Confessing to Crush Gone Wrong


NOTE : This is my first story, something that had been bouncing in my head for a while and I wanted to give a try at writing. It starts a little slow so be patient, it’s not that long.

This story contains themes of humiliation, femdom, and exhibitionism. If that’s not for you, just skip it. All characters are over 18.

Reasonable feedback welcome!


I had met Audrey on move-in day my freshman year of college, and was immediately smitten.

Our dorm was a little different from the traditional dorm style; an old building chopped up into dozens of small “suites,” each suite with two bedrooms (two people per bedroom), a bathroom, and a common room. Rather than entire floors or wings being one “gender,” the suites just alternated. So I had a weirdo roommate (harmless but in the months since we moved in we’ve barely shared more than pleasantries, despite sleeping 3 feet from each other). The other bedroom was occupied by a couple of friends who knew each other in high school and were out partying most days.

Audrey and I bonded over our mutual dislike of our suitemates. The dorm had a basement common area that was mostly just used for studying / reading. I was sitting down there doing some reading one night in the first few weeks of school and she wandered in and recognized me as her neighbor. I had noticed her a few times in the halls, and we had nodded as we passed in recognition, but hadn’t yet really introduced ourselves. She came up to me and asked why I was down here instead of in my room. I rolled my eyes.

“Ugh, my roommate is playing video games and yelling at all his friends on the headset, I can barely hear myself think. How about you?”

She turned up her nose. “Mine just microwaved some fish and is watching some housewives show or something. I think if I murder her I’ll be expelled so I’m hiding down here. I’m Audrey, by the way.” She extended her hand.

I shook her hand, feeling a little like we were business associates or something. Is this what adults do, shake hands? “Noah. Nice to finally meet you for real.”

Passing in the halls I had of course noticed her, but this was the first time I’d really taken her in. I knew she was cute, but being up close and personal I realized she was beyond cute; she was gorgeous. We were both in typical “college hangaround clothes”, with me in track pants and a tee shirt, her in yoga pants and a tank top with a light hoodie. Her long light brown hair was tied back in a pony tail. She had large brown eyes and her mouth seemed to constantly be in a type of playful smirk.

If she wore makeup she wore it well, as she looked perfectly natural. She wasn’t dressed provocatively by any stretch, but with her figure it was impossible not to SEEM provocative; her large breasts created a decent amount of cleavage in her tank top, which as a boob guy it took every ounce of willpower for me not to just stare the entire time she was in front of me. Her yoga pants sat low on her hips, so there was just a hint of her belly between the pants and her shirt. She just had that casual sexiness that made my throat tighten and my chest feel hot.

I wouldn’t consider myself a loser, but I’m also not delusional enough to think I’m a catch, and certainly nowhere near the league Audrey was in. I was a band geek in high school, a computer science major now. Among computer science majors, I was better than most, but that’s not saying much. I hadn’t put on any college weight yet and occasionally worked out enough to be trim, if not fit. I’d had facial stubble since I was 16 which always made me look older, which is probably how I managed to have a high school girlfriend. I had this notion that when I got to college I’d suddenly have this new confidence and leave my shy nerd persona behind me; it was barely a week in but I could already tell I had been delusional. But Audrey’s new presence in my life was at least making things look up.

That first night I think we spoke for four hours. It started just comparing roommate stories and then some getting-to-know-you chit-chat about our pasts, but we pretty quickly swerved into the kind of overly earnest life talk that only people who haven’t even seen 20 years old can pull off. I looked at my phone shocked it was 1AM.

“Shit! I didn’t realize it was so late. I have an 8AM class tomorrow.”

She flashed that playful smirk that I was already in love with. “Well, I wouldn’t want to mess up your beauty sleep. Let me have your number, we should do this again.”

My brain short-circuited. Did she just ask ME for my number? “Oh! Oh, yeah, definitely.” We exchanged numbers and walked upstairs together. The whole climb up the stairs my brain was racing. Should I go in for a hug at the door? The bold dude I dreamed of being would just snag a kiss, but I knew myself well enough to know I would never pull that trigger now. Bullshit mantras about friend zones had me breaking out into a sweat, worrying grandbetting yeni giriş if I had any chance I was on the verge of blowing it on the first day.

