Common Problems


Common ProblemsCommon ProblemsBy: Londebaaz Chohan The bitching truths of life were coming alive one after the other. It was almost 2:00 AM and Zaman had woke up and then just could not go back to sleep. The duffer boys at school were so dumb and annoying as he tried to make them understand the simple English Grammar. They spoiled his day and he was ready to pull his own hair. His private life was no bed of roses either. The divorce just after 2 years of marriage was extremely painful but the bitch had made is even worse. The alimony, the courts, the bitterness, the lawyers and a whole lot more. She only let him keep the apartment and that too because she was going to be with a man in a house bigger than a mansion but took everything else and still the law was on her side to take more on the first of the every month. Painfully, this was not all or the worst. The worst was that his twin sister had lost the job, and also divorced, she had no place to live and had asked Zaman to move in with him. He did not mind her company at all but the old feelings had also come rushing back.He remembered growing up. He always thought of sex and masturbated while looking at an old playboy as often as he should have not and when he was not masturbating, he was thinking of new ways to masturbate imagining being with different girls at school and of course his own sister Lyla. One of the girls; Beverly, who always wore her skirt thigh high, showing the under curve of her ass and the long pair of beautiful legs, that were worth dying for. Zaman always thought of kissing, licking those legs, thighs and also far above to the pleasure mound. Then there was Brittany, the spectacular looking blond who was known to be the best cocksucker and having the amazingly firm tits. Even without the support bra, her tits were stunningly curved upwards and her nipples were larger than her grandmother. If no one else, his sister Lyla was the best for every purpose. One day, he was sunbathing in the back yard or to be true, thinking of girls available at school and having a full hard erection when Lyla showed up saying that she was going to tan for just a little bit and Zaman said, “Sure”! Hurriedly, he sat up to hide his hard on, hoping Lyla did not see his hard on and apparently, she did not. She just walked off and laid on her back, catching the sun. Zaman suddenly realized that his hard-on was raging. Lyla looked stunning. Her breasts were fully developed already into at least 32 C size, her legs were long and smooth, her belly was flat and hips were muscular. Her lips were so pretty and always looked like having a constant pucker, ready for a kiss. Zaman kept staring at her not güvenilir bahis thinking that she was his sister. He felt his pre cum seeping and wetting his swimming trunks and he had to run to the bathroom for masturbation but then the guilt took over along with a feeling of pleasurable taboo ran amok his whole body.After that, Zaman always acted and treated her differently. The parents were delighted that unlike many other siblings, Zaman and Lyla did not fight anymore and even Lyla wondered, why he was so kind to her. Meanwhile Zaman kept imagining him and his sister in many different sexual situations and when he went out with a girl, he always imagined, going out with his sister. Finally, when he left for college, he was sad but also felt relieved of those feelings and so little by little, he forgot the desires for his sister and life went on until she called and asked to move in with him.He had no choice and accepted the request not thinking anything of it but only a few days after, he walked in on her as she was stepping out of the shower and he quickly turned away, apologizing. He was out of breath as he went to his room and sat on the bed. Lyla was now a fully grown woman, more beautiful than ever. Her legs were longer than ever and her body was glistening with water and just unbearable for Zaman. She had apparently shaved her pussy hair which looked very perky just like her breasts. He locked his door and masturbated feeling very good as well as feeling very bad.Now his table clock was showing 3:57 AM and he was wide awake. He thought of walking to kitchen and taking some warm milk, or just stay and watch some TV. He knew if he got up and walked, he won’t be able to sleep at all and he decided to stay and keep trying. Soon as he closed his eyes, he heard a knocking on his bedroom door. He said, “Yes” and in walked Lyla in her very pretty, white silky nightgown and asked if he was sleeping?“No, I cannot”, he answered and she said, yes. She could hear him moving. “I also cannot sleep”. She added and sat on the edge of the Zaman’s bed as he sat up.“So, what’s up, sis”, he asked? “I don’t know, I guess, I kind of miss Russ”. She said.“Russ, who? Oh Rustam! Your hubby”. Zaman realized.“Ex-hubby”. She immediately added. It is over 6 months we divorced and since then…….” Lyla suddenly went quiet and looked sad. “Since then what”? Zaman did not get the legit, what she was saying.“Since then I have not, you know since”. She was still not saying.“I am sorry sis, I do not know what you mean. What have you not since”? Zaman seemed genuinely curious.“Had any sex”. She still hesitated a little. Zaman felt uncomfortable, not knowing where this güvenilir bahis siteleri was leading to and he only muttered, “Oh, cannot help you there”! He laughed weakly, surprised that she was not laughing but almost had anger on her face.