furniture and asked if it was his bedroom. It was his turn to become beet red as he nodded ‘yes.’ He explained that it had been the closest room to them at the time and he was not trying to put the moves on her.

Terra was kind of disappointed. She wanted him to seduce her, but that was cut short by the pressure in her body. Todd quickly moved her to the bed and helped her to sit down. Terra sighed and looked down. For a minute she thought her breasts had grown. She shook her head and stated that she needed to lie down. Todd helped to make her comfortable.

“Umm Terra did you get that shot the day of the show?”

“Yeah… Why?” Terra looked at Todd and saw him smile. Terra sat up and found it a little hard to do so. Todd made her lie back down, and this time he kissed her. Not only did he do that, but he also made his move. His hand ran all over her body and he smiled when she shuddered. Terra was swallowed by his kiss and she let him do whatever he wanted. She soon felt her dress leave her body and she was left in her bra and panties.

She heard Todd mutter to himself and she asked what he had said. He shook his head and removed her panties. He took off his clothes, exposing a massive, fully erect cock. Terra watched as he slid it in her slowly and waited. Terra moaned, feeling how full her pussy was. Todd looked at her.

“You like feeling full, don’t you?” Terra gave him a strange look and giggled.

“Yeah, but doesn’t everyone?”

Todd smiled. “You would be surprised. Do you know why I set up the show and all?” Terra shook her head ‘no.’ Todd smiled and slowly pulled out and thrust back into her.

“Well,” he started, “You would think that a guy like me would have a wife by now, but I could never find anyone I really liked. They were all the same: blonde. thin and phony. So I had an idea to find a girl. I set up the contest and I personally read through every applications. I saw yours and knew that I wanted you on the show, and when I saw you I wanted to have you,” he stopped to thrust again.

“But there was one thing wrong with you; you are very thin.” He gave her one more thrust, and then it happened. Terra screamed at the pressure in her body and looked down to see her breasts expanding. Her A cups were quickly becoming B then C. She looked at Todd, who was watching this with complete lust in his eyes. She felt her hips and ass expand, too.

Terra ayrancı escort moaned in spite of herself and Todd started thrusting into her. Her breasts kept growing and were now slipping out of her bra. Todd waited and then tore the bra off her body. Her breasts grew even faster now with their freedom and now they were size DD’s. Todd reached to them and felt them. A wave of pleasure washed over Terra as he did.

“How is this happening?” Terra managed to moan this out while Todd cupped her ever growing breasts.

“The shot,” Todd replied

“The shot?” Terra grew frightened.

“Yes the shot had growth hormones in it, but they could only be triggered by another drug, which was in your food and wine.”

“But what if I don’t stop?”

Todd saw the fear in her eyes and smiled. “Don’t worry you’ll stop. We just have to wait for you to fill out.” At this he pulled out of her and sat her up on the head board of the bed. He sat back and seemed to be waiting.

Terra’s breasts and hips had stopped growing. They were ten times there normal size and Terra could barely move because of them.

“What do you mean fill out?”

Todd held up one finger. “Wait and you will see.” Terra didn’t have to wait long. Her stomach started to grow. She put her hand to it and felt it push up. In no time at all, she looked three months pregnant and there seemed to be no sign of stopping. Todd pulled her back down on the bed and onto her back. He rubbed her stomach as it grew and this sent shivers up Terra’s body. Terra was now looking nine months easy, and moaned as he continued to touch her.

“Why does it feel so good?” Terra finished that with another moan. Todd smiled and his cock became harder than before.

“I knew you would like it. It feels this way because your skin is thinning out and doing so makes you more sensitive. Soon, I’ll be able to make you cum just by poking you.”

As he said this he touched her round, tight tummy to prove the point. Terra moaned and began touch herself. Soon her sides and back began to round out. Todd mounted her swollen form and started thrusting hard. Terra moaned every time and found herself begging for more.

Todd compiled and by the time he had cum once, she had done so five times. Her growing had stopped, so she was completely round, with fleshy cones for arms and legs. Terra sighed and tried to move, but had to get Todd to help her. Terra looked at her bloated form.

“Ohhhh… What have I become?”

Todd Came up behind her and kissed her face. “You are the living flesh of my dream come true. I like large women and I could never get one. I got tired of trophy women on my arm at parties. I didn’t love them and I never had sex with them so, in a month, I would send them on their way. I thought that if I did the show, I would get what I wanted but all the girls were thin, so I changed the last question of the show and made sure every girl received the shot. That way I would find the one that didn’t care about looks or money and I could make her as large as I wanted. That girl turned out to be you. It didn’t hurt that you also have the most gorgeous red hair I have ever seen. Right now, you are to me the most beautiful woman in the world and I want nothing more than to make you my wife.”

Terra blushed at this. She had never been told that she was beautiful or that anyone wanted her. Tears welled up in her eyes and she slowly turned around as best she could and hugged and kissed Todd.

The two of them married three months later in front of 150 guests. Everyone wanted to know how Terra had put on so much weight or why Todd wanted to marry her, but neither Terra nor Todd paid any attention to them. They later had a son and then a girl and lived happily ever after having the best sex of their lives.

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