It was all mostly moot; we got to the doors and she unceremoniously gave a wave and a “good night” and shut the door behind her. I slinked into the silence of my room — all of my roommates were asleep or out — and stared at the ceiling with stars in my eyes until the sun came up and I had to drag myself to class.

+ + +

I was nodding off in class the next morning when I felt my phone buzz. My heart started racing just hoping it could be Audrey… and it was. The text simply said “just kill me now” as a picture was loading below. The photo popped into view, it was half her face — after just one day I’d recognize it anywhere — and in the background I could see her roommate sitting at the desk in their room, clipping her toenails. I laughed out loud before I could catch myself; a few people looked up from their laptops at me as I felt my face turn red, but the allure of data structures snapped everyone back to attention despite my outburst.

I texted back. “Nothing like waking up to a stranger’s feet I guess. ;-)”

A winky face? Did I really do a winky face? God I’m a dork.

She immediately responded with “hey, I don’t usually kink shame, but this is too much.”

Kink shame, is this flirting? Fuck, why am I so bad at this? I texted back a lame “LOL” and turned my attention back to class.

+ + +

Over the next few weeks we continued to exchange texts, and have the occasional cafeteria meal. I kept looking for some kind of opening into a romantic relationship but never felt like the time was right. Or maybe I was just afraid and trying to justify my fear. Either way, our friendship got closer, and we spent a lot of time with each other, but the only time anything romantic happened was in my head. And boy, did she spend a lot of time naked in my head. I was honestly having some chafing problems with the amount of time I’ve spent locked in the bathroom of my suite, picturing those beautiful eyes looking up at me with her mouth stuffed full of my cock. If possible I think I was getting MORE awkward around her than I had been before, just because I had spent so much of my time with her in every position my teenage mind could imagine.


“Huh? What’s up? Sorry, I was daydreaming a bit, what were you saying?”

“Daydreaming a BIT? Dude you didn’t even hear me calling your name!”

“Yeah, sorry.” Jesus, I need to chill out. “So anyway, what’s up?”

“Did you want to go to this party on Saturday? A friend of mine has an apartment off-campus and invited me.”

“Oh. Uh, sure, sounds great.” A party? I’ve drank a few times but actual parties with strangers just made me more than a little nervous. But Audrey was asking me to go, what am I gonna say, ‘no, I’ll just stay home and fuck my hand thinking it’s your tits?’

“Cool! Try to wear something decent, not some dorky Star Wars shirt.”

I looked down. It was actually a Tron T-Shirt today but I didn’t think saying that would help my case here. “Sure. Can I borrow one of your tops or can I not pull that off?”

“You might have to spend some time building those pecs if you want to fit into my shirts.”

My face of course shot red at that, and she just chuckled at me. “You need to relax. A few drinks this weekend will do you good” she joked.

Drinks it is.

+ + +

Saturday night rolls around, and I’m nervous, but a little excited to go to a party with a knockout like Audrey on my arm. I put on a decent shirt and head next door to Audrey’s room. Her roommate lets me in, barely looking up from her phone as she walks away from the door of the common room. Audrey comes out of her bedroom and cliche as it is, my heart stopped. For the entire couple months we’ve known each other, she’s pretty much dressed casually — either the yoga pants outfit around the dorm, or just jeans and whatever around campus. She always looked great, but this… this was next level.

Her hair wasn’t in her usual pony tail but done up to frame her face, making her large eyes even more prominent and stunning. She had on a tight top that came only to mid-stomach, leaving her entire perfect midriff exposed. Her already large breasts were even more amplified by the tight top, with cleavage that would catch your eye from across the county. Her jeans looked painted on, to the point that I did a double take wondering if they were those tights that were just colored to look like jeans. “All right” she said, ignoring my gaze, “let’s go.”

Honey, I thought, I would follow you into a burning building with that outfit on.

+ + +

As soon as we walked in the door someone handed me a beer. I wasn’t a huge beer drinker, but I also could use a little social lubricant to get through this situation, so I gladly took one and downed it. Audrey introduced me to her friends, none grandbetting giriş of whom seemed to have any interest in even acknowledging my existence as they started blabbing about whatever it is that marketing majors talk about. I wandered over to a beer pong table and was quickly roped into a game.