“Why, I mean are you sure”? She was a bit vague.He was about to ask her, what she meant when he felt her hand on his thigh and the warm touch of her palm sent the electric shock like feelings on his naked skin into his spine. He could literally feel his pupils dilate. The horrendous fantasies of all those years were rushing and Zaman did not know, what to do.“I have noticed, and you know, you look at me as a woman and not as your sister”. She was very blunt.“What? No, I do not”! The lie was very obvious on his face. “Liar, I have followed you many a times, rushing to the bathroom to jerk off, as I heard you moan out my name in ecstasy, at the time of ejaculation. Am I wrong”? She was angry, blunt and venomous.Now Zaman was truly scared and did not know what to say or do as he felt his penis stiffen and rise.“I also thought of you, especially since you walked in on me, in the bathroom. It turned me on like you could never guess or believe and I again heard you jerk off. Am I wrong”? She looked at his crotch and the bulge was abundantly obvious. She smiled for her win.“Zaman, you are way too big than I thought”, she looked surprised and giggled, not knowing how else to say, “Let me see, you are as sweet as I always thought”.Lyla looked straight in his eyes before licking her lips and then she leaned to pull his dick out of the thin brief, he had on and looked at it before putting her tongue to it. It felt amazing, awesome and splendid. Soon she was licking it like it was a Popsicle and also sucking it very lovingly.“Oh my God, oh, oouuh my Godddd”. Zaman was speechless.Lyla had begun fondling his balls as his head tilted back and his eyes closed. Her mouth was still on his shaft. He put his hand on the back of her head and started pumping his hips, deep fucking her mouth. She was reaching her clitoris with one hand, rubbing it and moaning. “Lyla, I am Cu…..” he could not even complete his sentence and exploded huge in her mouth. He kept Cumming and she kept on swallowing with slurping sound, making Zaman want her even more. Finally she looked at him, smiling while some bits of male juice was still seen on her lower lip.“That was great, bro”. Lyla appreciated her brother. Zaman was still gasping and could not say much. His cock was still hard, telling his sister that he wanted her more and more than ever.“Oh my, my. You are really hard to please”. She chuckled as she looked, cock was still hard in his iddaa siteleri lap. With a big smile she jumped and straddled the horse slowly removing her nightgown. Zaman gasped aloud seeing her tanned naked boobs so close to his lips. He placed his hands on her shoulders, feeling them softer than he had imagined. Now with his hands on her ass buns and small of her back, he pulled her on to his cock length. Their lips locked soon as the lower joint was completed. They were exploring each other’s mouth.Thump, thump, thump was the music heard for ever so long as their groins met in thrusting and they moaned in unison. Zaman felt the warm juice from Lyla’s pussy on his lower belly. She was so ecstatic, not even able to utter a word about her orgasm. Her hands were in his hair, combing them feverishly and his hands were on her ass globes to appreciate the firmness and perfection. Zaman felt her move her body weight and her eager pussy clamped on his rigid piston. The feeling was more intense than he ever had before. She was very tight and very wet too. She was still lowering herself on him like a velvety pussy glove fitting on his cock. With his dick fully immersed in her, she broke the kiss and smiled.Her tits were moving up and down with her breath. He sucked one of her nipple and began flicking it with his tongue. Lyla tightened her cunt grip as his thrusting peaked and he cried in pleasure while helping her fuck his dick with his hands under her ass. The sweat was seen drenching their bodies. The bed was shrieking with their moves, his dick was sliding in and out of her wet pussy. Zaman started going much faster as she cried in surprise. He kept on going faster until Lyla screamed with pleasure every time he jammed his cock in her cunt.Now, she was constantly asking Zaman to fuck her. “Fuck me, Ohm my, fuck me harder, ooh God, fuck me”! She was chanting.Zaman grabbed his sister’s head and pulled her close for kissing, nibbling on her tongue and lips, pumping harder. They were fucking so hard that the bed was knocking against the wall and the mattress was squeaking. They were moaning loud. Their sweat was mixing on their bellies while their bodies rubbed with each other and glistening with lust. “Oh Zaman, I am Cumming again, please fuck me harder Zaman, yes, yes! Yesess. Zaman felt her pussy contract around his cock and he started yelling for her to cum on his cock. “Yes babe, fuck you my Lyla”. The waves of orgasm were making the cunt to squeeze Zaman’s sex muscle as he ejaculated with her unloading his cream in the pussy of his sister as she shook and quivered with her own orgasm while her pussy got filled with manly sex fluids. They both slept like logs after that. Before morning they fucked one more time and decided to stay together for the eternal pleasure in their life.The END. Your comments make me write better for your lusty reading pleasure. Londebaaz Chohan July 18, 2020.

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