Confessions of a Straight Guy: Part 1


A few months ago I was up late one night watching porn and masturbating when I stumbled upon a website to meet local guys in the area. I’ve watched gay porn for a few years now, although I’ve never thought of myself as gay. I’ve been in a relationship with a girl that I love for almost 3 years. However, I’ve always wondered what being with a guy would be like so I signed up and spent all night searching around and looking at these guys profiles. I started talking to a guy online the morning after I signed up for the website. He was in his mid-thirties and from the pictures looked to be fairly muscular and in good shape. His profile didn’t state the size of his cock as many others did, the only information of his cock that he put forth was that he was uncut. Me being a guy with a circumcised penis, I have always been fairly intrigued by uncut penises. We talked back and forth for an hour or so and isvecbahis he told me that he thought I was cute but that he just got out of a relationship and wouldn’t want to get attached to me. I assured him that I wasn’t interested in anything other than experiencing a man handling my cock for the first time in my life. He finally emailed me his address later that day and told me to come if I was still interested. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. My hands were shaking on the 25 minute drive over to his apartment complex. When I arrived I searched for his apartment and texted him to let him know that I was there. He met me at the door and invited me in, asking if I wanted anything to drink to calm my nerves. I politely declined and he led me into his cluttered office. He had, on my way over there, pulled up some straight porn on his computer in hopes of relaxing me and turning me isveçbahis giriş on. “Make yourself comfortable,” he told me, motioning to the office chair in the corner of the room. I sat down and slowly started stroking my semi-erect cock through my jeans while watching the porn he had pulled up on his computer. Slowly, he started to graze his hand up my thigh and put his hand over my hand. Moving my hand, he started to unbutton my jeans, struggling with the button fly. Finally, my jeans were off and there I sat, my cock about 3/4 of the way to being fully erect, in my t-shirt and boxer-briefs. He gently grazed his tongue on the outline of my cock, up and down repeatedly. He tugged off my underwear and exclaimed, “Wow, it’s a lot bigger in person than it seemed on your profile.” Unsure of whether he was just stroking my ego or being serious I just let out a faint laugh, the nerves still getting isveçbahis yeni giriş to me. Before I knew it, his tongue was licking off the precum I hadn’t even realized was dripping out of my now rock solid cock. His lips parted further and then an instant rush as my cock was engulfed by his mouth. His tongue flicking the head of my cock on the up strokes and stopping right at the end of my cock on the down strokes. In less than a minute, I had deduced that this was by far the best blow job I’d ever received. He pulled out his thick, uncut, yet somewhat small, black cock out and started stroking himself while sucking me. I watched as he pulled his foreskin back and forth, completely covering and uncovering his thick cock with it. I could feel the back of his throat as he gagged on my cock, the vibrations sending shivers up and down my spine. After a few minutes he releases his mouth from my cock and asks me if I’d like to fuck him. I told him, “I brought a condom, let me grab it really quick.” I could see some disappointment in his face as I walked to where he’d thrown my pants and pulled the condom out of my pocket.

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