One game became two and three as my teammate and I turned out to be pretty good players. When we finally lost I realize it had been a couple of hours, and I suddenly felt VERY drunk. Shit. How did that happen?

I wandered away from the beer pong table and spotted Audrey across the room, chatting with some dude in skinny jeans. They looked like they were getting awfully close…. fuck. I don’t know what I expected, but the thought of her with some other dude turned my stomach. Although the thought of her naked on top of anything made my jeans start to feel a little tight, so — fuck. I need to stop daydreaming about her naked in public like that.

I shook away the fog of my little reverie and noticed Audrey headed for the door, her dude walking the other way towards the bathroom. Awesome! My drunken brain mixed with the testosterone of my fantasy and the relief of seeing she’s not going home with Mr Skinny Jeans suddenly emboldened me, and I decided tonight was the night. I was going to tell her how I feel. It felt right. Months of pining, I just needed a little push to build up my courage.

I jogged towards the door she had just walked through, and as I stepped outside called out her name.

She was standing at the bottom of the stairs looking at her phone, and turned and smiled at me. “Hey, Noah, you looked like you were killing it at beer pong. Aren’t you glad you came out?”

“Hell yeah.” Shit, I sounded a little more slurry than I expected. Sober up, this is important stuff. “Hey listen, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something.” I took a couple of steps closer to her, and saw what I hoped was anticipation, but in retrospect was more likely fear or annoyance at what she knew was coming.

“Oh?” she asked. Something felt off here, but I was full steam ahead at this point.

“Look, I’ve really loved hanging out with you these past few months, but like, if I’m honest, I just find you super attractive, and, like” — fuck, where was I going with this? — “I dunno, I was wondering if you would ever, like—“

She stopped me right there. “God fucking dammit.” This didn’t sound good. My stomach dropped. “Why does this happen every time I try to have a guy friend? I give you guys every signal I’m not interested and you just have to push through.”

I was so confused. “What?” Am I just too drunk to understand what she’s talking about?

“I’m not a fucking idiot Noah. I can see you trying to sneak peaks at my tits every time we’re talking, thinking I don’t notice. I NOTICE.” She grabbed her tits roughly. “I’ve had these things forever, you think I’m not used to guys staring at them? And all my guy friends in high school were just like you, being my best friend just so they could tell me they loved me. I thought now that I was in college with ADULTS things might be a little different. But you’re just like the high school boys.” Her big brown eyes that had always drawn me in suddenly seemed to have an equal amount of power to show how angry she was. Her tits that I had spent so much time thinking about (and apparently not so subtly staring at) were literally heaving in front of me as she breathed. This was NOT going as I had envisioned at all.

I started to backpedal. “Whoa, whoa, I…. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to mess things up, I just…. we can just be friends if that’s what you want?” I was starting to realize in my infatuation with this girl that I hadn’t really bothered to make any other actual friends.

“I don’t want your consolation prize friendship, dude. Just go—“

“HEY, Audrey, everything all right?” I looked behind me and saw Skinny Jeans himself coming towards us.

Audrey’s face relaxed as she saw him, and then she glanced back at me with an almost evil sneer before replying to him. “Hey Todd. Yeah I was just… eh it, doesn’t matter. You ready?”

I suddenly felt like the smallest person in the world. I don’t matter? Also, ready for what?

She walked up to Skinny Jea– err, Todd, apparently, and they embraced and shared a…. well, a pretty hot fucking kiss, as I just stood there gaping like an idiot. They broke apart and he just gazed at her like I had thought about doing so many times. “God damn girl, that’s what I’m talkin’ bout.” He did not just say that. “I take it that means you are accepting my offer to come back to my place?”

Shit, his place? Man. I misread this situation in more ways than I had thought. Sufficiently cowed, I turned to walk back towards the dorm, completely defeated.

