Subject: Confessions of a Cruiser Confessions of a Clandestine Cruiser, part 1 by Scotnat These brief episodes are all fiction, purely the product of my imagination — or are they? Let the reader decide! They appear in no particular order, certainly not chronological. As always, please support Nifty with a donation if you can afford it. ………………………….. I suspect that I am like many happily married men, in that occasionally I feel the need for another kind of fulfilment that can only come from male company of an intimate kind. I first realised this when I was in my forties and an official nudist beach opened up near where I lived. Having enjoyed being naked all my life — my mother dined out till the day she died on the tale of how horrified she was when she looked out of our front window and saw me, aged 4, stepping proudly across the field opposite our house, stark naked and with all my clothes draped over my arm — having enjoyed being naked, especially outdoors, literally all my life, it was natural for me to begin visiting that beach occasionally on warm summer days. At first I would just go there to sunbathe or walk around nude; but I gradually became aware that there were other activities going on. They were for the most part very discreet, but they were definitely happening! The first time I saw this for sure I was quite shocked. I had done nothing like that since my teenage experiments with other boys at school, and I really was so innocent that I didn’t know that adult men did the same sort of thing. I was strolling along near the water’s edge, but the tide being quite high I was not far from the sand dunes which lined the beach. Against the skyline on top of the dunes I saw two naked men standing there and quite openly masturbating each other. I found it fascinating. I stopped walking to watch. They clearly wanted (or didn’t mind) being seen and were in no hurry to finish either. I found to my surprise that my cock had gone erect and that I was strongly tempted to join in. On that occasion I dragged myself away, went back to where I’d left my things and jerked off quickly when I was sure no-one was watching me. ……………………………….. My first actual encounter happened that same summer but about a week later. I had found the beach quite busy on this occasion and had kocaeli escort to take a sunbathing spot quite near several other nudists. It was only after I had stripped off and lain down that I twigged that they were all men. I had seen women on the beach often enough, nearly always along with a man, although I was aware that the majority of those who came to the beach were men. Now for the first time however I found that there were no women anywhere in sight. I wondered whether these men were there for more than the sun. I soon discovered that this was indeed the case. A guy lying next to me a few feet away started very discreetly to fondle himself. As his cock got bigger he became more and more open about it. After a while I realised he was doing it for my benefit. He produced a small bottle of some kind of oil (I thought) and began to massage his cock with it. He played with it, he worked at it, he added more oil, and I wondered if he would make himself cum. I had stopped pretending not to notice. I rolled on to my side so that I could see better, and it felt natural to start fondling my own cock, which was already hard. The other guy’s cock was not particularly long, about five inches I estimated, but it had what I thought was an incredibly large glans. It was almost the size of a small apple, and as he worked on it, the head seemed to get even bigger and harder. Trying to look as if I weren’t all that interested, I leaned back, stretched and then got up as if to stretch my legs. I wandered a short distance away, never losing sight of the other man, but had to turn my back on him eventually for things to look natural. I wandered around for a few minutes then came back to my towel. I found that he had moved his own towel much closer to mine. He was still working his cock more or less continuously. I lay back down facing him. I was still hard myself, and I masturbated gently for a few moments. The guy paid as much attention to me as I did to him. Were there other guys watching the two of us? I didn’t know. Eventually, looking me straight in the eye as though seeking permission, he stretched his left hand across very slowly and took hold of my cock. He then rolled on to his side and faced me, letting go of his own dick for the first time. I reckoned that I knew what he wanted, so I reached out in turn and gently kocaeli escort bayan grasped his penis. It was rock hard but slippery with the oil he had rubbed on it. We lay there facing each other and stroking each other’s cocks until I felt that old familiar tightening up in my groin. “I’m going to cum,” I breathed softly. He kept doing the same as before, stroking me oh so gently, that I was being driven mad with the desire for orgasm. My whole body jerked as my jizz shot out of me straight at him. The first shot hit his abdomen; the next few landed on his arm and wrist. “What a cock,” he whispered as he milked the last drops from me. “I wish it was up inside me. Have you ever shot it up a guy?” “No, never, in fact I’ve never done this before — at least, not since school. Do you want me to finish you off?” “Not yet, I’ll save it for later,” he said and found a small towel in his backpack to wipe up the mess I had made. I packed up and left shortly after, and never saw again the “guy with the apple-sized cock” as I called him to myself. ………………………………………….. He was a very good looking young man — tall, slim, pleasant features and short sandy hair. He approached me as I was lying in a hollow on the dunes, just enjoying the sunshine. He rubbed his crotch as he passed my line of vision, then eventually stopped off to my side, slightly too far round for me to see him properly and also standing against the light. I was aware that he had unzipped his flies and, I thought, taken his cock out but I couldn’t be sure. To give him some encouragement I stroked myself a little and eventually he came round a bit to stand more in front of me. Yes, he had his cock in his hand but I wondered why I couldn’t see it very well. What I could see was a long string of precum stretching almost to the ground without breaking. I was already nude. I stroked myself to hardness. Eventually he seemed to make up his mind and shrugged off his shirt, trousers and underpants. Now that I could see him properly, I was even more aware that he was very shapely — good pecs, a flat tummy and a very nicely rounded bum. I could also see that he had one of the smallest cocks that I have ever seen on an adult man — fully erect it was no more than three inches long! I quite like small cocks, but this was exceptional. izmit escort However, it was obviously in full working order as the precum practically gushed from it. He lay down beside me and reached across to touch my chest, fingering my nipples slightly. I ran my hand along his side and as far round his back as I could reach. For some reason I decided to remain lying on my back however. At length he decided to move things along and gently rolled over, lowering himself on top of me. His little cock touched my six inches and then our bellies met, trapping both cocks between us. It was my first ever experience of frottage. He began to hump me and I responded the same way. Our faces were close together and I was tempted to kiss him, for he really was good looking. I came first, producing my usual copious flow of sperm which spread up my belly. He raised up to look at it, commenting on so much “lovely seed” as he called it. A couple of strokes and he added a fair amount of jizz of his own. We lay there for a little longer, talking a little about not very much. I produced some tissues and we cleaned up. I was really taken with him — younger than me by at least a few years and very well put together, and with a really pleasant face and manner. As we began to get dressed I was on the point of asking if he’d like to arrange to meet again, something I’d never done so far. Then I saw something that made me change my mind. As he picked up his white briefs to put them back on I noticed a large brown skid mark on them. This was an instant turn off for me, for I find men who cannot keep their private parts clean a total turn off. He was obviously the kind of guy who doesn’t take the time to wipe his arse properly. It was such a shame because his rear end was one of the shapeliest I’ve ever seen in real life. I was glad that I hadn’t got the length of exploring his crack. I’m sure he must have wondered why I’d suddenly gone cold on him and I wasn’t about to explain. I made my way hurriedly back to my car and set off for home. His car was parked not far from mine and I began to think that he was following me, which scared me a little. When I got to a roundabout at the end of the dual carriageway I turned to the right and he was close behind me. I went right round in a complete circle and was prepared to do so again, but at that point he drove off and I took a different direction. ……………………………… I have a few more of these “reminiscences”; if you think it’s worthwhile posting them please drop me an email to let me know.

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