“Hey, hold on a sec Noah.” Apparently I existed again, though I couldn’t imagine what she still wanted from me at this point. I glanced back and she just held grandbetting güvenilirmi up a “hold on” finger at me as she whispered with Todd. His eyes got wide

“Seriously?” he said in what sounded like disbelief. She shushed him and then started rubbing his thigh as she continued whispering something in his ear. He kept glancing at me, and then back to her – – first her hand, that was moving closer and closer to a pretty prominent bulge in his ridiculous jeans, and then to her top, which somehow seemed to have lowered itself even more than it was before, to the point that i could swear I was seeing areola. He slowly nodded. “Shit girl, you’re wild. But whatever it takes I guess.” he said.

That evil grin widened on her face and she told him to wait there, and started to walk over to me. I felt like a prisoner awaiting my sentencing….

“Alright, I’m feeling charitable tonight, Noah. Usually when dudes like you decide they are in LOOOVE with me, I just cut them out of my life. But I’m gonna try something different with you.”

I suddenly had a flash of hope that she was going to go home with me instead of the other dude, or — a thought that would never have crossed my mind a minute ago but now I felt certain we were leading up to it — invite me into a threesome?? A devil’s threesome, sure, but if it meant I got a shot at Audrey I could try to ignore the other cock in the room, I guess? Man, Audrey and i had talked about a lot but I didn’t realize she’d be this kinky….

“I was planning on going home with Todd over there and fucking his brains out.” Well, that much was obvious when you were rubbing his crotch a minute ago, I thought. “But I’m feeling a little more adventurous tonight.” Here it comes, holy shit. “If you want to watch, you can.”

Wait, what?

She wants me to watch her fuck another dude?

“Wait, what?” My mouth finally caught up with what my brain had asked.

She seemed to really revel in my confusion and awkwardness. She leaned in closer to me, taunting me with her amazing cleavage. “You heard me. This is a one time offer, and the only time you have even a CHANCE of seeing me naked.” She looked me up and down. “Honestly, it might be the only chance you have of seeing anyone close to me naked.” Jesus, when did she get this cruel streak? I always liked her confidence, but didn’t really grasp how quickly it would turn into dominance.

She stared at me. “I’ll give you a minute to think about it before we go. But remember, only chance.” At that she actually cupped her breasts and squeezed them before turning around and walking back to Todd, who still looked like aliens had come down to Earth and he wasn’t sure how to feel about it (though his tented pants gave me and anyone else who was nearby a good idea of how he felt about it).

I stood there swaying on my feet. Not just because I was drunk, but just from the whiplash. Five minutes ago I thought I had a real shot at making my beautiful friend my girlfriend. Two minutes ago I thought she was going to invite me into a threesome. And now she thinks I’ll want to just watch her? Why would I do that?? It’s an insane thing to say to someone.

I looked over at her. She was back at Todd’s side, rubbing his thigh again, saying something in his ear. Where earlier he was looking at me with a look of maybe pity mixed with trepidation, whatever effect her whispering (and rubbing….) had on him made his look almost… malicious? He was looking at me like you’d look at someone if they were spit-shining your shoes for a quarter and you were debating just kicking them for fun.

But she was also looking at me. Those doe eyes were fixed on me, even as she spoke to him, even as her hands roamed over him. They had malice in them as well, but also such a raw sexual energy that my heart was just hammering in my chest. I thought my mind had been made up that her proposal was insane, that I would just walk away and try to avoid her in the halls, but then I’d catch that gaze, and the words “only chance” echoed through my head. I thought of all the nights I had dared to even dream of what she looked like under her clothes, and the thought of never being able to find out for real, when I had the opportunity…. I mean, I watched porn right? All the fucking time?! It’s not like I have never watched two people fuck before. And Audrey was what porn stars DREAMED they could look like.

Fuck it, college is about new experiences right? I held her gaze for a second, in actual disbelief at what was about to happen… and just gave her the slightest of nods. Her smile grew like the Grinch, she whispered “let’s go” to Todd, and as they walked away she gave me the “come hither” finger behind her.

+ + +

It was only a few blocks of a walk to Todd’s apartment. I followed them like a lost puppy as they strolled the streets like longtime lovers. She glanced back at me only once, and the rest of the time they never acknowledged my existence as they flirted with each other. Their sexual energy was palpable, and more than once I thought that I would just turn around and go home by myself. But then I’d look at her ass, held firm by those jeans, and the thought of being locked alone in my bathroom with an image of her when the real thing is out there….

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